I headed through to the kitchen and turned as my family followed. I let dad pull Tammy onto his lap and smiled as mom came in with her arms around Cara and Amanda. I blinked a few moments later as several brothers and sisters walked in too. I grinned and turned to start a large pot of water.

I slowly relaxed as the water heated and finally began scooping it into cups as Cara, Amanda and Brandy came to help. I smiled at one of my younger brothers as he held Storm on his lap and talked with her.

I finally looked at Kim hiding in a corner and pulled Brandy to me, “I am not a mage like you. I am what the Arolus called a Magi. The wild magic is what I use for my spells. I came to Tammy because we are linked just as I am linked to all my family. Blood calls to blood and she also carries my child.”

They looked at her as she smiled and looked around. I turned at a sound and smiled, “you are late grandmother.”

Pam walked in and smiled as she stopped to kiss my cheek, “I went to look at the barge and the kraken remains, I took Eve and Sofie.”

She looked at dad, “Sofie said there are others moving into the rivers.”

I hesitated, “Eve?”

Grandmother laughed, “two things, there will be more attacks on large ships by kraken.”

I waited and she reached out to caress Brandy’s cheek, “Eve said you will have more women than your father. This one she laughed at and said to tell her she is well on her path.”

Brandy blushed and then grinned as I laughed. Grandmother gestured and lifted a kitten from under the table, “she did say she likes the kittens and birds you create when you don’t try.”

Everyone laughed and Mom took the kitten from grandmother, “well, they are cute.”

I shook my head and pulled at Kim, “this is my lover.”

Kim smiled nervously as she looked around and mom waved her fingers as she kept playing with the kitten, “welcome to our family.”

My brothers and sisters grinned and waved before dad stood, “if kraken are breeding there are going to be a lot of calls for mage help.”

I sighed, “mostly they have shunned us and want no part of us.”

He smiled, “they fear what they do not understand.”

He glanced around, “time to go home and tell the others what the problem was.”

Everyone stood and I followed them out. Mom caressed my cheek and hugged the kitten, “I’ll find a home for this one, I think Paige or Melody would like it.”

I smiled and nodded and watched dad open a portal. After they left I glanced around at the huge crowd of mages and sighed, “showers.”

I was surprised with the huge crowd that joined us and acted as if they did this everyday. I closed the well and we closed up the wagons and when the rest of the mages were ready I started walking, “Edward, lead us out.”

I glanced at my small scouts as they slipped into the forest on each side of the road. A minute later Cara yelled as she raced past on Max with Amanda chasing her on Leo. Brandy laughed as Brandon trotted past and I glanced up to see Storm laying between Abbey’s shoulders as she started flying higher.

Tammy caught up with Kim and they each took a hand. Tammy was looking up and shook her head, “I think your concubines are a perfect fit for each other.”

I smiled as Kim giggled and glanced ahead, “they do love to share with each other.”

I grinned as Grif nudged Tammy and she grinned back at him, “hi Grif.”

He nodded, “I sorrow for the loss of your sprites.”

She nodded and slowed before shifting and jumping up onto his shoulders, “want to fly?”

I smiled as Grif slowed and then crouched before leaping, his wings snapped out and down as he reached for the sky. I glanced at Kim and she grinned and looked up, “GEORGE!”

I shook my head and turned to climb up onto the wagon as the small dragon flared his wings and landed in front of the wagon. He moved to the side as Kim ran to him and a moment later he was leaping into the air with a rider. I relaxed and let the wild magic flow into me before reaching out to bring the book I was reading to me.

The image from my dreams returned and I glancing around. I reached out for the image of the dryad in my dream. I felt her a moment later and sat up as I turned my head to look into the forest on my right. Several minutes later she floated out naked and came towards me.

I frowned at her tear streaked face and sat her on the seat beside me, “I dreamed of you, why are you crying?”

She sniffed and looked down, “I must leave my trees.”

I reached out to caress her cheek, “Why?”

She frowned, “because there is no room for me. My mother just had twins and needs to provide for them.”

I smiled, “would you like to travel with me? I have several girls that would love to be your sister.”

She looked around and I pointed ahead where Cara, Amanda and Brandy were laughing as they rode. I pointed up at Storm and the dryad looked at me and smiled as she nodded. She leaned against me and reached out to stroke my cock through my robe, “will you fuck me?”

I grinned and opened my robe before gesturing and bringing her around to straddle my lap as her legs went into the air, “do you know how to share this with another girl?”

She was looking down at my thick cock as I rubbed it through her slit, “no.”

I whispered a spell and bent my cock and pulled her down sharply. My cock split her tight pussy and stretched it as she wiggled to get it deeper. I held her and waited until she looked into my face, “Have you done this before?”

She shook her head, “momma always got the men.”

I pulled her down until my cock was buried inside her and she was wide eyed. I held her and softly caressed her, “here we share with each other. My girls sometimes even take care of the other men traveling with us. They are bound to me though, their choice of child is only for me. Brandy and Storm are with child and when Cara or Amanda are ready I will get them pregnant too.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “and you want me to be like them?”

I helped her start to rock as I glanced at the leopards trotting beside us. I gestured and lifted them to the wagon top before looking at the dryad, “that choice must be made only by you. Travel with us until you decide.”

She shuddered and moaned before I held her waist and moved her back and forth. She jerked with a look of surprise before starting to convulse. I relaxed and let her enjoy her first time as she clutched me and kept grinding and thrusting back and forth. She would spasm and shudder every couple of minutes as she wailed, screamed and howled.

I ignored Cara, Amanda and Brandy as they rode beside the wagon and kept feeling and caressing the dryad. It was awhile before I needed to cum and by then she was incoherent as her tight, slippery pussy milked my cock. I pulled her down and against me as I groaned and the wild magic surged through me. I tried to stop and hold it but it was to late.

I gushed a geyser of cum up into her and kept pumping more as she screamed and stiffened. When I was done I took a breath and let the wild magic fill me before reaching into the dryad to see what I had done. I blinked and smiled as I realized the wild magic had only changed her slightly.

I hugged her and looked at Brandy, “we have another bed mate.”

She grinned and slipped off Brandon before climbing up and moving around me and sitting beside us. She leaned against us and reached out to feel her, “what is your name?”

The dryad smiled shyly, “Dara.”

Brandy grinned, “come lay down and talk?”

Dara looked at me before nodding and slowly standing. I watched as she climbed down with Brandy following and walked towards the back of the wagon. Cara and Amanda slipped off Max and Leo and climbed up on each side of me.

I pulled them against me and looked ahead, “She is a dryad. Her mother pushed her out to make room for more daughters. The wild magic surged and... changed her slightly until she is fully human.”

Cara grinned as Amanda giggled and bumped me. I smiled, “she will travel with us until she finds her way.”

Amanda stroked my cummy cock, “at least you didn’t get her pregnant.”

I smiled and caressed her hip, “I had to remove her maidenhead before.”

They giggled and kissed my cheek before turning to climbed down. I knew the girls and they would head straight back to see Dara. I closed my robe before I picked up my book and started reading. I finished around noon and sent the book back before stretching. I lifted the leopards off the roof as I started to climb down, “go hunt something.”

I walked ahead and patted Simon and Manty walking together. One of the scouts appeared and rode towards me quicky, “men hiding ahead.”

I stopped and glanced around, “do you know how many?”

“Maybe twenty.”

I nodded and started walking, “please let the wagon sentries know.”

He waved and the fox turned to trot towards the rear of the wagons. I started walking and quickened my pace to catch Edward and Pam so I could warn them. I let the wild magic fill me and looked up to whisper Storm, Kim and Tammy’s name. Grif dropped to the ground a minute later and Tammy slid off, “you called?”

I kept walking, “we may have bandits and Grif needs to be free to fight.”

Tammy stretched and ran to catch up as Grif leaped into the air. A moment later George was landing and Kim slipped off and ran to catch us. Abby was last and dropped to the ground smoothly and let Storm slid off before leaping into the air. I gestured and Storm squeaked as she was lifted and sent floating towards the back of the wagon.

I slowed so that we were back by the wagon and patted Kim on the butt, “climb up.”

She grinned and did as I asked, Tammy was next and then I climbed up and sat. My friends spread out with three archers walking on each side of the wagon. The attack was stopped before it really started with archers taking the men as they yelled and charged. I gestured and threw up a ward shield but left the dead and dying men as we kept going.

Kim grinned at Tammy, “cocky isn’t he.”

Tammy grinned back, “yes and it is good to see.”

She kissed my cheek, “who was the green haired girl?”

I waved to several scouts as they appeared and they turned to slip back into the forest, “a dryad.”

I sighed and looked at Tammy, “the wild magic slipped again.”

She frowned as Kim stayed silent, “did you let it fill you?”

I shook my head, “I... we were having sex and...”

They laughed and Tammy bumped me, “pregnant?”

I shook my head, “it changed her to be fully human. Her mother kicked her out to find her way so she is alone.”

I sighed and Tammy turned to look at me before opening my robe and then hers. She turned to straddle me and slowly pushed down onto my cock, “Listen to me little brother. I have been having sex since I was twelve. Your grandmother may have been my teacher but you know what the magic does to men and women.”

She wiggled and smiled, “I knew and felt your magic before it made me conceive. I knew what it would do and could have stopped it if I had wanted to. It was my choice because I have wanted you to do it for a long time.”

She whispered the binding spell and summoned fine silver to create a slim, elegant collar. I looked at her as her warm pussy squeezed and milked my cock and she caressed my face, “does this show you why?”

I touched the concubine collar and pulled her close to hug her, “yes.”

I moved my hands to her waist before moving her back and forth, “go to work.”

She grinned and kissed me before thrusting back and forth, “yes honey.”

Kim laughed, “just wait until it is my turn tonight.”

Tammy grinned, “just like my sisters.”

I laughed and shook her, “speaking of sisters, we are headed to see Megan.”

She shuddered and jerked as her pussy grasped my cock, “she wanted you to fuck her too.”

I let her rock and push my cock into her nice and deep before whispering a spell that caused her robe to fall apart, “If the others can’t wear clothes neither should you.”

She wiggled and rubbed her pussy on me, “one of the better things I can to stop doing.”

I grinned as Kim laughed and reached out to rub her butt, “make him cum so I can lick it out.”

Tammy laughed and began thrusting and rocking harder. Her pussy rippled and tightened as it milked my cock. I leaned back and cupped her breasts before rubbing the nipples and letting lingering sparks and tiny lightning flicker on and around them. Tammy shuddered and jerked before screaming, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I groaned when she spasmed and slammed down on my cock and then I was spewing and pumping cum. Tammy jerked and shook as I continued to spurt warm sperm into her. When I was done she fell against me panting, “that was so good.”

I grinned and rubbed her bare butt, “now you have a customer so you need to keep the cum in until she can lick it out.”

Tammy giggled and kissed me before looking at Kim and murmuring the keeping spell. Kim grinned and waited before gesturing and lifting my sister off me and floating her down and towards the back of the wagon. Kim kissed me and turned to climb down and walk after Tammy. It was quiet for awhile as I watched the forest go past.

I closed my eyes as I let the wild magic fill me and reached out to bring all the crystal birds to me. I merged them together into one huge rainbow composite with long colorful tail feathers and wide wings. The head was a predator’s like an eagle, I let it go as it floated beside me.

I had let the wild magic shape the interior spells and smiled when everything was finished, “your name?”

He shuddered and lifted his wings, “William.”

I let him down, “stretch your wings.”

I glanced at Brandy climbing up and pulled her against me as William leaped into the air and started climbing higher, “have fun?”

She grinned as she leaned against my shoulder, “yes.”

A couple of minutes later she turned to look at me, “you made Dara and Tammy concubines?”

I smiled, “Dara is just traveling with us and my sister made herself my concubine.”

Brandy giggled, “Kim, Cara, Amanda, Storm and Dara are ravishing her.”

I laughed, “she had that happen a lot when she was younger.”

Brandy opened my robe to stroke my cock, “it made me horny.”

I grinned and lifted her before I pulled her onto my lap. I opened her legs until they were outside mine and started to finger her pussy with my cock pushed up between her legs. She shivered and thrust back and forth as she leaned back. I let my other hand cup a breast before using my thumb to rub the nipple.

Rainbow sparks appeared and sparkled around the nipple. She shuddered and jerked as I touched her other nipple and my other hand slipped a finger into her pussy. She groaned and shuddered before turning her head to kiss me. I kept fingering her pussy and caressing her body, leaving a trail of rainbow sparks to tickle and tingle her.

It was a few minutes before she shuddered and lifted as she felt for my cock and pushed down. Her pussy was almost hot as she wiggled and began to thrust and twist. I pulled her back against me and kissed the side of her neck as I cupped both breasts. She was breathing hard and shuddering as her pussy gripped my cock.

I kept kissing her bare shoulder and neck as her thrusts became more erratic. She lifted her head and wailed as her pussy spasmed, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

I held her and grunted as I began to pump strong gushing spurts. Brandy jerked and shook as warm sperm erupted deep inside her. When I stopped cumming she leaned back panting and I just held her as her warm cummy pussy almost pulsed and kept squeezing. She finally turned her head to grin, “I think I will go see if they want more cream.”

I laughed and gestured to lift her off my cock and lay her back as she floated down and around to the back of the wagon. I shook my head as I let my robe close and leaned back. A kitten floated around the wagon and onto my lap. I looked at it and pet it as I untied the small note, “grandmother sent a note. She wants you to try to make a kitten.”

It was signed with the image of cat’s whiskers so I knew it was from Amanda, Cara uses a paw print. I looked at the kitten purring in my lap and caressed its cheek. I leaned back as I let the wild magic fill me. I kept petting the kitten as I closed my eyes and felt with the magic. The spells were very complex and took awhile to understand.

When I did my eyes opened and I looked at the kitten and smiled. I sent it to the back of the wagon and whispered a question into the soft breeze. I had an answer a moment later as a portal opened and a large pile of tanned rabbit skins floated through. I chuckled at my brother’s cache of skins and sent most around and into the wagon.

I pulled one to me and set the others I had kept on the seat. I felt the skin and caressed the fur as I pulled more wild magic into me. I whispered a spell and the fur changed to a vibrant blue. I began the other spells, this time I was doing it and not the magic. The skin twisted and rolled and stretched and began to take shape.

I absently brought two tiny crystal pebbles and changed them as they slipped into the shape. A moment later the magic faded and another kitten dropped into my lap. Beside the blue fur it had bright blue eyes with gold slits. I used the wild magic to open a portal and sent it floating through as it meowed.

I closed the portal and reached for another skin. The next kitten was pink with blue eyes and silver slits. I sent it back to Amanda with the rest of the rabbit skins. I whispered a spell to summon wood from the forest and merge it as it reached me. I glanced at Cara as she climbed up, “how did Amanda like the kitten?”

She grinned as she snuggled against me, “Dara loved it more.”

I smiled and turned back to the wooden sphere, “I thought I would made some good bows for David to sell.”

She opened my robe and straddled me before slowly impaling her pussy. She shuddered as she started rocking, “Megan could use bolts of cloth, silk would be best.”

I smiled and caressed her hips as her pussy squeezed my cock, “yes dear.”

She grinned and then shuddered before giving me a kiss, “little wooden elves would be good too.”

I rubbed her nipples before starting to caress her and knead her breasts. Cara started breathing hard and jerking as her pussy began grasping my cock each time she buried it deep inside her. It was a minute before she became erratic and wailed as she twisted and spasmed, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned and held her until she calmed and began pulling her back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. Cara howled and clutched me as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock, “AMERLYN!”

I stood and laid her back on the air as I started thrusting into her and fucking her with long strokes. She jerked and thrashed as I kept hitting her cervix and humping. Cara stiffened and screamed several minutes later when I thrust into her and held her hips as my cock started jerking. She looked at me and grinned as I began to gush and spew cum through her cervix.

She twitched with each large spurt of sperm and sighed when I was finished. I pulled out and sat as I pulled her onto my lap, “now, little wooden elves sounds interesting.”

Cara leaned against me, “they can’t be to small or to big.”

I caressed her pelvis and tummy, “maybe a foot or foot and a half?”

She grinned, “a dozen to a set.”

I cupped a breast, “six male and six females.”

She laughed and kissed me, “each has to be different.”

I tugged on a nipple, “I need you, Amanda, Brandy, Storm, Dara and... Tammy.”

I let the wild magic fill me and whispered their names. A minute later they were climbing up onto the seat and Cara grinned at Amanda, “he needs perfect models for a present to Megan.”

I laughed and hugged her before looking at Dara holding the new kitten, “having fun?”

She nodded as my sister pulled her onto her lap, “they are very amorous and fun.”

The girls laughed and I caressed Storm’s cheek as she sat on Amanda’s lap, “you?”

She nodded, “flying was fun and loving my sisters was very enjoyable.”

I grinned and turned to the wooden sphere. I let the wild magic surge through me as I pulled wood and separated some. I murmured a spell that shaped it into Cara but only a foot tall. I started the long spell that brought it to life. When I finished I kissed Cara, “go do something.”

She laughed as she swung off and climbed down. I pulled Storm onto my lap and kissed her before letting the wild magic in. I repeated what I had done until I had another small elf figure floating beside us. After Storm left Dara climbed over Amanda and sat on my lap. She smiled, “make me a concubine like them?”

She was bitting her lip and I caressed her hip, “are you sure?”

Dara nodded, “I want to see the other places and... have sisters that share their man with me.”

I gave her a soft kiss before using the wild magic to bring silver and changed a stone to a tear drop ruby. I made her collar and murmured the binding spell that made her shiver. She wiggled as Amanda and Tammy came to caress her and I repeated the spells to make another elf. I sent her after Cara and pulled Tammy to me as Brandy slid over and hugged Amanda.

When I finished with all the female elves Brandy nudged me, “go in back and fuck Amanda.”

I smiled and rubbed a nipple, “after I do the other six I will give her a good ride.”

Amanda laughed as Brandy shivered and grinned and I turned to think before starting to craft another elf. When I finished I created a polished box and set all twelve in it before putting it under the seat. The sphere of wood had continued to grow as we kept moving and Amanda grinned, “ lift it up and ahead of us.”

I nodded as I sent the sphere forward and turned to climb down, “come on Amanda, time for my ride.”

Brandy laughed as Amanda grinned and followed me. I could see the other girls walking beside Max and Leo further down the line of wagons as I pulled Amanda into the wagon. She pulled me to the bed and turned to lay back, “lick me?”

I knelt and rubbed her tummy before leaning forward. I opened her pussy and began to lick and nibble. It wasn’t long before she started to shiver and moan. I slipped two fingers into her and covered her clit to wiggle my tongue. I kept teasing her clit as I fucked my two fingers against the soft spongy spot behind her pelvic bone.

Amanda jerked and spasmed and screamed a minute later as she arched her back and squirted, “YES!”

I kept it up as she bucked and thrashed around while squirting and wailing. It was several minutes before she was begging me to stop. I stood and gestured her onto the bed further before moving after her and between her legs. I pushed into her slick pussy and kissed her as I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts.

Amanda clutched me as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock, “oooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and kissed her as I humped and pressed and jabbed. She wailed and spasmed while her pussy continued to milk my cock. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts and she kept jerking as her pussy grasped and squeezed me. Each time she spasmed or convulsed as she came she became more erratic and incoherent.

When I finally kissed her as I began to gush cum she screamed and wrapped her legs around my waist, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

She shook with each spurt I pumped into her and sighed and collapsed to the bed panting when I stopped. I pulled out and rubbed her tummy before moving off the bed. I pulled my robe to me and lifted her off the bed and brought her closer and into my arms, “thanks honey.”

Amanda kissed me softly and pushed me towards the door. I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up with all the wood merging with my sphere. I had two dozen sets of wooden elves, dozens of bows and was starting to work on dozens of wooden lanterns. The leopards brought back rabbits all day until I put them back on the roof to nap.

There were a couple of tinker wagons already in the travelers clearing and they looked at us strangely. I climbed down as Edward started to position it. I went to the platform and smiled at several of the woman that were getting ready to start a fire. I had kept the wild magic filling me and gestured to move the wood.

I started the platform burning, “give it a bit to heat up before you start cooking.”

One of the women smiled, “we have met another caravan that uses these.”

I turned as Cara walked up, “my family.”

She kissed my cheek, “we are cooking outside tonight.”

Brandy slipped under my arm, “your wood sphere is really large again.”

I sighed and reached out to stop the summoning spell. She hugged me, “fix their wagons up like ours.”

I looked at the old tinker as he joined us, “how would you like new wagons?”

He grinned, “how much?”

I waved that away, “I need to reduce the amount of wood I have. Perhaps you could provide music for the evening?”

He thought and nodded, “just music?”

I smiled, “if it isn’t enough you could assist us some other time if we meet.”

He held out his hand, “deal.”

I shook and then let the wild magic fill me as I held Cara. I reached for the sphere and the wagons. Wood split off and moved to merge with the first wagon as it lifted. I continued the spells and the wheels fell off as the wagon stretched out and became longer and wider with walls and a roof. Windows appeared and a door formed at the back.

When I stopped after the last one the wagons had settled onto thick legs, each was forty feet long and thirty wide. I kissed Cara, “show them how to open and close the wagons.”

I turned and created seats beside several other mages already sitting.
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