My name is Duke Harris, my father owned a huge ranch in the middle of nowhere. He was in his sixties and my mother in her thirties. I just turned sixteen when my father pleaded with my mother to let me live on the ranch. I guess he was feeling old or mortal. I had lived all my life with my mother and wanted a chance to stay with my father.

For my birthday my father gave me a new jeep. I left home the day school let out for the summer and started driving. Without the directions my father had sent I would never have found the road to the ranch. When I pulled into the ranch yard the sun was just rising. There was the large ranch house and beside it another one story house of some kind.

Across the large yard was a huge horse barn with several more barns down the road. I looked at all the horses in the correl before walking towards the house. A woman answered my knock and a moment later my father was there. He hugged me and held me at arms length to look at me before grinning, “well, your mother seems to have done a good job.”

I frowned but he turned me, “do you know how to ride?”

I smiled, “mom made me learn.”

He nodded as he walked towards the other building, “I have eleven hands...”

He looked at me, “There are also six women here to take care of their needs, cooking and...”

He smiled, “sex.”

I grinned as he walked through the doorway and into a huge common room filled with chairs and couches. He gestured to the back, “the dinning room and kitchen are back there.”

He gestured to the hallways to the left and right, “twenty small bedrooms.”

He looked at me, “you start learning about the ranch as just one of the ranch hands.”

I nodded and he pointed to the hallway on the left, “the last room on the right is empty. After you put your things away meet me in the barn.”

I only had one large suitcase so it didn’t take long to put it in the small room. Most of the room was filled with a bed but a standing closet was against the wall at the foot of the bed. I met my father beside a horse stall. He nodded to the horse, “the horse and those in the small correl beyond are your string. Ride a different one each day.”

He had a new saddle and everything I needed. After making sure I knew how to ride he turned me over to an older man. I rode out with him and after awhile he began to talk and I listened. We checked a large herd of cattle and I was told I would be taking turns riding night watch. It was late afternoon when we rode back into the ranch yard.

I was sore from riding, not that I would tell Jacob. I brushed the horse down and put it out in the correl. I fed all the horses in my string before heading towards the bunkhouse and hopefully a hot shower. I walked in and stopped as I saw all the naked women walking around. One was on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her.

I looked around and saw the two girls in the dinning room setting the table. One was maybe fourteen but the other was younger. Just inside the hallway was a bathroom and across from it was the bathing room with a huge shower. I went to undress and grabbed a robe, towel and my kit before going to the shower.

I was washing when the door opened and the teenage girl walked in. She smiled as she walked into the shower and pressed against me, “they said you are new.”

I held her as my hard cock jerked, “yeah.”

She caressed my hips, “want to fuck me?”

I groaned at the thought and she stepped back to stroke my cock, “I have only done oral.”

I looked at her before turning to shut the water off. She pulled me out and to my towel. While I dried her and myself she grabbed the robe and my stuff. She pulled me out and to my room before tossing everything she held into the standing closet. I draped the wet towel over the bedframe and turned as the girl walked to me.

She sat on the bed and scooted back, “I’m Katie.”

I smiled as I followed her, “I’m Duke.”

I laid beside her, “aren’t you to young to be doing this?”

She grinned as she watched my hand, “momma works here and me and my sister Dianne live with her. Besides, I’m fourteen and old enough to have sex.”

I moved over her and gave her a kiss, “so you are doing this because?”

She pushed me down her body, “I’m horny. Momma said I could fuck if I wanted to.”

I went down her body as she spread her legs and looked at her pussy. I leaned in and opened it before licking. I pushed my tongue into her and looked up, “you don’t have a hymen.”

She shuddered and smiled, “since I go naked like momma she broke my cherry so my first time wouldn’t hurt.”

I grinned and covered her clit before sucking and wiggling the tip of my tongue on it. I kept going back and forth, licking through her pussy to teasing her clit. It wasn’t long before Katie was squirming around and bucking as she yelled. I glanced at the door when it opened to see a woman who grinned.

I moved up Katie’s body and kissed her, “are you sure?”

She reached between us and positioned my cock as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “yeah.”

I pushed and wiggled and slowly slipped into her. She groaned and shuddered as I started to fuck her and push deeper. The woman walked to the bed to sit as I kept fucking and Katie started lifting and thrusting up. It was a minute before I hit her cervix and she clutched me and shook, “ooohhh!”

I buried my throbbing cock to kiss her and press my body against hers. She wiggled and squirmed as her warm pussy rippled, grasped and kept squeezing. She began bucking and jerking as she wailed and hugged me, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts. She hugged me as she squirted and started to thrash around. It was several minutes before I buried my cock against her cervix and began to pee and gushed huge streams of cum. Katie gasped and jerked when she felt the warm sperm flooding her belly and held her hips up, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her as she panted and pulled out before laying beside her. The woman grinned and reached out to finger her leaking hole, “you did it baby.”

Katie shuddered and looked at me, “I loved it.”

I turned and leaned over to suck on a nipple before rolling off the bed, “you stay there and I won’t stop until morning.”

She grinned as her mother laughed and helped her off the bed. Katie grabbed my hand as we walked back towards the common room, “you should fuck Ruby.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “if the men don’t treat her right, she won’t let them touch her.”

I rubbed her butt, “since you recommend her, I will have to ask her.”

Her mother laughed, “she might not last doing things her way.”

I smiled as we walked into the common room, “she will if I have a say.”

Katie led me to the dinning room, “Ruby? The new hand needs supper.”

A strawberry blonde turned from the stove to smile, “and did you help him with his other need?”

Katie grinned and bent to kiss my cheek, “yeah.”

I blushed as Ruby smiled and brought a plate to the table. Katie rubbed my shoulder, “see you later.”

She turned to walk into the other room where another man was fucking the woman on her hands and knees. I looked at Ruby and she smiled, “she won’t do more than one or two.”

I blushed and looked at the plate, “was I that obvious?”

She smiled and caressed my cheek, “she was your first?”

I nodded and she bent to kiss me softly, “after you eat we can go to your room.”

I looked at her before starting to eat. When I was finished I took the plate to the sink. Ruby turned smiling as I began to wash it. One of the other hands tried to pull her away and she yanked her hand away, “I told you to never touch me again!”

He snarled and reached for her but I stepped in, “leave her alone.”

He sneered at me and started to push me to the side. I grabbed his hand and turned it before shifting and turning with him. He screamed as he was swung around me with his arm locked straight and slammed into the wall.

I released his hand as I moved behind him and yanked his head back by the hair, “are you deaf and dumb? You were told to leave her alone. Try anything and I will break both your arms.”

I let him go and stepped back as six hands moved into the room with several ladies. He turned and looked at me before spitting on the floor, “this isn’t over.”

I smiled, “jump.”

He licked his lips and looked around, “not now.”

I stepped closer, “jump or run.”

He backed into the wall and then I was pulled back, “what’s going on here?”

I looked at my father, “he likes being rough with the women and laid his hand on me when I told him to leave her alone.”

My father looked around, “I told the women...”

I turned and held up a hand, “you have a choice.”

Everyone was quiet as we looked at each other. He cleared his throat, “the way things work here...”

I shook my head and turned to leave, “it was nice to see you. I’ll be leaving now.”

He jerked, “Wait!”

I stopped and looked at him, “I will not let a woman be abused.”

He shook his head before turning to the hand sneering at me, “you’re fired.”

He froze, “But...”

My father gestured, “pack your gear and leave.”

He looked at me, “Here a day and already a pain in the ass.”

I smiled, “I’m not working for you so I don’t have to play games. You were the one that wanted me here, maybe you should think about why?”

I looked at the hand and then at all the others watching with the ladies. He sighed and glanced around, “this is my son Duke.”

I waited and he turned to leave, “we have a long day tomorrow.”

I turned to look at Ruby, “still want to come with me?”

She grinned and strutted to me, “yeah.”

Katie laughed, “Jacob? Want to be my second?”

That broke everything up and people started heading away. I let Ruby press against me and rubbed her butt before she laughed and turned to pull me after her, “Last room on the right?”

I nodded and let her pull me, “Yeah.”

Once in my room I pulled her back and pushed to sit her on the bed. I blushed, “is your pussy clean, I mean have you...”

She laughed and spread her legs as she lay back, “yes, I douched.”

I grinned and knelt before leaning in and licking through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips until she shivered hard and then moved to her clit. I started teasing it and wiggling my tongue as I sucked and nibbled. It was barely a couple of minutes before her back arched as she squirted a little, “aaaahhhh!”

She dropped to the bed panting as she covered her pussy and I moved up her body. I kissed her as she put her arms around me and pushed into her. Her pussy was tight and grasped and squeezed my cock almost constantly as I began to fuck her. I did it slowly with deep thrusts that pressed my cock all the way into her.

Ruby kept lifting and thrusting her hips up. It was only a couple of minutes before she started to wail and spasm. Her pussy rippled and tightened as she jerked so I began to fuck her with firm thrusts. She bucked and twisted under me as I kissed her and fucked her a little harder. A few minutes later I shoved into her and buried my cock before it erupted.

I gushed cum against and through her cervix and Ruby lifted her hips and howled at the feel of warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

She wiggled and squirmed as I spurted and then sighed and dropped to the bed when I was done. I kissed her before pulling out and moving over beside her. She grinned and rolled onto her stomach and went to her knees, “again?”

I grinned as I moved behind her and slowly pushed into her cummy pussy. I fucked her four times before we stopped and she fell asleep. I woke when the door opened and Katie slipped into the room. She looked at the bed before grinning and crawling in. She hugged Ruby and cupped a breast before giving a sigh.

I woke to someone banging on the door. I glanced at the small window to see a hint of light. I moved out of bed and bent to rub Katie’s butt before going to the bathroom and coming back to dress. Breakfast was hot cereal and then I left to go saddle a horse. My father joined us as we moved cattle around to another pasture.

Then there was a fence to mend and water to pump into a large trough in the new pasture. I came back to the bunkhouse dirty and tired and found the women laid out getting a tan. I grinned as I walked in and went to shower. Katie slipped into the shower and pressed against me, “I’m a little sore.”

I smiled as I held her bare butt, “something to get used to?”

She grinned and kissed me, “momma wants to fuck you.”

She turned me and started shampooing my hair. After that she washed me and looked into my eyes before kissing me. I dried her with my towel before doing myself. She pushed me towards the door, “I’m helping with dinner, go fuck mom.”

I smiled as I walked back to my room and found her mother on my bed. I grinned as I hung up the towel and moved towards the bed. I lay beside Georgia and caressed her body before kissing her as I slipped a finger into her pussy. I fingered her and rubbed her clit as we continued to kiss and finally I moved over her and slid down.

I opened her pussy and started licking and nibbling as she shuddered and lifted her hips. I moved to her clit and kept using my tongue but started sucking. She spasmed and jerked as she moaned louder before bucking and thrashing around. I waited until she pushed my face away and moved up.

I kissed her as I pushed into her and she clutched me when my cock sank into her. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She shuddered as her hips thrust up and her pussy tightened while she moaned. It was barely a couple of minutes before she wailed and started bucking and thrashing around, “aaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep while she continued to howl and thrash around. She lifted and spread her legs as I pounded her pussy and started to hump and grind. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing as her eyes rolled up and her wail turned into a howl, “ooooohhhhhh!”

A minute later her body relaxed but kept spasming. Her legs dropped to the bed and I looked at her and realized she had fainted. I groaned and thrust into her and humped before shuddering as I gushed and spewed cum against and through her cervix. She jerked and kept spasming but didn’t wake.

I finished and pulled out of her before laying beside her and cupping a breast. Ruby slipped onto the bed and looked over her, “what happened?”

I was watching Georgia and shrugged, “I was fucking her and her eyes rolled up before she had a seizure and fainted.”

She grinned and bent to suck on a nipple, “that’s the first time she fainted while fucking.”

I smiled and bent to suck on her other nipple before Ruby reached down the finger her slimy cunt. Georgia shuddered and humped and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at me and smiled, “I’m giving you a baby for that one.”

Ruby snickered and I grinned, “make it twins.”

She rolled and kissed me before letting a sigh escape. I caressed her hip, “Dinner?”

She grinned, “and then more sex?”

Ruby laughed and rolled off the bed, “I want him next and then he can plant more seed.”

I moved off the bed and helped Georgia up before finding my robe and putting it on. Ruby and Georgia led me to the kitchen and I grinned at my father teasing Katie and rubbing her butt. She kept teasing him until she saw me and then walked to me with a tempting sway, “you fuck her good?”

I pulled her against me, “yeah, she wants me to plant more seed after I finish with Ruby.”

Katie laughed and kissed me and I caressed her hips and butt, “you going to sleep with me?”

She nodded and turned to walk towards the stove as other hands came in. My father grinned as Ruby sat in his lap, “tomorrow is payday and the day I normally go in for supplies.”

I sat and watched as all the women came in and one slipped onto my lap and rubbed my chest as I cupped her breasts, “you do billing too?”

He nodded and started fingering Ruby as she shivered and moaned, “after you help with the morning chores come to the house and we’ll go into town together.”

I nodded and bent to suck on a nipple before turning to accept a plate. I ate and shared with the woman who was leaking cum on me and kissed me before standing. Ruby stood and walked around and straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy. She leaned against me as her slippery pussy gripped my cock and started rubbing her pussy back and forth.

My father grinned as the woman that had been on my lap came to straddle him. Several of the other woman did the same thing and I grinned as I gave Ruby a kiss. I went back to feeding us while she began breathing harder and panting. Katie laughed and came to press against Ruby as she moaned with the other women.

It wasn’t long before she started to shudder and jerk, “mmmm!”

Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as she wet me and I held her until she began to move again. My cock stayed buried as she wiggled and rubbed and rolled her hips. Her pussy constantly grasped and kept squeezing my cock as she began to wail and then spasm and howl. She wet me several times as she twisted and thrashed and jerked.

I finally humped and tried to thrust up as she pushed down and lifted her legs off the floor. She held them up so that she was completely impaled as I grunted and started pumping a geyser of warm sperm against her cervix. She jerked and her pussy tightened and squeezed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

My father chuckled as I spurted cum into Ruby and she clung to me. When she stopped she put her feet down and leaned against me panting. Katie was still rubbing her and pressed against her back, “feel all better now?”

Ruby smiled as she looked into my eyes, “yeah, a lot better.”

I hugged her and looked at my father, “mind if I look at your billing?”

He blinked, “why?”

I grinned, “I am supposed to learn and I’m very good with spread sheets and numbers.”

He shrugged, “sure.”

Ruby slowly stood and let my cock come out. I shuddered and she grinned, “see you later lover.”

My father left with one of the women after dinner and I was pulled up by Georgia and led back to my room. I was exhausted by the time I went to sleep with Katie against me but Georgia had a happy smile and a leaky pussy. I woke before my alarm and looked at Katie before shifting as I rolled her onto her back.

I moved over her and pushed into her tight pussy as she moaned and humped. I kissed her and waited with my cock throbbing inside her. She shuddered and humped as her pussy squeezed before opening her eyes. I smiled and pulled back before I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She hugged me as her warm pussy kept grasping my cock.

She thrust up and began to writhe around after a few minutes. I pushed into her and kept kissing her as I humped and jabbed while grinding. She started to spasm and jerk as her pussy contracted. It was a couple more minutes before I fucked her long hard and deep. I suddenly shoving into her and buried my cock.

She clutched me and jerked her hips up as I grunted and began pumping a torrent of cum. She twisted and shook while her tight pussy accepted my cum and milked my cock for more. When I was finished I relaxed and kissed her as she panted. I pulled out and she sighed before grinning at me.

I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom and then a quick shower. I never left the ranch after the summer ended. I have gotten Georgia pregnant and Ruby and Katie a couple of years later. I even fucked Katie’s sister when she was ready and asked. I have fucked the other women and made a few changes.

During the day the women have began to go out riding with the men and spending more time with them. We all still fuck them in the evening but it is more like a family now. The few men that had a problem were fired or left and it was the good ones that stayed.
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