We had seen wood cutters for the last hour before I glanced up from the scroll I was reading. We came into the huge clearing and the spread out town. The girls were out riding and the leopards had returned to the wagon after killing a large stag. I glanced at one of the scouts, “around to the right.”

He nodded and the fox trotted ahead. The few people in town watched and I smiled and nodded to those that waved. When a young girl ran out of a well kept yard and stopped suddenly before running into my horses I let the wild magic in and gestured. I lifted her and smiled, “In a hurry little one?”

She nodded as she squirmed, “momma wants my brother to come home.”

I turned and gestured and a tiny kitten floated around and into my hand. I held it out, “this is for you.”

Her eyes were big as I sent her over the wagon and down to the ground. Amanda and Cara waved at my sister Megan as we got closer to her cottage. Three young boys were with them and waved too. The large fire platform was still where dad had left it and I swung off the wagon, “set up camp Edward.”

I caught Megan and swung her around as I hugged her. She laughed and looked into my face, “so trouble maker, you finally did it.”

I grinned, “you could say that.”

Tammy laughed as Grif back winged and landed beside us, “I love flying.”

Megan grinned, “got tired of the water?”

Tammy hugged her after slipping off Grif and looked at the three boys, “for now. Where is David?”

Megan laughed, “out working his farm.”

I grinned at the boys, “hello nephews.”

George and the two birds landed and the other girls came to meet my sister. I started the fire platform burning before reaching down. Unlike my father who had just brought water from the small river, I made a well and a large fountain. Megan watched and grinned as the other mages came to the fire platform and created seats to sit in.

I sat on a bench as the girls slipped into the wagon and pulled her down next to me, “are you and David doing okay?”

She nodded and leaned against my shoulder, “it is different and harder than the caravan but David likes it and I like the peace of not moving every day.”

She glanced around, “there is something I was going to ask father if or when he called. There have been sightings of giants in the forest.”

I looked at her and then around, “has anyone been hurt or gone missing?”

Megan shook her head and I glanced across at the tiny scouts, “Abe!”

One turned and started walking towards me as I used the wild magic and reached for Trinity, Dark and Nature. I smiled as the tiny man stopped and looked up with his hands on his hips, “Amerlyn?”

I had insisted they use my name since master had started to irritate me, “there may be giants near. Could you have one or two of the others scout out a little way into the forest?”

He nodded before turning to walk back to the camp they made. I looked at Trinity when he and the others walked up, “Megan told me giants have been seen.”

He frowned, “they have not come close to people in decades.”

Dark glanced around, “perhaps I will do a scrying tonight.”

I looked into the distance, “first kraken and now giants and then there is me, the first Magi in how long?”

Trinity shifted before sitting, “you think it is a sign of the return of chaos?”

I looked at him, “I think the council better make plans to start bringing us together. I also think you need to speak directly with the emperor and not his council.”

He nodded and sighed, “perhaps.”

I glanced at Kim as she walked towards me. I nudged Megan since she had stayed quiet, “this is Kim my lover.”

Megan grinned, “not concubine?”

I shook my head and pulled Kim onto my lap, “she would rather be free to molest me or the girls.”

Megan laughed and held out her hand, “welcome to my crazy family.”

Kim grinned, “thank you.”

As Trinity and the others left I leaned against my sister, “now about the presents I brought.”

Kim laughed as Megan grinned, “you know I like presents.”

I let the wild magic in and reached out. A scarlet kitten and a wooden box floated out of the back of the wagon. She grinned and caught the kitten and watched as the box settled at her feet. I kissed Kim before patting her hip, “the kitten is like the ones I used to make. The box holds a dozen small wooden elves that can help you around the house or garden.”

Megan grinned and hugged me before bending to open the box. The little elves looked up and she gestured, “you’re home now.”

They smiled and began climbing out and Megan laughed, “that’s Tammy and Cara and Amanda.”

I grinned, “and Brandy and Storm and Dara. Look at the men.”

Megan bent as they stood on the ground and looked around, “that one looks like dad, there is old master Tenaver and...”

She laughed and turned to hug me, “thanks Amerlyn.”

I hugged her back and glanced at her sons as they played with Grif. Kim stood, “it is my day to help with dinner.”

I grinned, “ask Amanda if she can make some sweet bread.”

She grinned as she headed towards the wagon, “Tammy said she was already planning to.”

Megan sighed and stood, “I better do something with the bread I started.”

I stood, “show the elves around the house and then bring the bread to the wagon.”

I used the wild magic that filled me and reached out for my nephews. Megan laughed as she walked towards her house with her kitten cradled in her arms. I headed towards the library wagon as my nephews laughed and floated in the door to our wagon. I stepped into the library and stood looking at the shelves of books, scrolls and texts before whispering, “return of chaos.”

There was a stir and then an old scroll moved off a shelf and began floating towards me, I accepted it and left. I walked to the wagon and left the door open after stepping in. I stepped over and around kittens as my nephews chased and played with them. I sat in my chair and looked at the old scroll before bringing my journal.

I started unrolling the scroll and copying it as I read it. The whispers of magic swirled around me and there was a faint keening sound. The scroll spoke of things past and how they began. I warded myself and the scroll as I continued to read. When I finally finished Trinity and several others were waiting.

I smiled and sent the scroll to Trinity, “it happened before. The kracken were thought to have died out just as giants and other foul beasts were thought to have died.”

I stood and stretched, “if that is what is happening the world had better get ready.”

I headed towards the kitchen as they started talking to each other. Megan glanced up and smiled, “all done with your magic?”

I moved several kittens before sitting beside her, “for now.”

I caught Storm and pulled her onto my lap, “I think I need to make a few guards for you.”

Tammy turned from helping Cara and Brandy with the plates of hot food, “Why?”

I glanced at her, “the portents I read indicate that giants and other foul creatures are rising.”

My sisters looked at each other and Megan glanced at her boys on the floor in a corner with several kittens, “How bad?”

I caressed Storm, “It could get very bad.”

I looked at my girls, “I expect a rise in werewolves and possibly vampires.”

Megan glanced at David when he walked in grinning, “is there any way to ward the clearing?”

He frowned as she sat with my sister and I sat back. I was thinking but shook my head, “I need to look into that.”

Amanda and Brandy sat after bringing my nephews to the table. Dinner was good but I was distracted with my sister’s question. I finally pushed my plate away and moved Storm off my lap, “excuse me.”

I left and looked for Grif, “Grif?”

He turned and walked towards me, “the others were thinking of putting up a ward shield.”

I nodded, “I have a job for you. Tomorrow I want you to fly around the edge of Clearing with a crystal I will give you.”

He looked out into the twilight, “that will take awhile.”

I nodded, “it needs to be done.”

I glanced into the evening, “tell George I want him to find the exact center.”

He nodded, “you are planning something?”

I smiled, “you could say that.”

I pulled in the wild magic and gestured. A huge area around all the wagons flared as a giant ward shield appeared, “watch for the scouts.”

I turned to enter my wagon and moved to the small area set aside for my study. I sat to think and pulled a small crystal orb to me from a shelf. Brandy slipped in and onto my lap, “you are troubled?”

I shook my head as I cupped a breast and rubbed a nipple, “trying to think of a way to make a ward shield around Clearing.”

She wiggled, “can’t you make something that could spread out and relay it or something?”

I looked at her and then grinned as I bent to suck on a nipple, “you are a treasure.”

I kissed her as I thought about what I would have to do and laughed at how simple it would be. It would depend on how far around but I could make stone totems that would spread the ward shield between them and around the clearing. I stood, “time for bed.”

She grinned as she pulled me after her, “I was hoping you would say that.”

I smiled as we found the others in bed waiting. I stripped and followed her onto the bed and reached for her. Amanda was moaning as Cara licked her pussy and Storm was teasing Dara as she sucked on her nipples. Kim and Tammy were missing and Brandy grinned as she pulled my face away from her pussy.

She pulled me up her body, “Tammy took Kim to sleep with Megan and David.”

I pushed into her and Brandy sighed as she put her feet over my thighs. I started fucking her slowly with deep thrusts and she began to lift her hips as her pussy squeezed. It wasn’t long before she began to jerk and shudder, “ooohhhh!”

Cara rubbed my shoulder, “fuck me like a bitch?”

Amanda laughed as she pulled Storm away from a spasming Dara, “you are a bitch sis.”

Cara grinned as Brandy spasmed and jerked under me while her pussy clenched and rippled around my cock. I fucked her with deep thrusts as she began to wail and thrash and Storm’s song began. I smiled as she shuddered and it kept breaking and kissed Brandy as I started using long thrusts, planting my cock and grinding.

When she screamed and clung to me a minute later I pushed all the way into her and gushed cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as warm sperm was pumped into her and began leaking out. I kissed her when I stopped and she hugged me before letting me go. I pulled out and looked at Cara and she grinned as she went to her knees.

I moved behind her and reached over to Storm as she spasmed. I tugged on a nipple and she started bucking and shaking, “aaaahhhhh!”

I grinned as Amanda laughed and turned to rub Cara’s warm pussy before pushing into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her hard and deep. She was pushing back as her tight pussy tried to grab my cock. I continued to fuck her with long strokes and buried my cock each time I shoved into her.

It wasn’t long before she howled and started jerking as she wet me. It still took another few minutes before I held her back as I thrust all the way in and started spewing cum. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and dropped her head, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and let her body sag to the bed. I laid between her and Amanda as the wagon quieted. I closed my eyes but they snapped open in the dark a little later. I lifted my head before moving off the bed and brought my robe to me. The small scout was waiting when I walked out, “giants are coming master.”

I glanced towards the forest and whispered a word of command as wild magic filled me. Trinity appeared from his wagon and then the other mages started coming out. I nodded to Trinity, “the giants are coming.”

He looked at the forest as the other mages gathered around us, “our magic will not work against them.”

I smiled, “the ward shield will stop them but I was thinking of indirect means to attack them.”

Trinity smiled, “first we need to protect the village.”

I nodded and murmured a spell that created a ghostly image of the village we had ridden through. I looked around, “who would join with me to create a ward shield around the village?”

Several stepped forward and I let each merge with me as we looked at the image. When the last one slipped into the awareness I pulled the wild magic and reached out through the image. The ward shield spread quickly until it covered the village in one giant dome. I slowly released each mage and they sighed and stepped back.

I kept the wild magic pouring into me as I reached out around us. I pulled solid rocks in and started merging it until I had a huge, thick column of stone. From that I made seven huge men thirty feet tall, each with a spear that slowly began to change and transmute into steel with sharp points.

I stopped and looked at Trinity and the other council members as they worked to bring other weapons. I was wishing I had dad’s caravan guards about now and Tammy slipped her hand into mine, “dad is here.”

I looked at her and then around to see dad, mom, grandmother and aunt Brook. All the caravan guards and centaurs were with them. I turned to gesture to the seven giants I had made, “guard the forest side of camp.”

I murmured and all the archers I had made began moving. I looked at Kim and then at Brandy, Cara and Amanda, “keep Storm and Dara close.”

Amanda nodded and Cara growled as she slipped her hand into Storm’s. Another scout rode in, “they are right behind me master!”

I started walking as my wild magic summoned stone and transmuted it into star silver that blurred and stretched into a huge seven foot sword that floated after me. Several animated creatures appeared and dad was suddenly walking beside me, “calmly Amerlyn.”

I smiled and reached out with my magic to feel for the giants, “I am calm.”

I lashed out and used the air around the giants to shove the leaders back as I raised my voice, “this place is not for you!”

They growled and started forward and I gestured, “so be your fate.”

Arrows were suddenly raining down and then the caravan guards attacked and my seven stone warriors shook the earth as they strode into the fight. A giant broke through and charged, I gestured and the huge sword was suddenly flying straight towards it. I let the wild magic pour through me as I lifted huge stones from the earth and smashed another giant.

My sword was slicing and stabbing the giant that had rushed us and it finally fell. Silence returned as the last few giants fled into the forest. I turned to walk to the image of the village and saw a couple of dozen giants pushing against the ward shield. I looked at my stone warriors and started walking, “come.”

The stone warriors strode to me as I brought a huge portal into being and walked through with my sword following and the stone warriors behind it. I closed it after they were through and sealed the area as I turned to the giants. I sent the sword straight into the back of the closest and yanked it out as wild magic surged through me and mage fire glowed around my hands.

The giants turned and roared as they charged, the stone warriors moved forward in a shield and lunged with the bloody spear points stabbing into the giants that were leading. I tried to calm myself as I gestured and hundreds of stones rose and transmuted into sharp steel knives. They spun into the giants around their feet and legs and they started roaring and screaming.

My sword was flashing in to cut or stab into giants while the stone warriors expertly welded the large spears. It wasn’t long before the night quieted as the last of the giants died. I glanced around and let the earth open to swallow the bodies. I opened a portal back to the camp and gestured the stone warriors through.

I followed and closed the portal after me. I sent the stone giants to the outer edge of the camp and sank the sword into the ground. I walked towards the image of the village. Dad turned to look at me, “put the mage fire around your hands out.”

I glanced down and the wild magic flowed down and the mage fire went out. Tammy slipped an arm around my waist, “those were the last.”
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