A dark story with context only between the lines.
Victor walked in the room.

She sat at a small desk with a dusty lamp and a pile of papers. Her short brown hair parted a little in the back. Just enough to reveal a hint of unblemished skin above a white collar.

The bed looked just as much like a small hotel bed as it had the first time he had seen it. Perfectly made and perfectly sterile.

"I'm ready," he said.

"Are you sure?" she didn't look up from her papers.


"Alright," she put her papers down and scrawled something on the top sheet. She stood up, gathered the papers into a single stack and stuffed them in a large ziplock bag. "Close the door."

Victor turned back and pushed the door shut. The latch echoed in the quiet.

She walked around the bed and pulled a long kitchen knife from the nightstand drawer. She wiped the knife with a towel set the knife on the nightstand and pushed the covers off the bed.

He pulled his shirt off and hung it in the closet. He scratched his freshly shaven chest before pulling his socks off and folding them.

She unbuttoned her blouse and took her pearl earrings out. She set them in a small box on top of the nightstand.

He could just make out a hint of her cleavage. He unbuckled his belt and hung it over the pole in the closet. Then he emptied his pockets, walked beside her, and placed his wallet, keys, change, and a note neatly in the drawer on top of the Bible. He held his breath as he passed her, superstitious about breathing on her.

Vic pulled off his pants and hung them on a hanger. He pulled his boxers off and folded them neatly and put them with his socks.

His cock hung lopsided and started to grow.

She pulled off her blouse and slipped out of her bra. She stuffed both into a trash bag in the bottom drawer of the nightstand with the towel.

She didn't comment on how quickly he moved. She hummed quietly. Her left breast bore a tiny scar just a half inch long.

He always wondered about it but didn't ask.

Her nipples stood erect and they jiggled gently as she breathed. She pushed her pants and underwear down in one slow motion. She put her pants, underwear, and socks in the same trash bag. She tied the bag tight and closed the drawer.

She walked to the door.

He could just make out the hair between her legs.

She flicked the deadbolt into place and bent over. She shoved a wedge under the door, stood up, and pushed the wedge in further with her foot.

"Get on the bed," she said.

Victor walked to the side of the bed opposite the door and climbed onto it. His cock must have felt fear. It shrunk a little.

He set his head on the pillow and stared up at the ceiling. He had been here before but had never noticed the ceiling before. They had painted it bright white and he could make out dimples and lines where the drywall hadn't been finished quite right.

She climbed on the bed between his legs and massaged his cock. He shuddered and his dick grew a little.

She cupped his cold balls and rolled them between her fingers until they came out of hiding.

His dick reddened and stood up.

She put her mouth over it and sucked like she might suck on a lollipop. So gently he could barely feel it. She scraped her teeth on the side of his dick.

His muscles tensed.

She pushed his dick into her mouth and rubbed her tongue against it.

Vic curled up a little and could just make out her ass before he fell back against the pillow.

"Hold on," he panted.

She let his cock fall out of her mouth and laughed. "Don't worry. We have time."

Victor relaxed and she sucked him again. She held his balls in her hand, squeezing a little harder.

He whimpered.

She grasped his shaft with her free hand and ran up and down his cock with her mouth.

He tensed again and shot off into her mouth. He shuddered.

"A little warning next time," she said. His cum still filled her mouth. She threw her head back and swallowed.

She crawled off the bed and sat back in the chair. "Try to get yourself hard again while I catch up, ok?" She grabbed another towel and set it on the seat.

His dick lay still but growing limp. He grabbed it and watched her.

She put a hand on her left breast and put her other hand between her legs. He could just make out her breathing and slight shaking.

His dick perked up and little spots of leftover cum stuck to his belly. He couldn't imagine her face. He could imagine every inch of her but her face went blank in his imagination like a beautiful horror scene only he had ever seen.

She moaned and shook. After a moment, she looked straight ahead at the blank wall. "Ok. I'm ready. How are you doing?"

"Hard as can be," he said.

"Alright. Grab the knife like we discussed."

He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the knife with his left hand. The hilt felt cold. He switched the knife to his right hand and held the point a little right of his sternum.

She stood up. "Good," she smiled.

He tried to remember if he had ever seen her smile before. Her smile seemed so distant and tainted by melancholy.

She walked to his side and straddled his belly. The butt of the knife grazed her left thigh. "I'm happy for you, Vic." She held his face for a moment. Then she put her hands beside his arms and scooted down so her pubic hair brushed his clean shaven cock.

His cock twitched.

"Not yet, boy," she looked down in the direction of his dick and then looked up at Victor and smiled. "Soon." She rubbed her pussy against his wet dick and slathered his dick with her own dampness.

He tensed and the knife broke his skin just the littlest bit. He pulled the knife back an inch or so and rubbed the wound with his left hand.

She paused for a moment and he put the knife back against his chest.

She reached between her legs and guided his cock into her.

He had never felt so surrounded by heat. His face grew hot and the blade wavered.

She rocked gently forward and back. Her hair fell over her face and her breasts bounced slightly with the motion.

Vic felt the blood burn in his dick and he gaspsed, "Soon." He stuck himself with the knife a half inch and pulled it back out.

She put her right hand down beside him to support her weight and held his right hand firm.

She flexed her lower back and squeezed him with her hips as she ground harder on his dick.

"So close," he whispered and closed his eyes.

"Don't you dare," she growled. "Keep your eyes open."

His eyes shot open and he searched her face for recognition. He couldn't see through her hair. His belly tightened and he felt sick.

"You're doing well, Vic. Keep going." She squeezed his dick with her vagina walls.

He couldn't hold back anymore, "I'm coming, so close."

She helped him line up the knife and press it firm into the bare skin his chest.

He came and his eyes rolled upward.

She pushed the knife in and he felt his blood spurt out in time with his cum. Vic felt her pussy spasm as he faded into darkness.

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very interesting style, love to hear more

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