Everybody has told me that life as an University student is one hell of a thing...
Everybody had told me that life as an University student is one hell of a thing. So, there I was, just a couple of days after my 19th aniversary, still waiting for that "hell of a thing" to happen. I'm a 6'2'' brunette with blue eyes, quite popular, but still nothing incredible had happened to me... Or, at least, not untill that Friday... the one I'll surely never forget.

I was laying in my bed, looking at the ceiling, with my mind far away from the opened books beneath me. I really had to start studying for the exams, but the stress stopped me from doing that. Yup... I had to get rid of it somehow!

I was looking at the cigarette in my hand, and my eyes dropped slowly on my round, allready hard breast, covered in the grey smoke. The window was still open, and the cool breeze coming from outside started to invade my whole body. My parents were sleeping. It was about 3AM and I should have gone to sleep too, and dream my finest dreams.

Yup, I wanted to get out of this world, I wanted to escape this annoyng reality and go in my own place of pleasure. I carefully took off my t-shirt, touching just once the white silk of my panties. Everytime I blew the smoke from my lungs over my breasts, I felt them getting harder, and causing my entire body to shiver. I started moving my hands slowly over my naked body untill I reached my hard nipples and I started squeezing them gently with two of my fingers.I felt myself getting all wet. I touched the soft silk once again and shivered. I couldn't resist anymore! I placed my hand under my panties and started rubbing... faster and faster... The reality became nothing more than a pale dream. It was just me and myself, laying there in the bed, feeling great. I inserted a finger inside my pussy and started groaning with pleasure when I felt it. I started moving it forward and backward and I wanted more. I inserted another finger and frenetically continued this wonderful activity. I moved my other hand from my breast and put it on my clit. God, how much I would have liked to be kissed all over my body just then! But the cold air who was coming inside my room seemed to understand my desires. My fingers started moving faster and faster. I tried to lower my moans, but they rather seemed to start becoming real screams of pleasure. But... even if I was totaly out of this reality, even if the pleasure was pretty high, something was still missing...

I stopped masturbating and started sucking my fingers full of own juices... and enjoyed the taste 'till there was nothing left to taste. Oh, I really would have liked my fingers to be in somebody else's mouth! I wanted to get out! Something had to be done!

I put on a black mini skirt and a tight top - some of my sexiest clothes. I stepped over books and pieces of paper, but I felt nothing. My urge was everything I could feel. I put the cigarettes in my pocket, opened the door carefully, without a noise and headed towards the exit. I finally managed to get out - the dog didn't bark, so my parents haven't heard a thing. I was finally free, outside, in front of my block of flats. I lit another cigarette - cars passed by rarely and the streets were completely empty. I was starting to get bored and feel the stress in my back and bones geting bigger and bigger.

When I was beggining to think that was not my lucky day, I noticed a guy on a bench just a couple of feet away from me. He didn't see me, or he was ignoring me. I had to have him! He was dressed hip hop style like - large pants, a larg t-shirt and from under his cap I could see his short black hair. I closed my eyes for a second and saw him kissing and fondling my breasts. I reopened them quickly because my nipples allready started to get hard, ready to attack.

I walked straight to him and sat on the bench right in front of his. He barely looked and me and turned his eyes away. What was he doing? Was he playing? I didn't even knew the guy and I was allready hating him! But I couldn't quit - he was my only chance. I had to enter his game, if it really was one: he lit a cigarette, I lit one too. He smoked, I smoked. I watched his lips touching the cigarette and imagined them kissing my pussy lips. Just this one thought and I felt hot. I felt there was no need for foreplay, but I haven't had his attention yet. I was right in front of him, in my black skirt, and played the Sharon Stone scene from Basic Instinct, revealing my panties. When I did it, I caught a glimse from him. So... we were playing a game!

We both finished our cigarettes at the same time and established eye contact for a few seconds but that time I was the one who turned her eyes away. After a few more seconds, I moved to his bench and took a seat near him, without saying a word, without looking at him. I could feel his eyes burning my skin, asking for an explanation or something. As long as he said nothing, I would say nothing too. But my silence broke the silence. He finally said "Hy!". I responded with a smile and a quick look straight to his eyes. He spoke, again, asking what I was doing. What a silly question! I responded that I was sitting on a bench near a shy guy. He smiled to me. It was just then when I noticed his blue eyes and nice smile.

He placed his eyes on my breasts. My nipples looked like they wanted to get out through my top and beg for at least one kiss, so I understood him. I realised his eyes had forgotten to move away and I bit my lower lip to remain focused. He finally asked if a shy guy would kiss a girl he didn't knew. I said that, theoretically, not. The very next moment his lips were pressing mine, our tongues playing with eachother. I felt like jumping over him and fuck like animals, but I had to supress this feeling. The game was not over yet! I retreated from the kiss and started caressing his nice face with the top of my fingers. He wanted to kiss me again, but I moved my head backards, avoiding his kiss, smiled and then, quickly and soft I bit his upper lip. He once again tried to kiss me, but I turned the cheek. He seemed confused, I felt great. Finally, I looked straight to his eyes and slowly moved my burning lips towards his, but he turned the cheek to me, smiling. Yup, that was the game! We stopped doing anything and just looked at eachother without saying a word, undressing ourselves only by looks.

After a few more moments, I moved on his lap, giving him a good view of my white wet panties and started kissing his face, his neck, but not his lips. When I was starting to feel I could no longer take it, he pressed his lips onto mine, hugging me with the power of a lion. I took his hands into mine and slowly put them on my breasts and he started massaging them gently. Every piece of me started to shiver... I couldn't stand it anymore! I put my hand on the bulge of his pants and started moving up and down, slowly. I wanted to feel that huge thing inside my mouth, so I started unzipping his pants. He looked at me, breathing hard and managed to whisper: "We'd better get out of here, not to be caught". I smiled, he grabbed hold of my hand and we started heading towads my block of flats. Confused, I asked him where were we going and he answered quickly: "To my flat. I just moved in". Well... it seemed like my new neighbour had a warm welcome coming up from me!

We entered the door and untill we reached the elevator, I was already in his arms, kissing his lips with passion. We entered the elevator, he pressed the button to his floor without looking, while kissing me and fondling my breasts with his spare hand - I felt getting as wet as I could heve been. When we reached his floor, he desperately started searching for the key in his pocket. Meanwhile, I was trying to "help" him look for the keys massaging the tent on his pants and asked: "Are theese the keys?". He smiled and said "Theese keys are for another door." I felt shivers all over my spine.

He slammed the door behind him then grabed my top and merely teared it off while taking it out. He took my hand and led the way to his bedroom. The lights were off, but the huge moon on the sky took care of the mood in the room. He slowly pushed me in the bed and took his t-shirt off. He was a muscular type and had a dragon tatooed on his shoulder. I love tatoos!

He took a seat near me and our tongues started playing. His hands moved quickly over my breasts to under my skirt, tickled my clit with fis fingers, then took off my panties and put them in his pocket. He continued rubbing my clit, while I couldn't stop the moans coming out of my mouth. The slower he moved his fingers, the harder he pressed them. I wanted to feel him inside me! I told him that and he smiled as if he liked to see me so desperate. He took my skirt off and started kissing my hard breasts. Oh, I love the sight of a guy kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples!

This was making me hotter and hotter, made me moan at each kiss he layed over my breasts. He slowly went down to my belly, covering me with kisses, then to my bellybottom, which he licked gently, stopped for a while admiring my soft white skin, then continued going down. I could feel his breath touching my clit and I felt I was going to explode thinking of him going to kiss my pussy lips, but he skipped that part of my body and continued laying his kisses over my legs. He started kissing hard my thigs, close to my pussy.

I was lost in another world and started caressing my breast with one hand while with the other I did the same to my clit. Then, I inserted a finger in my wet pussy and started moving it. He looked at my hand without stopping the rain of kisses and then, suddenly, he pulled out my hand from my pussy and started sucking on my fingers. God, that view was killing me! Then, again, all of a sudden, put his mouth over my pussy and started licking frenetically. Oh, yes! He really knew what he was doing and this was making me scream of pleasure. I felt like I was losing my mind while he continued playing with his tongue, taking my clit in his mouth, sucking it light, then moving his tongue over it. He was giving me an orgasm after another.

I reached out my hand untill I found his rod and started massaging it through his pants. It looked like my moans and the view got him as hard as a rock. I unzipped his pants and he helped me take them off, enlightening me with a better view of his prick ready to reap his boxers apart. I started kissing his ear, his neck, his chest, then his monster beneath the cloth.

I finally took off his boxers, his dick making a pop sound when it hit the skin of his belly. I started kissing it's entire length, slowly, with passion. I placed my lips over his pee hole and I could feel his dick throbbing each time I did that. I turned my back to him and started licking his balls, taking them in my mouth one by one. He took my legs and put them over his shoulders and started kissing and tongue fucking me again while I, with one hand, caressed his balls and with the other one I rubbed his prick. I finally put that huge thing in my mouth, feeling it's warmth, and started playing with my tongue all over it. The sensations that was provoking made him forget his job, but the thaught I was giving him such intense pleasure exited me enough and I continued stroking it in a somewhat circular direction. This move made him groan of pleasure. He kissed my pussy lips from time to time, when he remembered, because he was basically moaning and groaning and squeezed hard my butt chicks.

Eventually, he reached climax and sent squirt after squirt of hot cum in my mouth. I felt his cum hitting the walls of my mouth with power. I sucked untill he was completely dry and then, looking straight into his satisfied eyes, I swallowed his come. He let out a final groan and started kissing me.

After a while of soft kissing and carresing, he got up and moved to a regency chair in front of his bed, sat and called me to him. I smiled, licked my lips sensually and layed on the bed, with my legs wide open right in front of him, giving him a good look at my wet pussy. I started rubbing my clit, then inserted a finger in my pussy, masturbating. He sat there, simply enjoying the show. After a few minutes, when I noticed his prick ready for action again, I slowly walked to him and sat on his lap, like earlier on the bench. He took out a condom and handed it to me. I went down to his dick and started placing it, first with my mouth, then with my hand, untill it was completely rolled. Then he put his strong hands to my waist and placed me on top of his rod. I felt his hot meat entering easily into my soaked pussy, shiverring at each move he made. I started playing with his hair while he was kissing my neck, my breasts or whatever he could. The sensations his dick were producing were sublime and I knew he had the same feeling by the look on his face. He started moving faster and faster, making me climax again. I didn't care about the neighbours, I screamed with pleasure as loud as I wanted. He tightened his hands on my cheeks and helped me move even faster. I saw him bit his lip at every stroke he sent into me and I pressed my fingernails on his hot flesh of the back. He was trying to enter as deep as he could, and did a great job by it. I found myself screaming: "Yes! Fuck, yes! Deeper!" and he smiled, moving faster and faster.

He grabbed hold of his dick, so that the condom stood there, and turned me 180 degrees. He started moving again and the movement was so intense that it was causing me multiple orgasms. After 10, 20 minutes of more pleasure for both of us, I rised off his dick and layed on the floor, with my hands holding tight the end of the bed. He got on his knees and started doggystyling me, holding his hands on my back, moving me forward and backward like a steam engine. Feeling his animalic strokes made me moan so loud that he grabbed my hair in order to make me shut up. But I saw this picture of him pulling my hair and started moaning even louder. Seeing that, he started spanking my little butt, and I was moaning at every stroke he gave. My moans made him moan too and he grabbed my waist, to enter deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

Then he started pressing me down with his hand, untill my chest was on the bed. Without really stopping the movement, I turned around, moving one leg, then the other, over his shoulders. I held tight the sheets on the bed and bite my arm to lower the moans. I never thaught I'll ever say I couldn't take it anymore, but that was the moment. He was moaning and going deeper and faster, like a mad man and I could feel his hands almost ripping the flesh on my butt. He was going to come! He pulled his prick out of my pussy, took the condom out, quickly and rubbing like a maniac, started sending hot loads all over my belly, releasing a satisfied final moan. Looking straight into his eyes, I started spreading his cum all over my body, licking my lips then asked him where the shower was.

After I took the shower, we were laying on the bed, smoking. He noticed a smile on my face and asked what was going on.
"This whole situation is amusing me" I said.
"What situation?" he asked.
"Well... what is your name, for instance?"
He smiled and said: "I live at the 5th floor. That's all you need to know."
That meant he was living just above my floor, which meant my parents must have heard the whole thing. So good their cute little girl was in her room, studying for the exams! But that made me look at the clock. It was too late. In about one hour my parents were going to go to work. I started dressing up, and he insisted for me to stay. I said that I couldn't, and anyway, we'll might never see eachother again. He smiled and said his name was Mike. I smiled and said mine was Katy and I live below.

When I left his flat, he smiled to me again and said that one thing is certain: we'll surely see eachother again. I didn't understand why, but I went down the stairs without saying a word. I opened the door and carefully went to my room. When I started undressing, I realised why Mike was so sure we'll meet again - he still had my panties in his pocket. I looked down to the books and started laughing. Fuck the stress of the exams! I found the perfect cure!

I went and slept like a baby, for six hours or so. When I woke up, I was all alone. After a while I heard the doorbell ringing and I went to open the door. It was my neighbour, with my panties in his hand. He said he had come to drink a cup of coffe with me. We had at least 4 hours untill my parents were going to return. Too bad I had no coffee... ;)


2005-12-14 06:23:46
What about some other stories? Nothing new, and u said more will cum...


2005-07-18 00:14:11
its very good except that you were on him not me


2005-07-17 23:05:39
great story you should make another one but with more people 9 girls 1 guy


2005-07-17 01:05:36
great story, it could actually happan to anyone...
and hey needpenis, i can be the solution to your desire..


2005-07-16 22:05:14
yeah... i had to read it twice to notice the grammer errors... such a good story i couldn't even notice anything wrong with it the first time...

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