Author notes: This is the final episode of Maid Secrets. Sorry for the long delay had a lot going on with warmer weather coming around. Hope to have a new series out before the end of this month. Planning on doing an incest story with an interracial theme. Comments, thoughts, or questions always grateful. Enjoy!

Wednesday and Thursday flew by quickly with little sex during the day. Tuesday night Kari got to sleep with her stepson, while Tia slept with Tom. Wednesday night was the same with July unaware of the night owl activity. Thursday July went to Sara's until Monday. Thursday night Ben was exhausted from the school tour. Tom and Kari were finishing up the final paperwork for finances at work not finishing up til Friday 3 am. Friday morning Ben and Tia first rise sitting at the kitchen table talking as they wait for Tom and Kari. Today is the day the orgy begins.

Ben finishes up his breakfast asking Tia after he kisses her on the forehead "can we start now?"

Tia nods "worth saving it until this afternoon."

Slams his cup down "fuck, I'm horny!"

Kari walks in wearing only lingerie hearing him say those words "we all are Ben."

Ben kisses her on the lips hungry for a taste of her. Unzips her bra dropping it to the ground. Tia watching the scene walks up to them wanting to join. Smack hits Kari's ass from behind. Kari stops making out with Ben to see Tom there in his underwear and a straight face.

Tia hugs Ben from behind as Tom hugs his wife. Tom says to them "food first followed by sex."

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Kari says going for food.

"Tia you ready?" Ben asks her turning to her.

"After we eat!" Tom sternly replies going for coffee.

While Tom and Kari eat Ben and Tia arrange the living room. Moving all the furniture to the sides. Pillows tossed on the floor. Window blinds closed, but enough to allow sunlight. Tia and Ben toss their clothes on to the furniture as they do Tom fucks his wife doggystyle into the living room.

"Ugh...why are you two sitting? Fuck already!" Kari says to Tia and Ben.

On the floor laying back next to each other the two look at one another for a split second. Attacking each other the next as they make out wrestling their tongues and bodies on the ground. He enters her pussy connecting as one body, mind, and soul.

Nearby Tom and Kari are on the floor with Tom doing her from behind as they lay on their sides. One arm of his wrapped over her breasts holding her firmly close to his body. She has a hand on her pussy to keep his cock in her. Aroma of lust filled the room.

Tia breasts press onto his chest as she grinds her hips with his own. Pussy engulfs his cock clinching it as tight as possible. Skin on skin contact ignites her animal spirit. Hunger for him drives her to push on. Pushing in deeper as his balls slap makes her convulse. Passion ensues this young couple.

Kari moves on top of her life partner pressing her hands deep into his chest as his hands play with her breasts. Her ass grinds his cock putting as much pressure on it as steamer cooking rice. Pussy sucks in every single part of his cock hitting her all the way in. Desire for more encourages both to continue.

Ben pulls out getting up he walks weakly over to his stepmother. Pressing his cock to her lips desiring a blowjob.clutching his balls as she licks the head of his cock first before taking it as far as her mouth would allow it. Grabs the back of her head as she sucks on him.

Tia feeling left out moves on top of Tom's face allowing him access to her wet juicy pussy. Tongue comes out attacking it with unending lashes. Tilts her head back before moving forward to suck on Kari's breasts. Hard tits flicked at with her tongue. Possessed to continue for more.

Feeling ready to blow Ben pulls away falling back to watch the other three for a moment. Slowly jacking off to keep it hard, but not enough to come.

Pressure becomes too much to hold for Tom however. Not where he used to be he screams "I'm coming!" Shooting his load into his wife's pussy.

Kari feels her husband's load in her oozing out. Getting of it allowing Tia to fall into a sixty-nine sucking on his cock covered with Tom's cum and Kari's pussy juices. Kari moves down to suck her husband's balls and share his cock.

Ben seeing an opportunity gets off the floor moving behind his stepmother on his knees. He inserts his cock into her pussy hearing her moan with accepted pleasure. Hands grasp her ass slapping it a little for added effects.

"Have I been a bad stepmother?" Kari replies with the slapping.

Ben slaps her harder making her ass turn red "a very wicked stepmother!"

" me in the ass!"

Taking it out and inserting his cock slowly into her ass well lubricated.

"That's it I'm a dirty stepmother!"

"Hell yeah you are one dirty whore of a stepmother!" Ben getting into the motion of fucking her in the ass.

Getting bored with Tom Tia gets off moving to the side to watch. Tom aware of her movement does the same watching Ben and Kari go at it for a few minutes. His cock now limp from the action. Today though was only getting started.

"Oh...God! Fuck! Harder Ben!" Kari screamed like a banshee. One arm she used to keep herself up, while the other she fingered her pussy. Cock drilling her ass her body feeling the punishment she long deserved. Hormones enveloped her body itching it for such taboo sex.

Ball sack tightened, feeling his loins tighten also, and his cock ready to burst a mass load deep into her ass. He screams holding her ass iron tight "fuck I'm coming in you!" Several shots loaded her ass sending her shock waves of relief and euphoria.

Cock goes out slowly covered with his white cum still hard. Kari turns around cleaning it off for him. Tia joins in hungry once more. They share it equally licking, sucking, and kissing his cock. Tongues meet at the head sharing each other. Soon French kissing as they move away from Ben, and begin making out on the floor.

Ben sits down looking at his father who is now trying to get his soft cock hard once more from watching this lesbian scene unfold.

Kiss for kiss the two women match each other equally. Bodies pressed together holding each other tightly as they make love. Passion ensnares the lovers. Arm wrap each other, legs crossed, and pussies grind for more. Kari moves down Tia kissing and licking her body. From the lips down to the neck Tia hardly breathes as her heart beats harder and harder. Down to her breasts flicking at her small Asian tits that stood proudly out. To her stomach going in circles around her belly button. Sweating heavily now as she controls her breathing. To her legs caressing them forcing her to lay down. Touching the inner thigh Tia moans losing control of her body as her clit is touched by a tongue. Kari places her hands up to her maids breasts grasping them as she goes for the sweet spot.

Tia arcs her back up feeling the joy of a woman eating her pussy. Screaming at the top of her lungs "ugh...huh...ooooohhhhh...that's it!!!" Her g-spot is discovered feeling an orgasm coming.

Feeling wet herself Kari turns her body to be over Tia, all the while continuing to eat pussy. Once her wet pussy and cum filled ass is on top of Tia's face contact is made. An interracial sixty nine is made. Tia devours the black pussy staring her straight in the face. Both of them hungry for the other as the two males in the room with cock's stirring for another round soon.

Unable to control it any longer Kari's orgasm fires through her body forcing her to stop and scream "I'm fucking coming!!!"

Hearing her come Tia lifts her head "more I'm nearly there!"

Kari eats her once more spreading her ass. Tom and Ben with fully erect cock's ready to fuck stand up and move up to them. Tia sits up feeling her orgasm coming throwing her arms up shouting "yes! I'm coming!" Kari goes at it not wanting a single drop wasted. Tia opens her eyes to see two white cock's facing her hard as can be "I've got an idea boys" she says with a wicked grin.

Tia moves off of Kari she whispers an idea to her both grinning. They get into position where their legs are intercrossed to prepare themselves for tribbing. "Boys let's get a taste over here" Kari says grabbing Ben's cock. Both guys know it is only going to get better. Kari gives head to Ben, Tia sucks on Tom, and Kari tribbing with Tia.

They continue this sexual awakening throughout the weekend. Eating several times during the days to keep their energy up. Monday came to some sense of normalcy with the jackrabbit sex behavior out of them.

Early next year Kari gives birth to Zach Morgan and Tia gives birth to Lilly Morgan. Tia marries Ben and moves after school into their own home. Forcing Tom to hire a young Latin maid named Lola Benita. Ben hires a red hair maid named Barbara Jones. What secrets do the new maids hold?

The four of them have an orgy together once in a great while hoping that one day their children will join them. Maids join in once they know the secret.


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