"Ready mommy!" July screams waiting at the door. Kari frantically searches for her keys with the help of Tia. Ben walks down the steps half awake hearing all the commotion. Tom left an hour ago for work. Tia searches the living room as Kari goes through the office room.

"What is going on?" Ben asks July stretching his body from a wicked night.

July replies "I'm going to Sara's party and mommy can't find her keys."

Ben walks over to a decorative table near the front door. By the flowers that blocked July's vision laid Kari's keys. "Big Ben found them mommy!" July yells "Ben found your keys!" Kari rushes into the hallway to see Ben dangling her keys. Tia enters the hallway to see Ben eyeing her as if he knows something.

Kari grabs the keys and walks out saying "thanks Tia and Ben for your help!"

"Your welcome" Ben sluggishly replies heading to the kitchen for food.

Tia looks at Tom's office only a few feet from her, but knew she couldn't do it with Ben around, unless... "hey, Ben!"

Ben pours some cereal in a bowl as Tia walks in "it is too early Tia."

"All I want to ask is what you want for lunch?" Tia asks tossing her hair slightly.

Ben continued his routine cutting a grapefruit in half, pouring both milk and orange juice before answering her "Dad told me to give you this" Ben hands her a couple of hundreds "the list is on the fridge, and there is extra forty in there for what you want. I'll eat whatever your cooking."

Tia went silent grabbed the money and walked away to do other chores. About ten minutes later Ben was in the shower leaving Tia in Tom's office to herself. Scouting the office she found the safe, and now she just needed to find the combination. Ben yells from upstairs. Tia moving on goes to find out what he is yelling.

"Fresh towel Tia!" Ben shouts.

"Okay! Will get one Ben!" Tia replies. Laundry room is her first stop finding one in the dryer. She runs up the steps to the bathroom and knocks on the door. Ben opens the door revealing his naked body and his stiff hard on. Tia's jaw dropped seeing it up close now. A massive cock with balls that hung low.

"Marvellous isn't?" Ben says looking at her face.

Tia looks up and drops the towel "your not kidding!"

Ben bends down to pick up the towel, while holding his cock with the other hand. Standing up he looks at Tia who is stiff with eyes locked on his cock. "Would you like to give me a blowjob or do you want to fuck?" He snaps his fingers at her. Tia breaks out of her trance "what did you say?"

"I saw you play with yourself last night?" Ben confronts her with horror growing in her face.

Tia shakes it off "It is natural, and not a crime!"

Ben tosses the towel back to Tia "no, your right I think I'll jerk off and go naked until 3 when Kari and July come back." Ben begins to beat off in front of her "oh yeah you like that with your fingers digging in your pussy don't you slut!"

Tia grabs him by the throat "if you think for a second that you can blackmail me in to fucking you your mistaken punk! You know my dirty secret and I know yours makes us even!" She shoves into the bathroom throwing his towel to him, and walks away.

Ben gets up and chases after her. Grabbing her arm as she begins down the steps. She turns around ready to smack him when he kisses her on the lips. He pulls back waiting for her next move.

She kisses back pushing him to his bedroom. He falls onto his bed with Tia ending the kiss momentarily. "Fuck it is" Ben says thrilled by his morning.

"Shut up!" Tia tells him as she throws her shirt off, then takes her pants and panties, and finally undoes the bra "lets fuck!" She moves on top allowing his cock into her pussy. Pulls her hair back and goes down on him pressing her breasts onto him. Sticks her tongue in his mouth closing her eyes as she rides his cock. Feeling the warmth of her body on top of him he slowly fucks her. Pulsating inside her he remains as hard as steel. Their tongues wrestle as their hearts race. This was not love, but pure lust.

He rubs her back with both of his arms moving closer to her ass. He desired to feel that ass that he suffered looking at, but could not touch. Centimeters from it Tia pulls away sitting up rubbing her breasts as she rides him.

"Harder!" She desperatly moans feeling an orgasm from this boy coming on. She rides him faster feeling his cock push further in.

His cock went all the way in, his balls smacking, and sweat coming from both begin to form. "Come fucking dirty little Asian maid!" He yells as his cock burns inside her begging to come. Neither were wearing protection. He had no idea or care at this time if she got pregnant.

As for Tia this was not her time of the month, so fucking right now would not do anything unless he has STD's. She never got any with all the men and women she screwed over the years. She moves her hands from her breasts allowing his to play with her breasts. Stretching her arms upward enjoying the sensations tingle throughout her whole body. "Oh Ben, Ben don't stop!" She cries out desiring her inner animal to envelop over her body.

No longer wanting to be on the bottom he grabs her body moving it down onto the bed. Her head hitting the pillow. Legs spread out allowing him full view of her naked body. "I'm going to come!" Ben screams shoving his cock in her.

"No, come over my body!" Tia yells not wanting his semen in her. She desired to taste the white cum. Still hadn't came, but knew it would happen weather it came from him or by her fingers.

Ben pulls out rubbing his cock in front of her furiously until he comes spraying all over her body, face, and hair. "Fuck yes!" he screams raising his hands as if he shot the game winning goal.

Tia takes a taste of his cum into her mouth before saying "I haven't said we are done." Moving upward kissing him once more. His cock grasped by her hand as the other holds his head. They move down once more as his cock is again in her body ready to finish the job. Her desire overpowered his will. His duty was finished and still here he was fucking.

Pulling away from her tongue he asks her "would eating your pussy suffice?"

Tia took a moment to think about it then nodded pushing him downward. Kissing her inner thigh made her squirm with excitement. Hands move up her soft body, as her hands grab the back of his head. Moving his tongue to her clit made her swear in a foreign language. The tongue goes down to her g-spot as she screams in pure pleasure with the flickering of his tongue over it. Orgasms flooded over her body as she finally came. Lifting his head she says to him in perfect English "thank you Ben." She lays back resting her eyes as Ben moves next to her embracing her naked body.

"It is 11:35" Ben whispers in her ear "do you want something?"

"In a moment let's talk about doing this again" Tia slowly says to him.

He slows his breathing down to hers as he replies "I got two months before I go to college. I plan on staying here during those years knowing now you are here."

"What do you mean?"

"The college is twenty minutes away I have two options live in a frat house or live at home" Ben tells her "I give the final decision next week."

"What are going to do? Degree?" Tia asks enjoying the company.

Scratches his balls for a second then answers "no clue."

Hearing her stomach churn she turns to him "let's eat."

"No objections here" Ben replies following her off the bed and to the kitchen "don't forget to get groceries."

Snapping her fingers "what time did you say they would be back?"
"3" Ben nonchalantly says back as he walks out the room behind her both naked.

Tia asks one more question turning to face him "how often do you go naked around the house?"

Before answering he gives her a quick kiss on the lips "every chance I get."

Both smile before they run down the steps for a refuel. - At exactly 3 o'clock Kari and July walk in the house unaware of what occurred in the house. Ben walks by finishing off a glass of lemonade. Tia coming downstairs with an empty laundry basket. Life continues on in the Morgan home with one more secret in the home. What is next for the Morgan family?


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