My mother is a very good broker which means I don’t see her a lot, my dad was a corporate lawyer. I was sixteen when my father decided I needed to go with him to his office to apply for a summer job. I didn’t even see the car that swerved off the road and slammed through the dozen people around me.

My father had and tried to shove me out of the way. He was only partially successful, the rear panel hit me as the car slid. There was the tearing pain in my lower back and I was thrown through people to strike the wall. I lay on the sidewalk as people around me screamed and cried out for help.

I couldn’t feel my legs and everything was pitch black. I gritted my teeth after calling for dad a couple of times and he didn’t answer. I jerked when someone touched my chest, “are you okay?”

That was a dumb question, “my lower back hurts and I can’t feel my legs.”

“Just hold on and lay still.”

I hesitated, “I... I can’t see.”

The man didn’t say anything but I felt him touching my head, “just hold still.”

I thought of my dad, “my father was with me...”

He didn’t say anything and a minute later I almost panicked when he left. It was another lifetime before the sirens stopped close by. What followed was questions and pain as they moved me and then hearing people around me in some hospital. Two days later mom brought me home. Dad had been killed along with four other people.

The doctors said my sight should return and that a couple of disks in my spine were swollen but I should be able to walk again when they go down. My first day at home almost had me in tears, I was in a wheelchair and blind. That was when the neighbor and her daughters came over.

Jan was single with a set of twins girls that were fourteen and another daughter that was thirteen. Michelle and Roberta could finish each other’s sentence. Ashley was always following me around and kind of cute. That first day I stopped wearing clothes since I couldn’t put them on, I struggled with a bathrobe and that was it.

I couldn’t feel anything from the hips down but I could feel my cock which I was relieved about. The second day seemed to go a tiny bit better but I really had to struggle with the toilet part. The third day I woke to mom sitting on the bed, “I have to go to work. Jan said she and the girls would look in on you.”

We hadn’t talked about dad but I had heard her making arrangements on the phone. After she left I struggled out of bed and into the robe and wheelchair. After the bathroom I struggled back into the chair and tried to find my way to the kitchen. I was stuck in a hall doorway when it felt like someone was there.

I stopped moving and then I heard a sound like a zipper. A minute later a hand wrapped around my cock and stroked it until it was hard. I leaned back and groaned since I hadn’t touched myself in days. A few moments later the hand disappeared and then I felt someone holding my cock up and straddling my legs.

A woman slowly sat and my cock pushed up into a warm pussy that squeezed and grasped it. She thrust back and forth and I put my hands on her hips as my cock fucked in and out. The feeling was amazing and I pulled her back and reached around as I searched for her breasts. Her hands pulled mine up until I was holding her breasts.

Her pussy rippled around my cock and she moaned. She rocked and rubbed herself with my cock buried while I played with a woman’s breasts for the first time. It was several minutes or a lifetime before I groaned and then grunted as I pulled her down and gushed cum. She jerked and shook while her pussy tightened and I kept pumping loads of sperm into her.

When I stopped she sighed and slowly stood before moving my chair and pushing me into the kitchen. I was moved to the table and my hands moved to a bowl of cereal. I was moved after I ate and I think it was the living room by the huge front window, music was on but not loud. I think it was an hour before I heard the door open and close.

Several minutes later my legs were parted in the chair and someone stroked my cock hard again. I tried to relax as I thought of the woman but a minute later my cock was held by a smaller hand. Something warm and extremely tight was pushed down on my cock and then it popped in. I groaned as a tight pussy continued to push down.

My cock was all the way in and she was groaning. I reached out and pulled the girl back against me and cupped her breasts. I rubbed and tugged on the nipples as my mind thought of Ashley. She finally wiggled and then began to thrust and roll her hips. I let one hand move down between her legs and started to finger her stretched pussy and hard clit.

She shuddered and jerked as a loud moan escaped. I heard giggling but ignored it as the girl continued to fuck my cock. It was a few minutes before she started moving on and off my cock and I groaned at the feel. Right then I didn’t care if it was Ashley and she was younger than me, I wanted her and wanted to pump cum in her.

A few minutes and she was jerking erratically and almost bouncing as her pussy gripped my cock. I grunted and shuddered as I held her a few moments later and began to pump a geyser of cum. The girl jerked and pushed down to get my cock deeper, “mmmm!”

I took a deep breath when I finished and slowly let her go. She sighed before slowly standing and then I felt a tongue licking my cock to clean it. I felt my robe close and a kiss on my cheek with a whisper, “I loved it.”

I smiled as I leaned back and a minute later I was fed a couple of pills. I heard music and giggling and several minutes later someone started moving my wheelchair around like they were dancing with me. It was an hour before I was pushed through the house and I think out onto the back porch. The robe was opened and I was kissed as my cock was stroked.

My hips were pulled out and I was straddled before a tight pussy was forced down onto my cock. The girl pressed her naked body against me as she began to rock and twist. Her pussy gripped my cock as her breathing became heavy. She shuddered and bounced and rolled her hips as her pussy became slipperier.

I caressed her sides and hips before feeling her butt. She moaned and wiggled as her pussy clenched and she spasmed. She moaned and sighed before rubbing her pussy back and forth. Every couple of minutes she would pause and shake while her pussy squeezed my cock. It was awhile before I clutched her and held her as I pumped strong spurts of cum.

She jerked with each spurt and wiggled as slimy cum began leaking around my cock. When I stopped she kissed me softly, “thank you.”

She lifted and moved before I felt her licking my cock clean. She moved me back in the wheelchair and closed my robe before pushing the wheelchair back into the house. I wasn’t sure where I was pushed to but several hands began moving my legs as if exercising them. They rubbed my chest and stomach with their bare breasts and giggled.

I was laid on my bed a little later and then the fun began. I was on my stomach and felt an electric tingling along my spine. I couldn’t feel my legs but heard the girls say they were moving. It was awhile before I felt a stinging pain shooting down my legs from my hip, “ooouuu!”

The electric tingle stopped, “you felt something?”

I nodded as I was turned onto my back. The pain was gone and I wasn’t sure I didn’t want it to return, “shooting pain in my legs.”

A girl straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my cock which got hard quickly. I reached up to feel her breasts and rubbed the nipples. She lifted and my cock was held up before her tight pussy was pushed down onto my cock. She grunted and wiggled before starting to rock and I tugged on her nipples before moving my hands to her waist.

I held them and started pulling her back and forth before turning her and then rolling her hips. She grunted as her pussy tightened and squeezed and I felt her shudder. She went back to rocking so that my cock almost came out before she sat back and drove it into her deep. I groaned at the warm slippery feel of her pussy and listened to her panting and moaning.

Every few minutes she would shove down until my cock was buried as she jerked and shook. It was awhile before I grunted and held her hips as I started pumping a small geyser of cum up into her. I felt her jerk and twist as I continued to spurt and when I stopped she lay on me as her pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly.

She finally lifted her hips before moving off me and a minute later I felt her licking my cock clean. I was helped off the bed and back into my chair before it was pushed to the kitchen. After I ate a sandwich with one of the girls on my lap it was more music before the woman took me back to my bed.

I was laid back and she straddled me before guiding my cock to her cummy pussy. I fucked one of them every hour and had a bath and dinner before my mother came home. I wasn’t about to tell her whoever had been here watching me had fucked all the cum out of me. I went to the bathroom before bedtime and struggled through and then into bed.

I actually slept through the night without waking and woke to a extremely tight pussy wiggling onto my cock. I reached up to the girl on me as she rubbed her pussy back and forth. I rubbed her tummy and then her nipples as I concentrated on her warm tight pussy. She wiggled and rolled her hips as her breathing changed.

She began jerking and shuddering as I grunted and cum erupted in a fountain that gushed into her. She gasped and pushed down as I kept pumping more cum into her until I was done. She sighed and laid on me and put her head on my shoulder. My cock continued to throbbed and her tight pussy kept grasping it.

It was awhile before I heard someone come in, “time to get him up honey.”

The girl on me kissed my shoulder before lifting her hips and pulling my cock out. She moved off the bed and started helping me off and into my chair. She pushed me out and then into the bathroom where someone else helped me out and onto the toilet. After that I was taken out to the kitchen and moved out of my chair and into a kitchen chair.

That was a surprise but the naked girl that straddled me and stroked my cock before wiggling and forcing her tight pussy onto my cock explained it. She rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy on me as she or someone fed me. Her pussy kept grasping my cock and she started sighing and moaning.

It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking while her now wet and slippery pussy milked my cock. She hugged me and rubbed her breasts on me as she twisted and shuddered. Every couple of minutes she would spasm and her pussy would grip my cock as she moaned. Finally I held her hips and pulled her close as my cock erupted and I pumped cum up into her.

She sighed and moaned as her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze my cock. When I stopped cumming she kissed me and slowly stood before she or someone licked my cock clean. After I was fed they put me in my chair and took me into the other room as they turned on music. I was helped out and onto the floor where I was laid on my stomach.

I felt the electric tingle up and down my back and groaned as it seemed to race down my legs. It felt like pins and needles but at least I felt it. It almost felt like my feet were twitching. Finally it stopped and someone began rubbing my back and I think my legs. Someone else knelt by my head to rub my temples.

I almost fell asleep before I was turned over and a girl straddled me and started rubbing her pussy on my cock. A minute later she lifted and my cock was fitted to her pussy. She wiggled and pushed to force my cock into her before she began to rub her pussy on me. It grasped and kept squeezing as she twisted and rolled her hips.

I reached up to cup and then knead her breasts and tug on the nipples. She spasmed and jerked as her pussy gripped my cock, “fuck!”

I heard chuckling as the music was turned up and the girl began to rock as she leaned on my chest. I was enjoying the way her warm pussy felt as it continued to grasp and squeeze my cock. She twisted and jerked erratically as she moaned louder. It was a long time before I held her hips as I pumped a geyser of cum up into her.

When I stopped she fell onto me and kissed me. She lifted her hips and turned and I felt someone licking my cock clean. The woman straddled me and pulled my hands to her firm breasts before she pushed down and back onto my cock. She thrusts back and forth and rocked and twisted and rolled her hips and...

She fucked me hard and got off a dozen times before I grunted and spurted cum in her. When she was done she licked my cock clean and I was helped into my chair. It was a repeat of the day before but today I was pulled out three times for the massage with the electric tingle and then a regular massage.

When I went to sleep I almost felt a tingling in my legs. For two weeks they came over and fucked me all day. By the end of the two weeks the tingling in my legs was feelings and movement. That was the day mom took me back to the doctor. The pads and eye patches were removed and for the first time since the accident I opened my eyes.

At first everything was foggy but after I rubbed my eyes and they were washed with a solution everything came into focus. The doctor gave mom a list of exercises for me and we returned home. I had a day of rest before going to bed. I woke to the girl on me as she forced my thick cock into her extremely tight pussy.

I opened my eyes as I put my arms around her and smiled. I pulled her down to kiss her, “hi Ashley.”

I rolled as she stared at me until I was on top and started to fuck her, “you look beautiful.”

She grinned and humped up, “you can see?”

I nodded as I buried my cock in her and gave her another kiss, “and move and the doctor said another month and I will be as good as new.”

She wiggled and shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock, “will you still fuck me?”

I grinned and pulled back to fuck her slowly with long strokes, “as much as you will lets me.”

She humped up and grinned, “we like sex.”

I gave her another kiss, “me too.”

She giggled as I continued to fuck her. I kept kissing her as I buried my cock each time I pushed into her. It wasn’t long before she started jerking and shaking while her tight pussy constantly squeezed my cock. I really wanted to cum in her and a few minutes later pushed all the way in to pump my morning geyser of cum.

Ashley jerked and clutched me, “YES!”

I held her as she humped and shuddered while spurting my sperm deep in her tight hole. I sighed when I was done and slowly rolled and held her on me. I rubbed her butt and hips and smiled as she wiggled and put her head on my shoulder. I looked at the door when it opened and Jan peeked in, “Hi.”

She blinked and stepped into the room, “you can see?”

I smiled and looked at Ashley, “yeah and I want to thank you and the girls. You made me feel alive and want to get better so I could see you and fuck you myself.”

Jan grinned, “little steps and then you can fuck us.”

She sat beside us and rubbed her daughter’s butt, “someone has a crush.”

I hugged Ashley, “yeah me.”

Ashley looked at me and then grinned and wiggled, “want mom to fuck you?”

I looked at her mother, “is it her turn?”

Jan grinned, “yes.”

I groaned as Ashley lifted her hips and my cock came out of her warm tight hole. She grinned and kissed me before moving off the bed. Jan moved onto the bed and straddled me before slowly impaling her pussy on my slimy cock. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she rubbed her pussy back and forth.

She sighed and her pussy tightened and squeezed. I loved feeling her as Ashley giggled and walked out. Jan watched her before looking at me and biting her lip. I pulled her down and rolled before thrusting into her and burying my cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this with all the girls but I felt Jan needed it.

I waited and she sighed, “I’m pregnant.”

I hesitated before pulling back and starting to fuck her, “the girls?”

She shuddered and humped up, “don’t know yet.”

I kissed her, “are they taking birth control?”

I continued to fuck her as she put her arms around me and her pussy kept grasping, “yes.”

I fucked her with long strokes as I thought of her with my baby in her womb. She sighed and shuddered and humped before jerking and spasmed. I kissed her and fucked her hard and deep as she lifted her legs and wailed. She bucked and thrashed as I kept it up until I felt the twitching in my back.

I buried my cock and humped and pressed and jabbed. Jan clutched me as she howled and her pussy contracted around my cock. I pushed into a her a minute later to pump thick spurts of cum and she hugged me as I flooded her with warm sperm. She twisted and shuddered and jerked until I was done and then lay panting.

I pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her body, “what do you want me to do?”

She turned her head and grinned, “nothing. This is my problem and...”

I put a finger on her lips, “I don’t think anyone else put the baby in you. That means it is mine, now what should I do?”

She smiled and turned to hug me, “nothing you aren’t doing right now.”

I kissed her and slowly turned to move off the bed. She followed and caught me before helping me into the chair, “I think you need another massage before we have breakfast.”

I sighed, “bathroom, a shower and then a massage and breakfast.”

She smiled and I loved seeing it, “okay.”

She called the girls as I went to the bathroom and then slowly stood and climbed into the shower. While they were all washing me she told her daughters she was pregnant. I watched Ashley and made her look at me, “when you are sixteen I want to get you pregnant.”

She pouted, “sixteen...”

I touched her lips as Michelle and Roberta started to say something too, “if you get pregnant before then I could get into trouble. I want to knock you up so bad.”

I looked at the other girls and grinned, “actually I have been trying to get all of you pregnant so Jan getting pregnant now is more than welcome.”

Ashley shook me as her sisters and Jan laughed. I looked at her, “wait and I will get you pregnant as often as you want.”

She smiled, “you better.”

After the shower I put the robe on and took the handles for the chair to help me walk. In the living room they help me lay down on my stomach before they began the shocking massage. My back was still tingling when they finished and helped me into the chair. Breakfast was cereal and then Michelle was pushing me back to my room and the bed.

After I laid back she crawled onto me and kissed me, “want to lick me?”

She was blushing as I grinned and hugged her, “turn around and straddle my head.”

She giggled and did what I told her before I pulled her hips down. I licked through her pussy and captured her clit as she shuddered. I wiggled my tongue and gently squeezed before pushing my tongue into her. I licked her and teased her clit while she jerked and spasmed and finally rolling off me.

She turned to move onto me and I rolled until she was under me. She lifted and spread her legs as I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She sighed and wiggled as I pushed deeper before kissing her and pulling back to start fucking her. I used long thrusts and kept humping each time I buried my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was meeting my thrusts and shuddering constantly. A few minutes and she was wailing and writhing around while her pussy clenched and kept grasping my cock. I fucked her with deep grinding thrusts and she began to spasm and howl. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and continued to squeeze my cock.

I loved the way her pussy would grip my cock each time I pushed into her. It was awhile before I needed to cum and Michelle was jerking erratically. I pushed all the way into her and kissed her as my cock throbbed before suddenly spewing and pumping cum. She jerked and screamed when she felt the warm sperm spurting inside her and clutched me, “YES!”

I held her shuddering body as I continued to flood her. When I was done she sighed and I pulled out before rolling onto my back as it spasmed. She turned and put her head on my shoulder as she panted and started to rub my chest. I caressed her bare shoulder as I caught my breath and tried to ignore the pulsing pain in my back.

She sighed and moved off the bed, “time to get some fresh air.”

She helped me out of bed and into my chair as cum leaked out of her pussy and down one leg. I caught her and pulled her face close and gave her a kiss, “thank you.”

She grinned and nodded before turning to push my chair. They had music playing in the living room and Ashley and Roberta were dancing. Jan was working on a laptop in the kitchen and smiled at me. I watched the girls dancing around naked and grinned. Roberta swayed towards me as Michelle went to dance with Ashley.

Roberta turned and swayed and bent and started a lap dance. I grinned as my cock grew hard and soon she was excited too. She finally backed up and spread my legs as she sat and slowly impaled her tight pussy. She thrust back and forth and bounced and wiggled and all while her pussy was constantly squeezing and clenching around my cock.

She began to breath harder and shudder as her pussy became slick. I held her hips and helped her thrust back and forth and used small thrusts up. A couple of minutes and she was jerking and wailing as she sat and leaned back while her pussy tightened. I looked down as Michelle and Ashley pushed her legs open and started licking us and teasing her clit.

Roberta howled and spasmed while her pussy contracted almost painfully. I cupped her breasts and started rubbing and tugging on her nipples. She spasmed and wet the other girls as they laughed and Ashley squeezed her clit. Roberta screamed as she twisted and bounced while her pussy tightened, “fuck!”

She was constantly wiggling and squirming and after awhile I pulled her back and down until my cock was buried and grunted. She gasped and jerked as I pumped thick spurts of cum up into her. She continued long after I was done and her sisters giggled and stood before pulling her up and off my lap.

They took turns like the other times and I fucked them once an hour until mom came home. It took a couple of months before I was back to normal. It turned out mom knew what Jan and the girls were doing. She invested the money from dad’s life insurance and by the end of summer Jan and the girls were living with us.

I ended up marrying Ashley and yes I have gotten her pregnant. Michelle and Roberta have dated and even had a few relationships. They always come back and seem content to share me with each other. Now that I am better I try to pay them back for helping me. I give them massages and pamper them when they need it.

Mom seems to love coming home now more than ever. Maybe it is because the house is full of women or it could be all the babies she loves to spoil.
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