I met Trina when she was ten and we hit it off like we had been born for each other. I was fourteen and she was thirteen when things changed. She had older brothers, twins that were eighteen. I had always thought her family was strange. It was summer and Friday and we were walking in the park after I had finished a painting for a woman that paid me fifty dollars.

I glanced at her, “Trina?”

She smiled as she looked at me, “yeah?”

I took a breath, “sex.”

She stopped smiling and looked down as we walked. It was several minute before she looked at me and pulled me to a bench. She sat and I sat beside her, “why can’t we do it?”

She turned to face me, “I’m not a virgin.”

I was stunned and looked at her in surprise. She looked into her lap, “you know Bryan and David have their friends over on the weekends. It started last month, well it did for me.”

She looked at me as if she were pleading with me, “mom wears a blindfold and all the guys use her.”

I think I knew what was coming and she reached for my hand, “the first time I think they slipped something in my drink.”

She took another deep breath, “mom does it on Friday and I do it on Saturday. Being blindfolded and not knowing who is fucking me... I like it. I fantasied it was you a lot.”

I looked down as my heart beat harder and my cock throbbed almost painfully. I finally looked at her, “so you don’t want to...”

She looked at me and grinned as she stood and pulled me up. She held my hand as she pulled me after her, “we can use your bedroom.”

I grinned and squeezed her hand, “thanks Trina.”

She laughed, “now that you know I plan to fuck you everyday.”

I laughed and started walking faster. Mom was still at work and my father had left with another woman so I had the house to myself. I led Trina to my room and turned almost afraid she would change her mind. She grinned as she moved to the bed and started undressing, “I haven’t done it without the blindfold.”

I stripped as I stared at her and slowly moved to her as she bit her lip. I sat her down and sat beside her before I began caressing and feeling her body. She smiled as she watched and then lay back and spread her legs. I rubbed her mound and then felt her warm pussy. She shivered and I grinned as I rubbed her pussy before turning and kneeling between her legs.

I looked at her pussy and leaned close and opened it and licked. I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her and she humped and shuddered, “ooohhh!”

I covered her clit and wiggled my tongue like in the vids before sucking. I kept licking, sucking and nibbling and she finally jerked and spasmed before covering her pussy. I looked up and then stood before turning her on my bed and moving between her leg. I looked into her eyes as I pushed and my cock sank into her while she moaned.

She put her arms around me as I thrust all the way in and kissed her. I humped and jabbed slowly while her tight pussy grasped my cock. She humped up and shuddered and I pulled back before I began to fuck her. I did it slowly but with deep thrusts. I looked at Trina in surprise when she wailed and began struggling and bucking, “ALLEN!”

I wasn’t sure what to do as I rode her and kept thrusting into her. She squirted and jerked while her pussy rippled and clenched on my cock. She continued to writhe and howl as I fucked her and kissed her to quiet her screams. It was awhile before I shoved into her and tried to hold her wildly shaking body as I pumped and gushed warm sperm into her.

Trina shuddered and tilted her hips as she held them up while hugging me tight, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and slowly relaxed with my cock still throbbing in her now slimy pussy. I looked at her and she grinned, “that was so good.”

I grinned and hump and she jerked and shuddered before laughing and humping back as her pussy squeezed. I fucked her until she was sloppy with cum and had to go home. All I could think about was her fucking her brothers and their friends. I washed and helped mom who had worked late.

She sniffed and looked at me as I cleaned up after dinner. The next day Trina held my hand while we sat in the park and I painted kids or women. I wanted to take her home or ask her to stay with me but I didn’t. When we got back to my house she kissed me, “I’ll be over in the morning and we can fuck.”

I looked at her and bit my lip before nodding. She went to her house and walked in and I went in and put my bag away. I was just moving the food around on my plate and mom finally moved her chair, “you had sex with Trina.”

I looked at her and it just came out. She blinked and listened and shook her head, “and you want her to yourself?”

I looked at her, “well no but...”

Mom smiled, “she said she would fuck you in the morning.”

I nodded, “but I don’t get to share with her.”

Mom caressed my face, “one day you will.”

I stood and started cleaning up and mom went to her bedroom. Thirty minutes later she walked into the living room naked and blushing. She had a sleep mask and sat in the cushioned chair and put it on before putting her legs over each of the arms. I looked at her and stood to turn the TV off before stripping and kneeling in front of her.

I felt her full pussy and fingered her before moving forward and pushing into her. I held her waist as I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. After a minute she shuddered and I reached out to feel and knead her breasts. She moaned and shuddered hard as her pussy gripped my cock, “mmmm!”

I fucked her a little harder and she spasmed and jerked while her pussy became slipperier. It was a few minutes before I buried my cock and began to gush cum. She jerked while her pussy clenched, “FUCK!”

I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was done. I rubbed her nipples before pulling out and moving back to look at her leaking pussy. The sight was so exciting I moved back and pushed into her and started fucking her hard. Mom jerked and shook hard, “baby?”

She said it as if she wasn’t sure. I didn’t say anything as I kept fucking her hard and continued to plant my cock. It was a couple of minutes before mom started howling and convulsing, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeee!”

I tugged on her nipples and she thrashing around wildly as she squirted and screamed, “YES!”

She kept cumming as I fucked her and finally buried my cock and pushed before pumping more cum into her. She jerked erratically as I spewed more warm sperm into her and finally pulled out and moved back to look at her puffy pussy leaking cum. Her whole pussy was a white froth as I moved back to shove into her again.

I fucked her hard while tugging on her nipples and reaching down to squeeze her clit. Mom howled and wailed and screamed the whole time I fuck her and I did it again and again. When I was done pumping cum in her the last time I pulled out and moved before standing and pulling her up.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bed before I laid her down and shut the lights off. I removed the sleep mask and laid beside her and held her as she sighed and we fell asleep. I woke when mom moved away in the morning and watched her go into the bathroom. I climbed out of bed and went to wash and get dressed.

I walked into the kitchen and caught mom and kissed her cheek, “thanks mom, we enjoyed last night.”

I went to pour a bowl of cereal as mom giggled, “we?”

I grinned and sat at the table, “everyone said they enjoyed themselves.”

She ran her fingers through my hair, “yes they did.”

I ate and cleaned up before heading to the park with my painting satchel. I was painting a lady on a bench when Trina put her arm around me, “starting early?”

I smiled as I kept paining, “I wanted to get a few more done today before I stopped.”

She waved at the lady and whispered, “and then spend the day in bed with me?”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She kissed my cheek, “I spoke with your mom.”

I blushed but she giggled, “she said you had a very good time with her.”

I glanced at her and she caressed my chest, “I’m glad she took care of you.”

I actually managed to finish the sixth painting just after one. Trina held my arm as we walked, “your mom said you were jealous.”

I looked at her, “maybe but I think it was because we aren’t sharing.”

Trina sighed but didn’t say anything. When we got to my house I put my painting satchel away and went to wash. I found Trina in my room naked when I came in. I closed the door and striped before walking to the bed and laying beside her to feel and caress her body, “you enjoyed getting fucked last night?”

She nodded as I slipped a finger into her slit. I started to finger her and rub her clit, “and I didn’t get to see what you were doing or how much you liked it.”

Trina shuddered as she lifted her hips, she reached for me and pulled me between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy but she was very slick and my cock sank all the way into her. I began to fuck her and she sighed as she put her arms around me and her feet over my thighs, “I’m sorry.”

I looked at her before giving her a kiss and started to hump and grind, “next week I want to watch and maybe fuck you too.”

She looked at me, “with the other guys?”

I settled on her, “or just with your brothers.”

She grinned, “I think we could do that. Mom is getting tired of them calling her a whore.”

I kissed her, “I wouldn’t.”

She laughed and humped as her pussy spasmed and gripped my cock, “after you cum stop.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “mom and I are coming over for dinner with Bryan and David.”

I went back to fucking her with long strokes, “and?”

She pulled my face down, “you and my brothers are going to fuck mom.”

I buried my cock in her as her pussy spasmed around my cock and she shook. I smiled and waited until she took a breath, “fuck your mom with a blindfold?”

She nodded and I started fucking her again, this time I was trying to cum and she humped up for my cock while her pussy kept grasping at it. Trina started spasming and jerking as I kept fucking her and then she was wailing, “ALLEN!”

I thrust into her and pushed as my cock gushed and spewed. She hugged me as her pussy squeezed my cock and I continued to spurt cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and smiled as she kissed me. I pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her hip, “does your mother know she is getting fucked tonight?”

She turned to snuggle, “yeah we had a long talk before going to sleep. We didn’t say anything about my brothers friends but she will stop letting my brothers bring them over.”

I enjoyed caressing her and she finally slipped off the bed, “come help me douche and then I want to help your mom with dinner.”

I grinned as I rolled out of bed and grabbed my clothes. She had a whole bag of stuff in the bathroom and talked me through the douche. She got dressed after I dried her off and we found mom sipping tea in the kitchen with Nancy, Trina’s mom. She smiled, “you finally fucked her and are jealous.”

Trina shook her head, “I wasn’t sharing and he is going to get my ass first so don’t get any ideas.”

I looked at her and she winked, “I had to save something for you.”

I grinned and looked at her mother, “did you bring the blindfold or are you borrowing mom’s?”

They blushed but mom grinned, “she is borrowing mine.”

I nodded and moved to the counter and looked at the recipe book that mom had left open. I smiled when Trina joined me and we started working together. Mom and Nancy went back to mom’s room for a talk and Trina kiss me, “I’ll be back.”

She turned and headed for the hall and I think she was going to speak to her mother firmly. She didn’t say that but when she came back I was done and sitting in the front window seat as I drew. She moved my pad and slipped onto my lap and I looked at Nancy who had followed her, “Allen I would like it if you joined my boys on Friday night.”

I smiled, “sure.”

She sighed and smiled at Trina, “and Saturday.”

Mom joined us and Nancy grinned, “and we will come over Thursday.”

I looked at mom and she nodded, “to blindfold and use me.”

I grinned, “like we did last night?”

She grinned, “yeah.”

When Bryan and David arrived Nancy pulled them out to talk to them. When they came back they grinned, “so you are going to fuck mom and Trina with us.”

I smiled, “and you are going to fuck mom with me.”

They looked at mom before grinning again, “okay.”

Dinner was good and Bryan and David helped me clean up after we were done while mom, Trina and Nancy left. Trina came back with mom and they pulled out the bed in the couch. Trina went back to mom’s bedroom and when she returned she was helping and leading her blindfolded mother.

Nancy sat and then moved onto the bed as Mom turned on the TV and a movie. Bryan and David were stripping and Trina turned to me and started undressing me, “you get her first.”

Her brothers chuckled when they saw my cock and I noticed I was larger then them by a couple of inches. Trina kissed me and pushed me towards the bed, “use mom.”

She went to sit with my mother as I crawled onto the bed and between Nancy’s spread legs. I pushed into her and she grunted as my cock spread her pussy. I pushed deeper before pulling back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She began to hump up and wiggle as I pushed into her all the way and pressed.

A couple of minutes and she was moaning loudly as I kept fucking her. She writhed and jerked her hips up while putting her arms around me. A few more minutes and she began to wail and thrash as I started to fuck her hard. A little later and she was howling and bucking as I rode her and continued to plant my cock.

Her pussy was grasping and squeezing and clenching almost constantly as she kept getting wetter. It was awhile before I thrust all the way into her and held her as she jerked. My cock erupted and I began to spew and pump large spurts of cum. Nancy jerked with the first warm spurt and tilted her hips, “YES!”

Her pussy milked my cock until I was done and slowly pulled out. I moved off the bed as she panted and Bryan and David grinned before Bryan moved between her legs to pushed into her leaking pussy. I pulled Trina up and sat before pulling her onto my lap, “she seemed to like the ride.”

She giggled as mom laughed and kissed me passionately. After Bryan and David I took another turn but fucked her long hard and deep for almost fifteen minutes. She had her legs in the air and spread almost the whole time and kept howling. When we stopped she was panting and her pussy was puffing and leaking with a puddle under her butt.

I went to bed with Trina and only held her as we slept. Mom slept with David and Nancy took Bryan to the guest bedroom to sleep with him. I woke to my alarm and shut it off before looking at Trina. She grinned and rolled away and off the bed, “not until I pee.”

I laughed as I followed her and watched before going myself. We took a shower together and grinned as we felt and caressed each other. We got dressed and went to wake our moms and her brothers. I had mom take us to the store I bought my paint supplies at before she dropped us at the mall.

I had a permit and set up an area before grinning and sitting Trina so I could draw her until someone came to ask about a painting. Everyday started like that and she slept with me each night and we often had mom or her mother climb into bed. Thursday I came home to find Bryan and David had moved into the guest room with Nancy’s bed and Nancy moved in with mom.

Trina’s clothes were hanging in my closet and her dresser was beside mine. I helped clean up after dinner with Bryan and then Trina pulled us into the other room. Mom was on the bed blindfolded with David fucking her slowly. Nancy pulled us down on the edge of the couch bed to watch a movie.

Mom moaned and wailed as David fucked her and when he pulled out she was still panting. Bryan moved over her and pushed into her and began to fuck her hard. He wasn’t pounding her so much as planting his cock firmly. That summer mom, Nancy and Trina got fucked a lot.

Trina only let her brothers fuck her when it was her day to be blindfolded. Mom and Nancy switched with the boys at least a couple of times a week. The rest of the time they slept with us. At the end of summer Bryan and David went off to college so things changed. Trina would have me fuck each of them everyday.

Her brothers returned for the holidays but ended up living in another city when they graduated. Mom and Nancy both made a decision that first year Bryan and David went off the school and got pregnant while blindfolded. Trina and I have jobs now but still live with mom and Nancy.

I had to laugh when I came home last night, Trina was laid out with a blindfold on and mom kissed me and said to use her until she was pregnant.
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