This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction.

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.
If you only like hardcore don’t read any further.


In the meantime Sarah had organized a snack and coffee. After we discussed our timetables for that afternoon Sarah went off to get dressed. Lucy usually determined what outfits they would wear to classes. However, I did not think anything had been worked out for the next 2 days.
I wondered what Sarah would find to wear.


A little later went to the bedroom. I nearly fell over when I saw Sarah. She was all ready dressed in an outfit I had never seen before. She said she found it hanging in the closet and she loved blue.

She had on navy shorts, halfway to her knees plus a singlet type top in pale blue. It was the top that grabbed my attention. It had a square neck and back. It fitted firm around her breasts, then hung loose to the top of the shorts.

But, to me, the top seemed to be 4 sizes too small for her. Her breasts were half exposed and looked like they could pop right out if she bent forward. The top was tight enough to push her breasts together giving lots of cleavage. It certainly left nothing to the imagination. I even felt my dick start to move just looking at her………. and I saw her naked every day!

I had to admit she looked absolutely stunning in the outfit. I would not mind if she wore it all day around the apartment! However, I could just imagine what would happen on campus if she went as she was now.
We would not even get out of the car park before cell phones would be running hot with comments such -
“you should see this girl in a blue top and shorts……..I think she is new on campus………..haven’t seen her before…………she has the best boobs I’ve seen for a month!!..............and great legs too…………..hurry over ……..

Yes, there were vultures everywhere on campus.

Undoubtedly, there was no way she could possibly wear the outfit on campus!
Lucy would never let Sarah wear it. I had to discreetly convince her to wear something else or get on the phone to Lucy immediately.

So I suggested to Sarah that, on our way home, we could stop at our favorite coffee shop – we loved the toasted peach and strawberry bread there. She thought it was great idea. However, she would need to wear something different as the aircon was always quite cold in that shop.

I helped her select a knee length skirt and buttoned blouse. Quickly she was out of the shorts and top and into the skirt and blouse. In this outfit, I thought that she would be more likely to blend in with the other girls.

I was really relieved – otherwise I would not have been able to let Sarah out of my sight. Just letting her go to class would have been a worry. Sarah was not aware of how attractive she was - even in the skirt outfit.
A quick look in the mirror to fix her hair and she said she was ready to go.

I looked at her and said “what about underwear?” She stopped and replied “oh……. I suppose I should wear something with a skirt.” Sarah had become like Lucy. She did not want to wear underwear unless she really had to.

I knew she was not wearing a bra. Like Lucy, she preferred not to wear one. But that did not really matter. I asked Sarah to lean forward – just as I thought – I could almost see her nipples. Sarah had had left the blouse half unbuttoned. I moved to her and did up the next 2 buttons. I looked at her sternly and said “and don’t unbutton them until we get home.”


Sarah had a double class. I had one coinciding class then a one hour break before my next class. So we arranged that I would take her to her class and pick her up at the end. I emphasized that she was not to go anywhere without me.
Then, Sarah would be left alone for the one hour while I would to be at my second class. Luckily, I had previously discovered a secluded study nook in the library. I would be able to settle her there. She could work unnoticed until I picked her up again.

As it turned out, the delay with Sarah’s clothes worked out well. We parked with just nice time to get to class. As we walked from the carpark, Sarah took my hand and kept close.

I think she really liked that I fussed so much about her.

But, Lucy wasn’t there as usual so I had sole responsibility for Sarah. Luckily for me, we had only the 2 hours of class. Always at the back of my mind was the fact that Sarah had a father and 3 brothers. If anything adverse happened to Sarah, on my watch, I would be in big trouble – I might even have to leave the state!

During my spare hour, I spoke on the phone to Lucy and gave her an update on current events. She was not at all surprised when I told her about Sarah’s choice of outfit.

At the end of my class I collected Sarah. We hopped in the car and headed to the coffee shop. We dallied there for while and phoned Lucy again with a further update.


I knew that, without Lucy, Sarah would be at a loose end when we returned to the apartment. As soon as we stepped in the door I suggested she finish off the notes for Lucy that she had started work on in the library. This would immediately keep her occupied. Not that I thought she would behave as I had. She was too sensible for that.

However, Sarah spent much more time with Lucy than I did. She would miss that togetherness.
The girls always seemed to be in a huddle, somewhere, talking. If they went into Sarah’s room, I knew it was girlie business, and not to venture in.

Most of my time with Lucy was spent in bed, asleep.

I helped as I could with supper. I did not really do much. I just followed Sarah’s instructions, but at least I was company.

On finishing we just sat looking at each. Then Sarah asked “do you want me to sleep in with you tonight?” I replied that I would love her company in bed. I was not used to sleeping alone now. Sarah suggested we have an early night as we had been up early that morning. Also, we should have our shower then we could chat in bed.


Sarah let me go in first as usual. She did not suggest I go in with her. A couple of minutes and I was out, sitting in my favorite spot, watching Sarah in the shower. By the time I sat down my dick was hard. Watching Sarah seemed to make it go even harder. Usually, my attention was more on Lucy.
Then I remembered that Sarah would probably be expecting to put my dick in.

Without Lucy with us, I started to have second thoughts about a session with Sarah. I had the feeling that it would not be quite right. It would be like ‘cheating’ while my wife was away. But, a voice seemed to be saying to me “ Jimmy………man, don’t be crazy……….if Sarah wants to put it in………..we’re going in.”

Just at that moment Sarah began to step out of the shower - “Jimmy, I’ve been thinking……”
She walked straight over to me. She did not even pick up her towel.

Standing so close her blonde triangle was within inches of my nose. What a vision! I could see the water was still dripping off her blonde pubic hairs. Her wet shining body just seemed to be curvier than ever.

Obviously, something was on her mind. Then she bent over and kissed me on the cheek. As she did so the slight forward movement of her breasts flipped drops of water into my face….. my dick got to bursting point.

And then - “I don’t think I should put your dick in me, as usual, until Lucy comes back!! does not seem quite right.”

Oblivious to the fact that she was still wet and was now standing in a puddle of water, she was waiting for my response. Should I agree?
But that voice was saying……….. “disagree………tell her it’s ok…………..we’re ready to go in……….. now!”

However, I could see in her eyes that she wanted me to agree. As I hesitated she picked up my hands and just looked at me. When Sarah applied her feminine charms she was irresistible.

I could only reply “I would not want you to feel uncomfortable while Lucy is away…… is always your decision………you know I would never put my dick in unless you wanted it.”

Sarah replied ‘Jimmy, you’re just so understanding!”

I thought my response would earn me plenty of Brownie points with Lucy. Sarah would tell her what I said, word for word. Of course, I would not mention that similar ideas had crossed my mind. Also, I could probably do with a rest – non stop ‘sex’ was ‘hard’ work.

Anyway, I had already put my dick in Sarah in the morning, but, that was a ‘special occasion’.

Next, she lifted my hands and placed them on her breasts, but only for about 10 seconds, then bent over and kissed me on the cheek again.

As she moved away to get her towel I had a good rear view of her shapely bottom and legs.
Now, the question was – had my dick got the message that ‘we’ were not going in.
So far, it remained as hard as ever.

I needed some distraction. I was definitely not getting any from Sarah.


As we moved to the bedroom I felt a little embarrassed. My dick was sticking out - still bursting hard. We had agreed not to have the usual night session so my dick should have gone soft.

Sarah looked at my dick, then at me, and back to my dick. I could see that she wondered what was going on.

“It won’t seem to go down………not even a little.” I said.
She moved to me and gave it the 2 finger test……… “gee, it’s very hard……..what can you do?”

The first thing I suggested was that she put some clothes on so I would not continue to be stimulated. Sarah went to her bedroom and returned wearing her PJ’s. However, the PJ’s were the ‘next to nothing’ ones. If anything, they made me worse. I asked her to put on something more ‘cover up’.

Really, the only garment that would cover Sarah’s attributes was a long overcoat. However, she pulled a t-shirt out of the drawer. That was better, but still a lot was showing. At least her breasts were not wobbling in front of me.

Sarah suggested that we just lie on the bed and relax. She thought that would be the solution.
After about 10 minutes she rolled over and gave it the hardness test again.
“It’s still just as hard as before……………how long has it been up hard for……..30 minutes…….do you think?”
I confirmed that it was at least 30 minutes and said to her “it does not feel so good either!......... it does not feel as if it is even close to becoming soft!”

“I hope it is not ‘Priapism’…..” Sarah replied.

I did not know what this ‘Pre’ something was, but I really wanted my dick to go soft. I wished Lucy was home – she would have known what to do. In fact, I felt sure that if she had been here this would not have happened. The focus of my attention would have been on Lucy. Shifting my focus to Sarah was just too stimulating. I had not realized how sexy Sarah was.


Then Sarah came up with an idea. She knew how my dick always went soft after it had squirted. So, she would help me make it squirt. If that would not work, then I could put it in her. As we had already agreed not to put it in until Lucy returned, I opted for Sarah’s help.

Sarah went to the bathroom and returned with the lubricant………” you know….. I have only rubbed your dick a couple of times before, so you will have to guide me if I am not doing it quite right.”
I told her to do it, as she had, when I had my massage. In reply to her query… “how fast?”.....I told her “just as you like it when it is in you.”

Before she had started I asked her to take off the t-shirt, but to put it back on immediately after I had squirted. I did not want a ‘relapse’.

Sarah was a quick learner in matters such as this. As she rubbed with both hands she looked at me to check……….I nodded to indicate she was doing it right. Nevertheless, I seemed slow to respond even though my dick was feeling the pleasure of Sarah’s hands. As she continued, she started speaking in a soft voice, as though she was talking to herself –

“It is so long…….I just love how hard it feels……..the head is so smooth……….it is a lot bigger than the other part……….feels beautiful……I’m dying to watch it squirt………….oooh… I feel real nice………let me know when you are ready, Jimmy.”

With the combination of Sarah’s magical hands and seductive voice I was quickly starting to peak…….. “Now…….” I said.

Sarah was watching intently “Oh………’s squirting ……….that’s twice ……….. oh ………… it’s gone again………. .ooooohh………… I feel nice………….. is there any more to squirt?........... …………I did not see it go like that when you squirted into that little container.”

And then “It has gone soft already……….its flopped right down…………just relax Jimmy and I will clean you up.” She had held my dick steady so that it had squirted on me and not the bed.

When Sarah returned from the bathroom with the washcloth I noticed that she had put the t-shirt back on. She picked up my dick – “gee…….it’s really soft now……..but still very long!”
After cleaning up she came and hopped into the bed with me, saying……… “do you still want me to sleep in with you tonight? ………… I don’t want you to make you get hard like that again!”


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Poorly written - apparently English is your second language. Have someone who is fluent in English proof-read your story and then correct the errors prior to submitting it.

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A great story but needs to be longer. A longer build up would help, i.e. personality and character traits, how they interact in normal situations, etc. It stands good on its own but I'd like to see you edit it and add more. I'd still give 5 stars for the story and look forward to part 2. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I will definitely work on making the story a lot longer, and show more emotion/desc

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