Sitting on the edge of the bed Tom relaxes as his wife works her tongue around his cock. When they first met for her intern interview he knew she was the one. Granted he was forty at the time and twenty years older. Old enough to be her father. Sitting this morning on the bed before work with the kids downstairs with Tia made it a bit dangerous. For Tom and Kari this Saturday ritual is normal. Tom eats her pussy followed by Kari giving him head. Sure they have regular sex, but this gives them that little extra to get them through the week.

"I can feel it coming" Tom says feeling ready to come.

Kari pulls out and begins jacking off his cock. "Tommy give it to me honey" she replies talking to his cock.

"Oh God! Yes! I'm coming!" Tom shouts just loud enough to not be heard downstairs as he sprays his white cum over her young black face and hair. "Thank you" he says kissing her on the forehead "I'll let the crew downstairs know the drill today."

"Thanks sweeting" Kari replies licking off his juices "I'm going to take a shower now."

Both go their separate ways ready to see what the day is to offer them.


Down below at the kitchen table Tia helps July with a picture for the teacher. July happens to go to an all year round 6 days a week school. Pasting the final picture on the paper Tia keeps herself focused even though Ben sitting on her other side flirts with her. July unaware of the meddling going on continues to color with some crayons.

Ben got up early today because of three things. One is parents tradition is disgusting to think about. Two the maids hot ass got up early to wake him, and three...

"Morning everyone!" Tom says walking into the kitchen heading over to the coffee machine saying "change of pace today."

"Oh...what is going on?" Tia asks curiously turning her head from July to Tom.

"Kari needs to be home today she has an online meeting with a few international clients, I'll need Ben to drop July off, and Tia garden needs to be touched up" Tom says continuing after a sip of coffee "tools are in the shed and if you need any help Ben will be around" Tom takes another sip "Kari is on do not disturb today, so no vacuuming if you could."

Number three waking up early to drive July to school. Ben's day just got longer, but there may be a silver lining to it yet.

"I'll get my backpack ready big Ben!" July shouts grabbing her artwork and running away from the table.

"See you all tonight!" Tom waves them goodbye heading out the door.

Tia and Ben were left seated as everyone moved on. Ben took the lead and kissed her on the lips as a hand of his slips into her pants feeling her up. Tia pulled him away saying in a worried voice "your sister could catch us."

Ben pulls away taking his pussy soaked fingers and sucking on them saying afterwards "delicious!"

She shook it off and walked away as July reappears ready for school. Ben moves on with a big grin on his face.


First thing Tia does once Ben leaves is clean the living room figuring it would give max time outside the rest of the day. Wiping the television and entertainment center first. Kari walks downstairs to get something to eat at this time.

Cleaning she moves some DVDs that were old with no name on them but a number. Hears Kari in the kitchen and calls out "do you need anything Kari?"

Kari walks out holding a coffee cup replying "no, thanks for asking though" Kari walks back in the kitchen "did Tom tell you my plans today?"

Tia who is on her knees now shouts "yes, after this I'll be outside!"

"Half hours time I'll be in the office, so please be quiet if you do come in okay!" Kari yells from the kitchen as she cuts a grapefruit.

"No, problem Kari!" Tia replies unaware she hit the on button of the DVD player as she gets up.

Kari eats her breakfast of which it includes grapefruit, yogurt, coffee , and a bagel with cream cheese as Tia cleans the living room.

Swiping with a cloth and a cleaning agent the coffee table gets a good cleaning. Following that she fixes the sofa removing lost change and toys. Last thing is sweeping the wood floor, since the rugs were put in the laundry basket earlier in the morning. Finishing the room she takes a step back hitting the chair where the remote falls on the floor turning the television on by accident. She grabs the remote then looks to the tv seeing a homemade porn movie where Kari is getting fucked by Tom in this very room. Feeling as if she was in a twilight episode her head was having a hard time comprehending this. Only the other night she had spied on them and now this. What type of people are they?

Kari blocks her view snapping her out of the trance "Explain!?"

Tia trying to process everything ends up saying "what?"

"Explain why you are watching that movie?" Kari furiously ticked off now.

"Accident... the remote fell and it came on" she was having a meltdown mumbling in a foreign tongue with a hint of English.

"What do you think of it?" Kari.changing her mood to a much smoother tone asks allowing Tia full view of the scene where Kari is getting drilled as she lays on the coffee table.

Tia replies much clearer "unfathomable!"

Kari nods showing a wicked grin "We did several dozen porn videos before July came, since then we do it solely in our bedroom once in a great while."

"Are you going to fire me?" Tia says confused.

Kari takes a deep breath "have you done it with another woman Tia?"

She could only nod approvingly.

Kari takes her shirt off revealing no bra beneath. She looks at Tia and tells her in a friendly tone "Meeting isn't for another hour, and on weekends I do not ever wear a bra."

Tia now knew what is going on and takes her shirt off as well. Once her shirt is off she kisses Kari fully on the lips. Steps back as Kari kisses her this time both embrace as they french kiss.

Pulling away Kari feels blown away by the experience of her maid "Wow! You do know how to kiss a woman!"

"Your not bad yourself" Tia replies confidently.

Kari realizes she has got to have this woman and says "you ready to go all the way this time?"

"As equals, yes!" She replies and kisses her once more cupping her breasts with one hand and the other feeling her pussy. Kari unbuttons her own pants sending down to the floor, following Tia loses her pants as well. Two nude woman now stand in the living room as the sex tape continues.

Desire, passion, hunger, lust, or all the above drives them into wanting more. Rubbing their hands on each others soft bodies. Both forgot the rest of the world as they make out. Unaware of Ben pulling back up the driveway after dropping off July. Kari moves to the couch with Tia not letting go. She moves down to lay having Tia on top kissing her endlessly on the mouth and neck.

Neither hear nor notice Ben walk in to see two naked women make out. Ben hides behind the corner jacking off in total disbelief of what he is watching unfold. Does he join in and freak out his step mother or does he watch. He closed to watch as he sees Tia get up from the couch, and move to the floor where she eats his step mother's pussy.

The moment she gets on the floor she pulls Kari's legs apart and licks the inner leg sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Kari begs for more as she throws her hair back, and then grabs Tia's head and directs it to her pussy.

Tia licks her clit graciously knowing exactly what a woman desires. Sucking and twirling her tongue around this black woman's clit with delight. The taste reminded her of wild raspberries. Tia moves down licking her pussy lips all around getting her extra horny.

He drops his pants down to his knees as he slowly jack's off with one eye watching the scene unfold in front of him. He never considered his step mother sexual until today. He turns his eyes to the tv seeing his parents having sex in this very room. Tom pounds his white cock into Kari's black ass is the scene on the screen. He turns his head back to the interracial lesbians a few feet from him. He continues to fight his urges to dive in though.

Kari desiring to taste this Asian woman lifts her face up and tells her "let me have a taste too." Tia smiles kissing her on the lips allowing Kari to taste her pussy juices if only for a moment. Moving on top of her with her Asian ass directly in front of her face Kari kisses and licks her leg and inner thigh as she gets her pussy eaten on the other side.

Ben covers his mouth in total shock. He is witnessing a sixty-nine. He steps out of the corner standing few feet from the action furiously masturbating no longer caring if he gets caught.

Feeling the pressure she gives in to her sexual urges "fucking eat my pussy Ben!"

Ben couldn't believe his ears his own stepmother said his name in a sexual context. This time he steps forward a couple of steps and stops to see Tia sit up with her back to him.

"I'm coming!" She screams clutching her breasts as Kari devours her pussy cum juice. Tia tosses her body around catching Ben in the corner of her eye.

Ben frozen uncertain if Tia saw him or not. As he is about to say something Tia goes back down ready to give Kari another orgasm. He slowly walks away grabbing his pants. Heads to the doorway silently as possible. Hearing both have orgasm once more before he makes his presence clear. He slams the door and calls out if anyone is home. Tia and Kari hear him frantically grabbing there clothes. Once he walked in the room both were dressed with Kari turning the television off.

"Hi, Ben you got home early" Kari says to him with messed up hair.

"Hey to you to" Ben replies and walks back to the steps grinning seeing the two with messy hair and shirts switched. Life could not get better for him. delicious!

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