100% True Story of my sexual encounters with my college roommate.
Please Read My College Roommate Part 1 to catch up.

My night with Ryan was the best night I've had since I got here. I woke up feeling great, I could tell this was going to be a good year, especially since I practically have a fuck toy that lives with me. I didn't know what I was going to do or how I was going to make a move on him. I felt something when we kissed, time seemed to slow down. Ryan was a good guy, and he was a good friend, I was hoping to take it to the next level.

I woke up the next morning after our encounter, I was almost late to classes. I had hurry and gotten dressed and headed out. All I could think about was Ryan. What was he doing at this very second? What was he thinking? I didn’t know what to say or do, or how to go about talking to him without it being awkward. Until I felt my phone vibrate.
A text from Ryan.
“Are you gay?”
I didn’t know how to respond to this, but I responded with the truth.
“Yeah, I’m gay, Are you Ok with that?”
I didn’t receive a reply, I could only think the worst and think he wasn’t into me, and is uncomfortable around me. I don’t know how the rest of the year would go living like this, he would probably ask for another roommate, preferably one that doesn’t want to suck his dick every time he sees him.
I headed back to the dorm after staying at the library, as long as I possibly could, but I figured I better face the music. I walk into our small living space, to find that I was alone. Ryan wasn’t there. It was pretty late, but I guess for a party boy, 10pm isn’t late, it’s still early in the night. I figured I better go to bed, I had a test the next day, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was avoiding me, however, its only been a day since our encounter, so I shouldn’t be worried.
I woke up to find that Ryan’s bed was empty. Nothing was moved, he must have never came back. I check my phone to find a text from him.
“do you like me?”
Those four words that meant so much, it was sent fairly late, long after I had fallen asleep. I didn’t know if I should reply or I should talk to him in person. I chose to talk to him in person. I would explain that I do have a minor crush on him but that’s it and I respect that he’s straight and I won’t make a move on him….even though he made the move on me.
After classes, I started back to the dorms, I knew Ryan would be there, I just had a strong gut feeling in the bottom of my stomach. The moment I walk into the dorm, I notice Ryan is sitting on his bed with his hands in his lap, he looks deep in thought.
“Hey, how were your classes?”
“Good, Good, have an essay due tomorrow, I’m going to get started on it.”
“So, did you get my text?”
An awkward silence filled the room. He sat there staring at me and waiting for me to continue my response.
“The truth is Ryan, you’re a really good guy, and you’re my friend, and I don’t want what happened to affect our friendship”
“Oh ok, I agree, I didn’t want to be awkward or anything”
“So we good?”
“Yeah for sure”
Weeks go by. Nothing happens between Ryan and I sexually, although we do hang out a lot more. He takes me out to parties, and we usually go to a lot of campus activities. I have fantasized about him every day since our encounter, even jacked off a couple of times with his underwear when I got the chance. I want to have fun with him, he just never made a move…until one Friday night.
I was sitting at our desk, typing on my laptop, Ryan was in the shower. On Friday nights, the dorms are actually pretty empty. I hear the door open and close behind me, not thinking of anything but my typing, I just hear Ryan sit on his bed. I figured he was listening to music, which is why he didn’t say anything to me. After about 15 minutes of dead silence I figured he was probably trying to fall asleep. I had to know actually, so I turn around, and to my surprise, Ryan lay there, on his bed, in a towel, one hand behind his head, the other resting on his belly and he’s just staring at me.
“Hey, have a nice shower?”
“Yeah, you almost done?”
“Yeah, I’m done for tonight anyway.”
I closed my laptop and turned off the desk light, not realizing that it was pitch black in the room. I used my cell phone as a small flashlight to get to my bed, I could hear Ryan laugh.
“What’s so funny?”
“I’m taking some sleeping pills, I’m going to be out so fast.” I’m normally a heavy sleeper, and Ryan knows this, but under some pills, he surely knows I’ll be out for good.
“Cool. Night man”
I lay there and wonder what he was thinking, maybe we were going to have another encounter like the last one. Maybe even go further than before. I lay there in my bed facing away from him, to come to me. Actually the room lights up a bit from what I assume is his phone. I begin to hear his breathing, and the soft sound of skin on skin contact, and an even fainter sound of moans and grunts. He was totally watching porn and jacking off literally 5 feet away from me. My cock stood at attention. I couldn’t help but be a little curious as what he would do if he saw my boner. I turn over in my back and take some of the blankets off, so my dick was showing in my underwear. I heard a sharp breath, and silence. A few minutes go by, and my dick actually is starting to go soft damn. Then I begin to hear his steady rhythm again which helps me grow.
The room goes pitch black again. Ryan quietly calls out my name. He calls out my name as if he was trying to wake me, but I lay there silent and steadily breathing. I could hear Ryan get up from his bed and take two steps and he was over my bed. I was craving his touch for so long! The blanket is slowly, very slowly lifted from me, it takes him a good 3 or so minutes just to take a blanket off me. I feel his finger slowly touch my stomach. I tried so hard not to tense up and hold my breath, I tried to remain perfectly still, and remain unnoticed. Ryan grabbed my shoulder and began to softly shake me while calling out my name. I didn’t reply. I still lay motionless, hoping something sexual is going to happen. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Ryan grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, it took everything I had not to squeeze it. He formed my hand around his bare cock, and began making me stroke him. I missed the warmth of his skin. After a bit, he stopped and I could hear a drawer open, he was getting a condom and lube. Shit. This is going to be impossible to stay still.
Ryan slowly turned me over on my side and positioned himself on the bed right behind me. I could feel his dick hit my ass. He was hard as a rock, and he was ready to go. He lifted up my leg to expose my hole. I feel his finger find it and slowly tease it. He started to finger my ass, his long finger entering in and out of me, god, this was hot, I could feel pre cum oozing out of me. He positions his dick at the back door, and he was knocking. I was scared, how am I going to pretend to be sleeping. Actually, Ryan wasn’t gentle and slow at all. He forced all 8 inches of him inside me with one hard movement. I “woke up” and actually Ryan grabbed my arms and held them behind my back. He rolled me on my stomach. I began to moan, and beg him to stop.
“Shut up.”
He began slamming into my ass, while holding my arms behind my back. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was getting raped. But I enjoyed it, so I didn’t mind. I moaned in agonizing pain several times. Ryan released my arms, probably expecting me to get up and fight him, but I didn’t, he just continued slamming his thick cock in my ass. Actually this encounter was fairly quick. All of 10 minutes of hard fucking. Ryan tensed up and I could feel his cock twitch in my ass and he let out a huge breath, and collapsed on top of me. His breathing rugged and deep, his dick still in me, I just lay there paralyzed, in a euphoria, Ryan just fucked me. He got up and took the condom off and went to his bed. I still hadn’t moved, I was in the exact same position. I wanted to play this off. So I sniffed a couple of times and pulled my blankets up over me and I rolled up into a ball.
The next morning I woke up and got dressed, my ass was actually sore from the night before. I looked over and saw Ryan still sleeping. Before I could leave, he woke up.
“Morning” he said in a sleepy voice.
“I’m late” and I shut the door very firmly. I was excited to see how this could play out.
I am no virgin, I’ve been fucked before, I enjoyed Ryan’s 8 inch dick inside me, but he didn’t have to do it forcefully. My phone vibrated, and vibrated, which means it was a call. I didn’t even bother looking at it, they could leave a message. I knew it had to be Ryan. And was actually hoping it was him. A few seconds go by and it vibrated again, which meant I got a voicemail. I looked at my phone, sure enough, its from him. I listened to the voicemail.
“Hey, I don’t know what to say, last night, was bad, and I didn’t mean to hurt you, we should talk, call me back, or I’ll just see you tonight”

To Be Continued.

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