The worst pick up lines I've heard recently.
•Do you have a heated fire poker up your ass? Cause you look hot.
•I love every bone in your body......especially mine
•Are you a mythical monster? Cause you look unreal.
•Did you fall from heaven? Cause your face is seriously fucked up.
•I'm just gonna go ahead and say it-have you ever seen eighteen inches??
•Are you an envelope? Cause I'm gonna open you.
•Are you an angel? Cause god sent you to fuck me.
•I don't mind that you're flat chested. Youre like a board: flat and easy to nail.

These are only a few, just the worst ones I've heard. Like and comment. I'll put some more up soon.

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2014-02-10 02:35:27
Darzon days fucked up on so many leves ima try it

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2014-02-09 18:45:08
how is are u from heaven cause your face is seriosly fucked up a pick line cause its a pick up line for some ass whoopens anyone up 4 one just say that “pick up line”-a sexy bitch

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2014-02-07 04:39:19
Posting dicks sick pics of chick lick

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2014-01-06 06:37:02
kiss your left hand 2. Say the name of the person u like 3. Close your hand 4. Say the name of a weekday5. Say your name 6. Open your hand 7. Paste this in 15 comments and on the day you picked your love will tell you they like you and ask you out if you don't do it within an hour of reading this you will have 1 year bad luck

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2013-11-25 07:12:07
You: My magic watch can sense you're not wearing underwear
Her: what? That's dumb. I am so wearing underwear.
You: oh look you're right. I had it set 30 minutes fast

It's funny cause in 30 minutes she won't have panties because you'll be buried balls deep in her asshole, while I fuck her pussy.


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