After I seduced my young sister, I wanted to fuck her two freinds.
Sister Sara - Part Two

After getting my eleven year old sister stoned and taking her virginity Sara became my sister with benefits, we seduced each other several times in the next two months. I still spied on her and her friends hoping to see Willie and Shonda nude or something but after they went home I would fuck Sara. One of the questions that floated in my head constantly was if an eleven year old pre-pubescent girl could have a baby but I didn't want to find out by knocking up my sister. She quickly got used to putting rubbers on me before we fucked.

One day shortly before my sister turned 12 she asked to get stoned with me again so I bought some pot goodies and we got high. We were in the front room were we teased, played and laughed until she let me fuck her on the floor in front of the TV. After we were done she asked me “Do you think I should have sex with another boy?”

“Do you have somebody in mind, some kid you want to screw?”

“Not anybody I could name right now and I like doing it with you but you are my brother so I think I want to do it with another boy.”

I thought about her question and what she said “Most guys don't want to mess with girls that don't have tits or pussy hair yet but I like it, it's a big turn on for me and I bet you could find some boy to play with if you tried. If I could, all my girlfriends would be younger like you, Shonda or Willie.”

Sara sat up and looked at me hard for a few moments then asked “Hey, do you want to fuck my friends, I think they might like it?”

The question jolted my hormones but I acted as if I'd never had the thought “Yeah, might be fun, they turn me on just like you do.”

Sara pushed me to my back on the floor then sat over my thighs. She gripped my cock and started pulling on it “You want me to set you up with them? Shonda first, she'll be 12 next week, maybe we can give her a special present.”

I pushed her off me and positioned her on her hands and knees then got over her back and rubbed my dick on a sensitive spot, she gasped as I asked “You think they would do it with me?”

Sara put her head down so her hips were high off the floor, we didn't have another condom so I put the end of my erection in her butt “I think so, they talk a lot about getting a boy in bed.” Minutes later my sister gurgled lustfully when I came deep in her ass.

Willie and Sara went to Shonda's for her 12th birthday. They partied half the day then later that night the three of them ended up at our house since my sister had the best bedroom of the three. About 9 that night Willie said goodbye and left, she couldn't stay the night so it would be just Sara and Shonda.

And hopefully me, if Shonda agreed.

Sara invited me to her room and the three of us played Yahtzee for a while then my sister asked Shonda “Hey girl, you want to feel good, we have some cool meds.”

Shonda snapped her head up to my sister “I never did that before, did you?”

Sara smiled and answered “Yeah and its fun, my brother gave it to me.”

The pretty black birthday girl looked at me “You have it?”

My heart picked up it's pace as I looked into her dark eyes “Yeah but you don't have to, Sara and I can do it alone if you don't.” By offering to let her say no gracefully I was hoping she would assent.

She studied me briefly then turned back to my sister, “Is he cool?” meaning was I okay to get high with? When my sister grinned and nodded eagerly her friend eased back on her chair “Okay.”

My cock turned to cement on the trip to my room for some X tabs. Sara and I had tried them twice before and we both liked sex while up.

Thirty minutes later the three of us were happy as hell. Since Sara was Shonda's friend she was staying close to her while the dark skinned young nymph got high for the first time. They soon got so involved in talking I was sitting to the side like an afterthought. My sister was animated and happy, Shonda was loosening up too, their conversation went from 'How are you feeling?' to 'Wow, that Belinda is a real fucking slut' in about ten minutes.

It was Belinda and her behavior that got the girls talking about sex. Sara asked Shonda, “Do you want to have sex, I mean to know what it feels like?”

Shonda must not have cared or forgot that I was sitting next to her because she admitted to my sister “Terence hits on me sometimes but I wont' let him, but yeah, I wonder how it would feel.”

Sara wasn't being timid or conniving, she came right out with the question. “You want too? I mean my brother is here and you turn him on, he wants to fuck you.” I almost fell off the floor I was sitting on when Sara announced my secret so boldly.

Shonda turned her head toward me and looked as if she wanted to crawl away in embarrassment. She said to my sister “God, girl, he's cute and everything but he's way older than me. I mean I'm not sure, he's like 15!”

Sara got off the bed she was sitting on and held her hand to Shonda “Come with me,” she said to me, “stay here.” As I watched my sister leave the room with the taller black girl it dawned on me that Shonda hadn't said no, my eyes followed Shonda's firm large globes and my cock started to grow again.

Five minutes later Sara came back without Shonda, “Turn the lights off and wait, she doesn't want you to see her yet. I have to go to your room.”

“She's going to have sex with me?”

“Yeah but I had to promise to go to bed with her brother Terrance before she agreed.”

Sara left me in the dark and 30 seconds later the slender silhouette of my next girlfriend slunk into the room. Shonda eased onto the bed slowly and I could see well enough to tell she was nude. I stood and quickly shed my clothes, my erection swelled even more without the restriction of my pants. I sat on the bed next to the black girl and put a hand on her stomach. Shonda shivered, gasped and her muscles rippled under my hand. “Don't try to make this nice,” she whispered, “let's just do it.”

I laid down next to her then put a hand between her legs. She arched her back when my fingers slid along the puffed lips of her body, she was hot and slick. I kissed the small nipple closest to me then rolled up and over her. She opened her legs to let me fuck her.

The end of my erection slipped easily up and down the crack of her body and after the third stroke Shonda began to roll her hips, helping me slide on her crack. My cock was pumping a flood of lubrication and it was smearing over the fat soft lips of her cunt. About the fourth time I pushed down the head of my cock slipped into the tight entrance of her pussy. I pressed deeper in short strokes but there was no barrier to stop me or hurt when I pushed into her till my balls stopped me. This might have been her first time but she didn't have to suffer losing her virginity.

When she felt my nuts on her cunt Shonda relaxed back, I felt the tension in her body ease away as I started thrusting in and out of her. Shonda began to warm up, she began to flex and rock under me, her hands went to hold my ass as I fucked her. Each time I fucked my sister my stamina got better so I pummeled the sexy black girl for more than ten minutes, the entire time she got hotter. Shonda let go of my ass, grabbed my face and pulled me down for our first kiss. Her thick moist lips on mine triggered my climax, I started filling the sweet virgin with years of lusting for her.

When I rolled off my new lover my legs bumped into my sister who was sitting on the end of the bed. “What are you doing here?”

Sara didn't answer me she just smiled largely at her friend, “Did you like him?”

Shonda rolled her eyes to Sara, “Yeah, a lot.” She didn’t' seem upset at all that my sister hadn't stayed in my room.

Sara moved up next to her friend, took her hand and said “Tell me about it, how does it feel?” as if she didn't know and I didn't exist again. Shonda rolled to her side facing my sister on the bed so I laid behind her. My cock started reforming into another erection so I lifted Shonda's leg and slipped it over the crack of her body. She was wet from my cum so the end of my shaft slid through her lips and into her body easily and I started fucking the black 12 year old again as she and Sara talked. I held her hips and pulled her beautiful round ass cheeks against me while I stroked in and out. Shonda dropped her head to the pillow and gasped softly while my sister looked across and watched me screw her friend.

The black girl was starting to react to the sensation of my cock, her body began to undulate, her hips rolling against me, I didn't have to move her. In moments she was fucking me with as much enthusiasm as I was her and our bodies began to slap together, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Shonda opened her mouth and began to breathe quickly, loudly. Sara looked around startled, put a hand over Shonda's mouth and whispered urgently “Be quiet you two, somebody will hear you!”

Shonda reached behind my back, put a hand over my ass and grabbed a handful of my butt and started to shake. Her head whipped back and forth while she jammed her ass against me and gurgled for air. The girl dissolved, the heat of her orgasm left her as limp as a rag doll, she panted heavily as I finished fucking her, flooding her with hot spasms of cum. My little sister was smiling like an idiot.

I left my new sex partner in the good hands of her best friend and sneaked back to my own room where I relived the last two hours endlessly. Until I died I would never forget the way it felt as Shonda bumped and ground her ass against me, I could have had Beyonce' in bed the way she moved.

I was slow stroking my half hard cock, enjoying the lingering scent of Shonda on my prick when Sara slipped into my room. “Shonda is sleeping” she whispered. She climbed onto the bed, lifted the blanket and bent over my lap. My sister began to suck my cock and when it was strong enough for her use she straddled my lap then she and I spent the next half hour satisfying her need.

Three days later I tried to seduce Sara but she wouldn't let me, “I can't, I'm sore today.”


“Because I let Terrance, I promised Shonda so I let him but his prick is bigger and he wasn't very gentle, he was rough and hurt and I told him I won't do it with him again.”

“Are you okay, I mean will you feel better?”

Sara looked at me and saw the concern in my eyes, she kissed me on the cheek, “Yeah, and I told Shonda that you wanted do to it with her again. She coming to sleep over later.”

“Should I get more tabs?”

Sara smiled craftily “Don't need to, the girl is hot to fuck you again.”

For another three months I was fucking Sara and Shonda, my life couldn't be better. I was happy, I was living a dream, in fact I was so satisfied that it surprised me to realize I wasn’t lusting after Willie so much anymore but one day near Christmas Sara cornered me in the kitchen. “Willie's parents are leaving for the weekend, she asked if she could stay here for two nights, mom said yes.”

As my little sister's words sank in my balls began to harden. “You think I can do anything with her?”

Sara smiled sweetly “Shonda and me told her what you and her are doing and now Willie wants to try it too, she is coming over here to have sex with you.”

“She told you that?”

“She told me to tell you, Willie isn't being shy, she is almost thirteen and she wants to try sex and Shonda has been telling her how good it is so she is planning on going with you to your room, you don't have to be sneaky and get her stoned or drunk or anything.”

“Does Willie know I'm screwing you too?”

Sara put her hand on my chest lightly and smiled “No, neither of them do, they think Terrance is the only boy I have sex with.”

“Did you let him again?”

“Well, once I got used to how big his black prick is I started liking it, he's a lot of fun but I still like you better. You want to bump me now?”

I was gone when Willie moved in for the weekend. It was after 11 when I came home and the whole family was in bed so I went straight to my room. I undressed, cleaned up and brushed my teeth then went to bed naked. I knew Willie was with my sister but I didn't think I should just march into Sara's room with my erection pointing the way. I didn't have too, the girls must have heard me come home because about two minutes after I got under the covers my door opened and I watched Willie slip through then latch it quietly. My limp cock turned to a boner in seconds.

She tiptoed to the bed and stood still looking down at me, I lifted the blanket as an invitation for her, when she saw my nakedness she pulled her night shift up and off her body and dropped it. I stared in wonder at the pale young girl as she pirouetted, giving me a complete look at what she was offering. She was not being timid or shy as she showed me her body. My erection howled in pain as it stretched and grew tight skin holding it together. I threw the blanket off so she could see the effect her firm little ass had on me. Willie smiled at it then got onto the bed and laid down on her back beside me. The touch of her hot soft skin on mine caused me to shiver from toes to head. Her first whispered words were “I used something in me, you won't hurt me.” I groaned out loud at the soft sound of her words against my ear.

Willie was close to thirteen and in the very beginning of puberty. She had a hint of soft blond down at the junction of her thighs, the folds of body slit looked puffy and tender. Her tits were budding, the dark pink nipples stood slightly from her chest on soft mounds of developing breasts, I guessed she would be wearing training bras by now. I put a hand over a breast and felt the nipple stiffen, she didn't have full formed tits yet but she liked getting felt up.

I kissed her cheek then put my mouth over hers and we started making out. Less than a minute after Willie came to my room, we were kissing, feeling and groping as she got ready for her first fuck. She reached between us, gripped my cock in her fist and pulled on it, urging me over her wide spread legs. I rolled up, put the end of my cock on her cunt, pushed through the hot wet opening of her body until I crushed my balls against her ass. As I started stroking in and out of her tight cunt I realized I was living in my daydreams. The pretty little blonde was taking me with hot enthusiasm, soft mewling sounds escaped her every time I thrust deep into her.

The girl was a natural sex machine. She was limber, hot and her pussy pulled and sucked on my cock as I screwed her. I was beginning to wonder if she had lied to her friends because the way she acted with me was like she'd learned a lot about sex before she came to my bed. I put my hands under her bouncing ass and rolled over until she was over me, straddled across my lap, my erection still deep in her young cunt. Willie pushed up with her arms, looked down on me and began to roll her hips, sliding on the pole inside her. She closed her eyes, raised her head up and began to shiver. Her fingernails dug gouges in my chest as her first man made orgasm rampaged across her nerves. I gave up all control to the girl, my erection seized then convulsed and my balls slammed all my lust for Willie into Willie.

She fell flat on my chest, her hips were quivering with aftershocks of the orgasm. Willie lifted her head and grazed my lips with hers. “Oh my god, I never thought it would be like that. I should have done this the first time I wanted too.”

“You thought about this before?”

“I wanted to do this with you last year and almost did when I saw you looking at me through bathroom window but I didn't know how to get away from your sister long enough.”

“You saw me spy on you?” My heart started thumping with low level fear.

“Yeah, I never told anybody, not even Sara because I liked letting you look at me so I took baths a lot when I came over and you watched me a lot.” She laid her head on my chest and sighed deeply, “I wanted you to be my brother so I could stay here all the time and have sex with you.”

My prick was still half hard and growing harder as she talked and moved against me. I rolled her to her back, lifted her leg and pressed the end of my erection into the cum soaked entrance to her body. Five minutes after cumming into the pretty little 12 year old blond, she and I were fucking hotly again.

Willie stayed with me until the sun lightened the curtain over my window then she crept back to my sister's room. It was the first time in my life a girl had spent the entire night with me and we celebrated by fucking three times.

As time turned into weeks then months the three girls started maturing, all three were buying bras and started using tampons or pads. I was living the life of a young prince, screwing my sister, Willie and Shonda. I was getting laid almost every day by some enthusiastic young girl. My sisters friends still didn't know Sara and I were going at it, we kept that secret to ourselves. Sara was screwing Terrance and she even experimented with another boy a few times.

It was Sara's 13th birthday that we took another big step forward in our sexual lives. I had turned 16 but the lure of the younger girls still had a strong hold on me; I could have been dating girls my age but I didn't want to. I wasn't invited to Sara's party so Terrance and I were hanging together at his house. He knew I was fucking Shonda and I knew he was humping Sara so we had a common bond besides being friends. We hit a pot pipe and settled back to kill a few aliens on his Playstation.

The subject of sex came up, “Hey, when Shonda and Sara come back I'm gonna take Sara to my room, you go with Shonda” he stated.

“What if Willie is with them?”

Terrance looked at me, “I'd like to fuck her, she's really cute and getting some nice tits.”

“You never screwed Willie? Man, I gotta tell you, I do it with her a lot, she's hotter than your sister.”

Terrance paused the game “You think she would fuck a black guy?”

“Ask her, maybe she's ready to try the dark side.” We went back to the game but my mind wasn't on it, I was thinking about fucking somebody, I didn't care who, and lost interest in the game.

20 minutes later the three friends came into the house.

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