Trinity, Dark and Nature climbed out of the carriage and stretched as they looked around. The two female mages appeared and glanced around before walking towards the fire. George landed and then Abby screamed as she back winged and landed beside him. I grinned as I continued to let the wild magic fill me and gestured to the library wagon and it began opening.

I looked at Amanda and Cara, “go have the kitchen make dinner and see if Storm is up.”

They walked to the wagon with a sway to their hips that made Trinity and Nature laugh. I made sure the library leveled itself before setting the blocks of wood and the huge sphere of crystal down. The two new mages grinned and the one with long, green hair stepped closer, “I’m Kaira and this is my friend Lynn.”

She gestured to the crystal, “would you mind if we used it?”

I shook my head and glanced at Trinity and Dark as they made comfortable chairs beside the fire platform. I turned to send the lantern men into place around the camp. I made a small raised area beside the fire. The four leopards rubbed against my legs before jumping up and laying down to stare into the flames.

Brandy hugged my arm and laughed, “you need to fill the new bath wagon.”

I grinned and glanced over and it floated out and water spouted up and into the wagon. When it stopped I moved it over beside our wagon and put the legs down. I smiled and watched as the end slid out and both sides opened. I looked at Brandy, “now it won’t be crowded.”

She laughed and strutted towards the wagon, “I’ll go help with dinner.”

I gestured to our wagon and a moment later the large tomb flew out and came to me. I absently created a chair beside the fire platform and Grif came to lay next to me. I patted his back as I opened the tomb, “how was the flying today old bird?”

He clacked his large beak, “not to bad.”

I nodded and began reading only to stop and stare as Kaira and Lynn linked and began spells. They pulled crystal out and made a large, round, hollow, carriage type of wagon. Next was eight hollow crystal giants with tall spears. I grinned and Grif chuffed as Dark chuckled, “that’s a nice team.”

I looked at my rainbow horses as Edward walked up behind me, “that’s what you need but more of them and female.”

Kaira and Lynn grinned back at him as I laughed, “careful or I will make a female centaur and she will have you in harness.”

I relaxed and started to read and it seemed like moments later that Storm slid onto my lap carefully as she balanced a tray of food. I smiled and closed the tomb before setting it aside and helping her. Cara, Amanda and Brandy were handing out trays with plates of fish, noddles and something green.

I put an arm around Storm and let her feed me as she smiled, “this is much better than raw.”

I smiled as I tasted one of Cara’s favorite spiced fish recipes, it was both sweet and tangy. I looked at Nature as he summoned a keg from their carriage and ale poured into an invisible glass. I turned and gestured to make seats for the girls beside me. We were just finishing when the Harpies attacked.

The wild magic flooded through me as I jerked up and a ward shield flared around the camp. I moved Storm as I stood and Edward was suddenly shooting arrows through the shield. I was tempted to tell him to stop when Dark, Nature and Trinity started throwing lightning spells. I glanced at them before gesturing and speaking a spell that made the very air seem to pause.

The Harpies screamed as they began to change. I brought them down out of the sky and over the stream as they took human form. I dropped them into the stream and began washing them as they cursed and shouted. When I finished Trinity stepped forward and opened a portal before sending them through.

I closed it and he bowed to me, “I must apologize Amerlyn. I did not think to change them as I should have.”

I nodded and glanced at the shield, “it did it again.”

He looked around at the shield, “it is remarkably strong.”

I shrugged and turned to the girls as the tomb I had been reading lifted to follow me, “bedtime.”

I glanced around, “light my way.”

The lantern men began to glow with a soft light. I smiled and slipped an arm around Storm and Amanda as I walked to the wagon, “turn them off in a couple of hours Edward.”

I slipped my robe off and sent it to the laundry basket and the tomb to my reading area. The four girls slipped onto the large bed as I walked to the bed and sat before reaching out to caress Storm’s bare hip. Amanda grinned as she pushed Cara down and moved between her legs. They kissed softly before Amanda started kissing down her body.

Brandy laughed and rolled over to kiss Cara before bending to suck on a nipple. I smiled as Storm turned her head to watch and laid beside her. I continued to caress her and finally started fingering her pussy. She shivered and her hips lifted as she moaned. I touched the entrance to her pussy and whispered a spell.

She shuddered and gasped as something unseen began to be felt inside her. It rubbed every inch including the soft spongy area that made her shake and beginning keening. I smiled as I leaned over to kiss her and started gently rubbing her clit. Storm clung to me as her hips rotated and kept thrusting up.

She squirted and screamed as she began to convulse and I moved over her and between her legs. I continued to kiss her as she clutched me and humped up. I lifted and pushed into her as I let the spells go. Her pussy was tight and slippery as it grasped my cock repeatedly. I started fucking her with deep strokes and she was responding by thrusting up.

Her slippery pussy grasped and milked my cock as I pressed against her. I used long strokes and began to hump, press, grind and jab. It was a couple of minutes before her keening became wails and howls. She thrashed and writhed around under me as I buried my cock. Her pussy contracted and spasmed almost painfully before I fucked her hard and deep suddenly.

It was another few minutes before I buried my cock. She bucked and thrashed around and I started pumping huge spurts of cum. Storm stiffened before lifting and tilting her hips as I continued to spew warm cum into her. When I stopped cumming she hugged me and whispered, “I like feeling that.”

I kissed her before pulling out and looking at the other girls. I smiled at Brandy and gestured to flip her onto her stomach and lift her hips. She laughed as Amanda and Cara snickered and I kissed Storm and moved behind Brandy and rubbed her pussy. She shuddered and pushed back and turned her head to grin at me.

I pushed into her slowly and buried my cock. I reached under her and whispered a spell, “how many do you want my lovely concubine?”

She laughed and looked back, “Cara said she might have four to six and Amanda two or three so I should be in the middle.”

Cara and Amanda laughed and Storm turned to look. I smiled and murmured a spell, “three or four it is.”

A minute later I held her waist as I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts that pushed all the way into her. She shuddered as she began to thrust back while her almost hot pussy squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her steadily and it wasn’t long before she became erratic as she convulsed and wailed into the bed.

Cara and Amanda didn’t help because one was fingering her clit and the other was tugging on a nipple. Storm finally smiled and moved closer to feel her other breast and tug on that nipple. I grinned and buried my cock before whispering a spell and leaning over her to touch her temple.

I straightened again and started fucking her nice and deep. It was a minute before Brandy was convulsing almost violently as she squirted and screamed. It was another ten minutes before I fucked her hard and shoved into her and held her. My cock erupted in a huge gushing torrent that flooded her belly and she stiffened and screamed louder.

I pumped and spewed until her womb was distended and then I let her sag to the bed panting as I pulled out. I grinned at Amanda and Cara as they rubbed her butt. Cara grinned, “did you do a keeping spell?”

I turned to lay down between Storm and Brandy, “of course, it should last until morning.”

They grinned at each other as Storm snuggled against me as if for warmth. Brandy turned her head to look at me and then laughed as she turned and put her head on my shoulder. Amanda snuggled against her but Cara moved over them and laid on me with her head beside Storm’s, “I love you da.”

I hugged her and relaxed as they fell asleep. I woke to kittens jumping on my face and glanced at Amanda to see her grinning. I shook her and moved to push the kittens away. I slipped off the bed and pulled Storm out with me. I swept her into my arms as she yawned and put her head on my chest.

I glanced back, “come on or I will pour cold water on you.”

Cara and Amanda had learned the hard way and grumbled as they climbed out of bed. I gestured to the kittens, “make sure they get fed today.”

I set Storm down when we were outside and stretched and started for the bath wagon. I glanced at the crystal wagon and thought of adding crystal sides to the bath wagon. I gestured and half of the crystal sphere bulged as wild magic surged through me. The bugle exploded and a thousand small colorful song birds were suddenly everywhere.

I sighed and glanced at the fire platform when I heard Trinity clear his throat, “you need to practice.”

I grinned as Cara and Amanda snickered, “your mom is going to love your collection, it might be bigger than hers now.”

I glared at them, “come wash before I spank you.”

They laughed and pulled Brandy after them. Storm hugged my arm, “they look pretty.”

I looked at her to see her eyes trying to follow the birds swirling around us. I smiled and pulled her after me and up into the wagon with warm water falling from above like rain. Amanda grinned as she turned from washing Brandy and pulled Storm away, “grouchy da, do your spell again.”

I looked at her as Cara turned Brandy to wash her and sighed as I let the wild magic fill me. I murmured the spells that brought the crystal to the wagon. It split and I made thin sides and a front before making the back with a door in it. It didn’t take long to steam up and I frowned before glancing at the sides and making small vents around the top.

When I finished I smiled and Amanda and Cara pulled me against them before starting to wash me. I glanced at Dark, Kaira and Lynn as they came in and smiled. I turned back to let my girls wash me and saw Storm had laid down in the warm water and Brandy was grinning as she knelt and washed her.

I shook my head as Dark walked to Storm and laid beside her with a sigh, “I love hot water don’t you?”

Storm smiled and nodded as Brandy grinned and stood up. By the time I climbed out Trinity and Nature were singing as they showered and Kaira and Lynn were doing the same thing. I made a new robe before going to the library and closing it. Edward had already closed my wagon and harnessed the horses.

By the time we got onto road Storm was with Dark in the carriage and Amanda and Cara were with Kaira and Lynn. Brandy sat on my lap and watched Grif, George and Abbey high above us, “ever wish you could fly?”

I laughed and waved away a small flock of brightly colored song birds, “many times but mom or dad always caught me before I managed to change myself.”

She laughed and kissed me before looking back at the wood following us. I glanced ahead to see three mages, two women and a man. I smiled, “want to bet we have more mages that want to travel with us so they can read from my library?”

Brandy grinned and turned to look at the older man and woman with a young woman. She smiled, “hi, need help?”

The older woman snorted as the man grinned, “yes.”

I hugged Brandy, “you came for the library?”

They nodded and I gestured, “it’s the wagon with the flaming horses. You can use some of the wood to make a wagon if you want.”

The young female grinned and started climbing up onto the seat as I started moving again. I glanced back as the other two pulled one of the huge blocks of wood out. The mage cleared her throat, “I’m Kim.”

I smiled, “I’m Amerlyn and this Brandy.”

Kim reached out to touch the collar, “concubine?”

She looked at Brandy, “willing?”

Brandy grinned, “and very horny.”

Kim laughed and tugged on a nipple. Brandy shuddered and wiggled before lifting up and reaching down to open my robe. She held my cock and slowly impaled her pussy before sighing as her pussy squeezed my cock. Kim grinned and scooted closer before bending to suck on a nipple. Brandy shuddered and grinned before holding her against her breast to nurse.

I pulled her back and forth and enjoyed her squeezing pussy and she shuddered and leaned against me, “make the cum stay inside this time?”

I looked at her and reached around to cup her other breast, “you have been talking to Cara and Amanda.”

She grinned and turned her head to kiss me. Kim grinned as she whispered a spell before carefully turning me and laying me back. Brandy spread her legs thinking she was going to lick her. Kim opened her gown and moved between her legs and bent to kiss her before humping. Brandy grunted as a second cock was suddenly thrusting into her.

I smiled as Kim shuddered and started humping her enlarged clit deeper into Brandy. She thrust back and forth as she jerked erratically and Brandy spasmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed. I reached around Brandy and touched Kim before murmuring a spell. She groaned and spasmed harder as her clit shrank and she felt my cock inside her.

I held Brandy and thrust up while Kim humped into her and screamed as she felt my cock pushed into her. She jerked and thrashed around as she kissed Brandy passionately. Brandy’s warm pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock as I continued to thrust up into her while she rocked back and forth between me and Kim.

It was a couple of minutes before I pulled Brandy down and thrust up. I held her as my balls churned and I spewed cum. Kim screamed when she felt warm sperm gushing into her belly and clung to Brandy who was already shuddering and shaking. I held them after I was done and murmured a keeping spell.

Kim laughed as she stood and let her gown close and sat beside us as I sat up and turned. I held Brandy as she sighed and leaned against me. She finally lifted up and let my cock come out. Kim leaned against us, “I’ve never done it for real. Mom was the one to teach me and she always kept dad and the other men away.”

Brandy grinned, “you can fuck Amerlyn if you want.”

I hugged her, “you should ask your sister concubines first.”

She looked at me before grinning and kissing me. She started climbing down, “I will.”

I smiled as she ran towards the crystal carriage. Kim grinned and rubbed her pelvis, “I already have some of your sperm.”

I glanced around as all the birds began to sing. Kim looked around in surprise before smiling and relaxing. I absently pulled in the wild magic before gesturing to bring the tomb I had been reading. It was a couple of hours before Edward cleared his throat from beside me. I glanced at him and he gestured to the crossroads we had come to, “which way?”

I thought about it, “south.”

He nodded and gestured to the side, “there are a few mages with wagons.”

I looked down the road to the north and sighed before closing the tomb. Kim laughed as I climbed down and a moment later I had all the mages with me there. Trinity reddened slightly, “I’m afraid word has gotten out about the library.”

I looked at him and then at the small group of mages walking towards us from the new wagons. Nature smiled, “apparently there is a lot of mages that would like to see what was in the library.”

I grinned, “then you get to take charge of this. I’m heading south to see my sister Megan.”

He bowed and I turned to climb back onto my wagon. Edward led the way south with Max and Leo beside him. It was afternoon when Grif flared to a landing in a meadow we were passing through. Kim had slipped away and Cara and Amanda had played chase the rabbit with Max and Leo.

Grif folded his wings and walked beside the wagon, “there is a large pond ahead. We saw something in it so be careful.”

I smiled and nodded, “how do you like flying again?”

He clacked his beak, “it feels very good.”

I glanced back at all the wagons and shook my head, “is there a meadow by the pond?”

Grif nodded and I glanced at the leopards walking beside the wagons, “go catch dinner.”

They looked at me and slipped into the tall grass with Leo following. Grif snorted but I ignored him, “let Edward and the others know to watch the pond.”

I climbed down and waited to slip into the wagon before setting the tomb aside. I left and walked beside the wagon and turned in at the meadow beside the pond. I let Edward handle setting up the camp as I walked to the pond. I let the wild magic fill me as I stepped into the water and waited.

I didn’t have long to wait while several water sprites started to swarm as they headed towards me. I gestured and lifted them from the water as they screamed in rage. I brought them closer and ignored all the other mages behind me, “why are you acting like this?”

Several struggled and growled and I sighed, “I can’t help you unless you tell me what is wrong.”

A green hair sprite wiggled and hissed, “we are trapped here.”

I looked at the shallow stream feeding into the pond and the wide beaver dam blocking the other end. I nodded, “If I open a portal to deeper water would that do?”

They stilled and the sprite nodded, “yes.”

I let them down into the water and thought before letting the wild magic fill me, “Tammy.”

A mist formed and I smiled when I saw my sister, “Amerlyn! They say you have control now.”

I smiled, “I’m learning. I have several water sprites that are trapped. Can I send them to you?”

She nodded and glanced to the side, “open the portal and I’ll move it over beside the ship.”

I nodded and murmured the spell. A portal opened just above the water and several sprites swam near to look through. I watched as Tammy took control of the other end and moved it before I lowered my end, “okay my friends you can go through.”

A moment and they were gone and I lifted the portal and looked through it as Tammy brought it back up to the deck of the ship and I saw her. She grinned, “Mom said your girls were sent to you.”

I sighed, “yes, they wanted me to make them concubines.”

She laughed and then waved past me, “Fuck them a long time little brother.”

I grinned, “I did and I will. Take care?”

She nodded and the portal closed. I sighed before turning to the crowd behind me, “family business.”

Several laughed and Cara and Amanda walked towards me, “now that you saved the water sprites come help with camp.”

I smiled and let the wild magic continue to fill me as I gestured. The fire platform almost flew together with smooth cobblestones around it. I looked around and created comfortable chairs around the fire and a platform for the leopards. I started walking and brought Storm to me, “okay?”

She smiled and nodded, “they asked a lot of questions.”

I smiled as I gestured to the stag Leo was carrying in with the four leopards beside him. It lifted out of his mouth and moved to the side of the camp before starting to clean itself. I kept walking and opened the library before the bathing wagon. I smiled at the new wagons in different shapes like a small house with a chimney or a wooden castle.

Brandy, Amanda and Cara waited as the stag floated to them and followed it into the kitchen in our wagon. I kept my arm around Storm’s waist as I positioned the lantern men. I finally pulled her onto my lap as I sat beside the fire platform. I relaxed and caressed her as she leaned against me.

She looked into my face, “there is more to see here.”

I looked at her and smiled, “you can see further.”

She nodded, “and it seems peaceful.”

I hugged her and cupped a breast as she sighed and began to softly croon. It was a haunting melody that drifted on the wind and seemed to pull at the heart. I glanced at the pond as the water bubbled and a huge head emerged. Slowly more followed as the beast moved closer and came out of the water.

It laid down watching Storm as she continued to croon. I let the wild magic fill me again but it did nothing. Storm stopped and sighed as she turned to kiss me. The water dragon stirred, “that was lovely.”

I nodded, “yes.”

It sighed, “I seldom hear things like that.”

I smiled, “if you sleep at the bottom of a pond that will happen.”

It nodded and looked at the other mages before looking at me, “can I have her?”

I shook my head, “she is with me and carries my young.”

It sighed again, “to bad.”

I somehow knew it was a young dragon, “I could tell you where there is a colony of sirens and you could go ask them to sing for you.”

Storm smiled, “we like to sing.”

The dragon perked up, “really?”

She nodded and the dragon looked at me, “where?”

I gestured and a portal opened to show a rocky sea shore, “they live just to the south by several large standing columns.”

It moved swiftly through the portal and I closed it. Trinity cleared his throat and I glanced back. He smiled as the others turned back to the text and tombs they were reading, “you are a strange and gentle mage.”

I hugged Storm before standing, “Some magic creatures are disappearing Trinity. We should not kill just because we can.”

I led Storm into our wagon and back to the kitchen that was making what smelled like a lovely dinner. I let her go to catch Cara and pull her onto my lap as I sat at the table. She grinned back at me as Brandy and Amanda laughed and I gave her a hug, “How were the mages?”

She wiggled and leaned against me, “curious.”

Amanda laughed again, “and horny.”

I grinned and rubbed one of Cara’s nipples, “and did you help them with that?”

She shivered and grinned, “of course.”

I smiled at Brandy, “would you go ask our guests if they would like to join us for dinner?”

She smiled and walked out as I watched her hips and butt. Cara wiggled on my lap, “I’m here.”

I grinned and cupped her breasts, “I’m fucking you tonight.”

Amanda laughed, “me too.”

I smiled at Storm, “Storm too.”

She smiled as Amanda put her arm around her, “we missed her today so we get to do her first.”

Storm looked at her and smiled before nodding. I looked back as Trinity, Dark and Nature followed Brandy into the kitchen. Trinity grinned as he watched the kitchen, “you improved your father’s spells.”

I laughed, “actually mom did.”

Dark snorted as she sat and pulled Storm onto her lap, “of course it was your mother. She is more sensible.”

Nature laughed as he sat, “She picked it up from the gypsies.”

I grinned, “I imagine, momma Teresa helped.”

Cara and Amanda snorted and Cara wiggled on my lap, “she had Teresa, Jeanne, Georgia, Sasha, Jill and grandmother help her.”

I hugged her as they laughed and a moment later dinner was floating to the table. Kaira and Lynn walked in a moment later, “sorry we are late, we were looking through the library.”

They stopped as their feet were suddenly attacked by the kittens. I smiled and let the wild magic fill me before gesturing to lift the kittens away, “sorry, they are very... realistic.”

Kaira grinned as she caught one and turned it to look at it closely, “how did you make it?”

Amanda snickered as I blushed, “lets just say the wild magic did it.”

Lynn laughed as she sat beside Dark, “it seems to do good work.”

Cara grinned, “thanks.”

Amanda laughed, “sometimes it is kittens and sometimes it is birds.”

The ladies grinned at that and Trinity and Nature smiled. I nodded to the kitten, “do you want it?”

Kaira smiled as she sat, “sure.”

I looked at the others, “one down five more to give away.”

Dinner was nice and I even slipped the kittens a scrap or two, of course I wasn’t the only one. After dinner we all went out to sit by the fire and read with the other mages as they settled in and Grif walked around turning the lantern men on. I almost absently let the wild magic fill me and made a bed for the four leopards beside the fire and turned to bring the tomb to me.
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