I glanced at the storm clouds as I finished loading the stasis crates aboard the hover train. I grabbed my pack and swung up to nod to the engineer. My ranch was two thousand kilometers from the port and I rarely went in. My ranch had been in my family for four generation but now I was the last of my family.

Every five years I gathered cattle and butchered them before shipping them to the port. I was twenty and slim with firm breasts and long red hair. To be honest I wasn’t really attracted to men and no I wasn’t into other women. I sat in one of the few seats in the engine cab and watched the world slid by.

When we reached the port I had vehicles waiting and we off loaded. I had over a hundred thousand kilos of beef I needed to sell. I walked into the ranchers auction house and looked around. A flashy dressed man stood, “looking for a man sweet thing?”

I snorted, “not likely. I’m looking to sell beef.”

He smiled, “well you came to the right place. There is a Kaire cargo ship in port, I’ll take all the beef you have.”

Of course he only wanted to pay a quarter of last years prices. I finally shook my head and turned, “find another sucker piker.”

I walked out and thought about what he said and grinned as I waved to the drivers and swung up into the lead vehicle, “the starport.”

While he started moving I used my comp to find the name of the Kaire ship and then used my comm to call them. I spoke with the cargo master and knew before we even reached the ship that I would sell to them. I climbed down when we stopped and grinned at the old Kaire. The two males with him were younger.

From the instant I saw them my pussy was wet and I was horny. They was Tazmen and Simon, Tazmen was silver with black strips and Simon was golden with black spots. They were both sixteen and frisky, with tails swishing behind them constantly. It was strange because I couldn’t look away and they knew it and would laugh.

I bargained and made a deal with the cargo master that was four times more than I had made the last time. After we finished unloading the crates I was reluctant to leave. I wanted the two toms as they were called and I didn’t care if anyone knew. The first officer had been watching and took my hand as the last vehicle pulled away, “come.”

I blinked as she pulled me after her and into the huge ship. She stopped to whisper to another Kaire female before pulling me after her again. She stopped in what I realized was a med bay. She closed the hatch and gestured to a chair, “you wish to mate with my nephews.”

I blushed but nodded, “very badly.”

She smiled, “Kaire mate for life.”

I hesitated as I thought of the two again and she sighed, “but you can not choose between them.”

I shook my head in embarrassment and she giggled, “two toms and one she, you will be in for constant sex.”

I blushed as I closed my legs with a tingle rushing through my pussy, “god I hope so.”

She smiled, “but...”

I looked at her and she moved to rub my cheek, “you are human and they are Kaire. What of children?”

I blinked as heat almost exploded in my womb and I wet myself while I shuddered, “ooohhh!”

She laughed, “so would you make them get a testicle graft or would you have Kaire ovaries implanted?”

I shook as I stammered, “I will get an implant... please.”

She walked to a counter and returned as I rubbed my wet pussy through my pants. She touched my temple and everything went black. I woke in a bed and naked under a sheet. I turned to look around and froze when I saw Tazmen and Simon. The tingle in my pussy was back as I watched them asleep on other narrow beds like the one I was on.

I turned when the hatch opened and the first officer walked in. She smiled and crossed to the bed, “everything went perfectly. Four Kaire ovaries were implanted successfully.”

I grinned and looked at the two toms, “um...”

She laughed and moved to wake them, “lazy toms.”

They sat up before slipping off the beds and I almost creamed myself again when I saw them naked. I sat up and the sheet slipped down and off my bare breasts. Tazmen stepped close to cup a breast and smile, “we see you.”

I shuddered at the feel of his hand on my breast. Shocks raced from my nipple straight to my pussy and the first officer leaned close, “repeat this, I see you and claim you for my own.”

I took a breath as I fought for sanity, “I see you and claim you for my own.”

He grinned and turned to look at Simon who had a grin as big as his. The first officer moved Tazmen’s hand, “do not touch her until you mate. She is in heat and needs you but wait until you have taken her home.”

I blinked as I remembered my ranch, “home... I have a ranch.”

The first officer smiled, “I know duck. Take the boys home. We will visit next time we come.”

She shooed them away and I started to protest and she laughed, “soon, you will have them soon.”

She helped me off the bed and into my clothes before taking me out into the busy corridor. I found my pack in the airlock and a moment later Tazmen and Simon appeared with a ship bag apiece. I realized I had made a choice and changed my life. I smiled and reached out to rub Simon’s cheek before looking at the first officer, “how can I ever thank you?”

She rubbed my cheek, “treat my nephews well and you will have thanked me more than enough.”

I nodded and took a deep breath before walking out onto the lift. My mind was whirling but I was thinking ahead as I called for a port transport. I had a few supplies to buy and then I rented a flyer and we headed home. Tazmen we looking out the window as the land flashed by below us and Simon started to reach towards me before stopping, “Mate?”

I smiled, “my name is Sara.”

He smiled, “Sara. I was to tell you they had to remove your implant so if you wish to wait...”

I looked at him and then Tazmen as my pussy sent shocks through my womb to my nipples. The thought of them fucking a baby into... I froze and wet myself as the first officer’s words came to me. Four Kaire ovaries were implanted successfully. I shuddered and moaned and he caught the stirring yoke, “Sara?”

I groaned and closed my legs as I took the yoke, “don’t talk of babies right now.”

Tazmen laughed and pulled him away, “smell her Simon and leave her alone before we crash.”

I glanced at him and then at Simon, “I can’t wait and I don’t care if you get me pregnant.”

He grinned and looked at Tazmen, “if we have to smell her much longer she may be in heat but we will be in rut.”

He laughed and reached out suddenly to rub my cheek, “Sara can hold it until we find her bed.”

I shuddered as I leaned into his hand before he pulled it away. I was almost panting when I saw the ranch buildings and slowed. I set down in front of the house and climbed out before quickly grabbing boxes and bags to unload. I checked before setting the auto pilot to return and closed the hatch.

I waited until it began lifting and turned to start for the front door as I started stripping and growled. The two followed me and laughed as they undressed. I went through the living area and down the hall and into my bedroom before Tazmen caught me and lifted me. He licked under and behind my ear and I shuddered as he laid me on the bed.

Simon pushed my legs open and Tazmen moved to suck on my nipples. I had tingling shocks exploding in my breasts and pussy. I arched my back and spread my legs as I squirted and screamed. Simon captured my clit and sucked while using his tongue and I spasmed and jerked while holding Tazmen to my breast, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I bucked and wiggled as they licked and sucked and the crashing pleasure roared through me. I writhed and thrashed and Tazmen moved away, “fuck her or I will.”

Simon looked up before moving up my body to rub his cheek against me. I was panting and humping as he pressed and humped and I froze. His cock suddenly emerged and spread my pussy as it sank into me. His cock stretched me and surging shocks spread heat from my pussy to my breasts and then into my mind.

He humped slowly but kept driving his thick cock into me deeper. I had to spread and lift my legs to make room as his cock pushed against my cervix. I was humping and my pussy kept trying to grasp his cock as I grunted and shook hard. He continued to shove his thick cock into me and licked my neck and jaw as I felt his cock swell.

I was twisting and shoving up each time he buried his cock and screamed when he started peeing cum straight through and into my womb. I clutched him as he continued to hold me and his cock throbbed while sending huge spurts of hot sperm into me. I bucked and wiggled but he held me until he was done and slowly pulled out before moving aside.

I didn’t even have time to adjust or think of Tazmen as he moved over me and growled before humping and driving his thicker cock into my slimy pussy. I jerked as I stiffened and my pussy clenched while it tried to hold the large cock spreading my cunt open. I grabbed Tazmen and held on as he began to fuck me long, hard and deep.

I wailed and kicked in the air as I thrashed and thrust up for his cock. He licked my neck and nipped me as he continued to fuck me and whispered, “we are breeding you mate.”

I gasped and my pussy tightened before I bucked and humped and struggled and pulled him in and out desperately. Shocking tingles raced back and forth through my pussy as I fucked him. He was fucking me firmly and planting his thick monster in my cervix. When Simon reached between us to tug on a nipple it was like sparks igniting dynamite.

There were explosions in my belly and my pussy and my breast and my mind. I was convulsing as I squirted and howled while Tazmen shoved into me with a grunt. The huge eruption of hot sperm flooding my womb was to much. It was like a wave of warmth filling me and my stiff body jerked in spasms before my eyes rolled up and I fainted.

I woke to both of them feeling and caressing my body. I smiled and Tazmen chuckled before rolling me onto my stomach. Simon moved over me as I tilted my hips and he humped and I felt his growing cock sink into my slimy pussy. I shuddered and squeezed my pussy around his cock as he pulled back and began to fuck me long and deep.

It was hours before I fell asleep exhausted with the two boys holding me. I woke to an empty bed and looked around before slowly moving off the bed. I looked between my legs at all the sperm crusting my pussy and leaking out. I grinned at the feel and walked into the fresher to shower. I could see the boys had washed as I cleaned myself before getting out.

I found them in the kitchen and saw our clothes and the supplies in the other room. I gave Tazmen’s tail a tug as I walked past, “you burning the food?”

He grinned as Simon caught me and pulled me against him, “Trying not to.”

I held Simon as I felt his cock sheath against me and my pussy became wet. He rubbed my cheek before turning me and letting me go, “show us our new home after we eat?”

I was tempted to pull him to bed again but pushed him and Tazmen away from the heating unit. I made a big breakfast before they cleaned up as I put some of the supplies away. I went to dress and grinned at the two as they stayed naked. I saddled horses and showed them how to ride before heading out. I had a guide to direct me to one of the herds.

The boys were awkward when we started but they were quick to catch on. The wide open land had an effect and I could see the way they took deep breaths and their eyes brightened. Their tails were swishing around and I grinned as I looked at them. I stopped a few hours later when we were beside a stream and swung down before letting the horse graze.

Tazmen caught me and spun me around as he laughed. I held him as I felt my pussy aching and reached between us to feel and rub his cock sheath. He humped and Simon pulled me away before stripping me. I went to my hands and knees when he let me go and Tazmen knelt behind me.

He felt and rubbed my pussy and I pushed back as tingles and shocks of pleasure exploded in my belly. I groaned and shuddered as I put my head and shoulders down and he shifted. I pushed back when I felt him hump and suddenly his growing cock spread my pussy as it pushed into me.

I spread my knees as I squeezed his cock and he pulled back. I moaned at the feel of his cock when he began to fuck in and out. His almost hot cock stretching my pussy had warmth and shocks of pleasure spreading into my belly. He fucked me with long thrusts that kept hitting my cervix and I started panting and spasming a few minutes later.

When he fucked me hard and deep I began to wail and convulse while wetting him. My pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing as it tried to hold his thick cock inside me. It was several more minutes of his cock pounding me into bless before he shoved in and held my hips. He grunted and I screamed as he peed hot sperm through and into my womb.

I jerked and spasmed as he held me and the heat of his cum rushed through my body. My greedy pussy was trying to milk his cock as he slowly humped and jabbed while flooding me. When he stopped cumming he let go and I sank to the grass as he pulled his cock out. I didn’t have time to sigh or relax as Simon took his place.

He lifted my hips before humping and thrusting into my slimy pussy. I grunted as his cock speared all the way into me and pushed back for the whole thing, “YES!”

He chuckled with Tazmen and began to fuck me with long thrusts. My pussy was constantly trying to grasp his cock but was to slimy. I jerked back and forth while shuddering hard and wailing, “aaaahhhh!”

He continue to hold my hips as his cock slipped through my pussy and sent shocks of pleasure racing into my belly and then my breasts before the heat spread. My pussy clenched around his cock as it slipped constantly in and out while adding more lube. I jerked and twisted as the heat in my belly grew.

The only thing I could think of was the wonderful cock filling me. I howled and thrashed and screamed and spasmed before Simon yanked my hips back and I felt hot sperm pouring into me. I shoved back while squeezing my pussy, “YES!”

I kept pushing as I shuddered and jerked until Simon let me go and I sagged to the ground. I was panting as I felt cum leaking out of me. I looked at him and Tazmen who grinned, “ready to go?”

I groaned and slowly stood, “just you wait until we get home.”

They grinned and both hugged me and rubbed against me. I took my blouse and wiped the river of cum leaking out of me, “I better start bringing a towel.”

I stayed naked when I swung into the saddle and watched the boys climb into theirs slowly before heading away. I checked two of the herds before returning to the house. I showed the two how to care for the horses after unsaddling them. We were barely in the house before Tazmen lifted me in his arms and carried me to bed.

He sat and then rolled before humping and pushing his growing cock into my slimy pussy. I glanced at the door but Simon didn’t follow. Tazmen rubbed my cheek with his and licked my jaw, “this time it is just us.”

He pulled back before starting to fuck me. That was how they fucked me during the day, each would take me to bed while the other stayed out. It was a week later, I was in the house alone while the boys explored the ranch. I hesitated before caressing my pelvis and walking into the med room. I went to the holo program, “I need a full check for pregnancy.”

I laid back on the narrow bed as the diagnostic sphere lowered over me. I was bitting my lip and not sure if I wanted to be pregnant or not. The device beeped and rose up, “six embryos have been fertilized.”

I gasped, “six!”

“Affirmative. DNA results are processing.”

I moved off the bed slowly, six babies! I moved to the counter and several moments later six tiny spheres appeared. I expanded the first and blinked before smiling, “that is Tazmen’s.”

I pulled a data stick and recorded it before looking at the next one. I grinned, “now that might be Simon’s.”

When I pulled up the third I blinked, it was human and a girl and I smiled, “tricky first officer.”

I recorded it and moved to the forth which I thought was Simon’s daughter and the fifth was Tazmen’s son. The last was a little human boy and made me smile as I recorded it. I was singing in the kitchen when the boys came in and turned to smile at them, “you got me pregnant my frisky toms.”

They looked at each other before grinning and walking towards me. They stripped me right there in the kitchen and bent to suck on each nipple. I shuddered as the shocking pleasure went straight to my pussy, “ooohhh!”

Tazmen fingered my pussy as Simon rubbed my ass, “so how many and who is the father?”

I clung to him as I spread my legs, “both of you and six.”

That was the first time but not the last. They pampered me through each time like I was fragile until I growled and started pulling tails. They both sleep with me and share me equally. It is different with both of them as my mates but I wouldn’t change it if I could.
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