Author notes:
Apologize for rushing part 4. Had a lot going on when writing it, and didn't get to go through it with a steady pace. No one noticed, but correction on days. Part three is Saturday. Part 4 should be Monday. July does not have school on Sunday.
This story I've decided to go with Tom coming into the picture. My plan for this story is to build a background. It will not have a sex session like previous stories. Next one will have sex you can count on it.
Enjoy, and feedback is greatly appreciated!


Kari jumps in the shower as Tom is slow today. Warms her pussy up as she waits for him. A few minutes of cleaning herself he still hasn't appeared. She turns the shower off, grabs a towel, and walks into the bedroom to see Tom in bed still. Alarm and snooze went off.

"Honey, got a headache today" Tom says weakly looking at his wife with blurry eyes.

She walks over standing above him feeling his forehead "would you like me to go to the office today?" He nods before turning away to get some extra sleep. Today plans are shot for her. An all out sexfest day with Ben and Tia would have been seeking all these years.

Once downstairs she sees July watching television as Ben and Tia make out in the kitchen. Her body screamed for that same touch, but would have to pass today. "July get your stuff it is time for school!" Ben and Tia break it up as July passes by between them and Kari waving her backpack around.

"Ready for today?" Tia asks her as Ben kisses her neck.

"No, got to head to the office today" she replies walking up to them noticing Tia doesn't have a bra and Ben has his cock pushing to escape his shorts "Tom has a headache."

"Oh!?" Ben surprised and disappointed by this news. It meant no threesome today.

"Tomorrow it will be" Tia says to her before receiving a kiss on the lips by her.

Kari pulls away only wanting a few seconds of pleasure from both. She kisses Ben next as he slides his fingers into her pants collecting some pussy juice. He sticks his fingers between the three of their noses as they collect a whiff of arousal. "Smells good" Kari replies leaving with a morning bar in her hands. Sexual drive is going to drive her crazy all day long. Ben and Tia lick and share the pussy juices from Kari.

"I'm going for a swim" Ben tells her walking away.

Smiling wickedly she asks him "naked?" Her response is him dropping his shorts and tee shirt in the living room as he walks butt naked outside. Desiring to go with him her duty is to serve the whole family. She makes breakfast in bed for Tom and heads up to meet him.

Entering the master bedroom it is empty. Unmade bed with no one there. Bathroom door opens with Tom nude drying off his hair. She gasps nearly dropping his breakfast.

Tom quickly covers his privates feeling more embarrassed then she is. "So...sorry I didn't know!" He says looking at her.

Frozen staring at where his cock was before he covered up. Tia slowly getting her heartbeat down replies "that is alright I figured you may want your breakfast up here."

"Put it down on the bed" Tom remains still as he watches her place his meal on the bed.

She moves away from the bed keeping her head down out of respect "anything else Tom?"

"One more thing Tia" Tom moves to the bed sitting next to the food before he asks her "would you like to hear a story."

"What type of story?"

"How I went through two divorces to end up here"

Sits on the other side of the breakfast quietly waiting for him to begin.

"College I met Ashley my first wife. Both of us were blonde. We shared a similar path, and got to the point where we were perfect match. Got married after graduation in fact it was a week after. Fell into cycle living together, and working for two different companies. Moving up the social ladder was a breeze back then.

Four or five years after college things changed in a good way at first. Ben was born. Has my looks, and his mother's brains. Perfect didn't last long though for us Morgan clan. Few years later Ashley moves to a company that owns the company that I work for. I quickly get promoted to head of my company through her.

Ben turned ten things got ugly. I head over to Ashley's company to work out financial issues between our companies. The meeting turned out to be the start. I was being told the company I work for is being shut down and replaced with a newer product from someone else. Ashley I find out later on was behind the whole idea.

Week or two later Ashley hands me divorce papers not wanting to be associated with me at work. Within six months the company I worked at shut down. During the divorce trial I was losing everything from job, to house, and wife. The only thing she did not want was Ben. After the company shut down she moved up the ladder going to the New York city. She paid alimony for him until he turned 18 earlier this year. Never received a call or any way of getting a hold of her.

Second wife a redhead bombshell I met at another job a year later. Her name was Angie. Ben and I lived in an apartment at this time still recovering from the divorce. We began working on projects together at work, sharing drinks, and seeing each other in a sexual way. Few months in our relationship I propose foolishly. Thankfully she accepts. Ben never cared a rats ass for her. Both of us were focused on projects at work and at home. We never did have a life. Our sex life died after the honeymoon.

A year later the two of us are working on a project that could make us both partners at the firm. We decided to separate from the project for a weekend. She went her way, and I went mine. I headed to a strip club to take my mind off of things.

They announce her name as I am ge tting a few drinks in. Her name is Cleopatra a stunning young black girl comes out with a gold laced thin see threw robe. Underneath she wore leopard bra with a purple string bikini. Her ass as smooth as baby skin, and oh so plump. My eyes were locked on that body as it moved around the pole.

After she left I went to talk to some guard. Next thing I know I'm riding that ass. After that my mind goes blank. I wake up in my bed as she walks out of the shower. My mind reels it all in as my wife walks in as if it is normal. In fact she says she sleeps on the side with someone we are making a deal with. My mind is shocked.

Anyhow once the deal is over Angie and I divorce. She moves with a partner company, I become partner at the firm, and I give Cleopatra or Kari an internship at the firm. Soon after she is pregnant, we marry, and in no time she becomes my personal understudy to keep the company and me successful.

Are sex life was and still is active, but both of us are hungry for something more. As July grew we realized we need a live in maid to keep the home feeling like a home. You came in and I hope you can spice up our sex lives as well as keep this place well maintained. I'm no old pervert I just want to keep what Kari and I have. Only make stronger. What say you Tia?"

"I'll need to be paid more" Tia says realizing stealing money from this family is going to be difficult. Never has she seen such a drive for sexuality, but also closeness. She will be screwing every adult member of this family.

"Done" Tom replies "anything else?"

Tia thought about it for a moment before standing up in front of him "take that towel off Tom and you got yourself a deal!"

"This won't jeopardize my marriage will it?" Tom says concerned and horny to fuck another woman. His cock stirs underneath the towel.

"Your wife expressed the same concerns as you Tom" Tia replies as she takes her clothes off in front of him.

He takes the towel off, moves the breakfast half eaten to the floor, and leaps up to kiss Tia passionately.


Ben gets out of the pool to head inside to see if he can't sneak a quick fuck with the maid. He sees the first floor quiet and void of anyone. Heading upstairs he hears noises in his parents room. Walking over to take a peek he sees the maid doing her work.
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