Getting back to work.
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Chapter 08
Daily Grind.

Something doesn’t seem right. My body is cold, but I know I’m still in bed. And what is that sound? It sounds like. . . . Oh, and this feeling!

Opening my eyes, I hear Lisa giggle and see Becky’s eyes smiling up at me. My cock is securely fastened between the latter’s lips, and Lisa is holding her friend’s long chestnut brown hair back and out of the way.

“Good morning, ladies,” I say with a groggy smile as I quickly begin to get my bearings.

“We thought we’d wake you this way,” Lisa informs me, while Becky goes back to hungrily swallowing my dick. “Hope you don’t mind. Besides, it’s the least we could do after you had those flowers delivered.”

“Not at all,” I tell them pleasantly. “Please don’t let me interrupt you.” Flowers? What flowers?

Lisa laughs as she lets go of her friend’s hair and gets between my legs next to Becky. A moment later, I can feel her tongue licking around my scrotum. The talents of these two women are likely going to have me shooting off shortly.

“If you don’t slow down,” I tell the short brunette, “I’m not going to last long enough to take care of you two.”

“Don’t worry,” Becky’s soft voice says as my prick leaves her throat, “We don’t have enough time for that anyway.” Lisa takes advantage of the free knob, and swallows it between her lips, while her friend’s hand runs up and down my saliva slickened rod. “We’ll be late if we stick around that long,” she states and then shares a kiss with Lisa, my phallus in the middle.

One of their hands, not sure whose and not caring at this point, starts fondling my balls, and both women begin humming, sending delightful sensations down my cock and into my spine.

“Oh, unh,” I grunt as I place my hands on the backs of their heads, blasting off a load of sperm. Each jet arcs high, before coming back down and splattering their cheeks.

Feeling slightly spent, my head falls back to my pillow.

“Oh wow,” Lisa says, “I love how energized I feel after tasting your cum.”

“Yum, me too,” Becky agrees before licking my seed from her roommate’s face. They share a passionate kiss, swapping my cum and cleaning each other off at the same time.

Smiling, I fall back to sleep until my alarm goes off.

I find myself alone as I get ready for work, surprised to find a couple ants in my kitchen as I make my breakfast.

The flowers the girls had thanked me for are on the counter, and I wonder who they could have been from. A note attached to them simply says, “Thanks for all your help.”

Probably meant for someone else I decide, and finish getting ready. I don’t mind getting rewarded for someone else’s work.

Whistling happily, I get ready for work, until I get in the Orange Bubble.

My car gently hums as I sit in the parking garage below my office building. I know I should go in, but Brooke’s gentle scent still resides in here, and as pathetic as it may seem, I don’t want to leave. Even as happy as Becky and Lisa make me, I still miss my childhood friend.

Being in here also reminds me of Angela, and everything she’s done for me.

“Mr. Snow?” A knock on my window startles me, and I look out to see Guard Lansbury shining a flashlight in at me. “Is everything okay? You’ve been sitting in here for a while.”

For a moment I just stare at her, uncomprehending. How did she know? Then I notice a security camera behind her.

The worry I see in the large woman’s blue eyes penetrates my gloom, and I open the door, stepping out.

“I noticed your car sitting down here for a while, but you never came in,” she tells me. For once her tone and words are more concerned than raunchy or risqué. “Thought you might be whacking off in here, and I wanted to come check it out.” Then again, maybe not.

“Wanna fuck?” I ask, not even caring about my language.

“But I can see that you—wait, what?” Confusion paints her tone as she tries to assimilate my question. I really can’t blame her. With the exception of that kiss last Friday, I’ve never really hit on her. She’s made very overt advances towards me; maybe even enough to create an HR complaint, but to be honest it’s never really bothered me. Asking her like this is completely out of character for me, but right now I can’t seem to care.

My girlfriends, Becky and Lisa, pass through my thoughts. There’s a term I’d never thought I’d say, relative to myself. ‘Girlfriends.’ They’d woke me up slightly early this morning with a fantastic blowjob. And yet, here I sit mooning over two people who’ve abandoned me, and propositioning a woman whose only real sexual attraction is her inhumanly massive breasts. Oh, and she’s a great kisser.

I dismiss those thoughts. What does it matter? What does anything matter? Sooner or later one of TanaVesta’s goons is going to come for me, to haul me back to her. Brooke and Angela have abandoned me. I might as well enjoy life as much as I can, while I can.

“Wanna fuck?” I ask again and watch as her cheeks turn red in embarrassment.

“I. . . but you. . . um. . . I mean. . . huh?” She’s actually kind of cute with that bewildered look on her face, a slight flush to her cheeks.

“Of course, we’ll have to find a spot that doesn’t have any security cameras watching,” I continue as if she understood me completely.

“Are you feeling alright Mr. Snow?” she returns to her original thoughts. Almost like a computer that gets rebooted by an illegal command.

“Fine enough,” I lie to her cheerily, “and call me Lyden. Of course, if you’d rather not. . .” I leave that hanging, not truly caring one way or another.

Her blue eyes blink a few times, as she realizes that I’m actually serious. I watch as she chews on her cheeks, trying to come to a conclusion. “Come with me, I know just the spot,” she says as I see steely determination enter her eyes.

Somehow I know that she feels this might be some trick at her expense. With her size, her childhood would have been rife with cruel teasing. Flashes of mean kids taunting her because she was overweight, flit through my mind. I see a younger version of her, as an eighteen year old, going to her senior prom with some guy that looks like he was custom built as a linebacker. I see him dancing with Lansbury, and know that this is the highlight of her life at this point. The mental imagery blurs, and I see the two alone in a hotel room, as Jennifer (I now know that’s her first name) gets undressed, expecting to finally lose her virginity. Why isn’t he getting undressed, she wonders, as she frees her enormous breasts from her bra. She blushes rather prettily under his gaze. Just as she starts to tug her panties down, already soaked with anticipation, the door to their room bursts open. Half the football team streams in, some with cameras, pointing and laughing at ‘the delusional heifer’.

I stop in my tracks as my mind pulls out of hers, and I have a better glimpse into this woman. I now understand that her raunchiness and general attitude is a shield: a way to protect herself against anything like that ever happening again.

I also know that she’s still a virgin. She’s never allowed anyone to get that close again.

Shaking my head, I try to come to grips with this new ability of mine, probably acquired from Angela. Despite all the conversations I’ve had with this woman, I was never aware of this side of her. Somehow it makes her more human to me, rather than just a fixture in my office building.

“Jennifer, wait,” I say to the large woman’s back.

“I was wondering when you’d spring the joke,” she tells me, and I feel a lance of emotional pain pierce me. She thinks I’m just like those bullies from high school.

“No, that’s not it,” I try to say, but she talks right over me.

“You want to know the sad thing?” Her back, still turned to me, is stiff, and I can hear that her tone is bland, emotionless, as she talks. “You’ve always treated me well. You never treated me like the fat tub of lard that I am. I thought. . . I mean, after that kiss last week, I thought that maybe. . . .”

“Jennifer, you don’t understand.” Placing my hand on her shoulder, I’m not prepared for her to spin around and jab a finger into my chest. Apparently her arms are rather strong, as my chest is now smarting where she’d poked me. I can’t miss the tears in her eyes.

“I don’t understand?” she demands of me, jabbing my chest with her finger again and knocking me back a step. “Oh, I understand just fine. Do you think I don’t notice how people look at me? That I don’t realize that I’m a large woman? Yes, Mr. Snow, I understand just fine what a delusional heifer I am!”

Before I have a chance to respond, she turns and storms off. For a larger woman, she can move faster than I’d thought.

Now I really feel like shit. She’s always treated me well, if a bit like a sexual object instead of a human. And even though my intentions weren’t to hurt her, I’d gone and done that anyway. Why couldn’t she have taken two breaths to let me explain?

Wait, maybe I can email her. I know it’s not as good at doing it in person, but right now I think it may be my only chance of getting her to understand my intentions.

Great! Now then, what are my intentions? I wonder as I pass the checkpoint into the building–noticeably absent of Guard Lansbury—and head for my office. When I’d asked if she wanted to screw, I’d been serious. It was only after viewing into her past that I became hesitant. My intentions were never to hurt her.

“You failed to come to church yesterday,” AnnaBelle greets me as I walk through the door. “Your eternal soul will never be cleansed and free of the evil that surrounds you if you don’t make the effort. Our Lord and Savior is willing to help you, but you have to be willing to meet him halfway. I know Reverend Michael Chilton can help you come to terms with God.”

This is the wrong thing to say to me at the moment. I spin on her, piercing her with my gaze. My mind floods with images and thoughts, while my mouth begins speaking without me consciously forming the words.

“Is that what you tell yourself when you lie awake at night fantasizing about your college aged neighbor’s son? Or what about that one time when you were in college and your roommate invited you to join her and her boyfriend?” There is heat in my tone now, but I don’t let up, as knowledge about this pious woman flows into me. “Maybe, when you’re sitting in the pews at your church, you can convince yourself that you’re the epitome of goodliness. That you don’t covet your neighbor’s large screen TV. Or how you have to lie to yourself about how happy you are in life?”

Tears, brimming in the older woman’s eyes, pull me from my anger, and I shut my mouth. I know I shouldn’t have said all that, but her high and mighty attitude, coupled with the last few days really tipped me over the edge.

“I may not be perfect, Mr. Snow,” she tells me, and despite the tears in her eyes there is steel in her voice, “but I’m trying to be better.” Without breaking eye contact with me, she stands, grabs her purse, and finally looks away before heading for the door. “Tell Mrs. Lance I’m sick today.” And with that, she’s gone.

What the hell is wrong with me? I wonder as I sit down at my desk. Both Thomas and Debbie refuse to look my way, and I don’t blame them. I feel like scum right now. I used language that I prefer not to use down in the garage, ended up hurting a friend of mine, and then came up here and aired AnnaBelle’s dirty laundry for all to hear. Brooke and Angela abandoning me doesn’t give me the right to act like this. Maybe they were right to do leave. I’m turning into some kind of monster.

But maybe I can make amends to at least one of them right now. Logging into my computer, I type up a quick but heartfelt email to Jennifer Lansbury. I check the box for a read receipt so that I’ll know when she’s read it.

Sheila Lance walks in, just as I hit send. She gives me a slight smile as she walks to her desk, but otherwise doesn’t say anything.

Debbie tells her that AnnaBelle called in sick and leaves it at that, though she shoots me a dark look.

A popup on my screen informs me that my email to Guard Lansbury was deleted without being read. Dammit! No. . . darn it. I need to stop swearing, even if it is such a minor word. I may not be able to change the past, but I can at least control myself.

“Mr. Snow,” Sheila’s voice rings out, and I realize I’m getting sick of being called by my last name today, “I need to talk to you about your last report.”

My last report? Yeah, right! She’s trying to look stern, but there’s no mistaking that gleam in her eyes. I’m actually kind of glad that AnnaBelle isn’t here at the moment. Thomas and Debbie across from me can’t see her face, luckily.

As I stand up behind my desk, I see my boss grab a stack of papers before walking out the back door. Following her, we head for the same conference room that I’d taken control of her in last Friday. She’s wearing one of those tight light-colored skirts that hug the hips, then goes slender down the legs, and a pair of black pantyhose underneath. Her torso is covered by a white, frilly, sleeveless blouse. I know what she’s after, even before the door closes behind me, and I feel her plaster her body against me. Her lips press against mine, and I feel her tongue try to force its way in, but I just stand there, neither helping nor stopping her.

After a few futile seconds of this, she steps away with a bewildered look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

I could tell her about my very long weekend, or about the scene in the parking garage, or even my conversation with AnnaBelle, but I decide not to. I probably shouldn’t have followed her back here, but I can feel all of my frustration and anger come together, and before me is a way to release it.

“I didn’t tell you to speak.” My voice is soft, but firm and I see a spark of defiance blossom in her eyes.

“Now Mr. Snow, last time was all well and good, but—” My boss yelps as I cut her off using my additional strength to pick her up, sit in an armless chair, lay her across my lap, and deliver a solid smack to her behind. “Mr. Snow!”

Whack! Some of my frustration leaves me. This is better than therapy!

“I’m your master,” I remind her, and she slumps in my lap, shaking slightly. “Now then, are you going to be my obedient slave, or do I need to remind you of your place?”

“No master,” she says breathily, weakly. “I will obey.”

I smile, even though I know she’s not looking, and gently rub her behind. Her skirt displays her slender contours nicely, and I can feel myself growing harder under her as my hand explores her buttocks. Moving my hand to the side where the zipper is, I slide it down. She lifts her hips to allow me to remove the clothing, and I’m shocked to see she’s wearing a G-string.

“Did my slave wear these sexy panties just for me?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Yes master,” she purrs. “Your slave only wants to please her master.”

“I am pleased,” I tell her evenly as I slip my right hand under the thin string and rub along her crack. I easily find her already wet snatch, and slip my pointer finger inside.

She moans as I use my thumb to rub across her anus, and slip a second finger into her front. “Mmm, yes master! Your slave thought about you all weekend, wanting to serve her master.”

The third person speech seems a bit odd, but I don’t let it get in the way of my enjoyment. Or my relaxation.

“If you’ve been wanting to serve me, then why are you the only one getting pleasure?” I ask, pulling my hand out of her and giving her a light tap on her right butt cheek.

Without hesitation she jump out of my lap, turns, pulls down my zipper, and reaches into my underwear to pull free my hard penis. She shudders slightly as she lays eyes on my member, before slowly moving her hand up and down. The feel of her fingers wrapped around my stiff wood elicits a moan from me.

“That feels better, slave,” I tell Sheila, “but I want you to suck it.”

“Your slave has missed the flavor of her master’s cock,” she announces right before swallowing the head of my snake between her lips. My rod conforms to the shape of her mouth as she sucks me in deeper to her throat. I can feel her tongue moving around my shaft as I grab the back of her head and moan at how good she is. I can sense her beginning to choke, and I pull her hair back, until she can gasp for air.

My cock is covered in her slippery saliva, and the look in Sheila’s eyes is not one I expect. A combination of adoration and subservience pours from her, and my mind seems to enter hers, before she gobbles my prick back down her throat.

All of a sudden I understand why she is the way she is. A lifetime of trying to climb the corporate ladder, always taking charge and being in command. She had approached sex the same way, always finding it dissatisfying and even sometimes like work. She’d been worried that there was something wrong with her, something that was stopping her from enjoying sex. She couldn’t even get herself off.

So instead she had devoted that energy to her job and become a bitter woman, receiving little satisfaction in what she did, but moving up in the business world.

That is, until I’d come and turned everything upside down for her. Last Friday I hadn’t accepted her control, and instead took charge. At first she’d been angry with me, but as I spanked her, she’d found herself getting turned on, until her pussy was veritably dripping from excitement. She’d decided to see how this would play out and had been shocked when she’d been able to get off while her employee had watched. What’s more, she’d been even hornier after he commanded her to suck his cock.

I now know that she has even undergone laser hair removal on everything below the neck, because she couldn’t stand the thought of anything on her not under her direct control. She didn’t truly understand herself, but with my help, she is beginning to.

All weekend long she’d been looking forward to today. Only when the time came, she’d kissed me, and felt nothing. Disappointed, she’d been about to walk away, when I’d taken control again, and she knows now that she will do whatever I want, as long as I continue to evoke this delicious response in her. As long as I will tell her what to do.

In short, as long as I make her my little cum slut slave.

My mind becomes my own again, and I moan again as Sheila’s mouth is rapidly bobbing up and down my phallus, my length entering her tight throat. I know exactly what I need to do to please this subservient woman.

Too late my mind flashes to my girlfriends, Becky and Lisa, and while I know I’m cheating on them, I remember something Angela had told me back at the beginning. She always tried to help people with her talents. Just because the succubus has abandoned me doesn’t mean I can’t follow her advice.

Grabbing a handful of hair, I pull back sharply on my boss’s head, until she’s looking me in the eyes. “I am pleased with my little cum slut,” I tell her and see pleasure fill her brown orbs. “I want to give you a reward.”

A broad smile splits her lips as I stand her up and lead her over to the conference table. Sitting her on the edge, I kneel before her and waste no time in pulling the thin fabric covering her sopping slit aside, finally getting a taste of her. She cums almost instantly as my tongue dives into her hole, and raw pleasurable life flows into me. I know I don’t need to block any of it anymore, as what I’m taking isn’t enough to hurt her. Her crotch has a tangy flavor to it that isn’t unpleasant at all. I start to shove her shirt up, but she grips the hem, and pulls it up over her head. Her bra is white and lacy, and barely even there. I don’t even feel an underwire as I slide my hands under the thin cloth, kneading her round firm flesh, and making her moans louder.

I truly enjoy how smooth the skin around her vagina is, and suck hard for a few seconds on her clit, before letting up and lightly tickling it with the tip of my tongue. I repeat this a few times, while my fingers rub lightly against her raised nipples, until she’s cumming in my mouth once more. As energy flows into me, I stand and go back to my chair.

Sheila continues to shudder for a few minutes, until her climax passes, and then she gives me a bewildered look.

“What does my cum slut want?” I ask her.

“To please her master,” she replies without hesitation.

“That’s good, but what do you want?” I respond, and she continues to look confused for a moment. Her eyes drop down to my erect penis, and I can see that she is beginning to understand.

“Your slave wants her master’s cock,” she says softly, almost uncertainly, as though she’s afraid that she has the wrong answer and is going to be punished.

“Where do you want my cock?”

Her grin returns as she realizes that she’d been right and proudly states, “She wants your cock in her dripping, horny, tight pussy, master. Will master fuck his slave?”

“If my slave wants it, then she needs to come get it,” I say, slipping slightly into her mode of speech.

She actually bounces as she runs to me, and jumps into my lap. I catch her with ease, but don’t set her on me quite yet.

“Take it,” I command her. “Take your master’s prick, and put it in your little cunt.”

Her hand darts down, and grips my large phallus, aiming it for her hole. “Fuck your slave, master! She needs to feel you in her.”

I let her loose, and she drops down, my cock splitting her vagina wide, and setting me on fire. Apparently the heat is shared, as she goes wild in my lap. With her head whipping back and forth, and her hair flying, she pulls my head to her bra-covered chest. Pulling up her bra, I latch onto her right nipple, making her pussy grip my meat in response.

“Oh, master! This feeling. . . . Your slave feels so full and complete. Thank you master. Thank you for treating your slave so well!” Her voice is loud as she cries out her bliss. Once again I’m thankful that we’re far enough away from other offices, that we won’t be heard.

Her orgasm strikes again, and this time my own enjoyment is too much as I ejaculate into my once domineering boss.

Energy flows back and forth between us, driving our passions even higher, until finally, out of breath and sweat dripping down our backs, we come back to Earth.

With ease, I stand up, setting her on her feet. Her legs give way, and I have to support her for a couple minutes until she can keep her legs under her.

“I don’t know where you came from, Mr. Snow, but thank you.” Her words warm me, and I smile at her.

“Please, call me Lyden when it’s appropriate,” she looks at me, and I realize my mistake. I had said ‘please’. Thinking fast, I grab her buttocks, pulling her tight to me, and in a steely voice state, “But my little cum slut had better realize her place when we’re completely alone.” Without waiting for her response, I pull her face to mine and kiss her passionately. To my surprise, she has one more small orgasm, and once again I have to hold her upright.

The kiss only lasts until she comes down from her peak, before I pull away and put on my pants. A noise at the door makes me freeze, and I realize we’d forgotten to lock it. Panicking, I run to it looking out, but not seeing anyone. Had someone been watching us? If so, we could get into a lot of trouble.

“What’s wrong?” Sheila asks, as she finishes getting dressed.

“Nothing,” I respond, not wanting to give her undue stress, but unable to shake the feeling that something is wrong.

* * *

“Make those changes,” Sheila tells me as we reenter our office.

“Yes ma’am,” I say, trying to hide my smile before heading to the bathroom to cleanup.

Sitting back at my desk, I glance across from me at Thomas and Debbie and see them busily typing away. Had it been one of them outside the conference room door? Or worse yet, had Guard Lansbury come looking for me and been directed back to that conference room?

Shaking my head, I try to get back to work but can’t shake the thought of Lansbury, or of being watched. I need to find a way to apologize to the security guard and let her know I meant no harm. Even though I know it’s pointless, I write another email and send it to her, after brushing an ant off my desk.

The insect must have travelled in on my clothes. I think I’m going to need to call the landlord and get an exterminator to my apartment.

By the time I’m done for the day, I have no response and no return on the read receipt.

The trip home is fast, as expected, and I just let the Orange Bubble have its way. I wonder why I never get pulled over, or even have any traffic problems, and just guess that it’s another trick the Cyclopes put into my vehicle. Maybe it can go invisible like Angela can.

My girlfriends had told me last night that they would stop back by tomorrow. I’d found out that Lisa is a martial arts instructor, mainly focusing on Aikido. In the evenings she goes to the local college to get her business degree. She’d invited me to train in her dojo, and I think I’ll take her up on it. Who knows when that might come in handy?

Becky, on the other hand, goes to college during the day, working towards a law degree and working as an intern for one of the prominent law firms.

Personally I’m jealous of their ambition. Both of them will likely be a lot more successful than I am.

I ignore Brooke’s door but find mine unlocked. I must have forgotten to lock up when I left. I’ll have to work harder on that. Sometimes my memory isn’t the best. I head for the kitchen to figure out something for dinner. I’m still a little down but think that maybe a good meal will help my spirits rise.

Another small red ant crawls across the counter as I’m cutting up some chicken, and I crush it under my finger before getting back to my cooking. It does strike me as odd that an ant would be all the way up here. Maybe it came in with someone and is lost now?

Mixing all of my ingredients, I throw it in the oven to wait.

And kill two more ants. Did some kid’s science experiment or ant farm break? No, more likely came in with the flowers. No matter, they’re dead now.

I go to look at the flowers, wanting to make sure all the ants are dead, but my phone rings, startling me, and I go over to answer it. I know a lot of people eschew having a landline, but I’m always so forgetful with my cell, half the time even forgetting to charge it. Also, I can give this number out for work or business stuff, keeping my cell for personal use. I pat the small phone in my pocket, just to make sure I even have it on me.

“Hello?” I ask into the handset.

There is silence on the other end for a couple moments, and I’m about to repeat my question, starting to get the creeps, when the person finally speaks.

“Um, Mr. Snow?”

The voice is quiet and hard to make out but somehow familiar and definitely feminine.

“Yeah, you got me,” I reply, trying to sound relaxed. Why do I feel a shiver running down my spine?

There is an almost imperceptible laugh before she continues. “D-did you mean what you said?” She pauses and I wrack my brain for any clue as to what she’s talking about. “In the email,” she thankfully clarifies.

“Jennifer?” I ask, finally recognizing the voice. She must have gotten my number from work.

“Yeah, sorry, guess that would help,” she tells me but seems very nervous.

“Of course I meant it,” I tell her. “I never meant to hurt you. You’ve always been a friend to me.” Despite what happened between us this morning, it feels a little odd to hear her so insecure, and without making any nasty jokes.

“C-can you come meet me?” she asks, and again I wonder at her change in attitude.

“Of course, where at?” I’m not really in the mood to do anything sexual with the large woman, but I feel that deep down I need to mend our friendship. And yes, truth-be-told I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her enormous knockers.

She gives me an address, which I write down along with her number from the caller ID, and hang up.

Why do I still feel creeped out?

“I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere, Lyden Snow,” a deep baritone voice sounds behind me. Something is odd in the tone, almost like there is chittering or clacking in it, and I spin around to see who’s in my apartment. “Your protective threshold is weak. Killing you will be easy.”

I’m not prepared for what I find as I turn around. Red ants, thousands if not millions of them are gathering together in the middle of my living room. The floor looks like it’s broiling and bubbling with so many insects. The voice seems to be coming from their center as they pile up and come together, almost looking like a reverse avalanche on a small hill.

Where did they all come from? Some currently unimportant part of my brain wonders, while the more pertinent side of me demands I flee immediately. Unfortunately, neither side is talking to my knees or feet, which are shaking but otherwise immobile.

In horror, I watch as the ants make two columns that come together at the top, and then continue building. The mass writhes and moves in an unsettling manor as the ants continue to build. Too late, I realize that they’re building a body, as the now noticeable chest is completed and two ant-made arms grow from the shoulders. The head is the last to form, and while everything is still the red of the small ants, subtle shading gives me the impression of a humanoid face. That is, if human faces had long mandibles protruding from the sides of their mouth.

The mandibles move, and the deep voice now seems to come from the head of this monster as it speaks.

Terror infuses my bones at its words, and I find myself rooted to the floor, hardly able to think much less speak.

“TanaVesta sends her greetings and thanks for your help in defeating two of the Pillars. Unfortunately for you, she has also commanded your death. Seems you’re too dangerous to leave alive.” Those words are the only warning I get, before the things maw opens wide and a gout of flame comes pouring forth.

On the counter I notice that the flowers that Becky and Lisa had thought were from me are wilted and dead. Why do I notice such trivial things when a fiery death is hurtling towards me?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing.

I read all of your comments, and take all your advice to heart. If you see any mistakes, or have any advice, please let me know, so that I may improve upon tis story.

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