Most of my life has been spent in boarding schools. My younger step sister lived at home with my parents and went to a private school. Every summer I stayed at school so I was almost four full years ahead. I was fourteen and Sahara was thirteen when I started the college boarding school. It was close to home so I was allowed to go home on the weekends.

A month later I came home and found my sister naked. I had seen my father’s car leaving as I got out of the school van. We had gotten out early so I used my key and walked into the quiet house and headed towards my bedroom. I was passing Sahara’s open door and glanced in before stopping.

She was laid out on her bed on her stomach with her legs spread. She was naked and I quietly walked closer to see cum leaking out of her shaven bald slit. I set my bag down and walked between her spread legs and reached out to feel her hot pussy. She lifted her head and looked back before gasping, “Dale!”

She closed her legs as she turned onto her side. I looked into her face, “dad fucked you.”

She blushed before finally nodding. I bent to turn her onto her back to see her body, “does mom know?”

She nodded, “sometimes she licks his stuff out.”

I looked up from her slit, “can I fuck you?”

She bit her lip before nodding and I grinned as I started undressing. She turned and moved into the center of her bed and when I was naked I crawled between her legs. I looked down and she wrapped her hand around my cock before rubbing the head in her slit. I pushed and then had to force my cock into her because she was extremely tight.

She grunted and put her arms around me, “you are bigger than dad.”

I looked at her and started to hump and then fuck her. I wanted to do her hard and deep but I also wanted it to last. That was the part that won so I fucked her slowly with long thrusts. My cock sank into her slimy pussy until it was buried and I was trying to push deeper. She shuddered as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock.

A few minutes and she was jerking and moaning as her pussy tightened. I kept fucking her as she humped up and her pussy grasped my cock. I kissed her and kept doing it as she writhed around while I buried my throbbing cock quickly. I tried to push deeper before I gushed and almost peed cum.

Sahara jerked and tilted her hips as I pumped and spewed cum in her. When I stopped she shuddered as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I looked at her and she grinned, “you do it better than dad. He just shoves into my pussy and pounds me.”

I kissed her and pulled out, “thanks Sahara that was my first.”

She smiled as I grabbed my clothes and bag before heading to my room. I got dressed and sat at the empty desk thinking about my sister. She was from my father’s first marriage while I was the bastard mom had before she met him. All my school time made sense if dad was fucking Sahara and he didn’t want me to know.

I heard the door and then my mother’s voice with Sahara’s. I hesitated before going to look in my sister’s room. I saw her laid back where I had left her with my mother between her legs licking her pussy. She was half off the bed with her knees spread, her skirt off and she was fingering her pussy.

I looked at her bald pussy and then at Sahara before stripping and walking in behind my mother. I stroked my cock as I looked down at her open slit with a finger slipping in and out. I moved closer and bent my knees as I reached out. I put a hand on her butt to hold her and shoved into her, I was surprised she was so tight as I pushed deeper.

She yelled and wiggled as she turned her head to look back, “DALE!”

I buried my cock and held her hips to keep her in place, “you are letting dad fuck Sahara.”

Her eyes went wide as I pulled back and began to fuck her. She shuddered and pushed back while her pussy tightened and squeezed. I fucked her slowly and enjoyed her pussy grasping my cock each time I buried it. She went back to licking the cum leaking out of Sahara as I kept fucking her.

It was a few minutes before she jerked and spasmed while her pussy clenched and she wailed. Sahara lifted to look at me and grinned as I kept fucking my mother. She looked down at her, “I get to lick his stuff out when he sperms you.”

Mom groaned and shook as her pussy contracted, “oh fuck!”

It kept fucking her as she writhed and thrashed and jerked erratically. She would wail or howl or scream every few minute that she was cumming. I finally thrust into her and buried my cock as I came and started pumping cum through her cervix. She jerked and pushed back as she tilted her hips, “baby!”

When I was done I pulled out and Sahara started pulling on her to get her up onto the bed before moving down. I moved to sit beside mom as my sister began licking her leaking pussy. I rubbed her tummy, “I want to fuck you if dad is fucking Sahara.”

She shuddered as her hips lifted, “Edward doesn’t fuck me honey.”

I looked at Sahara between her legs, “I will and I’m going to fuck Sahara too.”

She humped and reached for my hand, “careful he can be mean.”

I looked at my sister, “do you want him to keep fucking you?”

She looked up and grinned, “I don’t mind.”

I nodded, “okay, I don’t mind fucking your slimy pussy.”

She grinned as she crawled up and lay on mom, “can I sleep with you?”

I looked at mom and she hugged her, “maybe we both can.”

I rubbed my sister’s butt before standing and going to get dressed. I was in my room showing Sahara a project I was working on when dad came home. When he stopped in the doorway I could see the way he was looking at me and Sahara. She was wearing a long skirt and I looked at him as I rubbed her butt, “I think your dad wants to fuck you again.”

His face went white as she stood and looked at him, “okay.”

He opened his mouth as she walked towards him but couldn’t speak. Sahara pulled him out and I went to help mom with dinner. She looked at me and smiled when I put my arm around her waist, “can I help?”

She nodded and we started working together. It was a little while before she looked at me, “I didn’t know you could cook.”

I grinned, “several advanced cooking classes.”

We glanced back when Sahara and dad walked in. She came to help as he went to sit at the table and cleared his throat, “Dale...”

I turned, “don’t talk to me.”

He reddened as I kept looking at him, “I am going to fuck mom and Sahara if they let me and you will keep your mouth closed. All these years and...”

I shook my head and turned back to what I was doing as mom and Sahara glanced at me. Dinner was a little tense and then I cleaned up and went out back to stretch and then do my martial art katas. I came in when I was done and went to shower and get ready for bed. I heard Sahara wailing as I walked into my room and found mom in bed.

She smiled, “your sister will be in when Edward finishes.”

I hung the towel around my waist up and shut the lights off before walking to the bed. I climbed in and moved over my mother as she laid back with her legs spread. I kissed her and pushed into her before I began to fuck her nice and slow. I fucked her for a half hour before cumming and Sahara had joined us by then.

I fucked her again and then mom before she held me and I held my sister as we went to sleep. I woke to Sahara turning to kiss me, “I need to go fuck dad.”

I nodded and turned to mom and she reached down to stroke my hard cock, “need it baby?”

I grinned as I turned to move over her and push in. I fucked deeper until I was burying my cock and grinding. Mom shuddered as she spread her legs and lifted them. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum and she started to wail and howl. I grinned when I heard Sahara wailing and kissed mom as I thrust into her and spewed and spurted.

She clutched me when she felt my warm sperm flooding her and her pussy tightened, “Dale!”

I pressed into her as I continued to pump my cum until I was done and then pulled out. I moved off the bed and helped her out before pulling her to the bathroom where she grinned and sat to pee. I started the shower and waited for my turn before joining mom in the shower. Sahara slipped in and grinned as we pulled her between us and started to wash her.

I got to watch as mom and my sister used a douche and then Sahara took her birth control and mom’s eyes widened. She looked at me, “I forgot.”

I looked at her as she blushed, “Edward doesn’t fuck me so I’m not on birth control.”

Sahara giggled and I smiled, “I’m going to keep fucking you.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “and I’m going to keep spreading my legs to let you.”

Dad had gone golfing by the time we ate breakfast and then mom was taking us to the mall which was a treat and a new experience for me. We went to watch a movie and then walked in the park before finally going home. Dad was watching something on TV and glanced back before standing and headed towards the hall, “Sahara.”

I gave her butt a pat, “he wants to sperm you.”

She grinned back at me, “do me after?”

Mom chuckled, “I’ll come lick the cum out before he does.”

I grinned as I put an arm around mom and went into the kitchen. I began helping her with dinner as Sahara wailed. When it went quiet she kissed me, “put everything aside and meet us in your bedroom.”

I smiled and turned to do as she asked as she left. When I walked into the room Sahara was just laying back and mom was laying between her legs. I closed and locked the door before stripping and walking to the bed. I reached out to rub Sahara’s breasts and nipples before I bent to suck on one.

She shuddered and held my head as she humped and moaned. She looked at me with a smile, “can I be on top?”

I grinned, “can I rub your nipples?”

Mom laughed and moved before patting the bed, “lay down Dale.”

My sister moved and I laid back before she straddled me. She lifted and mom held my cock up before Sahara wiggled and forced my cock up into her. She grinned and leaned on my chest and started to rock. Mom laid half on me and kissed me before turning to reach between my sister’s legs to finger and rub her clit.

She shuddered and her extremely tight pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

She rubbed her pussy back and forth as it tightened and gripped my cock. I loved the way her slimy cunt continued to fuck my cock. A few minutes and she began to jerk and thrash erratically, “aaaahhhh!”

Mom pulled her down, “hold her baby.”

Sahara twisted and kept pushing back and humping down while her pussy milked my cock. I groaned as I spurted and spewed and thrusts up and into her as I held her. She shuddered hard and kissed me while wiggling. When I stopped cumming she sighed and kissed me before lifting her hips, “mom’s turn.”

After dinner I fucked them several times before we slept and then I fucked them in the morning and afternoon before I had to pack and go wait for the van back to the school. At least this time I was talking to mom and Sahara during the week. It was almost five before I was dropped off on Friday.

I glanced at dad’s car in the drive and walked into the house. He was watching TV and glanced back before looking away. I found mom in Sahara’s room licking her leaking pussy. I grinned as I began undressing and then moved behind my mother. I rubbed her slit before slowly sinking my cock into her.

She wiggled and her pussy tightened and squeezed before I pulled back and began fucking her. She pushed back to meet my thrusts as she put her head on Sahara’s mound. My sister grinned at me and waved as I kept fucking mom with long deep thrusts. Her pussy felt hot and was very slippery and each time I buried my cock and started to pull back it would tighten.

She went from moaning to wailing as I continued to fuck her. She shook and writhed around as I fucked her hard suddenly and then buried my cock. I held her with my cock pressed tight against her open cervix as I gushed a thick continuous stream of cum. Mom shoved back as I pumped warm sperm into her, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

I held her and kept spurting until I was finally done, “I have been saving that all week.”

Sahara giggled as mom panted and then looked back with a grin. I pulled out and mom moved up on the bed, “want his cream Sahara?”

My sister laughed as she turned and moved down, “of course.”

I moved off the bed and grabbed my clothes and then my bag. I went to my room to put everything away and put on sweats. I found mom and Sahara in the kitchen and rubbed both on their bottoms before starting to help with dinner. I glanced at dad when he walked in and sat at the table.

He cleared his throat, “Dale...”

I turned, “don’t speak.”

I looked at mom and then Sahara before turning back to help them. When dinner was on the table I sat between mom and Sahara. We cleaned up after and dad left so I talked mom into taking us to the movies. I held their hands through the movie and when we got home Sahara kissed me, “let me go do dad and then I’m fucking you to milk all your cum out.”

Mom laughed as she gave her butt a swat and I pulled her towards the bathroom. We heard Sahara as we brushed teeth and then mom was pulling me to my bedroom. She turned on a new night light and crawled into bed. I caressed her body and felt her breasts as she smiled, “my period didn’t come.”

I looked at her before bending to suck on a nipple and then moved over her to give her a kiss. She put her arms around me as I kept kissing her and finally grinned and shook me. I humped but she twisted and I frowned as I pulled back to look at her. She rubbed my sides, “Sahara’s turn.”

I grinned and laid on her to kiss her, “she isn’t going to get it all.”

Mom grinned and hugged me, “your father was not happy about me being pregnant.”

I rolled until she was on me, “he really doesn’t want to piss me off.”

She kissed me, “but you are fucking Sahara now too.”

I grinned, “I’m fourteen.”

She laid on me and I rubbed her back, “do you want to have the baby?”

She lifted to look into my eyes, “yes.”

I held her hips, “so do I.”

She smiled and kissed me, “I’m moving my things in here.”

Sahara jumped onto the bed, “did you fuck him?”

Mom looked at her and grinned, “just warmed him up.”

She moved off as my sister straddled me, “dad is getting rougher.”

She wiggled and pushed her cummy pussy down onto my cock. I rubbed her breasts, “I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

She groaned as she began to rub her pussy back and forth, “did mom tell you she is pregnant?”

I grinned as I looked at mom, “yeah.”

Sahara bounced and rolled her hips, “when I am older you can knock me up too.”

I thrust up, “I bet dad wants to do that.”

She shuddered and wigged as her cummy pussy tightened, “he said he was going to and I told him no.”

I smiled as I caressed her breasts before pulling her down to feel her on me. Mom pressed against us, “he may try leaving with you.”

I looked at her as I humped and kept thrusting up and into Sahara who was jerking as her pussy clenched. She pushed back and forth before wailing and starting to convulse. I smiled and held her before rolling and thrusting all the way into her. I fucked her slowly but with long deep strokes. I took my time as mom took her hand and she began bucking and thrashing around.

It was several minutes before I pushed all the way into her and began spewing and spurting. Sahara clutched me as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed. I grabbed my pants and pulled them on as mom and Sahara sat up. I walked out and down the hall before just walking into dad’s bedroom.

He spun from watching a video of him fucking a much younger Sahara, “got out!”

I walked straight to the DVD and pulled it out, “Sahara is letting you fuck her because it is her choice.”

I held up the DVD, “this would ruin her. She told me you have been rough and it stops now. She doesn’t want you to get her pregnant so don’t even think of trying something.”

I stepped closer to the bed, “if you take her and leave I will have the police hunt you down and if they don’t put you in prison I will kill you. Your free pass is over. If you don’t like mom having a baby leave but Sahara is staying.”

He glared, “if you didn’t have...”

I slapped him, “I would have beat you to death. You are a son of a bitch that doesn’t deserve what Sahara gives you. You took it without asking and hide like the coward you are. Touch either of them, hurt either of them ever again and I will cut your balls off.”

I spun and walked out before slamming the door. Mom and Sahara were standing in my doorway as I walked towards them. Sahara grinned, “to bad you have to stay in the school all week.”

I pushed them into my room before I closed and locked the door. I set the disk I still held on the dresser and moved them to the bed. I heard dad slamming drawers and carrying things out before he banged on my door, “Sahara we are leaving!”

I was holding them and shook my head before moving off the bed. I opened the door and slid aside as he swung a bat. It hit the door frame and my hand snapped out to grab it as his face went white. I did a front kick into his groin and grabbed his hair when he bent over. I yanked him up and walked him straight back into the wall.

I slammed his head into the wall, “I am going to cut your balls off.”

He screamed and twisted before running down the hall and then out of the house. That was the last we saw of him. Mom filed for a divorce and I started coming home everyday. She had a little girl and a couple of years later a boy. It turns out there had been a trust left from my real father and Edward had been using it.

Four years later I graduated and had a job waiting. Of course Sahara give me a graduation gift, twins.
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