I never knew my mother and my father doesn’t talk about her. I was fifteen when dad married Nora. With her came her thirteen year old daughter Trish. From the first night Nora and Trish moved in I was in trouble. Nora didn’t think anything of walking around topless and even though Trish was just beginning to develop she copied her mother.

What got me wasn’t Nora’s firm breasts, it was the vibrating anal plug and vibrator she wore in her panties. Even Trish wore a small vibrator in her panties. They both loved to tease me by pulling their toy out and holding it under my nose for me to smell. Dad only laughed when they did that which was a little irritating.

It was a year later when I decided to do something. The day school got out for the summer dad was leaving for China for a month. Trish was also leaving for a camp. It was just going to be me and Nora. When I got home Trish was rushing out and dad had already left. I glanced around before opening all the curtains in the house.

I went to undress and put on my robe before I looked in the freezer for what I would cook. I went to remove the bathroom door and then mine and the master bedroom door. I positioned the coffee table in front of the huge window in the living room before sitting to wait. When I saw Nora park in the driveway I stood and moved to the door.

It was a minute before she walked in and I reached for her, “hello Nora.”

She grinned and let me take her purse and set it on the table. I turned her towards the living room and started moving and pushed her. She stumbled and bent over the couch, “Mike!”

I put my hand on her back, “you want to keep teasing me?”

I spanked her and she started to struggle and cry out, “MIKE!”

A few minutes and she was crying. I stopped and unzipped her skirt and pushed her skirt and panties down and off. I rubbed her red butt and pulled her plug and toy out and dropped them on the couch beside her head. I fingered her slimy pussy before opening my robe as I moved behind her.

I moved her feet apart as she suddenly looked up and back, “Mike?”

I pushed into her almost hot pussy and sank all the way in and pressed against the back of her pussy. She groaned and shivered as her pussy tightened and I pulled back to start fucking her. I used hard deep thrusts, my cock moved through her pussy easily. She began to shudder and jerk as I kept it up while reaching under her to rub her clit.

She wailed and writhed around while wetting me. Her pussy grasped my cock constantly as I started to fuck her a little harder. She struggled and spasmed while trying to pushed back, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned and buried my cock to hump and jab. Nora twisted and kept shaking while her pussy milked my cock and became slicker. I pulled back to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum. This was my first time but it wasn’t going to the be the last. I finally shoved all the way in and held her as I pumped a torrent of cum through her cervix.

She screamed when she felt the warm sperm erupting inside her, “YES!”

I grunted and groaned as I tried to just hold my cock still and not jab. Nora was shaking as her pussy accepted the cum. When I stopped I pulled her up as I pulled out. I pulled her after me and around the couch to the coffee table that was basically a stage for the window. I turned her and laid her down as she panted, “Mike?”

I bent and lifted and spread her legs to see her pussy leaking before I pushed back into her. I laid on her as she clutched me with my cock buried. I humped to drive my cock against her cummy cervix before I began to fuck her. I did it slowly this time but with long thrusts as she lifted her legs into the air, “mmmm!”

She shuddered and humped up as her slimy pussy rippled and squeezed. I continued to fuck her and turned her head to look out the window as we fucked. She shuddered almost violently, “FUCK!”

I thrust into her and buried my cock to hump and grind. Nora bucked and thrashed around as sperm leaked out of her and began making a mess on the table. A few minutes and I was fucking her hard again, “while you are home my cock is the only toy in you.”

Her eyes were rolled up as she squirted and screamed, “fuck me!”

It took a few more minutes before I was pumping more cum through her cervix as she tilted her hips, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as I kept spurting and pumping cum. When I was done I pulled out and stood before pulling her up and turning her to face out the window. She turned her head to look at me and opened her mouth and I pulled her after me and through the house. I pulled her into the bathroom and turned her, “pee.”

She blushed, “Mike...”

I gave her hip a swat, “pee!”

She sat quickly and I growled, “spread your legs so I can see.”

She spread her legs as she reddened and a minute later began to pee. When she was done I bent to wipe her pussy before I pulled her up. I pulled her back to her bedroom where I pulled her to the window. I pressed her against the window and spread her legs before I pushed into her once more. She groaned as I held her pressed against the window while I began to fuck her.

Her slimy pussy was constantly clenching on my cock. She started pushing back as her legs began to bow and her hips tilt, “ooohhh... fffuuuccckkk!”

I fucked her with long thrusts and we were making a squelching sound. She shook and thrashed and wet me while I kept fucking her. I was holding her up when I began spurted once more. This time when I pulled out I pull her after me and made dinner. After it was over I washed and sat her on my cock while we watched a movie.

I fucked her several more times before letting her fall asleep exhausted. Everyday I fucked her off and on when she came home. I used her hard and before the first week was over she would strip as the door closed and bend over the couch so I could fuck her. I was starting dinner two weeks later with Nora helping me and cum running down her legs.

I turned when we heard the front door and Trish, “mom!”

I looked at Nora, “time to teach her.”

She opened her mouth before smiling, “okay.”

I headed for the living room as Nora went back to making dinner. I caught Trish still in the living room when I walked in. She had closed the door and set her suitcase down. She stared at me when she saw me walking towards her naked, “Mike?”

I reached her and pulled her to the couch and bent her over before spanking her. She struggled and fought before just crying. I pulled her up a minute later and turned her before opening her pants and pushing them down. I pulled her panties down as she started to struggle and turned and bent her over the couch again.

I gave her butt a swat before pulling the small vibrator in her pussy out. I tossed it on the couch beside her head, “I am your toy when you are home.”

I rubbed her slightly fuzzy pussy before forcing my cock into her extremely tight hole. She grunted and I started to fuck her with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before I was pushing her cervix open and she was jerking and howling, “mamma!”

I looked at Nora when she walked in and just sat by her daughter’s head on the couch. I kept fucking her and it didn’t take long for her to become a lot slicker. She was shuddering and her pussy was clenching around my cock. Even her asshole was opening and closing as I kept fucking her.

She wailed and clutched her mother’s hand, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock and started humping and pressing deeper. She wiggled and squirmed as her pussy worked on my cock. She was convulsing as I pulled back to finish. I fucked her firmly and kept planting my cock in her belly. A few minutes and I thrust into her and pumped spurts of cum through her cervix.

Trish jerked and her pussy clamped down around my cock, “YES!”

I flooded her with sperm before pulling out. I looked at Nora as I pulled her daughter up and after me. I pulled her back to her mother’s bed and laid her back. I lifted and spread her legs as she looked at me and forced my cock back into her. I bent to kiss her before I began to fuck her again.

I shoved all the way into her and began to grind and push. It was a minute before she started to buck and threw her legs wide and lifted them, “oooohhhh!”

I stayed over her as I kept fucking her and she clutched me as her pussy tightened painfully. I took my time as I continued to fuck her and her eyes rolled up, “yyyeeeessssss!”

Several minutes later I sank all the way into her before I began spurting again. She jerked and shoved her pussy up, “cccuuummmmmiiinnnggg!”

When I was done I pulled out and stood beside the bed as she panted and looked at Nora in the doorway. I grinned, “lick her pussy.”

Nora looked at Trish as I took a step and she quicky moved towards the bed, “Okay.”

Trish moved further onto the bed and Nora crawled between her legs and rubbed her pelvis, “hey baby.”

Her daughter grinned, “hi mom.”

Nora looked at me and bent to open Trish’s leaking pussy. She licked through her pussy and pushed her tongue into her. She curled her tongue to scoop cum out and kept doing it and then began to nibble and tease her clit. It was only a couple of minutes before Trish began to hump and then jerk and spasm, “mom!”

Another minute and she was screaming as she thrashed and bucked wildly. I smiled and reached out to rub Nora’s butt, “enough.”

I looked at Trish panting and smiled, “Nora move up and lay back. Spread your legs and let Trish lick your pussy.”

Trish looked at me and I bent to pull her towards me, “do it.”

Nora moved up and laid back and Trish looked at her mother and giggled before crawling down between her legs. She started timidly and then Nora was humping and shuddering. Trish was tongue fucking her and nibbling on her clit. She was also licking the cum around her pussy and on her legs.

Before long Nora wailed and spasmed hard, “Trish!”

Trish looked up with a wet face and grinned. I reached for her and pulled her off, “when you are sane Nora.”

She sighed and shuddered before looking at me, “I could get used to that.”

I grinned as I pulled Trish’s blouse off, “you better.”

I waited for Nora and pulled them both after me. I went back to helping with dinner, “so why are you back early?”

Trish grinned as she kept wiping and licking the cum leaking out of her pussy, “they had pot plants growing around all the cabins. This morning a game warden came by and recognized the plants. They decided we had seen enough wildlife and brought us home.”

I glanced at her as I started setting the table and then looked at Nora. After dinner I cleaned up and then walked Nora and Trish to the bathroom. Trish blushed as Nora peed and I looked at her, “get used peeing like that.”

She nodded and after I wiped her mother she sat to pee. I watched as she blushed, “if you have to go you tell me.”

She nodded and I bent to wipe her pussy, “we were going to sit on the back patio and watch the sunset.”

I pulled her up and rubbed a nipple, “your mother needs to show the world her pussy with my cock in it.”

I turned and gestured as I walked out with them following. I had done this several times and Nora got very excited. I sat in one of the large wooden chairs and Nora turned to straddle my legs backwards before slowly sitting on my cock. She groaned and shuddered as my cock pushed up into her and I pulled her back.

I reached around to open her pussy before starting to finger and rub her clit. She jerked a minute later and shuddered hard while her pussy tightened and squeezed. Trish giggled as she sat on the arm beside us, “everyone can see you mom. They can see his dick all the way up your cunt.”

Nora spasmed as she squirted and began to twist and turn, “ooohhh!”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she tried to thrust back and forth, “want me to breed Trish like this?”

Nora bounced and twisted as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeaaahhh!”

She went back and forth as I started to press on her clit and slipped a finger into her and she wailed, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

I grunted a minute later and she shoved down before I started spurting cum up into her. She jerked and shuddered and moaned as I pumped warm sperm until I was done. I moved my hands to cup both her breasts, “that was a good one.”

She nodded and wiggled as her pussy squeezed, “I enjoyed it.”

Trish giggled as she tugged on one of her mother’s nipples. I looked at her as Nora shivered and stood, “sperm her.”

She moved aside as Trish looked around and then moved to straddle my legs like her mother. She slowly sat on my cock and groaned as it slid up into her. I held her and started rubbing her clit and she slowly thrust back and forth. Nora leaned against me and started rubbing and tugging on her daughter’s nipples, “you can breed her Mike.”

Trish shuddered hard as her cummy pussy tightened and squeezed, “ooohhh!”

She looked back, “mom too.”

I looked at Nora, “that is for dad to do.”

She grinned, “actually you can breed me. He just wants to fuck me.”

My cock throbbed at the idea but... I rubbed and squeezed Trish’s clit, “I’ll call and ask dad.”

Trish spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock and she started to wail but her mother kissed her. It was awhile before I held her down while she tilted her hips and I began spurting cum. She jerked and shook as warm sperm pumped into her. When I was done I let Nora help her off me and I led them back into the house.

Dad actually answered on the first ring and laughed when I asked if I could get Nora pregnant. That was a long night and they were both really cummy when they went to sleep. When dad came home they were both naked and leaking. Nora had missed her period but we had decide to wait a year to get Trish pregnant.

Dad closed the door and I nodded to Nora and Trish who walked into the other room and bent over the back of the couch. Dad grinned as he opened his pants and felt Trish, “I’ll fuck you next.”

He shoved into Nora and fucked her hard as she tried to spread her legs. She moaned and shuddered and I walked in and fingered Trish, “you should go back and forth.”

Dad looked and pulled out before moving behind Trish and slipping his cock into her. She pushed back and sighed as I moved to Nora and pushed into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “they are not allowed clothes in the house and must come to one of us if they are horny. The door to the bathroom is gone and they are not allowed to close their knees.”

Trish was shuddering and moaning as dad held her with his cock buried, “okay.”

Nora jerked and spasmed as I kept fucking her, “they are only allowed to douche once a day.”

Trish wailed and jerked as I pulled out of her mother and dad pulled out and moved back and shoved into her. I went to Trish and pushed into her before I began to fuck her, “they can wear their toys when they go out but they come out as soon as they return.”

Dad grunted and jabbed as he pumped cum into Nora who sighed and shivered. I began to fuck Trish firmly as her pussy clenched and kept squeezing. A few minutes and I shoved into her and spewed another load of cum while she shuddered, “YES!”

I pulled out when I was done and dad helped Nora stand while I pulled Trish up. Dad is still married to Nora but she and Trish belong to me. Dad can and does fuck them but I was the one to get them pregnant, several times. Now that I am grown Trish stays with me while I work or go out. Nora has became a stay at home mom but we tend to go out a lot too.
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