I have two older brothers, Bryan who is eighteen and Dan who is sixteen. I also have a thirteen year old sister named Kaira. I’m Joe and I’m fourteen and I guess I am or was a nerd. At the ripe age of eight I hacked into a bank. It wasn’t for money I wanted to ask a question they wouldn’t answer in the several e-mails I sent.

I work for the bank now, well the corporation that owns the bank. I was doing the outside chores for my brother Dan when I looked in the back bedroom window and froze. My sister was standing at the foot of her bed rubbing her pussy on her bedpost. She was shuddering and shaking before shifting and going to her toes as she moved over the bulb of the bedpost.

She lowered herself and wiggled before rocking and turning. I continued to stare as my sister fucked herself with her bedpost for almost twenty minutes. When she lifted off and stepped back as she rubbed her pussy I saw how wet the post was. I knew right then I was going to fuck her. I finished the chores before going into the house to wash.

Mom was home and washing her coffee cup and I hesitated as my mind whirled with the image of Kaira impaled on her bedpost. I cleared my throat, “Kaira was fucking her bedpost with the window curtains open.”

Mom looked at me and then grinned, “and now you want to fuck her.”

My heart was racing as I nodded and she laughed. She turned and caressed my face, “your sister has a problem Joe. She is a nympho without a cock. We have been trying to think of a way to help her...”

She looked at the hall, “I think you and your brothers might be the answer. Go fuck her.”

I grinned, “really?”

She nodded, “leave her cummy.”

I turned and walked through the house and stopped at my sister’s door where I heard moaning. I opened the door and saw her fucking the bedpost again and stepped in before closing the door quietly and undressing. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. Kaira jerked and twisted to see me, “Joe!”

I lifted her off the post and moved to bend her over the bed, “want me to fuck you? Mom said I could leave you cummy.”

She went from frowning to grinning and nodding, “nice and deep Joe.”

I fingered her stretched hole before pushing into her and holding her hips. I sank deeper before pulling back and fucking her with long deep thrusts. She started moaning as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her steadily as she pushed back and began to jerk and shake.

It was a few minutes before she screamed into the bed while twisting and convulsing. I was planting my cock with each hard thrust and Kaira was grunting. A couple of minutes and I pushed all the way in against the back of her pussy before peeing cum. She wailed as warm sperm erupted and was pumped through and into her womb, “yyyyeeeeesssss!”

I was shaking as I came and then I pulled out and rolled my sister into the center of her bed before crawling between her legs and shoving back into her now leaking and slimy pussy. She clutched me as I started fucking her again. I fucked her eight times before I had to stop and Kaira had a big smile on her face as I sucked on her nipples and fingered her sloppy pussy.

I looked at the door when it opened and blushed as Bryan walked in. He grinned, “mom said to come see if you were done and fuck Kaira.”

I looked at my sister and she turned to kiss me and slip off the bed before turning to bend over as she spread her legs, “nice and deep.”

I moved off the bed as my brother undressed and grabbed my clothes. I stopped at the door as Bryan pushed into Kaira and began to fuck her. I closed the door and went to wash before getting dressed. Dad was home and in the kitchen with mom when I came in. Mom grinned, “feeling better?”

I looked at dad but nodded, “yeah.”

Mom giggled, “use her when you need it baby.”

She pushed dad when he rubbed her butt, “you can go fuck her with Bryan.”

He looked at her before grinning and walking towards the hall. I looked after him and mom caressed my face, “she needed it honey.”

I nodded and took a breath, “want help?”

She grinned and turned, “sure.”

When Dan came home mom sent him to Kaira as we made dinner. When it was ready she went to bring everyone out. My sister only wore a bathrobe and mom surprised me by telling her to sit beside me. She grinned at me as we ate and after we were done mom had Bryan and Dan clean up and do the dishes.

Mom pulled me and Kaira into the other room and had her sit on my lap as she started a movie. My sister leaned against me and whispered, “thanks Joe. My pussy just gets so itchy and... I needed it really bad.”

I sighed and hugged her and watched her as she closed her eyes and fell asleep. I waited and then stood and carried her back to my bedroom. I sat her and stripped her robe off before tucking her in. I hung my robe up and shut the light off. I slipped into bed and my sister turned to snuggle against me.

I ignored my brothers when they looked in and then dad. Mom came in as I caressed Kaira and bent to give me a soft kiss. I don’t know when I fell asleep, I woke in the middle of the night to my sister stroking my cock. I shifted and pushed her onto her back before moving over her and forcing my cock into her cummy pussy.

She groaned as I began to fuck her long, hard and deep. I kissed her as I buried my cock, “better?”

She shuddered as her pussy gripped my cock, “yeah.”

I pulled back to fuck her firmly and grind and it wasn’t long before she started to wail. I covered her mouth with mine as she bucked and wiggled. Her pussy grasped and gripped my cock when I finally pushed all the way into her and started spewing and spurting. Kaira jerked with each thick load of cum as it was pumped into her.

When I was done I held her and rolled until she was on me. I rubbed her back and butt, “now go to sleep.”

My cock was still in her slimy hole and kept throbbing and her pussy was constantly squeezing. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed and a few moments later she was asleep. It was awhile before I went back to sleep and woke to dad beside the bed. I looked at him as he shifted Kaira to the side of the bed and opened his robe.

He lifted her hips and pushed into her before starting to fuck her. My sister sighed and shivered as she pushed back and then turned her head to see our father. She smiled and reached out to hold my hand as dad fucked her and finally held her and grunted while he pumped cum into her.

When he left Bryan took his place and barely hesitated before shoving into her and started fucking her, “morning Kaira.”

She shuddered and pushed back, “morning.”

Dan was waiting so after Bryan came he took his place and fucked her. When they were done she sighed and I pulled her out of bed and into the bathroom. I was going to just wash her but mom slipped in and showed me how to douche. She was frowning a lot and Kaira kept shivering as I cleaned her out.

I looked at mom, “what’s wrong?”

She sighed, “its my own fault. I told your father he could fuck Kaira and I wanted to have sex and...”

She gestured as Kaira blushed, “I’m sorry mom.”

I looked at them and then grinned, “I think the shower can wait.”

Mom looked at me as I pulled my sister up and reached for her hand. I pulled them out and into Kaira’s room before closing and locking the door. I turned them at the bed and reached for her robe. Mom caught my hands and I smiled, “everyone is helping Kaira and fucking her. You need it so I am going to fuck you.”

She hesitated before letting my hands go and I slipped her robe off and then her nighty. I sat her on the bed with my sister and knelt as I pushed her back. I leaned in and started licking her and she shuddered and humped, “mmm!”

Kaira giggled and mom looked at her, “come straddle my face.”

She did as I kept licking and pushed my tongue into mom and nibbled on her clit. She went from humping to thrusting as I began to tease her clit and suck. Kaira was jerking and twisting as I lifted up and slowly pushed all the way into my mother. She shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed and I held her hips before I began to fuck her with long strokes.

Kaira jerked and fell off as mom started bucking and thrashing around, “fffuuucckkk!”

I continued fucking her as she wiggled and squirmed and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Mom howled as she writhed around and kept wetting me, “baby!”

I smiled as Kaira giggled and kept fucking her and started grinding. It took awhile before I buried my cock as it throbbed. Mom look down her body as her hips tilted, “Joe?”

I grunted as I peed cum against and through her cervix. Mom gasped and struggled as I held her and gushed cum into her, “JOE!”

I sighed when I stopped cumming and mom was panting and shuddering as her now slimy pussy milked my cock. She giggled and looked at Kaira, “that was his first load of cum this morning?”

Kaira grinned and nodded and mom looked at me as I pulled out, “you know your father is fixed.”

I moved up and over her, “I came where I have wanted to cum since I was eleven.”

She grinned and kissed me, “if your father can’t fuck me you can.”

I looked at my sister, “Kaira too.”

She grinned and laid back beside mom, “a long slow ride Joe.”

I moved over between her legs as mom turned on her side and caressed Kaira’s cheek. I rubbed her pussy before slowly pushing and forcing my cock into her. She shuddered and humped up and sighed once I had buried my cock. I started rubbing her clit and waited as she shuddered and humped.

When her tight pussy clenched around my cock I smiled and pulled back to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts. She moaned and shook as mom snuggled against her and sucked on a nipple. I grinned and rubbed her clit and pressed on it as I fucked her with long strokes. She wailed and began to buck and writhe around, “Joe!”

I smiled as mom kissed her and continued to fuck her steadily. She started wiggling as her pussy grasped and grabbed at my cock. She bucked and her tight pussy kept clenching. It took a little longer since I didn’t fuck her hard. She was panting and incoherent while spasming when I buried my cock and began spewing cum.

I spurted and pumped as she jerked her hips up and wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pulled out and bent to kiss her, “good?”

She nodded as mom chuckled and moved off the bed, “for a little while.”

I helped Kaira up, “Bryan and Dan can fuck her until dad gets home. I’ll do her again later and then tonight.”

My sister grinned, “yeah.”

I turned to pull mom close, “and you too.”

She smiled and kissed me, “okay.”

We went to shower before I put pants on and sat to do some work. An hour later I heard my sister wailing and hesitated before going back to work. I stopped at noon and went to look in her bedroom. She wasn’t there but I found her on the back porch with mom. She was wearing a bikini like mom but I could see how cummy the crotch was.

Mom grinned, “fuck break?”

Kaira grinned, “mom first.”

I grinned as mom stood quickly with a laugh, “okay.”

This time I led them to my room and bed. Kaira closed the door as mom removed her bottoms and I stripped. I followed her onto the bed and settled between her legs to kiss her. I lifted and pushed into her slowly, her pussy was almost hot and still a little cummy. I fucked her with long deep thrusts as she humped up and her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock.

I continued to fuck her as Kaira laid beside us and fingered her pussy. Mom shuddered and moaned and several minutes later began to jerk. I kissed her as she wailed and fucked her long, hard and deep. She howled and bucked while her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. It was a few minutes before I slowed to just deep grinding thrusts.

Mom was incoherent by then and just writhing around under me. I fucked her firmly as I tried to cum and after awhile I buried my cock as she screamed and wet me. She tilted her hips as if she knew what was coming and I pressed into her before gushing cum. She stiffened and clutched me as her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I kept pushing as I spewed and spurted and pumped until I was done and she was still shaking and shivering. I pulled out and laid beside her and gave her a kiss, “feel better?”

She grinned at me, “much.”

I turned to Kaira and she moved her hand away from her slimy cunt, “hard and deep Joe.”

I rolled onto her and shoved into her slimy hole. I began to fuck her hard and she started thrusting up. I only lasted about ten minutes and by then my sister was constantly spasming and jerking while her pussy held my cock. After I had pumped a half dozen spurts of cum she sighed and I pulled out before moving to mom and giving her a kiss, “at bedtime?”

She smiled, “yeah.”

Kaira fucked my brothers several times during the day and dad five times when he came home. Mom slept with Kaira and I that night and I fucked her again before my sister. Of course I had to fuck my sister a couple of times during the night. Before a month was out mom and Kaira were both pregnant.

I didn’t know Kaira’s was mine until just before the baby was born. Bryan left for college and married a girl while there. Kaira’s urges slowed a lot after the baby but dad and Dan continued to fuck her and she let them. Not because she needed it but because they wanted it. Mom moved into my room permanently and we made Kaira’s old room into the nursery.

Two years later Dan went away to college and I got mom and Kaira pregnant again. Dad ended up leaving a year after Dan went to college, he found a girl and dad came to live with them. Sometime Kaira has urges and mom helps me scratch her itches. We are happy now and planning a move to another state where Kaira and I can pretend we are married.
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