Author notes: July will not have any sexual acts in this story. Sex scenes will be longer this is merely to wet your appetite readers. I plan for five stories, but am willing to go further. Questions? Comments? Always welcome.
Maid Begins:

Shifting through papers as the freshly brewed coffee delivered by his lovely wife sits cooling off Tom is in no mood for distractions this morning. Tom is a succesful businessman. He is a 45 year old guy. He stands 5' 8", with army cut blonde hair, green eyes and white skin, and weighing about 165 lbs. Ben at 18 came from his first wife who divorced him with an ugly lawsuit where Tom was left with only Ben. Ben witnessed the divorce at 10, and hasn't been the same since. He stands 6' 2", with long swirling blonde hair, green eyes and white skin, and weighing about 145 lbs. Tom also has a daughter named July who is 5 by his third wife who he is married to now. Second wife was a failure, but did give Tom a bright career future. This Sunday morning his plan is to hire a maid. A request from his wife that he had no rejections about. Finding the folder with all the maids that sent resumes is the challenge this morning that is starting to get under his skin.
"Honey!" Kari yells leaning at the doorway holding the resumes in her hands. Kari is a black 25 year old that met Tom when she intern for him at 19. She stands 6', with smooth black hair, brown eyes and skin, weighing about 150 lbs, and 34D breast size. She is his secretary, that bore him a daughter, and ended up marrying him. "Thank you" Tom says grabbing it from her hands as he gives her a quick kiss.

"Family meeting. Living room. ASAP!" Walking in the living room the television is on showing a cartoon chase. July mesmerized by the action unfolding on the screen as she lays on the sofa. Her stepbrothers on the love seat texting his friends. Kari grabs his phone as Tom turns the TV off. Both kids confused about what is going on.
"Your father has something to say kids" Kari kindly says handing it over to her husband.
"As you all know I will be hiring a maid soon. With our busy schedules we need someone to keep the home in order. Is there any questions you would like me to ask now is the time" Tom says to his family. Everyone is silent already given their questions to him in the past couple weeks.
Doorbell rings.
Tom heads to his office as Kari rushes to the door. The kids head to their rooms waiting the outcome.


After an all morning search not one of the dozens of maids fit the needs the family is seeking from a maid. Afternoon did not get better until three when Kari opened the door to a young a see Asian female who looked to be the same age as her.
"My name is Kari" introducing herself to this Asian woman.

"I'm Tia, I'm here for the maid interview for Tom Morgan" Tia articulating her words slowly to speak English. Tia is a 25 year old woman . She stands 5'6", with jet black hair, brown eyes and Asian skin, weighing about 145 lbs, and 36C breast size.

"Tia, right this way" Kari walks to Tom's office with Tia walking silently behind her. Reaching the door Kari opens it with Tom waiting at his desk.

Tia bows slightly to Kari "thank you Mrs. Morgan."

"Good luck Tia" Kari says walking away feeling blessed by this woman's kindness.

"Tia Loo, is it?" Tom asks curious by her looks.

"Yes, Mr. Morgan" Tia replies.

"It says here you are recently graduated from school in philosophy"

"That is correct Mr. Morgan"

"Call me Tom Tia"

Tom looking from her face to her resume "why a maid?"

"Looking to get my feet wet" Tia responds hesitate "I find maid service holds many aspects relating to

"I have an 18 year old boy named Ben and a 5 year old girl named July" Tom says before asking "how are you with kids?"

"I have been babysitting since I was 8 Tom."


"No, I am only child." After twenty more minutes of this back and forth between the two Kari walks in.

Tom stops Kari from speaking "I would like you to know honey we have found our maid in Miss. Tia Loo."

"That is great news!" Kari says turning to Tia "congratulations Tia!"

"Thank you Mrs. Morgan" Tia replies. "Oh, please Mrs. Morgan is my step mother call me Kari" the two women shake hands.

"Yes, Mrs. I mean Kari" Tia says joyful of the news she has recieved.

"Let's meet the children Tia" Tom breaks up the two leading them out of the office. The three walk up the steps. Once at the top both kids come out of their respectful rooms. July running up to her father with jubilee in her step. Ben dragging his feet before arriving to see the new member of the household. Once he looks up he is stunned by the Asian woman standing next to his stepmother.

"Kids I would like you to meet Tia here" Tom introduces her to the kids "she will be our live in maid."

"Hi Tia" July shyly says hugging her father's leg.

" is...uh...b...Ben" Ben awed by his fathers choice of a maid.

"Hello" Tia says to both of them with a strong accent.

"Where are you from?" July asks childishly.

Tia gets down on her knees to be eye level with July "I come from South Korea in a small fishing village in the south west named Piachang."

"Pitching?" Ben says confused.

Tia gets up and looks at Ben flickering her eyes slightly "no, more au sound."


"Very good" Tia smiles at Ben.

Tom interrupts "right Tia let me show you your bedroom." Tom takes her to her bedroom as the rest of the family moves on. Walking down the hallway passing the bedrooms and bathrooms they stop at the end of the hall. A large door keeps it close. Tom behind Tia watching her walk up to the doorknob. She opens the door to a simple room. A bed with a nightstand at the opposite side. A closet on the right. A dresser with a mirror on the right. A earthtone yellow painted on the walls. Window shine some light above the bed, as well as on the ceiling.

"When can you move in?" Tom says behind her breaking the silence.

Tia embraces the room feel walking around it before turning to answer Tom cheerfully "in an hour I can have my stuff."


Around 6:30 the five of them sat down for supper. Tia on the first night did not do cooking, and instead is treated as a guest. First meal is fish tacos made by Kari with some help by July.

Tia takes her first bite savoring the new food. "Mmm... delicious!"

"Well thank you Tia" Kari replies "it is something we as a family have once a month."

"It's one of my favorites too!" July says before taking a bite into her fish taco. Everyone is mildly amused by her antics.

"Well I best get to work cleaning then" Tia says getting up with her plate.

"Oh, I'll show you where they go Tia" Kari says getting up as well. The rest of the family moves to the living room as the women clean. Ten minutes or so later Ben walks in the kitchen catching Tia's ass staring straight at him. Kari moves in front of him

"Can I help you Ben?" Snapping out of it he turns away with a huge grin on his face. Kari nods knowing what Ben is thinking, but also knows he doesn't have the guts to fuck Tia.


Lights are out around the house as everyone is in their beds sleeping. Tia tosses and turns in her new bed. One thing this family didn't know about her is the fact from the age of 10 she has had sex. Child slave in South Korea until the age of 17 where her master died to a foe by sword. At 17 she found work in cleaning homes, and stealing mass fortunes. By 21 she headed to America where she got a degree in philosophy in 3 years. Payed by stripping and prostitution. After that she traveled for a few months. On the road she discovered an ad for live in maid, and knew she was in for a big trip. She got out of bed wanting to see what fortunes lied in Tom's office.

Tiptoeing out of her room with no creaks of the floor. Heading past the up stairs bathroom for the kids. Followed by July's innocent room filled by magic any 5 year old could wish for. Ben's door was ajar with him naked on top of the bed jacking off in his sleep. Tia's mouth went wide by the size of his cock, but knew her job came first. She goes by the stairs where she hears the sounds and smells of sex. The door is cracked slightly as she takes a look of the lovemaking going on.

Kari is on top with her ass staring right back at Tia. She saw Tom's cock slide in and out. Settle moaning, so not to wake up the kids, but enough to hear for Tia. Continuing to watch she buried her fingers under her night gown where underneath was naked as the day she was born. Pussy throbbed as her desires to head to Tom's office were replaced by her own sexual needs. Naturally she would go in and join them, but knew she was not in position to do so.

Turns away as Kari has an orgasm, and heads back to her room not noticing Ben standing there watching her the moment she saw him jerking off. She got into bed and furiously finger fucked herself several times off using a pillow to block her screams. Ben hearing and seeing the whole scene unfold grinned thinking of only naughty thoughts until morning sun came out.


End part 1
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