On the road again. . . If roads were seas.
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Chapter 07
The long way home.

Opening my eyes, I’m greeted with quite the pleasant feeling. Looking down, I find my cock enjoyably being sucked by Brooke. Her curly red hair fans out across my legs, and I moan to let her know I’m enjoying what she’s doing. Apparently my little trip into her subconscious has worked. Even with the hot sand under me, and the sound of a large body of water so close to me, Brooke’s mouth has skills I never would have believed from such an innocent looking woman.

The green eyed woman lifts her head, making a slurping noise as my rod leaves her mouth and smiles at me. “I was so turned on by watching you in her mind, that I had to have a bit of you for myself.”

That . . . doesn’t seem right.

“Angela?” I ask while trying to blink back the brightness of the sun on my left, and then look over to find the real Brooke still waist deep in the surf on my right.

Horrified, I push myself back from the succubus, not feeling right about her taking on my friend’s form.

“Lyden? What’s wrong?” The concern and hurt I hear in her voice only compounds my own confused feelings.

“I—I don’t like you in her shape,” I tell her honestly, and she looks down at herself uncomprehendingly.

“Oh my! I didn’t even realize. Of course it would bother you to have me take your friend’s form. I didn’t even realize. I must have picked up on what was in your mind, and my body just changed.” Her sea-green eyes, exactly like Brooke’s beautiful orbs, stare beseechingly into my own, and I know she didn’t mean to bother me. Honestly, I don’t fully understand why it does. I’ve now mentally been with Brooke, and I’ve been with Angela more than once in different forms, so why should it bother me? Maybe it’s because I’m close emotionally to Brooke. “Can you forgive me?”

Breathing out a breath I hadn’t realized was pent up, I say, “Of course. Your body just reacted to what was going on. You weren’t doing it on purpose.” She smiles and lunges forward to hug me close.

“Thank you, Lyden. I promise to do what I can to protect you and not hurt you.” Despite how I feel about the succubus in this form, having a beautiful and very naked woman hugging my naked form isn’t killing my sex drive.

“Um, maybe you’ll want to change, and we can continue where I woke up?” She pulls away from me, wide eyed, but grinning broadly.

“Of course! How would you like me?” She asks, grabbing her pert but small breasts and tweaking her nipples. Yeah, my sex drive is only rising from her display.

I think about it for a moment, before answering, “I’d like to see you as you truly are.”

Shock registers across her delicate features at my request, and she stares at me in wonder for a moment, before saying, “I can’t. Lyden, I—I told you before that I don’t remember what I looked like originally. It was too many centuries ago, and I’ve been too many things in between.” She gives me a tremulous smile, and I feel like an idiot. She had told me that, and I probably just made her feel bad . . . again.

Too many ‘things’? I don’t think I want to follow up on that thought.

Now it’s my turn to apologize. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad again,” I tell her in all honesty, placing my face in my palm.

I hear her move a little closer in the sand, and she lifts my face back up to meet hers. “No. You didn’t make me feel bad. No one has ever asked that of me, and to have you do it made me feel, um, well, like I haven’t felt emotionally in a very long time. Do you understand? It felt good! I would do it for you in a moment if I could, but the real problem is that I can only take on whatever form is in someone’s mind, and no living mortal remembers what I looked like. TanaVesta does, as well as the demon that helped give me my abilities when he split off part of his soul, but I don’t dare ask either one of them.”

I can tell she’s not happy, and I grasp her hands, picturing her in my mind the way I’d first seen her: blue hair, hazel eyes, B-cup breasts topped with nipple jewelry, slender hips, and pale skin. This time my mind adds a round nose and eyebrow ring to round out the image. I’m not sure if she can sense her change, or if her slight drop in stature is what alerts her to her own transformation, but she looks at herself, even pulling one hand from mine to examine her short hair, before grinning at me.

“This is your fantasy, huh?” she asks solicitously, and I can tell her mood has changed for the better.

“No,” I tell her truthfully, “This is just how I first met you, and how I see you. I guess to me, this was the first real you.”

Her joy is so fierce, that she tackles me to the almost burning sand, kissing me passionately. Our tongues mingle and dance, as her hands greedily grip my cock to aim it for her hole, before she stops and pulls her face back a moment.

“We might want to use the back door,” she tells me, spitting into her hand, and then rubbing the saliva against her anus.

I wonder why the change, but when her sphincter begins to tightly slip down my rod, I forget to wonder and just enjoy. She has to pull up two more times, to apply more saliva, before I’m fully ensconced within her colon.

Even though my penis changes to accommodate her, and I know her ass is doing the same for me, she feels incredibly tight. The look on her face, as we get fully connected is truly a wonderful site to behold, as her hazel eyes are lidded by her mostly closed eyelids, and she sucks in a shuddering breath, emphasizing her smallish breasts. Her nipple rings recall me to the shiny metal I’d noticed in her crotch the last time we’d had sex with her in this form, and I move my right fingers down until I find it. It feels like a barbell, standing vertical, right next to her clit, and I start twiddling with it, not knowing what else to do. Apparently that’s the right thing, as her eyes open wide, and she moans loudly.

“I—I feel like I’m twenty again,” she sighs, as she starts to move her hips. I take that as a compliment and reach my left hand up to her right nipple, pulling lightly on the ring there. She shudders in pleasure, and I feel her sphincter grip the base of my cock hard as she cums, flooding me full of vigor and restoring much of what I’d lost last night.

Pulling my hand away from her soaked crotch, I use it to pull her chest down and to my waiting lips. Biting the metal ring between my teeth, I shake my head back and forth, while still holding her slight body close to mine. My hips take on a mind of their own, as they start to hammer up and into the succubus’s rear.

“Oh, shit, Lyden. That feels too good. Oh, yes! It’s—It’s going, ungh, to, OH FUCK!” Her whole body shakes and shudders against me, as waves of pure unadulterated bliss blast through her body, overflowing into mine, and soaking my pelvis as creamy juices flow from her cunt.

I know I’m coming close and move both of my hands to her bum, using my strength to lift and then slam her back down on me. Sucking hard on her tiny nipple, almost sucking her entire teat between my lips, I prepare for what I know will be a strong ejaculation.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she says breathlessly, but her words aren’t registering in my bliss-fuzzed brain. “I want you in my pussy. I want to feel your cum flood my cunt.”

Just then, my body locks up tight, as my penis swells, and I begin to fill her intestines with my seed. My body continues to convulse, as I feel her insides rippling around my rod, driving my pleasure higher and higher.

When reality comes crashing back down around me, her last words sink in, and she’s hugging me tight. Even as my cock shrinks, her rear doesn’t let me go, and I realize that her shuddering is from crying, not ecstasy.

“Angela, what’s wrong?” I ask, worry washing away the last vestiges of my orgasm, but she just shakes her head. “Angela, please, it was too late for me to change. I promise I’ll do it next time,” I plead with her.

Her head lifts from my shoulder, and I can see tears still streaming from her eyes, though some small part of me notices that it’s not marring her makeup. Even that small movement feels good on my softened tool, and she must notice it too, as she blurs and is away from me in an instant, now fully clothed. My body, where she’d been just a few seconds before, suddenly feels cool despite the early morning heat.

“I can’t. . . . We can’t do it again. The temptation was too much. I almost . . . made a huge mistake.” My heart plummets to hear the sadness in her voice.

A mistake? I’m a mistake? “Angela, I’m so sorry. I don’t understand. What did I do wrong?” I stand in the sand and only now realize that sweat is pouring from every pore. It’s getting really hot out here under the Saharan sun, and I still don’t have any clothes. I’d be tempted to get into the water, if I still weren’t so afraid it would devour me this time.

She’s back to my side in an instant, her hand on my cheek as she gazes up at me. “Not you, Lyden. Me. I wanted to. . . . Well, it doesn’t matter now. It didn’t happen, and it should never happen. The temptation is too strong, so we shouldn’t be together anymore.”

I attempt to place my arms around her, confused and hurt by her words, but she pulls away again, and before I can say or do anything, large bat-like grey wings protrude from her back and she takes to the air.

I’m just about to bring out my own wings and follow her, when I hear a groan from the water and turn to see Brooke start to roll over.

Brooke! I’d completely forgotten about her. Is she okay? I hadn’t felt myself get drained when in her mind, and sudden fear that I hadn’t done enough engulfs me. I’m still worried about Angela, but for right now she’s healthier than Brooke is. My mind tells me that I need to worry about Brooke, but my heart still aches.

I rush to the mermaid’s side, even braving the seductively lapping water, to check on my friend.

“Brooke, are you okay?” I ask, placing my hands on her shoulders. Her top half is still human, and covered in the same scale mail that I saw her in when she’d helped save us from the orcs. Only now do I realize that they match the same shade and pattern as the scales of her fish’s tail.

“Lyden, what. . . ?” Her eyes open, and she gives a slight smile as she looks up at me.

“How do you feel?” I ask, worry and fear still thick in my tone.

She ponders that for a moment, and I watch in awe as her tail splashes the water a few times. “Better, thanks to you.” She looks around in confusion before asking, “Where are we?”

“Egypt,” I tell her, “on the shore of the Mediterranean.”

“Help me out of the water?” she asks, then does a double take. “Lyden, you’re not afraid of the water anymore?”

I give a self-deprecating laugh before answering. “Terrified,” I say. “But you needed me more, so here I am.”

I watch tears well up in her eyes as I help her to her transforming legs, replete with a blue scale dress, the same material as her top. Only now do I realize that her lower armor somewhat resembles a fish’s tail.

Will I ever stop making women cry?

“You really did save my life,” she says, and I know her tears are ones of happiness. “Wait, where’s your succubus?”

I’m silent for a long while as I contemplate how to answer that question.

“Gone,” is the only word I can manage to say. Even so, that single word is filled with pain and anguish.

“Gone? But. . . . Was it because of how you helped me regain strength? With our shared fantasy, I mean?” Confused concern is in her voice as she speaks. I’m still not sure how the fantasy helped her, but I’m not going to dwell on it anymore, either.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I tell her a bit more harshly than I mean to.

Brooke flinches and says something under her breath, and all I catch is, “. . . thought we had a deal.” Once more I wonder what happened between the mermaid and the succubus whilst I enjoyed TanaVesta’s hospitality. Did you catch the sarcasm there?

“How are we going to get home?” I ask, wanting to change the subject, and this is rather important to me. I have no idea how long I’ve been gone, but I’ve probably lost my job. I spent about two whole days in the Shadow world, and while it had been the weekend, with the way time varies between the two worlds, I probably can’t make it all the way home before Monday, if it’s not already well into next week.

“I—“ Brooke starts to speak, but a noise distracts her, and I don’t get to find out what she’d been about to say.

Looking out over the water, I see it begin to bubble and rise. Whatever is under the surface is getting closer and fear grips my heart.

“It’s finally going to get me,” I say in terror as I hear Brooke murmur, “He’s finally coming to collect me,” with just as much fear.

I want to run. I want to live. Somehow my legs have a different plan, and I look at Brooke as she stares back at me. Our fear builds off one another, and I watch her lips move, but I can’t hear the words over the sound of whatever is coming out of the water. I don’t need to hear them however, as they’re easy to read.

“I love you.”

I open my mouth to shout something back, but whatever is in the water breaks the surface. I can’t quite make out what it is. Something orange and rounded. It only takes a couple more seconds, which seem to take an eternity to pass, before I gasp in recognition of the thing. But how? How did it get here?

The Orange Bubble pulls up next to us, honking happily, and I hear the engine turn off.

Brooke is the first one to break from our stupefaction. “Um, Lyden, what is your car doing here?”

“Picking us up,” I say, not entirely sure how the car had gotten here either. I remember it suddenly being outside Becky’s house last week, but through town and through the Atlantic Ocean are two very different things.

“I can see that, smartass. I want to know how.” She steps back from holding onto me.

“I don’t know. Ever since Angela had some Cyclopes fix it up, it’s been acting a bit strange.” Angela’s name on my lips reopens that fresh wound, but I’ve got other things I know I need to deal with right now.

Why did she go and abandon me?

I shake myself to get rid of the thought, as Brooke takes a tentative step over to my car.

“She managed to get Cyclopes to work on this? They almost never touch anything mortal-made,” she tells me in awe. “They’re Poseidon’s offspring, you know.”

“Poseidon? As in the Greek god of water?” I ask, dumbfounded. I thought the Greek gods were myths. Yup, just like succubae, mermaids, trolls, and dragons! When will I quit being shocked or so naïve?

“Or Neptune, as he was known by the Romans. The pompous man was god of the sea, not just water. Of course, ‘god’ is an overstatement. The ancient gods as they were known, were nothing more than powerful beings that used humans as their pawns. Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian, they were pretty much all just pumped up megalomaniacs.” She runs her fingers around the rim of the still dripping door, before looking back at me, her eyes wide and full of wonder. “The succubus must have paid a heavy price to have this done. Cyclopes are not known for being generous. Even though they’re the offspring of a sea god, most mermaids avoid them. They can get rather . . . violent.”

Again Angela comes up, and again I have to push her away from my thoughts. It’s a little harder this time, but I manage after a couple of silent moments. If only my chest didn’t hurt so bad at the mere mention of her name.

“How do you think it found us, and do you think it can get us home?” I ask, trying to focus on the present.

“It’s your car, so it’s probably linked to you. As long as you’re on Earth, it should be able to find you. As far as getting us home, yes. It got here, didn’t it?” The way she says that so matter-of-factly makes me feel foolish. What other tricks does my car have up its sleeve? Or wheel well, as the case may be?

“Then let’s get going. Do you think it can fly?” I ask, getting into the driver’s seat, and starting it up. The keys are conveniently in the ignition.

“Probably not,” I’m told as the beautiful redhead gets into the passenger’s seat. “The one-eyed beasts aren’t much for being airborne.” The doors close, and then lock on their own.

Oh crap! “Then how—“ I start to ask, a terrifying thought entering my head, but I’m cut short as my car’s tires spin in the sand of their own accord, and we head back for the water. “No, no, no, no. . .” I repeat, scrabbling at the door, trying to open it. It’s locked, and no matter what I try, it won’t open. The brakes and steering wheel are just as unresponsive. I watch in horror as the bumper dips into the waves and keeps on going. Mentally I try to stop my car from trying to kill me, but it seems to have a mind of its own, ignoring my frantic mental commands.

“Lyden, calm down,” Brooke’s voice says next to me. “You need to breath normally, or you’re going to hypervent—“

Whatever she’d been about to say is lost as blackness creeps into my vision. I can feel the sea swallow me, and I know that this time it won’t let me go.

* * *

“Lyden, wake up,” Brooke’s sweet voice penetrates the fog around my mind, but I keep my eyes closed.

“Oh, Brooke,” I say to the mermaid, glad to have my friend there. “I was having the worst nightmare. I dreamt that my car was trying to kill me by driving us into the sea.”

“Um. . . .” The uncertainty in her tone makes my eyes slowly crack open, and I see a school of some kind of colorful fish swim past the driver’s side window.

Panic grips my heart again, but Brooke grips my face and makes me stare into her green eyes. Sea-green eyes, like the sea around us.

“You’re going to be fine. Your car’s not trying to kill you. I’m here. That’s right. Just concentrate on me right now.” Her soft crooning voice breaks through my fear, and I can feel my heart rate lessening. “You’re entirely safe. I won’t let anything happen to you.” I nod thankfully to her, but that’s not good enough. “I want you to say it. Say you’re safe,” she commands.

“I’m safe,” I say aloud, and surprisingly feel safer. “I’m safe with you,” I say again, feeling stronger now and making her smile.

Even though I feel safer, I don’t dare look outside.

“Good,” she tells me, releasing her grip on my face. “Now then, we need to talk.”

And there goes my slightly growing feeling of contentment. I’ve not dated a lot of women, but whenever a woman says those fateful words, it usually means something like, ‘You’re a nice guy, but . . .’ or ‘I don’t want to hurt you, so . . .’ It’s never been, ‘Hey, I think I want to introduce you to my friend and have a threesome!’

“It’s about what happened when you were in my mind.” I have nothing to say and so keep my mouth shut. Thinking about how long we’re likely to be travelling through the water, I’m afraid this trip is going to get rather awkward. Of course, I guess she could always get out and swim if she really wants to. “I didn’t really have a lot of control in there. It really was like a dream to me, so if I said or did anything that bothers you, I want to apologize.”

That’s absolutely not what I expected to hear.

“Apologize?” I ask, thoroughly confused. “There’s nothing that needs apologizing for.”

For some reason she frowns slightly at my words.

“I . . . said some things that I shouldn’t have, and don’t want you to get the wrong idea,” she says looking at her clasped hands resting lightly in her lap.

I immediately know she’s talking about when she’d said she loves me. If she didn’t really mean it, then why did she tell me again on the beach? Just because she thought we were going to die? Wouldn’t that have made her more honest?

“Oh, that?” I ask, trying to sound off-handed. “Don’t worry about it. I know how dreams can take a life of their own.”

She smiles at me, but I can see a bit of pain in her eyes. What does she want from me? I can’t confess undying love for her. Don’t get me wrong, I care for her deeply and it may even be love, but I really don’t want to get my heart broken again. It still hurts from Angela’s betrayal.

“I’m glad,” she obviously lies to me. “We can’t really be together. It’s against too many of our laws.”

And just like that, I think I understand Angela’s actions. Hadn’t she told me that she can choose when to procreate? That would explain why she’d wanted to do anal, so that she wouldn’t be tempted to get pregnant and why she’d acted like she had at the end. I wonder what would have happened if I had cum into her womb. I could’ve become a father. Another cambion, perhaps like me, would be born. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Then I remember something else. When two different species mate, there is no telling what the offspring may be. We could create a terrible and destructive monster. Or we could create a benevolent being. Either is just as likely.

Anger starts to fill me now, as I think I should have been given that choice. Shouldn’t we have discussed it, instead of her making the decision on her own?

“What are you thinking?” Brooke asks me, breaking my train of thought.

Thinking fast, I reply, “I was wondering what happened with you and Angela back in TanaVesta’s mountain. What kind of deal did you two make?”

“How did you— Nevermind,” she says. Inhaling deeply, she’s visibly trying to gather her thoughts before answering. “I thought you’d be in the dungeon, so that’d been the first place I’d looked. When I found your succubus, I was tempted to leave her there, but she somehow sensed me. Not many can when I don’t want to be noticed.” I wonder at that for a moment and even at the tone of awe in her voice, until I remember that she’s some kind of assassin. I still can’t reconcile that with the Brooke I grew up with, even after seeing her with her orc-gore covered sword.

“Well, she told me where you were being held if you were still alive, and that I’d need her help to get to you.” She pauses, and I know that it’s taking a lot for her to tell me this. I almost tell her she doesn’t need to continue, but I feel like I need to know. “When we first got to the dragon’s chambers, we found the boulder blocking the way into you. Neither one of us was strong enough to move it on our own or even together. We kept trying to find ways to move it when the Pillar wasn’t with you, but nothing worked.” Her eyes sparkle as she continues, “And then she left it cracked. At first I thought it was a trap, but Angela wouldn’t wait. When I got into your chamber, I could sense how strong you were. I couldn’t believe the power you held. The rest you know.”

“But what was the deal you two had made?” I press.

She looks at me for a long moment, before answering. “When we were trying to get to you, we talked. You’ve been changing, and neither one of us knows why. I’m not even sure I like it. But it was obvious that we both cared for you. We almost came to blows over it, but when we realized that killing each other would only make things worse for you, we came to a truce.” She’s silent for a couple moments and I wait for her to continue. “Neither one of us would try to win you over to the other, if we should succeed in rescuing you.”

Somehow I get the feeling that’s not everything, but I choose to leave it there, for now. To know that two women almost fought over me, boosts my ego a bit. Even so, I’m not happy with how things are turning out.

“Angela’d told me I’m a generator,” I say, wanting to have a different question answered. “Does that mean anything to you?”

Brooke flinches at the question, refusing to look at me, and her voice is soft when she answers. “Only what I learned about the creation of our realm. The six pillars that chose to create a new world for us, used the generators to bolster their power, and split off a chunk of reality for them to use. It’s said that all the generators died in the process, or were killed afterwards, and no others have come to be since. Except for you.”

No wonder TanaVesta was so anxious to have me. If she could build her power enough to challenge the other pillars, at my expense, and take over everything. . . .

“Why were the generators killed?” I ask, somehow feeling insulted, as if they had been close family that’d been murdered.

“With the power they could create, they were deemed too dangerous. If humans found a way to capture some and tap their power, they could have come to our world to continue their relentless war against us.” The way she talks, makes me wonder whose side she’s on. Sure, she’s a mermaid and been raised and trained as an assassin, but she’d spent a couple decades living my world also.

“TanaVesta means to kill the other pillars,” I say, knowing that they should somehow be warned. There are more important things than ancient history, right now. That is, unless history repeats itself. “Can you get word to them? She was meeting with two pillars when you’d rescued me. I think she meant to kill one or both at that meeting.”

The mermaid is shocked at my words.

“She can’t! They’re called Pillars for a reason. Our world might survive if only one or two were to die, but if there were any less to hold up our portion of reality. . . . It’d collapse and every creature from my world would either be destroyed, or thrust back onto Earth. The chaos would be horrible. So many lives on both sides would be lost. I can’t believe even SHE would want that!”

“Can you get word out about her plans?” I ask, seriously.

“I—maybe. I can’t go to Varun directly, but if I can find someone to pass on the warning, then maybe. The real problem will be getting someone to listen to me.” She suddenly grows hesitant. “I’m in rather bad standing with my kind, but I may still have a few friends that won’t. . . .” she finishes quietly.

Feeling for her pain, I reach out and grip her hands. “What happened to you, Brooke? Why are you in so much trouble with Varun and the other mermaids?”

You’d think I was a dangerous viper the way she pulls back from me.

“If I’m to get that warning out, I’d better start now. Will you take me to the surface, so I can get out? Hopefully I won’t be gone long, and I’ll return, but if what you say is true, and I don’t doubt you, then I need to get the warning out as soon as possible.” From hesitation, to can’t get away from me quick enough. Man, am I ever having quite the effect on women today!

I know she’s changing the subject, and while my mind cries out to force the answer from her, my fractured heart speaks more gently. She’ll tell me if and when she’s ready.

For the first time I look out the windshield and notice that we’re not driving on the sea floor, but swimming through it like a submarine. Even this small glance sets my heart pounding, and I feel blackness begin to creep in around my vision. I can almost taste the salty water as it tries to crawl down my throat.

No, dammit! I swear inwardly. I’m safe and sound. This car was built by mythical creatures and can do magical things.

Okay, so maybe that last bit doesn’t help my mundane raised mind much. Glancing at my childhood friend, the mermaid assassin, I feel my resolve strengthen, and the feeling of slowly drowning recedes.

Taking hold of the steering wheel, I don’t know what to do or say to make the Orange Bubble surface. Thankfully it reads my thoughts, and I feel us begin to rise.

When the car breaches the water, I can see what can only be the Straits of Gibraltar in the distance. How fast are we moving to be here already? I think about how many hours it must have taken my car to drive through the U.S. to the East coast, then across the Atlantic, and know that I’ll likely be home before the next morning. Especially since I’m traveling with the sun.

Brooke doesn’t say anything as she opens her door, and jumps into the water. The door closes on its own. All by myself, my thoughts turn back to Angela. Crazy as it seems, it almost feels as if I can feel her presence. Likely because she’s the one that had repaired my car.

My mind plays over what Brooke had said about the price Angela must have paid to get the Cyclopes to work on my mundane car, as it dives back under the water, and I wait for the mermaid’s return.

And wait.

I turn on the radio, even though I know I can’t pick up any stations, and just listen to the static. I wake up as my car pulls up onto a beach, and my radio comes to life. People stare at the Orange Bubble as it come up on shore, and I wonder what they must be thinking, or how it must look to them.

“—playing only the best hits from the nineties and today on this lovely Sunday afternoon.” I turn off the radio, stunned to realize how short a time has passed. Or is it Sunday of the next week?

I have my car stop off at a gas station to grab a bite to eat. Thankfully I find an old gym outfit tucked under the passenger seat. I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten, but the chips and gas station fare tastes wonderful as it goes down my gullet.

The rest of the drive across country is a blur, as I let my car have its way. Either no police are along the route, or they don’t notice my car. It’s probably the later, considering how Angela had driven through the city. The drive only takes a couple hours.

As the Orange Bubble pulls up to my apartment complex, two things occur to me. Becky’s car is still parked out front, and Brooke has abandoned me as well.

The lead rock in my chest weighs me down as I head to the elevator.

I stop for only a couple seconds to stare at Brooke’s door. I know I shouldn’t, but I knock anyway and am not surprised when there’s no answer.

I’m greeted very warmly by two pretty women, Becky and Lisa, as I enter my apartment.

“What are you two still doing here?” I ask, trying not to sound angry, but my heart hurts too much to sound happy.

“Twice now, you’ve had sex with one or both of us and vanished right after!” Lisa accuses me.

“At least this time you left a note,” Becky chimes in. “You told us to make ourselves at home, so we did.”

In actuality, I’d told them I didn’t know how long I’d be gone and to use whatever they needed from my apartment while I was gone.

“I don’t understand why you always leave so quickly afterwards,” Becky says worriedly.

“Yeah, it’s not like you have a wife or girlfriend to get back to,” Lisa says. “We can tell that just by seeing your apartment.”

I barely even notice that my place is immaculate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slob, but I am a single guy.

“He does now,” Becky pipes up, a tremulous smile spreading across her face as she takes one of my hands.

Or was single.

Well, I think, why the hell not. These two seem to want to stick around for the time being, and I really can’t complain about either one. Both are pretty enough, Becky with her short petite body, and Lisa with her more forward attitude and athletic body. Yeah, I could definitely do a lot worse.

Like a succubus and mermaid that would rather abandon me than stay with me when I need their help.

“Absolutely,” I force a smile as I bend down and kiss the brunette softly.

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Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing.

Also, I have a forum thread up, where I’ll have updates on when I’ll be trying to post the next chapter, as well as any pertinent news. Check it out:

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2013-05-01 06:14:19
I don't typically comment, but I appreciate the speed at which you release these chapters and the style at which you write. I do use these for "material," but your writing style is very enjoyable while waiting for those pieces. They story is obviously based on sex, but also has a large amount of plot, which is excellent. I was slightly upset there wasn't very much sexual interaction in the last two chapters as compared to the rest, but I can see how it would have been difficult to add without being awkward.

As for where I think the story should go, I agree with on of the other people. I would very much like to see him rise to be a hero and safe the "Shadow Realm" and become King. Unfortunately, it isn't really all that plausible for him to rule the human world. But I can see him, as that King, fighting back the humans and then using his power to brainwash them or something. I don't know.

In the end, I think I'll enjoy whatever you write :)

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2013-04-30 22:19:59

I would like to see some mass invasion by someone with local police (maybe army) getting involved also in the end chapters. Still a long way away.

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2013-04-30 02:52:06
Great story so far! I just found and read all the chapters. My only complaint is about the bi-sexual stuff, was a real turn off for me, I skipped that whole part. But Im not saying you cant put it, Ill just skip it and hopefully not miss part of the story. Again great job.

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2013-04-29 23:43:12
Keep up the great work! Love the character development.

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2013-04-29 17:46:10
Am I the only one thats wants to see he invade the fantasy world with a army of humans and become the god of both worlds?

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