“Naruto Goes on a Rampage”

"Naruto do you understand?" Kakashi asks Naruto what he heard from Shikamaru moments ago.

"Yes, but I can't let..."

"I know" Shikamaru stands in front of him with his hand on his shoulder. Naruto understands and leaves.

"The list of names?" Choji asks Shikamaru curious of his plan. He knew like everyone else Naruto would not sit down.

Shikamaru turns to answer the list "Tsunade, Sai, Temari, unknown person, or one of us." Everyone nods understanding the possibilities and the fact they can’t trust each other. Shikamaru thought was not on who in here was guilty, but what Naruto would do to the person when caught. He leaves with Ino and Choji knowing this would be tough now that everyone knows was who everyone is fucking.


Pissed off from the meeting Naruto headed straight home as he was told, but that didn't mean he was going to stop and rest. Opening the door to the apartment all he sees are random clothes from his female peers. He turns to the kitchen and gets himself a drink of water. After a quick relief of his thirst he turns to his bed. Walking over he notices a second note on his bed. He looks out the window, but sees no one. Turns to the note and begins to read it "your masculine body has me turned on every time I am with you. That cock is something I ache for. I desire you, I love you, and I lust for your cock Naruto" Naruto read and reread the note knowing for a fact that is a female, but who wrote it.

Suddenly he was inside in front of the gate that held the nine tail. "Naruto you need me" the powerful nine tail stared coldly at Naruto.

"I don't need you."

"Oh I think so. You see I've been watching you have your sexual conquest. I can tell if a human is lying. I will give you some of my chakra to find the one who is blackmailing you Naruto."

"Very well, but only to scent out the culprit" Naruto as he says this feels chakra flow in him.

Next thing he was in his room with a plan. Quickly he made the hand signals and next there are nine Naruto's in the room. Ready to head out and find information on who was the culprit.


First victim for Naruto was simple that would be Sakura. He knocked on her door ready for an answer. Door opened, and instead of Sakura it would be Karin that appeared at the doorway. "Hello, Naruto" Karin seductively looked at Naruto with hunger and desire.

"Is Sakura around?" Naruto asks her.

Naruto felt two hands cover his eyes "Guess who?" Sakura replies joyfully. Naruto turns around and kisses her on the lips. With the nine tails chakra in him there is a little extra kick in the kiss. Naruto knew right than she wasn't the one. He wasn't going to stop though.

"How about giving me some of that" Karin who now has her breasts bare staring at Naruto.

"Oh yeah" Naruto turned and quickly sucked on one of her breasts while fondling the other.

"Oh yes Naruto!" Karin moaned with the excitement of being pleased. Sakura closed the door as the other two went to the bed. She removed her clothes in the process wanting nothing more than a good hard fuck. "Stick that big juicy cock up my pussy Naruto!" Karin yells commanding him to fuck her. Naruto stopped sucking on her breasts looked up kissed her on the lips and knew she held secrets, but not ones he seeked. He made the hand signals and vanished in thin air.

"What the fuck! Naruto!!!" Sakura and Karin both screamed in unison angry and horny. Karin looks at Sakura's naked body licking her lips losing Naruto, yet she gained a chance for some girl on girl sex. Sakura looked to her feeling frustrated, horny, and desiring a damn good fuck. Sakura gets on the bed and begins to make out with Karin.


One clone down many to go as the next one stops by Kuranai's as rain begins to drop out side. Knocking at the door Naruto waits for her to appear.

When the door does open instead of Kuranai it was Temari. "Hey Naruto what are you doing here?" She asked surprised by his visit.

"Is Kuranai around?" "She is taking care of the baby, but I'll let her know your here" Temari turns swaying her ass in front of him as she leaves to get Kuranai. Naruto waited a few minutes as rain starts to build up in the village.

Kuranai comes to the door surprised by Naruto's visit "what can I do for you Naruto? Didn't Shikamaru talk to you?"

"It isn't that...I was...I was wondering if I could..." Naruto slowly moved in and kissed her on the lips catching her off guard. Kuranai innocent with the test, however Naruto still had to make sure. She withdrew unsure for a second than went in for the kill and kissed him harder. She had fucked Shikamaru, and now she desired no she needed to fuck Naruto. Naruto surprised by this continued the make out session. Never did he think he would be this lucky. He was on his way to fucking Kuranai. They moved on to the sofa to continue. Both were stripping and making out.

Down to their underwear a third person walks in to the scene. "Kuranai and Naruto!" Temari stood motionless and white as if she saw a ghost shocked by the scene in front of her. Naruto clone vanishes leaving Kuranai alone in her underwear.

Temari looked at her seductively "baby is asleep, so it is just you and me." She sheds her clothes walking to the sofa. Kuranai takes off her remaining clothes and prepares for an afternoon delight. Lightning strikes outside for the first time in this storm. Temari kisses her on the lips than slowly moves down ready to blow away Kuranai.


Clouds move in darkening the sky as the rain goes from a light shower to a downpour. Thunder and lightning ready to appear. Naruto clone marched into the Hyuga clan prepared to meet up with the sisters. He didn't expect what was about to happen though. He walks up to Hinata's bedroom to hear several girls chatting. Sneaking around he notices four girls in the room looking as if they are having a good time.

Listening he heard Ino saying something loudly. He could walk in, but what would happen. He had to know if any of them or all of them were the blackmailer. He watches for a few moments when he sees what looks like Tenten moaning as her pussy was being eaten by one of the girls. He moved in to join the fun. He entered and everyone was naked staring at him all horny.

"Naruto just in time" Ino moves toward him swaying her hips. Her perky breasts stared at him. Memorizing him Naruto knew he is about to enter into an orgy. Ino undressed him. His cock stiff as a wood board pointing at the girls who all licked their lips as they got hunger for him than they ever have before. Ino got on her knees and started sucking on it moving her tongue around it.

Rest of the girls move to them all wanting a piece of Naruto. Tenten got next to Ino and started to suck on his balls. Naruto rolled his head back feeling a wave of pleasure hit him. Hinata licked his right tit as her sister did the left. He wasn't in his female form and yet they were all over his masculine well toned body. He lifted Hinata's head and gently kissed her on the lips. He now knew she was innocent. He turned to her sister, and she too was innocent. Two girls down and two girls to go.

"Oh suck it Ino...yes!" Naruto screamed holding her head. Tenten moved so she could be next to Ino she licked on the shaft of his cock as Ino did his head. Ino seeing Tenten adjusted to allow her the share. Soon both were licking guy his shaft on opposite sides. Hinata and Hanabi moved away and got onto the bed in a sixty-nine with Hanabi on bottom. Sucking pussy and cock are the noises filling the room.

Ino stops sucking, and moves Tenten away kissing her on the lips softly. She looks up to Naruto "how about a good hard fuck big boy." Naruto nodded. Ino and Tenten got up walking him to the bed. They drop him next to where Hinata's ass was at.

"My turn first" Ino climbed on to his cock and slowly grinded it in her. "Oh fuck...ugh... Oh yes!!!...more... more...more!!!" She screamed as his cock went deeper into her.

"You mind Naruto eating me I'm so wet down there I'm literally dripping" Tenten says dropping herself over his face. Naruto could see it was wet and devoured it with ease sucking and licking it. Naruto moved one hand so he could cup one of Ino's breasts. The other hand went to fingering Hinata's asshole. The finger in her ass drove Hinata to new heights of lust. She buried her face in her sister’s pussy as her own got wetter by the second. Her pussy was on fire, her breasts were hard, and her lust sent her into her wild side.

Ino bounced up and down on Naruto's shaft screaming as if she was bewitched. "Oh yes I am coming!" Ino shouted then collapsed on his chest.

She licked Tenten with Naruto. "Don't stop... don't stop..."Tenten panting as she roles and squeezed her breasts with her hands as Naruto and Ino ate her pussy. "Oh fuck yes...fuck! Fuck me Naruto!!!" She screamed as another orgasm shot threw her. Tenten moved off Naruto and moved behind Ino. Naruto kissed Ino on the lips as the girls got into position. She was innocent too. Tenten ate Ino's pussy for a moment before grabbing on Naruto's cock and sucking on it. She sucked on Naruto's and Ino's fuck juices.

Licking with her tongue getting it nice and hard , so she could fuck it as well.

"Naruto, yes eat me!" Ino moaned as Naruto sucked and licked her pussy. Hinata got off her sister to see Naruto busy with two other girls. She moved to where Ino was, and gave her a French kiss playing with their tongues.

Hanabi took the opportunity to do the same with Tenten. Naruto thrusts his hip into Tenten as her ass slapped his pelvic area. All the girls now were making out loudly while Naruto ate and fucked pussy. Orgasms were going off constantly as Naruto had yet to come. Ino couldn't take any longer. She got off and moved with Hinata onto the floor making out. Hanabi took her chance and moved her pussy right onto Naruto's face to be eaten. Tenten arched her back forward to suck on her small perky breasts.

"Ugh...mhmm... Oh yeah...yeah...Tenten... Naruto... don't...uh fuck...yes!" Hanabi screamed over and over. Tenten moved up from her breasts, and kissed her neck. Slowly she reached her mouth sticking her tongue in her as Hanabi did the same.

Remaining in this position until Tenten felt tightness below as her largest orgasm came. "Naruto!!!" Tenten screamed "I'm coming!!!"

Naruto also felt it too he stopped dealing with Hanabi and shot his load screaming "here it comes!" Tenten and Naruto were exhausted after that powerful wave. Hanabi took the hint got off residing on the floor where she fingered and licked Ino and her sister’s pussies. Tenten laid on his chest as both breathed quite heavily. Tenten looked at Naruto as he did the same. They kissed. She was innocent just like the others. Naruto knew his time here was up. Making the hand signals he vanished sending Tenten on the bed with a loud thump. She looked to see her friends on the floor and joined them.


Next victim Naruto searched for as the thunder clouds rolled in was Shizune. He had been through the markets searching when all was lost he found her exiting a clothing store with a few bags.

He caught up to her "hey Shizune!" Waving his hands to here she looked as if she was going to run, but figured it was Naruto she better talk to him. "

It is raining what are you doing out here anyways Naruto?" Shizune questions his sanity.
Naruto moved up to her "this is why." He kissed her in the rain as lightning strikes in the forest in the distance.

Shizune blinked to see Naruto vanished into thin air "was I dreaming? Wait...oh no...Tsunade" she ran to the Hokage’s palace. Passing the final corner she missed seeing Naruto in the shadows waiting for this moment to happen all afternoon. She ran through the building and opened the doors to Lady Tsunade's office. "We need to talk about Naruto!"

"Are you okay Shizune?" Tsunade asks her curiously stumped by her assistant’s behavior.

"It is Naruto he is after the identity of your spy" Shizune states huffing and puffing.

"When he comes he will receive a clue. Shikamaru asked earlier before the storm began" Tsunade tells her straight up.

"Understood my lady" Shizune bows out of the room and leaves.


The moment Shizune shut the door Naruto hiding around the corner made his move into the Hokage’s office. "Your clue Naruto is this. The person you seek has ties with Orchimaru and it is not Sasuke" Tsunade stared out the window not once looking at him. Naruto left silently knowing a clue to the identity of the spy.


Anko steps down from up above and kisses Tsunade on the neck as she slides a hand down Tsunade's moist pussy. The night had just begun.

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