July's school calls in that it is closed due to storms last night that haven't quit yet this morning. She goes to work with her father. Kari is wrapping up the business deal with the international company. Tia is working on supper using a duck. All of which occurs as Ben wakes up.

"Fuck this is a bad day" he says seeing it rain outside, with lightning strikes, and thunder rolling. Gets dressed not caring much about his hardon. Walks down gets breakfast as Tia focuses on the duck. Sits down and eats hoping this day gets better.

Tia leaves the kitchen leaving him alone. Few minutes later she comes back in saying to him "grocery shopping Ben do you mind lowering the oven when it boils." Then she was gone. Both fucked the other day, and it's like nothing happened. Lesbian sexfest yesterday was fun, but today misery. He gets up and heads for a shower.


Afternoon sun comes out Kari done for the day after finishing the deal decides to get a few laps in and some sun. Tia busy with the supper in the kitchen has no time for anything else. Ben in his room wraps his mind around all that has occurred.

Talking to himself "first masturbation, then I fuck her, and yesterday she does with Kari. Now supper preparation with no sex. Fuck!" He looks out the window and sees his stepmother doing laps wearing a skimping two piece set. "Fuck? Fuck. Fuck!" Ben gets a bold idea. He is going to fuck his stepmother.

Swimshorts on with a towel over his shoulder he is ready to fuck her. He walks down avoiding Tia's eyes, and rushes outside making little noise as possible. Watching his stepmother do laps he walks over, and sits down by the edge of the pool getting his feet wet.

She notices him and stops next to him in the pool asking him "Ben, do you want to do laps?"

"Getting some sun is all" he tells her leaning back.

"I'll join you over there" Kari replies pointing at the outdoor furniture. She gets out in her sexy two piece swimsuit with water going down her body. Ben sitting there in total awe. Walking away she turns "coming?" Ben leaps up breaking his daydreaming trance.

Once over there Kari lifts the suntan lotion and turns to Ben. He says to her before she can offer "you do me and I'll do you." He lays down on his back as she prepares the lotion. Her smooth young black hands rub over his back with lotion. She moves her hands down to legs giving them a quick rub. Breathing deeply he exhales knowing he was next.

"All done" she says placing the bottle next to him. She lays down undoing her bra zip, so she has a bare back. Ben gets up getting the lotion ready. Looks at her bare back and begins. His hands touch her skin. Moving upward slowly, and gripping his hands on her sides he moves down. Moaning softly below him she tells him "a little lower will you."

Remembering why he is here he lowers his hands down to her lower back. A wicked grin grows on his face as he grabs her plump black ass with both his hands. Leans over her whispering "I saw you fuck the maid yesterday."

Kari froze knowing she was being blackmailed. She turns her head to him "I'm your stepmother."

He rips her bikini off saying to her "exactly." He drops his pants down revealing a cock larger than his dad's.

Her eyes locked at the size of it. She could not believe what is going on here she says to him weakly "your father will kill you if you rape me."

"It's not rape if you consent."

"Why would i?"


She turns fully around to face him not bothering to hide her naked body to him "fuck me hard!"

Grabs her head and kisses her on the lips. "Open up, and don't bite" he says directing her to his cock.

"Gladly" she replies cupping his balls as she sucks on his cock. He throws his head back enjoying the blowup by her. Twirling her tongue, moving in and out of her mouth, and to top it off playing with his balls. Ben couldn't of dreamed any better.


Tia goes on break as the food stays warm for supper. Checks the office and sees no one there. Calls out Ben and Kari's names, but no answer. Goes upstairs and sees no one around. In Ben's room she collapses on his bed hearing noises she dreaded. Looking out the window she witnesses Kari giving Ben head. She gasps as she watches the scene unfold.


"I'm a married woman who is sucking my stepsons cock" words Kari repeated to herself in her head. Her body betraying her mind, but could she do he was right. Kari is nothing more than a young horny whore that married for money. Sex is great with Tom, but the energy in him was not there anymore. She could by loyal and walk away, but what would that prove. Greed or lust were her options. Tia was truly breathtaking yesterday giving her a fresh spin on life. Ben a young kid going to school in two months offering her plenty of energy and youth. Instead of going to old guys she should go young. She has never felt so alive in these past two days ever with Tom.

"Oh gawd, yes suck it bitch!" Ben yells as his cock receive full attention.

Tia heads downstairs slipping out into the shady pool area. Dips her hand into her pants as her other hand pulls a breasts out and rubs it. Staring at a taboo scene of stepmother and stepson, and both are people who in the past week she had sex with. She keeps her moans low as her heart rate rises with excitement.

Ready to come he pulls her away saying to her "time to eat some pussy!"

Kari's eyes fill with lust as she moves back onto the outdoor furniture spreading her legs apart for him "take it all!"

Ben got his knees kissing and licking her legs. She feels goosebumps go through her as he feels her body. She looks onward at the pool area seeing Tia hide in the shadows playing with herself. Would she do the same if their roles were reversed? About to gesture her over she decides to let Tia watch instead.

He touches her inner thigh inches from her pussy. She aches in pleasure calling to him "eat it now." He obeys licking her clit followed by sucking on it. Grasping both of her breasts moaning for more. The energy this boy has far exceeds Tom's. Sure it was adultery, taboo, and so wrong; however how could she live without knowing what life feels like young.

Pussy is touched by his fingers. He spreads it open as he buries his tongue into it. She moans louder feeling her urges to fight depart and euphoria sweep through. Tongue lashing out for her sweet nectar. Tom never truly gave her an orgasm, but here his son was begging for it. She badly needs his cock in her now if she is ever going to get off. Lifting his head she orders him "I need you in me now!"

Ben gets up with as much lust in his eyes as hers. Grabs her legs lifting her slightly as he sticks his cock in her warm pussy. Ramming it all in to get a feel "I should have done this ages ago!" She could not agree any more as his cock slides in and out.

"Ffffuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk...yyyyyyyeeeeeessssss...BBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn!!!" She cried out as her pussy burned for his piece of meat.

Tia drops her pants and panties to the ground as her pussy juices flowed down her legs. She pulls her shirt off and tears her bra off as well. Fully naked masturbating ferociously as her body aches for the touch the two people in front of her are having. The true raw animal desire to have sex no one can resist.

"Kkkkkkaaaaaarrrrrrriiiii...I... ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkkiiiiinnnnnggggg...lllllloooooovvvvveeeee...yyyyooooouuuuuuu!!!" Ben screams pounding her raw pussy unprotected.

"Gawd...yyyeeeessssss!!!" Kari moans "mmmmmoooooorrrrrreeeeee!!!"

Tia has enough she walks over fully nude except for socks and shoes wanting that same pleasure. She freezes when she hears Ben scream.

"I'm cooooommmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!!!" Ben pulls out spraying his cum all over her body and face. He sticks back in "I'm going to fuck until you come Kari!"

"Gggggoooooo...ffffoooorrr...iiitttt!!!" Kari moans loudly.

Tia desired it and walks right in kissing Ben on the lips to everyone's surprise. Their tongues wrestle each other for only a moment as Tia pulls away. She bends down to do the same to Kari. Tia moved down her body kissing and licking it with Ben's cum.

Kari feeling even hotter with this new twist gives in screaming out her orgasm "I'm coming!!!"

Ben let's it settle watching Tia pleasure his stepmoms body. He pulls out and moves over to kiss Kari. Tia noticing joins them. Kissing each other and flicking their tongues together. This is their dirty little secret, and none were going to give it up.

"Came late for the party" Kari says to Tia.

"I didn't know, and once I saw I couldn't resist any longer" Tia replies.

"Tomorrow the three of us together what do you say?" Ben asks both of them.

"Sounds perfect" Kari says to him "I've never felt so alive then when I'm around the two of you."

"No argument here" Tia replies.

"Ditto!" Ben replies.

The three laugh as they head in knowing life is going to be better.


Part 5: Should it be a FFM with finale or should Tom come in? What would you the readers like to see?

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2013-04-28 02:52:22
Seemed pretty rushed rather than any time taken to write this

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2013-04-27 19:10:52
Put Tom in. It is really messed up that every is getting sex but him that is how you get divorced.


2013-04-27 18:23:19
Leave Tom out of it.

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