As we moved south more mages joined us until there were over twenty wagons. I let Trinity, Nature and Dark deal with them and picked my own books to read and copy for myself. Storm opened up a lot more with Cara and Amanda helping her or corrupting her. My flock of birds spread themselves out among all the wagons and a couple more kittens had been adopted.

The forest was very old and teeming with life. We were almost to the afternoon clearing when the bandits struck. Grif was the first to see and screamed as he dove. Abby and George came with him as the wild magic exploded through me. There was a huge blossom of magic as a shield appeared around us.

Cara, Amanda and Storm were ahead riding my friends. I gestured and they were lifted and flew towards me as I moved Brandy off my lap and stood. Edward was shooting arrows into dirty unkept men as they charged from the trees. The four leopards had leaped off the wagon at the first warning and rushed the men.

Lightning and fire balls began raining down and I quickly reached out to change the fire into ice. A few minutes and the few men left were running. I gestured and they slammed to the ground. I climbed down and walked through the carnage as my friends moved back. I sank the dead into the ground as I went and moved the living together.

I glanced at Trinity and the other mages as they joined me. He opened a portal and I saw cells. Trinity waited until a thick man turned and left a cell he was checking, “My lord Trinity?”

Trinity smiled, “these men are brigands Henry and were caught attacking travelers.”

The man nodded, “I will let the emperor know.”

Nature gestured and the surviving men floated through the portal and it closed. One of the mages turned to me almost angrily, “you changed my spell!”

I nodded and looked at the others, “fire in these woods is more of a danger.”

The mage looked around with the others as they realized where they were. I smiled, “there is plenty of dead wood here if you want to make guards.”

They looked at each other and I sighed. The wild magic still filled me and I reached out to bring dead wood to me. I absently merged it and shaped a female centaur with her own bow. I murmured the spells that brought her to life and she shifted and stomped her feet before looking at me. I looked around, “like that.”

Several laughed and one grinned, “we don’t have your power.”

I glanced at Trinity, “I could make them for you I guess.”

He snorted, “not an army, your father had a lot of complaints about his guards.”

I turned to my wagon, “with this many wagons five or six each would be enough.”

I gestured to Edward and climbed up and sat before pulling Amanda onto my lap and Storm against my side. I glanced down at the new centaur as she walked beside us, “your name?”

She smiled, “Pam.”

I gestured to Edward at the head of my team, “get with Edward and he will teach you what you need to know.”

She trotted towards the front and George cleared his throat as he took her place, “you need smaller scouts to see through the brush and trees.”

I looked at him and then up into the branches of the trees beside the trail. Abby and Grif had returned to the sky but George stayed beside the wagon. It was a few minutes before we entered the clearing for travelers and started making camp. My father and the caravan had been here before because there was already a fire platform in the middle.

I opened the wagons and thought before letting the wild magic fill me. I reached down into the earth to feel and then grinned as I gestured. Stones rose up beside the fire platform and created a large basin. Several moments later a fountain of water rose ten feet into the air before splashing back into the basin.

I grinned as a few of the mages came from their wagons to look. Dark cleared her throat as I turned to go towards my wagon, “its an artisan well.”

I slipped into the kitchen and put my arm around Storm. I pulled her to a chair as I sat and opened my robe. She laughed happily as she straddled me and stroked my cock. She lifted and slowly impaled herself before starting to rock and thrust. I rubbed Brandy’s butt when she walked by smiling, “I made an artisan well beside the fire platform if you girls want to soak.”

She grinned and bent to kiss me, “you need to change the bath water.”

Cara and Amanda chuckled as I turned my attention back to Storm. She was becoming erratic and her slippery pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy milked my cock and she began to keen. I caressed her hips and Brandy bent to cup her breasts and rub the nipples.

Storm broke into song that made the heart race. She thrashed and wiggled and jerked as her pussy continued to squeeze and grasp my cock. Kim walked in and grinned as she bent to kiss Storm’s cheek, “it’s a good thing you soundproofed your wagon.”

Cara and Amanda laughed as Brandy turned to embrace Kim and kiss her passionately. Storm’s song crested and her eyes rolled up as my cock swelled and throbbed. I pulled her close as it erupted in a thick fountain of cum. She jerked and shook as I pumped strong spurts of cum. When I stopped she fell against me panting.

Kim laughed as she moved out of Brandy’s arms, “she pass out again?”

I hugged Storm as her warm pussy continued to grasp my cock, “yes. Mother Sofie told me once that as her pregnancy progressed she became more stimulated.”

I tilted Storm’s head as her breathing slowed and she blinked. A moment later she opened her eyes and smiled, “Hi.”

I hugged her and lifted her so my cock would come out, “we need to start doing that only in the bed so you can sleep all night.”

She grinned as the others laughed. I sat her beside me and looked at Kim, “where did you go?”

She snorted, “a girl has to make money. I was shopping for the others.”

I nodded and moved to hold Amanda as she sat in my lap, “they tell you about the bandits?”

Kim moved Brandy and Cara to seats before sitting, “yeah.”

Dinner drifted to the table and like she had started to do, Kim dished it out. Cara and Amanda both grinned at this since Kim had yet to make love to me. I glanced at the girls, “my girls did a little visiting today.”

She grinned as the girls giggled, “get your tummies full of sperm?”

They grinned and Cara reached out to rubbed Kim’s nipples through her robe, “and licked a few pussies.”

Kim laughed and looked at me, “finish the text you were reading?”

I nodded and she sighed, “sometimes I wish I liked reading but it never interested me.”

After dinner I pulled the girls outside and emptied the bath wagon before refilling it with water from the well. Chairs around the fire platform varied, some were even couches. I wasn’t surprised to see the leopards on couches with their heads in laps. I shook my head and Kim grinned as she pulled me to my spot, it was always left open for me.

While the girls moved around talking to mages or the few servants with them Kim sat in my lap. I sighed as I thought of scouts and turned to look around, “Edward!”

A moment later he and Pam trotted up. Kim laughed and shook me as I looked from her to him, “any foxes around?”

He nodded, “I saw signs.”

I thought for a minute, “George said we should have small scouts.”

Pam cleared her throat, “fox riders?”

I blinked and then grinned and turned, “Cara!”

She turned and crossed to me, “da?”

I shook my head as Kim pinched her nipple, “master.”

Cara shuddered and then grinned, “but if I say da you play with my nipples.”

Kim laughed, “just wait until bedtime.”

I held up a hand, “I need all the rabbit skins you and Amanda have been saving.”

She frowned and I sighed, “I will ask the leopards to hunt for more and Edward and Pam can to.”

She grinned, “I bet Pam gets more.”

I didn’t look at Edward as I gestured, “go.”

I let the wild magic surge and fill me. Kim shuddered as she felt it and merged her power with mine, “what are we doing?”

I smiled, “I need wood and a little crystal.”

We reached out around the whole camp and into the forest. Dead limbs and trees lifted and began moving towards us as I reached further, “merge it when it reaches us and make a solid tower.”

The amount was staggering as more and more wood began moving. I was a little surprised when first Trinity and then Dark and Nature merged with us. A moment later others slipped in to add their strength and we reached further still. I finally felt each mage leave the merge until it was just Kim and I.

I summoned crystal, pebbles and chunks and veins floated out of the forest and merged into a sphere. Kim finally slipped out and I stopped and looked at the huge tower of wood and the sphere of crystal. Cara was waiting with Amanda and their arms were full of tanned rabbit skins. I nodded and reached to the top of the wood to separate some.

It split and then split again until there were thirty small blocks of wood. Kim grinned as I murmured a spell and half the small blocks shifted and almost seemed to melt and form a skeleton of a tiny man. I gestured to half the rabbit skins and they separated and went to each skeleton with tiny orbs of green crystal for eyes.

I grinned and whispered and the fur changed color to a light green. Kim, Cara and Amanda laughed as I began the spells to bring them to life. They seemed to shudder and stretch before looking around. I smiled, “wait for your other half.”

I looked at the other blocks and began shaping them into fox skeletons. I took most of the remaining skins and wrapped the fox skeletons before changing the color to a dark green with more green crystal eyes. I murmured the spells to bring them to life and sat back when I was done. Kim laughed and reached up for wood and then used one rabbit skin.

She made tiny bows and arrows and floated them to each tiny man. I shook my head, “stay inside the camp wards at night. While we move you split up and scout ahead.”

They nodded and began walking away. I sighed and looked at Kim, “can you do human eyes made of crystal?”

She grinned, “what color?”

I laughed, “just keep each pair matched please.”

I looked at the wood as the wild magic filled me again. I gestured as I began murmuring a spell, a moment later and wooden man floated to the ground carrying a bow. As soon as Kim fitted eyes to him, he moved back and stood waiting as another took his place.

Slowly the tower of wood shrank until finally it was gone and a small army of wooden bowmen stood crowded together. I pulled six out and gestured to one of the wagons and they walked towards it. After the last ones walked away I stood and stretched. I took Kim’s hand and looked around to see almost everyone in their wagons.

I walked to my wagon and closed the door after us before turning Kim and slipping her robe off. Storm, Brandy, Cara and Amanda were in bed sleeping. I sent my robe to the basket and pulled Kim to bed. I laid her down and kissed her before moving down her body as she sighed, “You going to fuck me?”

I bit her clit gently, “Yes.”

She shuddered as her hips jerked up. She ran her fingers through my hair as I began to lick through her pussy and tease her clit. She started shivering and moaning and a couple of minutes later she was arching her back. She shuddered hard and wailed as she began to thrash and twist.

I moved up her body as she panted and kissed her before lifting and slowly pushing into her. She groaned as my cock spread her tight pussy and I began to fuck her slowly. It was awhile before I hit the back of her pussy and she arched her back again as she wailed. I continued to fuck her as she shuddered and shook.

Her pussy was slipperier and kept grasping my cock. She clutched me a few minutes later and howled as she began to thrash and buck. I fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock each time to hump and grind. I took my time and let the wild magic fill me to keep control. Kim came five times and was incoherent as she jerked and shuddered under me.

I buried my cock and kissed her as I began gushing cum into her womb. She lifted and tilted her hips as she held me tight, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

It was awhile before I was done. I kissed her again and let the wild magic go before pulling out and laying beside her. She was panting and Cara rolled over against her and sucked on a nipple, “welcome to being a woman.”

Kim shuddered and grinned before turning her head to see me, “thank you.”

I smiled and lay back, “don’t worry about Cara and Amanda, I’m fucking them both in the morning.”

She laughed as Cara grinned and Amanda giggled. I dimmed the light and gestured towards the other side of the bed. Brandy lifted and floated over the others and settled on me. I caressed her hips and back as she sighed and put her head on my shoulder. My dreams were filled with trees and a girl with long green hair.

The dream changed suddenly to Tammy on the deck of her barge fighting a kraken. I snapped awake and pushed the girls away as I fought my way off the bed. Wild magic exploded inside me as I ran for the door and leaped out as a portal opened.

I landed on the deck of the barge as it tilted wildly and growled as I lashed out and ripped the tentacle tearing at the ship apart. I snapped a shield around Tammy as another lashed at her. She sagged as I stalked toward the kraken and created a huge spear of ice. I gestured and the spear slammed down into the water.

The ship bucked and was tossed as a huge roar shook the land and water. The body of the kraken exploded out of the river as a dozen more tentacles lashed towards the deck of the ship. I let the wild magic lose and ripped them apart as I murmured a spell that frozen the river and locked the beast in solid ice.

I reached the rail and snarled as I used the wild magic to reach out and shred the kraken. Silence returned as I glared at the empty place in the ice and slowly calmed. I murmured a spell and the ice shifted and surged as it melted. I turned and looked around the splintered deck and started for Tammy.

I used the wild magic to merge the wood of the ship to make it solid. Tammy ran to me and hugged me as she cried and I finally let the wild magic go, “I probably scared every mage in the world.”

She shuddered, “it killed my sprites.”

I looked around, “It shouldn’t be this far up a river either.”

She nodded before taking a deep breath and stepping back. I turned at the approach of the captain with the crew grumbling as they followed after. He smiled weakly, “the crew think it attacked because you were on board. They want you off the ship.”

I straightened, “My sister is not to blame. The kraken should not be this far from the ocean.”

He sighed as the crew shifted and grumbled behind him and Tammy touched my shoulder, “I doesn’t matter Amerlyn, the sprites that weren’t killed have fled and won’t return.”

She looked around, “there is nothing for me here now.”

I looked at her and she straightened and whispered a spell. Trunks began appearing a few moments later and I looked at the captain and crew, “I will not forget this, nor will my family.”

They looked at each other as Tammy touched my shoulder, “take me to your wagon.”

I let the wild magic fill me before gesturing and a portal appeared. I let her move her trunks through before holding her hand and walking after them. I let the portal go when we stepped out beside the fire platform. All the mages were there, including many others. I smiled slightly as I let Tammy go to run straight into father’s arms.

Brandy, Storm, Cara and Amanda crashed into me and I staggered as Trinity cleared his throat, “we need an explanation Amerlyn.”

I hugged the girls and kissed each before moving them back and looking around, “A kraken attacked Tammy’s barge.”

The crowd murmured and I waited for it to quiet as I watched Trinity. He held up his hand, “QUIET!”

I smiled at mom and winked before looking at Trinity again, “It wasn’t one of the thirty.”

That drew a gasp and a lot more talk as even more mages began to appear, including the rest of the mage council. I sighed and let a little of the wild magic fill me before whispering a spell and throwing it into the sky above. There was a surging crash and then the whole scene from when I stepped through the portal and onto the deck began to replay.

Mom slipped to my side and kissed my cheek as she wrapped a robe around me. I waited until the scene ended and let the illusion fade away. I looked at Trinity and the council, “that wasn’t one of the thirty and it was a week up river from the ocean. The kraken have began to breed and we know what that means.”

There were a lot of murmurs and Trinity lifted up his hand, “and we felt your magic as if it were the sun.”

I smiled as I turned to head for my wagon, “I have told you before what I am, you should listen better.”
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