I was sixteen and really tired of my thirteen year old sister. She was bossy and bitchy and always leaving her clothes laying around. It was the start of summer and I had planned to sleep in. That ended when the loud music woke me. I rolled out of bed and walked out to find the bitch and choke her.

She was in the kitchen dancing around while mom sipped coffee and shook her head. When I walked in she was wearing just a tee shirt and from the way she was dancing I could see she wasn’t wearing panties. Something happened as I looked at her and she turned to see me. She frowned, “what?”

I started across the room and she backed up to the sink, “mom.”

I didn’t care anymore and grabbed her when I reached her. I spun her around and shoved her over the sink. I pushed my sleeping shorts down and pushed her legs open as she looked back, “MOM!”

I positioned my cock and shoved it all the way into her. I held her as she grunted and jerked before I began to fuck her with long thrusts, “you want to be a bitch, guess what? There is a price and you are going to pay it.”

She tilted her hips and spread her legs more as she leaned over further, “mom?”

Her tight cunt squeezed my cock as I continued to fuck her. Her warm pussy did feel good as I shoved into her and held her hips while humping. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy milked my cock and she moaned, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and went back to fucking her with deep thrusts as she began to push back. It was a few minutes before I buried my cock and pushed hard as it gushed and spewed a thick geyser of warm sperm. Sasha howled at the feel of warm cum pouring into her womb, “aaaaahhhhh!”

It was awhile before I was done and pulled out. I pulled her up and turned her, “go get in my bed now.”

She blinked and looked at mom and I shook her, “now!”

She nodded quickly and ran for the hall as I turned to walk after her. Mom chuckled, “break her in good Daniel.”

I nodded as I walked back to my room and found Sasha standing by the bed, “you can’t do...”

I growled as I started across the room, “in bed.”

She jumped back onto the bed and lay back as I stripped out of my shorts before the bed. I moved straight onto it and pushed her back and down as I moved between her legs and pushed into her cummy pussy. I settled on her with my cock buried and began to fuck her with nice long strokes. She clutched me as her slimy pussy grasped at my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and began to grind and hump as she started thrusting up while her pussy clenched and squeezed. She jerked and shook erratically as I pulled back to fuck her long, hard and deep. A few minutes later she was thrashing around and wailing as I buried my cock to gush more sperm into her.

When I was finished she sighed as if I were done. I rolled and held her with my cock buried, “don’t move.”

I pulled her head to my shoulder as I relaxed. I knew I wouldn’t sleep and waited. It was a few minutes before Sasha began to wiggle and shift as her slimy cunt tried to milk my cock. I sighed and opened my eyes before turning to dump her onto the bed and roll her onto her stomach.

I moved over her and spread her legs with my knees and pushed back into her as she tilted her hips. I fucked her four times before stopping and getting up. I pulled her into the shower and washed her before pushing her towards her room, “go get dressed and don’t even think about putting panties on.”

She nodded before walking away and I went to get dressed in cut offs. I found mom in the kitchen and she smiled, “taking a break?”

I fixed a late breakfast, “until she starts up again.”

Mom smiled as she finished her shopping list, “you need to clean the lap pool today.”

I nodded as I ate and she grabbed her purse and left. It wasn’t even ten minutes before Sasha walked in and started bitching because her pussy was puffy and swollen. I looked at her and stood, “did you have breakfast.”

She sat quickly as if that would keep me from doing anything, “yes.”

I grabbed her hand and yanked her up and pulled her after me. I went out back and to the lap pool before I bent her over it and lifted her skirt. I spanked her ass when I saw the panties and yanked them down and off. I opened my shorts and moved behind her as she looked back with wide eyes and shoved into her.

I started fucking her and she dropped to the water in the pool, “ooohhh!”

I used long thrusts and it was a minute before her tight pussy was gripping my cock each time I shoved into her. She spasmed and jerked as I kept fucking her and she spread her legs and tilted her hips, “aaaahhhh!”

Every couple of minutes she jerked back as her pussy tightened and clenched while she wailed. I finally shoved all the way into her and pushed before I began pumping spurts of cum. Sasha jerked and pushed back as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out of her and rubbed her slit, “no panties or next time I will fuck your ass too.”

I stood her up and turned her towards the back door, “go get a big towel so you can lay out while I work.”

She walked into the house without saying anything and I stripped before looking at the neighbor’s fence. I grinned at Tom and his younger sister Amber, “I’m breaking her in.”

Tom grinned and looked at Amber who was my sister’s age, “that sounds good.”

She looked at him before smiling at me, “not before Dan fucks it.”

He laughed, “you cleaning the pool today?”

I nodded, “I think mom was planning a party with dad.”

He grabbed Amber and pulled her away, “we will be right over.”

I added chemicals and turned to start cleaning the leaves out before going after the grit in the bottom. I looked up when Sasha walked out in her one piece swim suit and shook my head. I climbed out as she sat on a lounger and just dropped the towel in the grass. I walked towards her as her eyes widened and she looked around, “Daniel?”

I pulled her up and put my thumbs in her shoulder straps and pulled her suit down. I turned her as I struggled to get it off her feet. She knew better than to struggle and laid forward on the lounger. I swatted her ass several times, “what did I tell you?”

I reached down for the suntan lotion and pushed her legs together before straddling her legs. I put lotion on my cock before reaching down and squirting a lot on her asshole. She gasped at the cold feel, “Dan!”

I leaned over her and positioned my cock before I began humping and pushing against her asshole. She started to twist and the head of my cock pushed in. She froze with a surprised look before pushing back, “mmmm?”

I pulled out but pushed right back in a second later. She shuddered and tilted her hips, “that feels good.”

I fucked her ass slowly and started to thrust deeper as she began to spread her legs and moan louder. I glanced at Tom and Amber when they walked around the house, “have a seat.”

I kept fucking my sister and finally buried my cock. Sasha shuddered as my cock throbbed deep in her ass. I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep and she wailed and thrashed around until I pushed into her a couple of minutes later to spurt cum. She jerked and her ass squeezed with each warm spurt of cum as I pumped it into her.

When I was done I pulled out, “stay naked.”

I moved off her and she sighed and relaxed. I looked at Tom who was staring at Sasha, “want to use her?”

He nodded as Sasha turned to look at me with large eyes, “Dan?”

I looked at her, “turn over and spread your legs.”

Her lips quivered and I moved over her, “still haven’t learned to obey?”

She rolled over and spread her legs and I moved away, “better.”

Tom pushed his shorts off and moved over Sasha before slowly pushing into her. He froze and a minute later Sasha looked over his shoulder at me as if to ask me what to do. I smiled, “hump and wrap your legs around him. Use your heels to keep him moving.”

She nodded as Tom groaned and wrapped her legs around him before pulling on him. I moved back by Amber, “he hasn’t done this before.”

She grinned, “I guess not.”

I reached down to rub her mound and she spread her legs and shivered. I grinned and turned back to Tom fucking my sister and it wasn’t long before he grunted and she lifted and spread her legs. He kept grunting and humping and my sister was rubbing his back. It was a minute before he stopped and they relaxed.

Amber bumped me, “she is leaking a lot of sperm.”

I looked between their legs and grinned as her brother moved off Sasha. I moved forward and leaned over her, “did you learn anything?”

She smiled, “yeah. A guy really cums a lot his first time.”

I rubbed her pelvis, “and you enjoyed it.”

Sasha grinned, “yeah.”

I stood, “relax and lay back.”

I turned to a red faced Tom, “felt good?”

He grinned, “yes.”

I gestured to Amber, “I need to wash and then I will break you in.”

I looked at my sister, “ready for Tom to use you the rest of today?”

She nodded as she looked at him and Amber grabbed my hand, “good, she can break him in.”

I grinned as she pulled me into the house and back to the bathroom. I shook her loose as I started the shower, “you know if I have any left tonight my sister is getting it and if Tom has any left you are getting it.”

She grinned as she stripped and pulled me into the water, “that’s okay.”

I turned her and rubbed her butt, “tomorrow you and Sasha are in for a surprise.”

She looked back at me before turning and starting to wash from my waist down, “why?”

I watched her and smiled, “because you are going to take turns licking cum out of each others pussy.”

She looked at me and blushed as I turned the water off. I pulled her out and grabbed a towel, “a woman isn’t broken in until she has learned about all types of sex.”

She grinned as I dried her and then myself. I put the towel away and she pulled me out and across to my bedroom. I turned her at the bed and laid her back before I knelt between her legs. I leaned in and opened her pussy before licking through it. I pushed my tongue in and felt her hymen missing before I nibbled on her inner lips and then captured her clit.

I sucked and nibbled and wiggled my tongue against it. It wasn’t long before she went from shivers to shudders to spasms and finally twisted away, “no more!”

I growled as I moved up and over her, I settled between her legs and forced my cock into her. I started fucking her as she grunted and humped up to get my cock deeper. A minute and I was buried and grinding while she wailed and lifted her legs into the air. I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts.

She bucked and struggled as I continued to fuck her while her slippery pussy was constantly gripping my cock. A few minutes and she was convulsing as I began to fuck her a little harder and faster. She kept wailing and howling and her pussy squeezed my cock each time I tried to pull out of her.

It took awhile before I needed to cum and she was totally incoherent by then. I pushed all the way into her and kissed her as my cock spewed thick spurts of cum. She jerked and shoved her pussy up when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I stopped she was still shaking as her pussy tried to milk more cum out of my cock. I pulled out and stood as I helped her up and off the bed, “we need to take you out to get a tan like my sister.”

I looked at my sister splayed out when we walked out and a tired looking Tom. Amber grinned and walked to another lounger. I walked to Sasha and bent over her to see her smile with her eyes closed. I reached down to rub her slimy pussy, “get a pussy full?”

She opened her eyes and reached down to slip a finger into her leaking pussy, “yeah.”

I bent more and kissed her, “you are almost broken in then.”

She held my face as she kissed me back and looked into my eyes, “how was Amber?”

I smiled, “not broken in yet.”

She giggled and looked past me at Amber, “she will be when you finish.”

I stood and looked at Tom, “let me know if you need to use her again.”

He grinned, “sure.”

I gestured to Amber, “I’ll use you again in an hour.”

She grinned and rubbed her pussy, “okay.”

I finished cleaning the pool and started on the yard. Tom fucked Sasha again before I was done and put everything away. This time she was on her knees as he fucking her ass. Amber was grinning at me when I pulled her up and looked at my sister, “when you finished don’t clean up. Take him to your room and watch tv or listen to music.”

She was grunting and shaking as Tom fucked her and nodded. I turned to pulled Amber after me and into the house. Mom was looking out the window and I stopped to kiss her cheek, “I have Tom using her so she learns about other guys.”

She grinned and looked at Amber, “and you are breaking Amber in too?”

I nodded, “She will be ready for Tom tonight if Sasha hasn’t drained him.”

She laughed, “have fun.”

Amber grinned as I pulled her through the house and laid her back on the edge of the bed. She spread and lifted her legs as I rubbed her pussy and then slowly pushed into her slimy hole. I buried my cock and bent to kiss her as her pussy started grasping and squeezing my cock. It was awhile before I stood and pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

I kept it up as she humped and shuddered and slowly began to writhe around while moaning. I held her waist as I fucked her hard and deep for a few minutes before going back to long slow thrusts. By the time I was ready to cum Amber was jerking erratically and her eyes had rolled up. I shoved into her and held her as I spurted weakly.

When I was done I rubbed her clit before pulling out, “looks like I am finally running out of sperm.”

She grinned as she sat up and then slipped off the bed to press against me, “an hour and you will have more.”

I laughed as I turned to pull Amber after me and to my sister’s room. She was on her bed with Tom beside her sucking on a nipple. I grinned and pushed Amber towards her brother, “see if he as any cum left for you.”

She laughed as she pulled him onto his back while I walked around the bed. I laid beside Sasha and she turned to rub my chest as Amber straddled her brother. I rubbed one of my sister’s nipples, “have you learned to obey yet?”

She grinned, “I’ll need more lessons tonight and tomorrow.”

I grinned, “a constant reminder?”

She giggled as Amber moaned and shuddered, “yeah.”

I glanced at the two on the other side of her, “when they finish take Amber to the bathroom and you two douche, shower and then get dressed.”

She opened her mouth and I tugged on a nipple, “there is still oral to learn.”

She closed her mouth, “douche, shower and dress.”

I looked at Amber grunting and spasming as Tom thrust up, “Tom and I are taking you to the movies.”

She grinned, “can...”

She closed her mouth and I kissed her, “since it is to keep us away from mom and dad’s party we are doing a double feature so you and Amber get to pick one of the movies.”

She grinned, “thanks Daniel.”

Amber was laying on her brother panting and I grinned, “did he give you some cum?”

She looked at me and grinned, “yeah.”

I moved off the bed, “Sasha?”

She turned to pull on Amber before they climbed out of bed. I watched them walk out giggling and looked at Tom, “we need to wash and get dressed. We are going to the movies for a double feature.”

He grinned as he rolled out of bed, “give me a half hour.”

I chuckled as I walked towards the door, “I think it will be an hour before the girls are ready.”

I told mom what we were doing and she grinned as she gave me money, “thanks honey. Stop and buy the girls dinner too.”

I grinned as I went to wash and get dressed before waiting for Sasha and Amber. I was right, it was an hour before they were ready and Tom was back. I drove us to the movie theater and we bought two large sodas to share. We held hands in the theater, I held Amber’s and Tom held Sasha’s.

We had to wait between movies and I sent the girls to the bathroom while we refilled the soda. After the second movie we went to a small restaurant before going home. I kissed Amber good night as Tom kissed my sister. I took Sasha’s hand after they left and we went into the house.

I could see a few naked people still in the backyard and pulled my sister after me and to my room. I stripped her and myself before we went to get ready for bed. I kissed her and fingered her and fucked her a couple of times before we went to sleep. That summer was a whole new start for us.

Sasha changed almost over night and learned to obey, of course I still fucked her. Tom and I traded sisters almost every other night. When we graduated we went to trade schools and bought a large house together after we got jobs. Our sisters live with us and we still trade and take turns fucking them and sleeping with them.
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