Tongue goes further in wrestling as it does with the other tongue. Passion ensues igniting lust to fill their hearts. Naked bodies pressed against each other rubbing their hands on each others bodies. His cock goes in sending a wave of euphoria through her body. She squeezes her hands on his ass pushing it as deep as it can in her. Sweat trickles down their foreheads. He is cheating on his wife, and his lover unbeknownst to him has had sex with her.
She pushes by him down slowly onto the bed. Pulls her tongue away as he kisses her face and neck. Bodies get into a rhythm as their hips move with each other. Desire ensnares the two of them as they connect as one body. Her vagina devours his cock with great force. A forbidden taste of boss and maid ensues as watchful eyes behind the door look at this taboo.

Naked and semi-wet from swimming with nothing to do in the house he stands outside blinded by lust, and equally curious of the adultery going on. Sure he also fucked the maid, as well as his stepmother, but to see his father's cock drive itself in that intoxicating pussy it is mesmerizing. His hand goes down to rub his own cock, as that Asian ass stares him in the face. This was his father's turn with the maid, and knew he must respect those boundaries. How could he though when he was equally as horny as the two in the room. She moves her body upward the same way as when she did his stepmother. This time he knew she saw him and vice versa.

Heads back down to kiss her boss on the lips after seeing the son. Instead of giving him a show she lures him in by using her fingers at first. No door opened, and no cock in her ass. Those eyes behind her knew she wanted him as well. Wiggling her ass and moaning louder to allure him she hoped he would come forward. Doing two of them would knock two birds with one stone.

He notices her signals to allure him, but he wouldn't dare. What would His father say to such actions? Would she still be a maid in this family or tossed out as a common whore? Questions of concern raced through his mind. He looks down to see his hard cock in his hand. His mind hungry for lust, desire, and passion gave in. Opening the door as he heads to her ass. Inserting it in slowly as both of them get used to the tightness. No lubrication this would be a dry raw anal fuck.

Ready to scream she kisses Tom deeply until the pain subsidizes and adrenaline kicks in. So much pain, and so good to please both father and son.

The father remains in a sense of lust unaware of his son joining in the fun. His hands wrap around her body fucking her with every fiber of his body. Hands smack her ass before stretching it out. Cock burns within her body. Moans and groans surround the room.

Ben holds his tongue not wanting his father to know of his presence. His cock dry humps her ass. Hands on her thighs gripped tightly.

Tia screams loud with jubilee as her orgasm comes through "fuck me Ben and Tom!"

Tom unsure if she was dreaming or was serious. He opens his eyes moving his head slightly to see his own flesh and blood son fucking the maid with him. Nightmarish thoughts crossed through his mind of this scenario. Looking at Tia looked to be in heaven by her facial expression. Ben as well was in a peaceful trance with no care in the world. Was he going mad or has everyone else? Realizing he is still fucking the maid in a way only a cheating husband would do. His mouth was open, but he couldn't say stop. Lust filled the room, as well as his body. His mind could do nothing, but let it happen.

"Oh, yeeesssss!!! fuck me I'm coming!!!" Tia screams in Tom's face. Both men obey fucking her harder.

No longer caring what his father does he screams feeling the tension build within him "I'm going to fill your ass fucking dirty maid!"

Climax rising in him as well what choice did he have. With his best years closing in front of him he screamed as he shot his load deep into her womb "fuck! I'm coming! Tia!"

Cum juices flow out of her ass and pussy. Never has a father and son combo enter her at the same time. Every woman fantasies about it, but to explain the wonder is too much to put into words. Collapses on Tom's chest as Ben falls down on her back gently. Feeling both men breathe as she lays in middle, the warmth of their naked bodies, and the passion to fuck both. Indescribable.

"Mind telling me why Ben is here?" Tom asks her breaking the peace.

Ben pulls out and spreds out on the floor hearing that question.

Tia looks him in the eyes and replies as best anyone could "it is natural to have sex, and with Ben joining it makes your relationship stronger."

"I should throw both of you out, and disown him for this trick" Tom replies with negative mind thought "what I went through though if this helps my marriage so be it."

"Thanks dad!" Ben replies as his fears wash away.

"Did my wife set me up?" Tom asks unsure how to express such intensity they went through. Ben and Tia laugh at the comment.

"No, but this helps" Tia replies getting off of him and sliding down to Ben.


July comes running into the house excited searching for her daddy. Tia heads to the garage to meet Kari to tell her of her day.

Kari sitting in the driver's seat rubs her pussy furiously with her hands deep in her pants. Tia sees her head go back experiencing pleasure "may I be of service?"

Looking at Tia she turns and pulls her pants down spreading her legs apart "eat me!" Tia bent down licking her clit first. "Mmm...yes...oh...yeah!!!" repeatedly Kari moans needing this after a day like today. She was no sex fiend, but lately her hormones have been going crazy. Tia moves licking the folds of her pussy.

Tom walks in seeing the scene in total shock. His daughter sitting at the kitchen table a few feet away busy minding her business, and this is going on. He shuts the door behind him grabbing their attention. "So this is what you meant earlier Tia?"

"What is he talking about?" Kari confused putting her pants back on.

"I did him and Ben together today" Tia says putting all on the table.

"Fuck!" Kari frustrated "I missed a God damned orgy at my home today!"

Door opens once more with Ben behind his father "did I miss something?"

"just horny Ben" Kari replies walking by to enter the house.

Silence fell at the dinner table except for July's comments once in awhile. As it ended July ran to her room as the rest sat at the table.

Tom speaks first "now what?"

"I missed today's session, so why not an orgy" Kari replies "can't do it tomorrow though."

"Why not?" Tom asks her confused.

"Quarterly financial meeting with the bosses" she tells him with melodramaticly.

Ben steps in "can't Thursday with college."

"Friday?" Tia says out there.

"Fuck!, I forgot July has a sleep over with Sara this weekend!" Kari expresses loudly remembering it earlier when she picked her up.

"All weekend?" Tom asks with Kari nodding in agreement.

"It has to be" Kari says as they reach an agreement.


That night Kari walks out of her room wearing a nightgown to see Tia walking the hallway with the same. "It seems I'm not the only one horny tonight?"

"With you doing Ben someone has to keep Tom warm tonight?" Tia replies walking up to her as they meet at Ben's door.

Kari opens the door walking in as Tia moves forward both with hearts full of lust, desire, and hunger tonight.

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Loved every minute. You should continue the series and make them longer.

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