A 30 year old mother introduces her to sex for her 10 th birthday
Title: Barbara learns of her Daughter Tina's sexual Desires

Author; Williamburns

Codes: Incest, pedo. beast, piss M/m, F/f, orgy, F?F f/f.

This Story is fiction and not to be taking in any part as fact. I don't need comments on grammer or subject matter I'm writing for awards.

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Barbara, a mother of a preteen daughter teaches her about sex after she has seen many sexual acts with other teenagers. The story takes a twist and becomes very perverted.

As a independent real estate agent for the past 11 years Barb was doing very well for herself. Making very good commissions on her property sales. Being independent was a a big plus. She was able to purchase a home within her first 4 years as an agent.

The home she purchased was fairly new and quite roomy in a neighborhood that was supposed to develop into a large community. This didn't happen because of some old laws of the land. Now with only a few homes in the area it was know as the other side of the tracks.

With a lot of vacant lots and the old spur railroad tracks it left the area as a under develop community.

Many old buildings that were railroad property turned into play areas for the kids mostly teenagers to hang out in.

Barb loved the area because she loved being away from people. The closest neighbor was Mr. Jones with a 12 year old son. Between her place and his there were three large empty lots. She like that because she like to walk around her house with the shades drawn and only in panties and bra.

She heard rumors about Mr. Jones. That he was a pervert and love all types of sex. She never met the man personally. She really didn't care what he did.

Barb had her own perverted life style. She was having sex with her father since she was 9 and still was having sex with him at age 31. She loved the sex she was having with him.

When she was young her dad was very open with her letting her have her own way in sex. She could unload her feelings with him. He would let her talk anyway she wanted with him so all the filthy words were a turn on for her.

She loved cock and loved fucking him any time she had the chance. When Barb was in her 20's she got involved with a Bi girl friend for several years but, moved away when she was offered a lucrative job position out of state.

During her younger years when she was going to school for her real estate degree she and her so called boyfriend had drunken sexual fuck fest one night. She threw caution to the wind and became pregnant with Tina. Barb's dad was very concerned thinking it might be his because he was fucking Barb regularly and sometimes unloaded his hot cum in her throbbing cunt.

When she told her friend she was pregnant he left her and dumped all the responsibility on her.With her fathers help and her Bi girlfriends help she was able to get her degree and move on with her life.
That didn't stop Barb's sexual drive. She continued having sex with her dad and a few other men she met leading her into a perverted love for sex.

She remembered when her dad for the first time called her his personal whore at the age of 10 she embraced the title he gave her. Even as a child she loved being able to talk dirty using all the filthy words she knew but, only with her dad. This open her sex life more. Barb loved fucking and sucking cock and soon with anyone that would want to have sex with her.

Now years later Barb was sitting at her desk in her office wearing very skimpy panties and a bra that was to small. She like the way it push her 36 C cup tits together and forced her cleavage over her bra.
As she sat at her desk thinking of the fuck she had yesterday with dad made her cunt wet. Her juices began to flow, when she was extremely aroused her asshole would began to pulsate. Barb loved the feeling and this usually sent her to the bedroom to stuff her big dildo in her cunt and one up her asshole fucking herself like a whore.

Now at 31 years old with a nice set of tits and a tight ass that she loved showing off wearing her tight short skirts. Weighing only a 135 pounds with long brown hair she looked very sexy. She had a 9 year old daughter Tina that would be 10 in few weeks.

She was having problems with Tina. Tina had in the past several weeks became distant and rebellious and refused to tell Barb anything that was happening in her life and friends.

Also she began sleeping in the nude and walking around the house naked. Barb didn't care about her nudity but wanted know what brought this sexual urge about. Barb knew she had to talk with Tina and find out what the problem was with her.

Barb's world would never be the same after she found out what Tina knew and saw in the neighborhood. Barb at her desk when Tina walk in Barb's office naked.

"Mom can I go and play by my friend Jane later?"

Barb replied. "No honey, not until we have a long talk about what's wrong and your sassy attitude. I want you to tell me what's wrong honey, I'm your mother and I want to know if any thing is wrong."

"Oh no mom, I can't tell, you'll punish me. All my friends say the same thing. Mom's always punish you after you tell them, just like you did when I went by the old warehouse." Tina replied.

"Okay honey talk to me like you do to your friends. I won't punish you if your honest." Barb waiting for an answer.

"Mom I can tell my friends anything and they don't get angry or hate me. I only talk to my friends about stuff and I can say anything I want. They won't punish me like moms do."

"I want to be your friend. I promise I won't punish you or tell any one what you tell me. Cross my heart." Barb making a gesture of friendship with her daughter.

"Mom if you really want to be my friend and want me to tell you things I have to tell you in my own way." Tina replied.

"Okay honey, what do you want from me? Why haven't you cleaned your room for several days?" Barb asked.

"Mom take your panties and bra off and be naked like me and I will tell you. Just let me tell you like I talk with my friend Jane." Tina said.

Barb complied removing her panties and bra throwing them on the floor. Now standing naked in front of Tina. Tina started to tell Barb what was happening.

"Mom I can't clean my room because Ken and Barbie are aways fucking and don't want to be disturbed."

"Barbie is a fucking whore and Ken just wants to fuck her all the time. I know they can't fuck because Barbie doesn't have a cunt and Ken doesn't have a cock. its something Jane and I do to have fun." Tina looking at her mom.

"Honey were did you hear that from?" barb asked.

"All the older boys and girls talk about Barbie being a whore. The boys say she's a cock sucking whore."

"Tina were did hear all this stuff?" Barb asked.

"Down at the old warehouse. Jane and I watch some teenagers go in the old warehouse so we peeked in and we heard them talking. That wasn't all they did. Linda. Jane's sister was there also, and Billy Jones and a some other kids. They all got naked. Mom we watched the boys fuck the girls. The girls even let the guys put there cocks in the girls mouths and told them to suck there cock's. After awhile they shot cream all over the girls faces calling them fucking cunts and whores.

Linda told all the boys that she was the best fucking whore of all the girls and wanted to fuck all them."

Barb's cunt was very wet her asshole was spasming. She loved listening her her daughter explaining this perverted sex she watched.

"Tina is there anything else you want to tell me about Billy or Jane or Linda?"

Barb asking hoping to hear more about Billy and Linda.

"Mom the other day Jane and I were playing at the play ground. Jane ask if I wanted to see something that her parents do. We went back to her house and went in the garage. There's this old vent that hasn't been fixed and you can see right into Jane's parents bedroom. We look in and Lucy, Jim and Linda were fucking on the bed. Jim first fucked Linda for awhile then Lucy then both sucked his cock saying they were his special cunts. Then Jim fucked Linda from behind while she put her face down in her mother's cunt. Jim told Linda to eat her cunt and make her cum. Then after a while Linda and Lucy got on there knees and Jim fucked both of them from behind. Then they laid side by side and he shot his cum in their faces. After that they sucked his cock. Then Jane and I left so we wouldn't been seen and went back to the play ground. Tina said her dad plays with her little cunt sometimes."

Barb now extremely horny and excited about what she just heard. The Mill's family was into incest. Her cunt dripping juices on the carpet. Tina seen the wetness drip from Barb's cunt hole.

"Mom are you peeing? She asked.

"No honey mommy is very excited. I like you telling me everything. Don't tell anyone okay honey."

"No mom I won't. Mom when can I get fucked? I want to get fucked like Linda. Mom do you like fucking? Do you fuck those men that come over here sometimes?" Tina waiting for a reply.

"Yes, Tina to all your questions. I love fucking and being fucked." Barb just couldn't hold back her perverted feelings."

"Tina did you see anything else that I should know about?" Barb asked.

"Mom I saw Mr.Jones dog Buster fuck the other day in the kennel. He fucked a bitch. Mr. Jones let me watch them fuck. Mom his cock is big and long and red. Then Mr. Jones asked me if I been fucked yet. I told him no."

"Did you like watching the dogs fuck Tina? Barb asked.

"Oh yeah, that was really neat." Tina said with a big smile.

"Okay honey I think we cover enough for now. I want you to tell me everything you hear and see in the old warehouse and with the Mill's family okay honey. I won't punish you for anything." Barb now had Tina's confidence and trust.

Tina continued telling Barb about all the sex she seen in detail including the boys sucking each others cocks in the warehouse along with the lesbian sex with girls sucking each other cunts as the boys watched while the girls laid in a big circle.

Barb was very aroused by all the sex her daughter was witnessing and wanted her to to find out more about the neighbors.

A couple of weeks later Tina was playing over at Jane's house. Barb had some time to show a client a property they were interested in buying. As she drove to the property. Barb thinking of Tina's recent explanation of all the sex she had seen at the warehouse and the Mill's family. Tina had seen so much sexual activity in the pass couple weeks. The teenager boys and girls fucking in the old warehouse. Watching Mr. Jone's dog fucking in the kennel.

Barb knew that Tina wanted to know more about sex. The fact that she asked when she could start fucking was on Barb's mine.

Barb decided she would teach Tina more about sex. Tina had been a very good daughter telling her everything about the incest sex she seen peeking through the screen in the Mill's garage with Jane. Lucy, Jack and 16 year old Linda having incest sex. Thinking about how Tina described the scene of Jack fucking his daughter. His wife Lucy sucking Linda's cunt calling them whores and fucking cunts. Barb was very horny. Her asshole was pulsating and her cunt was wet with her own juices. Lost in thought as she drove. She drove right passed the house and the people waiting for her. She realized her mistake and turned around and met the people out in front.

It didn't take long with the showing. The people made an offer in writing. Barb excited about the offer told them she would drop off the paper work at her home office right away. They parted ways. Barb watched as they drove away then went back in the house and removed her panties and wiped her juicy wet cunt. Thinking of her next move with Tina.

How would she teach Tina about sex and make herself looked like the perfect mom in Tina's eyes. Barb had a plan. Barb stop at the strip mall were a porn shop was located. She picked up a small 4 inch inch dildo and a 6 inch that was 1 inch in diameter. several tubes of lube, ajar of desensitising cream. As she passed through the racks of slut clothes she notice a small pair of 3 inch strapped heel shoes like the porn girls wear.

Questioning the clerk she was told no shoe store handle these types of shoes.They did because they were for girls who did child modeling and were special order only. In the back room the clerk showed her a catalogue of the shoes. Most of the girls were naked and standing in the different types of strapped shoes. Barb picture Tina naked with those shoes on thinking how great she would look in them in those cum fuck me shoes. Barb order a black pair and would send the shoe size later to the clerk at the porn store. Barb paid for her items and left.

Barb dropped off the offer to purchase on her way home. This could be a 5,000 dollar commission she thought.

Barb's mined quickly went back thinking of Tina. As she drove home she stopped at the store pick up some items for Tina's birthday party and order her a cake.

Entering their neighborhood she passed the Mill's house. Counting the vacant lots between their house and her own. There were seven very big ones. Now she knew why the kids all hung around in the fields and at the old warehouse. No one could see them. Parking in the drive Barb looked around It was very open almost barren. She loved the feeling of the openness.

Barb went inside and put the dildo's and cream's in her bedroom. Now for dinner she and Tina would have a pizza and then after take care of the birthday party invitations. After wards she would show Tina her new toys. Barb wanted more then just showing Tina she wanted to see if she would response to her sexual advances.

On the table laid the list Tina made out for the friends she wanted to have over. Billy's name was at the top followed by Jane's the other friends of Tina's she didn't know. Nothing about what she wanted for her golden birthday 10 years old on the 10th of the mouth was special, Barb thought.

Just then the door open and Tina came rushing in.

"Mom,guess what I saw today?

"What honey, what did you see that's so exciting."

"Down at the old warehouse a a group of boys went inside and one was Billy, Mr. Jones boy. Jane and I went to see what they were going to do. We peeped through the cracks like we did before. There were four girls inside all naked laying on the floor. Three boys stood in line behind each girl. They fucked the girls one after the other. Mom I could see the cum running from the girls cunts and the boys cocks going in and out. They really fucked those girls hard. Jane and I didn't stay long because we didn't want to be seen."

"They sure do a lot of fucking in old building don't they honey."

"Mom that's not all. I help Mr. Jones catch his dog Duke that got loose. Back in the Kennel I got to see Duke's big cock. He was suppose to fuck the dog he was with in the kennel but he couldn't. His cock is bigger then Buster's kinda dark red and longer and thick. Mr.Jones asked me if I was fucking any one. I told him no but, I would like to. He kissed me on my cheek and felt my ass saying I was beautiful girl."

"Okay honey that's okay. Lets have pizza and then I have something special for you. Mom is going to show something you really might like."

"Mom for my special birthday I want to get fucked. I want Mr.Jones to fuck me."

Barb wasn't at all surprised comments and desires. Mr. Jones was not Barb's first choice of men.

"Honey do you really trust your mom." Barb asked.

"Yes of course." Tina replied.

"I can't promise you anything but, if you do like I tell you I just might be able give you that special Birthday fuck you want." Barb smiling watching Tina's mouth open in surprise.

"Will you really let me get fucked,your the best mom. I love you mom." Tina all excited with Barb's reply jumping up and hugging and kissing her.

Later that night as promised Barb took Tina in her bed room were they both got naked. Barb was very excited and nervous about what she was going to do.

Tina how would you like to be a little whore just like I was at your age." She laughed."

"Mom, you were a whore ? Really you'll will let be like you?"

"Yes honey its time for you to learn more about sex."

Barb open the dildo's one at time showing Tina the different sizes. Opening the creams and explaining how they would be used in her cunt,asshole and mouth.

"Tina get on the bed and spread your legs I'm going to insert this in your cunt so you'll know what cock may feel like. Its small so it won't hurt."

Tina very anxious to feel the dildo in her cunt spread her legs wide open. Holding her cunt hole open as Barb instructed her to do with her hands.

"Oh Tina you spread your cunt lips very nice, I'm proud of you. Now let me insert this in your cunt. When it's in you I'll turn the vibrator on so you can feel it in your cunt. I'll play with your clit so can feel the tingling in your cunt. It will feel good and tickle a little."

"Okay mommy is it like being fucked."

"No honey it just makes your cunt feel good. Fucking is a lot better with a hard cock in your cunt hole."

Barb was enjoying this immensely. Pleasuring herself as she was making her daughter into young sexual whore. Barb wanted her daughter to feel as much sexual pleasure before Mr. Jones would take cherry. There was no doubt in barb's mine that Mr. Jones would refuse her daughters wishes. Barb slid the dildo in and out just like a cock. Tina was enjoying the pleasure as Barb turned the vibrator on playing with her clit and touching her tits with her free hand.

"Honey I want you to feel more pleasure."

Barb got closer to Tina and began kisses and sucking on her tits as she moved the dildo over Tina's cunt folds. Barb moved Over Tina's face.

"Honey I want to kiss you on your mouth. I think you'll like that." Barb very lustful and horny.

"Okay, mom my cunt is tingling like you said it would it feels good."

Barb's mouth move down toward Tina's. Tina open her mouth slightly. There lips met and Barb slowly stuck her tongue in Tina's mouth. She responded and the two kissed and sucked each others tongues. Tina after a minute with her free arm wrapped it around Barb's neck and pull her close kissing harder. Barb's cunt spasmed and her asshole pulsated in lust, her cunt was wet an oozing her cunt juices. Barb knew at this moment she had totally control of Tina.

They stopped kissing. Barb told Tina to hole the dildo in her cunt with out her hands to see if her tiny cunt muscles were strong enough. Tina had no problem doing it.

"Mom take some pictures I can't see the dildo in my cunt."

Barb reached for her camera on the dresser and began taking a pictures.

" Tina would you like to try the dildo up your asshole? Barb asked.

"Oh yes. Mom are my cunt, asshole and mouth, are they called fuck holes sometimes?"

"Yes my darling, there fuck holes, your learning fast."

Barb had Tina pull her legs up over her head. She placed a dab of the desensitising cream in Tina's asshole and creamed her ass crack. As Tina laid in that position Barb took a few more pictures.

Barb's cunt was dripping her juices on the carpet beneath her spread legs. Extremely excited teaching her daughter how to play with her new toys. Barb restrained herself not to hurry she wanted to play with her daughter showing her more . Barb wanted Tina"s cunt she wanted to to kiss and sucked on that sweet puffy tiny young cunt.

Just a few minutes and the cream would do its job making inserting the dildo easier. Barb took the dildo and moved towards Tina well cream asshole. Rubbing it up and down her ass crack stopping with the tip at Tina's asshole.

"Honey I'm going to push the dildo in your asshole so don't be afraid it may hurt a little."

"Okay mom. Mom have you ever been fuck in your asshole?"

"Oh yes many times and I love a hard cock in my ass." Smiling as she knew this would help Tina relax.

Barb slowly push the dido in Tina. First an inch then further.

"Mom it feels funny but, I like it." That's just what Barb wanted to hear.

Barb push the four inch dildo all the way up Tina's little tight asshole then worked it back and forth as if she was being fucked.

"Honey I want you to turn over and put your ass in the with your legs spread a little."

Tina did what was asked. Barb replaced the small dildo with the larger and thicker six inch one.

"Mom take some pictures so I can see my asshole with the dildo in me."

Barb took several pictures with the toy. Some with it all the way up Tina's as and some only half in her. Barb's asshole was pulsating hard her tits were hard nipples very erect. Cunt juices leaking on her inner thigh.

"Honey I want you to feel my love for you I want to kiss you honey I love you."

Barb remove the toy and Tina laid on her back. Barb again cover Tina's mouth and sucked her tongue and kissed her daughter passionately.

"Honey remember how the Girls in the warehouse sucked each others cunts? I want to suck yours." Barb hoping Tina would let her. Tina's eyes open wide and a big smile came upon her face.

"Yes mom, kiss my cunt, suck it. Mom are we whores or fucking cunts now?" She asked.

Barb didn't responded but, moved down on Tina's cunt tenderly kissing and tonguing her cunt hole darting her tongue in and out nibbling on her tiny young clit. Driving Tina's young body into a shacking climax.

Barb stopped and laid on the bed next to Tina spreading her legs as she began to play with her cunt.

"Mom let me kiss your cunt now. Please?" Tina asked almost begging.

Tina went down between Barb's spread legs and watched Tina bury her face in her cunt. Barb let her suck and kiss her cunt holding her head and telling her how to use her tongue on her big clit. Barb climaxed shaking with pleasure.

"Tina your very good at sucking my cunt. I love that very much." Barb said smiling at her daughter.

Barb was excited and she knew she made her daughter a perverted little cunt whore just like she was years ago and still is today. After there sex Barb told Tina the toys were hers to use anytime she wanted and they would do this again real soon.

Barb knew Tina wanted Mr. Jones to fuck her so why not just ask him over and tell him what she wanted him to do. This would let Barb know just how perverted he really was and she may even have a good fuck from him.

Barb meets Mr. Jones.

The girls turned in for the night, Tina took her new toys with her to bed. Barb could hear the buzzing of the toys as Tina played with herself. She knew Tina was giving herself a good cum.

The next morning when Barb got up she couldn't believe what she saw. Tina had cleaned her bedroom and put everything away in its place. Now sitting in the front room naked watching TV eating cereal.

"Mom I cleaned my room, washed all my new toys and took a shower."

"That's wonderful honey." Barb said smiling.

"Honey today I have to go and check in with the office do you want to go and play by Jane."

Barb knew she would and that was the time she would call Mr. Jones.

"Mom we had fun last night I like what we did. Can we do some more Later?"

Barb's asshole spasming and her cunt began to leak her juices in excitement. "Oh, yes honey we will play again."

Later in the afternoon Tina left to play at Jane's. Barb made her phone call to Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones answered rather gruffly.


"Mr. Jones this is Tina's mother Barb. We have to get together and talk. Its about Billy and some other things. I don't want to talk about it on the phone."

Well....... I think I know what its about but, I'm on my way to deliver a litter of puppy's to my client. I won't be back till late night maybe around eleven."

"That's fine Mister Jones I don't want Tina to know we talked. If my lights are on come over Please."

"Okay, I will see you later Barb."

Barb hung up the phone, Thinking oh yes I do have a surprise for Mr. Jones. Barb went and ran her errands while Tina was at Jane's Playing. Barb was gone for several hours. On her drive home she stopped at Jane's house to pick up Tina. Barb wearing her very short skirt and her tight small bra that pushed her tits out and up showing a massive amount of tit flesh. Lucy was out side in the drive way. Barb got out to introduce herself. Lucy's eyes went right to Barb's tits and took a huge look. She smiled, came to Barb giving her hug pushing her own tits against Barb's.

Lucy let her hand slid down Barb's back and across her ass.

"Barb your beautiful maybe we can get together sometime after the kids are back in school. You know maybe we can connect."

Barb knew exactly what Lucy wanted. She differently was not shy about being BI in front of any one.

Barb agreed it would be a great idea to have a nice neighbor to chat and openly and play with.

They parted ways Tina got in the car and they headed for home.

"Tina did anything knew happen when I was gone?"

"Mom at the park we heard some boys talking about Billy. They said he sucks cocks and is very good at sucking. Mom do boys really like sucking cock?" Tina asked.

"Yes some do and some don't, Just like me sucking your cunt last night. Did you like that Honey?"

"Oh yes mom I really liked they way you kissed me also."

The conversation ended as they enter the drive way. In the house Barb made a lunch for the both of them. Soon after wards Tina was so tired from the events that afternoon she went to bed early.

Barb took the time to catch up on her house work and pass time waiting for Mr. Jones to come over. About eleven that night Mr. Jones knocked on the door. Barb answered the door still dressed from the afternoon,her tits half out of her bra showing her big cleavage and a very short skirt with no panties.

Mr. Jones notice Barb's dress immediately as his cock began to rise. Barb offered him a beer and took a glass of wine for herself. Sitting herself in a chair across from Mr. Jones. She opened her legs. Her short skirt allowed Mr. Jones a good eye full of her thighs and maybe her bald cunt.

"Mr.Jones we have to talk about several things tonight."

"Barb just call me Bart okay."

"Okay Bart, what I have to tell you is about Billy and some other teens in the neighborhood. My Tina has told me some very sexual things she seen. I'll be very blunt. She watched your dogs fucking. Then she came home telling me how big and red those dog cocks are. The she even told me she really enjoyed watching them fuck. She also told me you asked her if she has been fucked yet. Explain Mr. Jones."

"Barb that's all true about the dogs and me asking her if she was fucked yet. I must say I'm sorry."

"Oh don't be Bart, she knows Billy has suck cock on some young boys and he is fucking Linda Mill,s and other girls over at the old warehouse. Tina has spied on them saying she seen girls sucking on girls,boys fucking the girls also shooting there cum in the girls faces. There having fucking orgies in the warehouse or should I call it a whore house." Barb saying this with a big smile on her face.

Bart downed his beer and began to speak. "Just between you and I. I know Billy is Bi he likes sucking cock I taught him and now he's found a cunt that's four years older then him Linda Mills."

"Oh my god Tina was right about Billy. That's okay about you and your son. I been fucking my Dad since I was nine and still fucking him now. Something you should know about the Mill's family. Their into incest. Tina and Jane spied on them through the garage vent that leads into there bedroom. They saw Linda, Lucy and Jim all fucking in bed last Saturday after noon. Tina said she heard Jim call them his fucking cunts and they were nothing but fucking whores. Tina came home from Jane's house and told me very explicitly what she heard and saw. Now Tina is asking me when she can get fucked. She wants her cherry popped so she can fuck any one. Bart..... she told me she wants to be a fucking cunt whore like Linda and Lucy. Just recently she watched your Buster fuck a bitch, and you told she could watch, She came home very excited." Pausing only a moment Barb continued.

"Bart she likes watching Buster and Duke's big cocks fuck there bitches. She loves watching this very perverted stuff. I don't mined but, she needs more training.Tina thinks your very special and kind. Now I have to asked you something very perverted. Tina.........wants you to be the person to pop her cherry and first to fuck her for her 10th golden birthday. Would like to Mr. Jones, fuck her for her special day?"

"OMG, yes I would. This is no joke is it? I don't want to be in trouble with the law."

"No Bart. I'm NOT kidding about this. I want you to take her cherry and fuck her. I'll do something for you to prove I'm sincere about this. Just tell me what is that you want."

Bart waited a few minutes. "Barb, I'll fuck her, she's so nice and young and tender I would love a tight cunt like hers but, I have to be sure about this perverted idea of yours. I'm very perverted when it comes to sex as you will find out later. There is nothing I love more then filthy sex. So this is what I want from you. Tomorrow afternoon you and Tina come over to my place. To show me your being truthful about this special day. I want to fuck you in front of Billy and Tina. Let them watch us. Let Tina see you get fucked by me. Afterwards you can tell her I'll fuck her for her birthday. That's the only way I'll do it."

"Oh I see Bart you think I'm setting you up for something. I can understand your feelings. I promise I'm not and lets shake hands on the deal and have a drink. Okay Bart."

They shook hands in agreement then toasting with their drinks to seal the deal.

Bart left and Barb was feeling very proud of herself. Thinking what a mother I am setting up my own daughter to have a near forty year old man fuck Tina. Just about the same age as dad was when he started fucking me. Barb turned in for the night but, checking first on Tina. Tina laying nude on her bed asleep with a dildo between her legs still humming. Barb went and turned it off putting it on her night stand then went to berdroom smiling.

The next Day when Tina came into the kitchen for breakfast Barb started her conversation with Tina.

"Honey last night Mr. Jones stopped over to have a talk with me. I asked him about your special request you had for him."

"Oh mom did he say yes? Is he going to fuck me."

"No honey not just yet. We have to do something for him first then he'll say weather he well or not. We have to go to his house this afternoon. Tina.......he wants to fuck me. He wants you and Billy to watch me get fucked by him. This is all to see if we are telling the truth."

"Mom, Lets go, I would love to see you get fucked by him. Then I can get Mr. Jones to fuck me for my birthday."

"Oh Tina this is not a game it is very important that he trust us or he won't do anything for us every. Do you understand and you can't tell anyone not even Jane."

"I understand mom. Don't worry."

Bart called later in the morning asking if the deal was still on and if so come over at 1 o:clock that afternoon. Also with a few instructions telling her to come through the field in back by the kennel and don't wear any panties and make sure you have a shaved clean cunt.

Taking nothing for granted she complied with his wishes and at a few minutes of 1 o:clock she and Tina started out the back through the field. The back gate was open and Bart was waiting for them.

Buster was in the pen and mounting a female bitch his big red cock was out and pushing towards the bitches cunt.

"Mom, look Buster is going to fuck her. His cock is so big and red. Lets watch Buster fuck mom."

The three stood and watched the two dogs fucking for a short time. Barb's cunt was leaking her juices as her asshole was pulsating like it does when shes sexually excited.

Then Bart spoke. "Come girls lets go inside we have a deal to take care of. Right Barb?"

"Why, yes Bart I'm ready if you are." Barb said extremely horny now.

They didn't waste anytime Bart was very horny and had a place all ready in the living room. On a low coffee table was blanket with a small pillow. Bart stripped out of his clothes and told the girls to do the same.

"Billy come on in the girls are here."

Billy came from his bedroom naked with a full red hard cock. Barb smiled looking at this 12 year old boys cock, she knew he was jacking off.

"Nice cock Billy its okay to play with yourself I do." Barb said trying to relax the moment.

Bart whispered in Barb's ear. "Suck my cock then I'll fuck you on the table."

Barb went to her knees and began sucking Bart's cock. She sucked for several minute as Tina and Billy watched attentively.

"Okay Barb on the table lets fuck and show these kids what fucking is all about. Spread nice and wide show Billy what a cunt really looks like."

Barb spread nice and wide as Billy looked at Barb's wet juicy cunt hole. Oh how perverted this is she thought but, at the same time loving every minute.

Bart moved to his knees to make penetration easier for him. In seconds Bart's cock was deep in Barb's cunt fucking her hard and fast. Barb moaning slightly enjoying the pleasure of his cock thick cock. She looked over to see Tina watching closely as Bart's cock slid in and out of her cunt. Bart fucking her like Buster did his bitch.

Bart spurred his cum deep in Barb's cunt then pulled his cock out and had Tina watch his cum run from her mother's cunt. Bart moved over straddling Barb as she laid on the table place his cock in her mouth telling her to suck him clean. She did.

"Barb don't move just yet. Billy do what I just done put your cock in her mouth let her suck you. Tina come here. Billy mounted Barb's mouth while Bart took Tina and placed her hand in Barb's cunt. Take a couple of fingers of that cream and taste it honey."

Tina never did anything like this but, was very amused and excited to feel this warm cream dripping from her mom's cunt.

"Mr. Jones it taste.... well, its okay. Can I try more?"

"Of course Tina. Your mother's a fucking whore and we are going to make you just like her. You still want me to fuck you for your birthday don't you?"

"Oh yes Mr. Jones. Well you fuck me for sure?"

"Yes I will." Bart replied.

After an hour of playing there perverted game with the kids. Bart and Barb agreed they would have a special birthday party for Tina. Bart said he would make it very special for everyone.

Tina and Barb walk back home. When they got back home Barb showed Tina her new strapped high heel shoes she bought for her birthday. Quickly she tried them on and tried to walk. Just a little clumsy for the first time. Barb had Tina practice with her new shoes for the next few days until she could walk like a little sexy whore.

The Birthday party.

Days passed and now it was the 10th and time for Tina's golden birthday party. Barb had made Tina's birthday party with her friends early so they would have time to get ready for her sex party later.

Bart had called earlier saying they would be staying the night and not to bring anything. In the conversation it was very obvious that the party was going to be a real wild party for Tina.

Tina was not really enjoying her party with her friends she was more excited about her party at Mr. Jones place. After every one left from Tina's party they ready themselves for the party at Mr. Jones house.

Tina dressed in her three inch heels wearing only a dress to cover herself. Barb in five inch heels wearing her little black slut dress that cover very little. They went out the front door and walk over to Mr. Jones house were he was waiting on the front porch for them. Barb was nervous and scared a little about this party knowing Tina wanted it so badly to get her cherry popped and fucked for the first time. Bart noticed there anxiety and offered them some wine.

"Here girls I have something for you to relax, take these it will help you feel better."

He gave Tina one pill and Barb two he himself took two and called Billy in the room were he took a pill to.

"Don't worry girls they'll relax you and make you feel a little warm."

What he didn't tell them was it would enhance there already heighten sexual drive. Barb would become increasingly sexual and so would Tina as the night would progress.

The pills would began to work in about a half an hour so Bart took them into his perverted sex room. The room wasn't small. A good size room with some whips and chains hanging on one wall.

"I told you I was very perverted Barb I had many sex parties in here with my friends."

Barb was amazed at all the porn on the walls. On all the walls painted in detail. Animals fucking young kids and women sucking animal cocks of all sizes. One in particular caught her eye. The woman getting fucked by an elephant, loads of cum squirting from her cunt with a pool of cum below her asshole while a giraffe stood over her pissing in her face and on her huge tits. Another one with a dog fucking a very young girl in her asshole from behind and her face buried in her mother's cunt while a big Rottweiler stood over the mother face as she sucked his huge red cock.

"Come her girls look what I have for you."

In the center of the room was a divider, Bart moved it a side and there was a table like those in a Doctor's office. Cover with a black soft blanket and matching pillow. On each side of the table were five candles for Tina's birthday. Facing the table on the left was a huge three tier cake covered in white frosting with many pink and red cherries decorating the edges. In pink written on the side was happy birthday Tina.

"Oh Mr. Jones this is for me, WOW! I love it very much. Thank you." Tina replied.

The wine and pills were now making all of them extremely horny. Barb made a last minute make up fix on Tina. Lipstick and eye liner making her look like a porn girl. Barb did the same to herself.

Tina climb up on the table resting her legs in the stirrups spreading her legs nice and wide. Mr. Jones had bought a tiara for for Tina to wear. Her high heel shoes and the tiara made her look so sexy. Barb stood at the right hand side behind Tina so she could watch as Bart would take her daughter's cherry and fuck her for the first time. Billy was filming all the sex and taking pictures of Tina and Barb. Bart took some cream and lubed Tina's cunt and oil her tight bald cunt lips as he played with her. He Had Barb suck his cock for a few minutes to get him real hard. Barb went back to her place to watch as Bart began to slid his now long hard cock into Tina's tight small cunt. Tina watched as his cock went deeper into her. Smiling knowing she was having her birthday present going in her cunt.

"Okay Tina my cock is against your cherry. It's time to pop your cherry are you ready?" Bart asked smiling his very perverted smile.

"Yes. Mr. Jones pop my cherry then fuck me just like you fucked mom the other day."

With a quick push her cherry was popped. Bart continued fucking her going deeper and deeper in her cunt. The pills were working the sexual passion was taken control of Barb.

"Take all his cock honey let him fuck hard. Fuck her Bart. Fuck her. Make her a whore like me."

Barb was over come with lust, the pills were doing what they were supposed to making everyone a lusting horny perverted sex objects. Barb play with her cunt and tits her asshole was pulsating and her cunt dripping juices on the floor as she watched her daughter being fucked by Bart.

"Tina I'm going to cum in your cunt filling you some warm cream. Take it all like your whore mother does. Isn't that right Barb. Your a fucking whore."

"Yes Bart I'm a fucking cunt a whore. Oh Tina take all his cum feel how good his hot cum is in your cunt." Barb in horny perverted sexual frenzy now.

Bart unload his balls in Tina and step back watching his cum run from her cunt as Billy filmed all the filthy sex.
Tina still laying on the table with her legs spread.

"Tina would you like to get fuck again?" Bart asked.

"Yes, Oh yes I love cock now. I want to fuck more." Tina wanting more cock.

Tina looking at her mother for approval. "Honey this is your birthday you can fuck all you want but, there's no guys for you." Barb said in disappointment.

"I'll take care of that right now." Bart said.

Bart walk over to the door, opening it and twenty or thirty guys came in along with a young teenager girl and an older woman. Barb didn't count the guys but,knew what was going to happen. This was about to be a huge perverted sex orgy and she wanted to be part of this party.They all stripped out of there clothes. They too had taking pills. With hard cocks well lube the fucking began. She watched Tina as two men approached her. One stuffed his cock in her cunt and the other put in in her mouth. She watch her daughter for the first time suck a man's huge cock and fill her face full of cum.

"Bart my baby Tina is a fucking ten year old whore now. I'm so proud of her. Thank you Bart." Barb was in sexual pleasure beyond anything she every dreamt of before. She knew Tina was having a great birthday party. Now her own holes were being filled, forced to the floor she took a cock in her mouth. As she sucked the guys cock others joined in. Before long she was taking men in all her fuck holes at the same time cunt,ass and mouth.

She looked to see Tina's cake being placed on the floor. Then two men lifted Tina and sat here right down on he cake. The men frosted her body with cake and Tina rolled her cum filled body all round on the smashed cake stuffing her cunt and asshole making a huge mess. Bart came and told Barb to join her daughter in the cake. Barb was just a filthy about her doings as Tina together they smeared each other with the frosting. They didn't realize that while they played several men stood around them and began pissing. Drenching their bodies with liquid warm piss. It didn't upset Barb or Tina they were so high with lust and passion for sex it didn't matter any more what they did.

Later Barb was placed in a small stockade and was introduce to Dukes huge red cock. Barb not only fuck Bart's dog while she was being fuck the teenage girl presented her cunt for Barb to dine on. Barb in lust devoured the young girls cunt.

Barb had turned herself and Tina into whores for all the men. The filthier the men talk to Barb the more aroused she became. As one man pissed in Barb's face he called her a pig cunt whore. This was something she knew down deep in her mine she was a whore now she could release her desires along with her daughter. Making Tina a a young whore was just a mothers way of saying she approved of all this filthy smut.

As the night was winding down and the drugs started to wear off. The girls were in need of a shower, the warm water from the shower was a pleasure. As they shower Tina and Barb hugged and kissed. Tina very pleased with her party. Bart let Tina and Barb sleep in his bed that night knowing they were worn out totally. He to crashed on the sofa along with Billy.

The next morning Bart was up and made breakfast for Billy, Tina and Barb. Barb waken by the smell of food enter the kitchen naked looking at Bart.

"Bart your a fucking perverted animal. Making me fuck a dog and my daughter suck Buster's cock. You're a fucking pig. A perverted bastard. You took pictures and filmed all this smut. What am I supposed to do knowing there's pictures of me and Tina being a whore for all your friends. What now?" Barb asked.

"Barb why don't you sell your house. You and Tina come live with me and Billy. Billy would love to have you as a mom. I know Tina would love to have me as her father she said so last night." Bart standing naked with his cock half erect.

"Oh so you can fuck Tina and and me, make us your personal fucking whores or what every you wish to do with us." Barb looking for Tina as she spoke.

"Barb were all ready established what you girls are and what Billy and I are. You're a real estate agent and I a dog breeder. Now we have a new business. Incest porn. You can suck and fuck Billy. I'll fuck Tina. Both of you can fuck the dogs. There's money to be made here." Bart now fully erect and stroking his cock.

Barb went in and looked in the front room for Tina, she was spread wide open on the sofa getting fucked by Billy. She watched as the young boys cock slid in and out of Tina's red cunt hole. Looking back at Bart smiling.

"I'm not selling my house. Before I turn into your fucking whore along with Tina I want something from you." Barb now rubbing her cunt.

"Barb what the fuck do you want from me. Make it simple." Bart said.

Holding up her left hand. "I want a ring on my finger saying I'm your wife. Then we'll be your fucking whores like you want."

"Your already my whore, you just want to make it legal." Bart said smiling.

"Yes." Barb replied.

The End.

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