I live with my mom, my dad was a big shot broker and wouldn’t marry her. He did provide us with money to live on and a house but that was pretty much it. I had to spend a weekend with him each month, that started when I was ten. I was sixteen and spent the summer working to make enough for a used jeep.

When school started I had the jeep and a couple thousand dollars left over. I couldn’t drive the jeep until I finished drivers education though. I went to public school since my father wouldn’t pay for anything else. That first weekend I had to go spend it with him. He took me to his hunting club and kept bragging at my looks and how I was doing in school.

I guess it made a few of the other men speak up about their own sons. That started things rolling, they made a wager. I ignored it until father drove me home. I was ready to jump out when he caught my arm, “You better win the wager.”

I looked at him, “why should I?”

He looked at the house, “all this could go away. You and your mother could end up on the street.”

I smiled at him, “and a lawyer would rip you a new one.”

He sat back, “what would make you try?”

I looked at him and wanted him to fail but I had to be fair. I thought for a couple of moments before looking at him, “breeding rights to the junior varsity cheerleaders at my school.”

He blinked and looked away before looking at me again, “alright, if you win I will see if I can arrange it.”

I shook my head, “not good enough. Either you will or I don’t play your game.”

He took a breath before nodding, “fine.”

I got out and headed into the house as I thought. The wager was simple, the best grades in school, the best shot over all with a rifle, shotgun and pistol. Last but more important I had to make more money than the other boys. I was already an A student and knew how to shoot but would need a lot of practice.

As for the last, I sat at my desk in my room and thought. I knew a little about companies and stocks. I also knew about commodities but you could lose money quickly that way and I only had a couple thousand to work with. I began studying, dad called almost everyday but I didn’t pay attention to his suggestions.

I used an indoor range on the way home from school everyday and kept studying. My first buy was a company just starting out with a product that was just hitting the market. I knew that when it did the company stocks would go up quickly. In two weeks my two grand double and then tripled and then doubled again and I sold it to buy into another company starting up.

I only had until thanksgiving and marked my calendar everyday. At school I finally got to take drivers education and talked to Nina and Jane on the cheerleading squad. By the end of September I was buying into a several other companies after selling the stocks I had. By the end of October I was finally driving my jeep and bought into more companies.

I had been talking to all five girls on the cheerleading squad and found out something that made me grin, my dad was going to have a very hard time. All five girls were into other girls so I thought that if I could win my dad would fail. I still made a point of seeing and spending lunch with the girls.

I listened when they talked and let them instead of opening my mouth and sticking my foot in. My father was constantly trying to find out how I was doing, especially when I had to spend the weekend with him. The day we got out for thanksgiving dad got a report on my grades which made him happy.

He wanted me to spend thanksgiving with him but I refused, I always spent it with mom and my grandparents. I did go to the hunt club for a bit of competition which I won. I only came in second with the shotgun but the pistol and rifle took it for me. The other fathers started telling how well their sons did and how much money they made.

I set my ledger on the table and slid it into the middle, “fifty million.”

There was total silence in the room as the men looked at each other, even my father was stunned. One bent forward to grab the ledger and open it. It was passed around and then they just looked at me and dad had this huge grin. I glanced at the time and stood before reaching out for the ledger, “have a nice holiday.”

I looked at dad, “I’ll expect the breeding rights within the week.”

I left and drove home to park behind my grandparents motor home. I walked in the front door and mom smiled as she came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel, “How did you do?”

I grinned as I looked at my grandfather, “First place with a rifle and pistol but only second with the shotgun.”

He snorted and then grinned, “next year we will go hunting for turkey.”

I laughed as I headed towards my room. I was changing when mom opened the door and slipped in, “James?”

I glanced at her as I put a warm shirt on, “yeah?”

She smiled, “your father told me about the wager and what your conditions were.”

She took a breath and I sighed, “Demi, Jane, Amanda, Nina and Saka like girls mom. There is no way dad is going to be able to get them to agree. Even if he did I am not him and would ask that they stay or marry me.”

She smiled and crossed to caress my face, “you can’t marry five girls.”

I grinned, “actually you can, just not legally here.”

She laughed and hugged me, “well if they do agree bring them home.”

I held her in my arms, “quit your job?”

She looked at me and I smiled, “My turn to support you.”

Mom opened her mouth and I kissed her before turning her and giving her a push, “don’t burn dinner.”

I already had long term companies to invest in and brought my laptop out. After dinner I watched a couple of movies with mom and my grandparents before going to bed. I spent a couple of days paying taxes, buying stock in utility companies and a couple of other companies. Two days before school started back up the five girls appeared at the door.

I answered it and looked at the girls as they fidgeted. I looked back and forth into their faces before letting them in, “don’t tell me that asshole convinced you.”

They walked past me and Jane turned, “you knew?”

I sighed and looked at them, “you girls are gorgeous but I was actually trying to make my asshole father fail.”

I glanced at mom when she stopped in the kitchen doorway, “I like you but I won’t force it.”

Saka had her arm around Demi’s waist, “you don’t want to get us pregnant?”

I looked at her and blushed, “are you crazy? I would do it in a heart beat if you let me.”

Amanda and Nina laughed and Jane reached out to rub my chest, “we should talk, your father has promised our parents a lot of money to let you get us pregnant.”

I looked at her and then at each of the other girls before shaking my head and reaching out to turn Jane and give her a push, “time to meet my mother.”

Demi laughed, “you are supposed to meet our parents before getting a girl pregnant.”

Mom smiled as she looked at the girls and was surprised when Amanda stepped close and kissed her on the mouth. Each of the girls followed her until mom was breathless and blushing, “wow.”

The girls giggled and she grinned before turning, “did you want something to drink?”

Before I knew what was happening I was pushed into a chair as the girls talked and helped mom make lunch. I had never seen my mother react this way and really looked at her. Each of the girls took a moment to caress her hips, breasts or a few times her pelvis. I grinned as I realized she was excited and caught Nina and pulled her onto my lap.

I whispered into her ear, “you girls are seducing mom.”

She had gone tense and then looked at me before murmuring, “does it bother you?”

I shook my head, “I haven’t seen her this alive for a long time.”

Nina grinned, “if she wants we are going to take her to bed.”

I grinned and turned to mom as she giggled and pressed against Amanda, “mom? Would you like to show the girls the bedrooms? Since they may be visiting more they should see the whole house.”

She looked at the girls as I pushed on Nina’s butt and whispered, “I can only get her so far.”

Nina laughed as she stood, “that sounds like a great idea.”

They pulled her out and I stood to finish what they had started. It was over an hour before Demi walked into my bedroom naked and turned my chair to sit on my lap, “your mom is yummy.”

I looked up from her pretty nipples and she grinned, “nice aren’t they?”

I put my arms around her, “sitting on my lap naked can end in a case of pregnancy.”

She laughed, “you have breeding rights according to my parents.”

I caressed her bare hip, “I’m a virgin.”

Her eyes widened before she smiled, “want to lose it?”

I slowly cupped a breast, “only if you do it my way.”

She looked into my eyes for a minute before nodding, “the others are still with your mom.”

She stood and pulled me up and began to undress me. I waited and backed her to the bed, when she sat I let her wiggle into the middle before moving onto the bed. I laid beside her and began to feel her body. She kept smiling as she watched me and I finally kissed her before sliding down.

She went to her elbows to watch as I pushed her legs open and leaned down to lick through the slit. She shivered and her hips lifted on their own as she moaned and dropped to the bed. I kept licking and began to nibble on her labia and push my tongue into her. It was a minute before I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling the tip of my tongue on it.

Demi jerked and her hips thrust up harder as she shuddered, “ooohhh!”

I went back and forth and it wasn’t long before she was panting and her hips bucked and she was wailing. When she finally pushed my face away and covered her pussy I looked up and grinned, “that was fun.”

The other girls and mom laughed from the doorway and I looked at them as Demi reached down to pull me up her body. I settled between her legs as she kissed me and her hand wrapped around my cock and positioned it, “now fuck me.”

I looked into her eyes, “Are you sure?”

She smiled and pulled and I pushed and slowly my cock was forced into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned as I pushed and worked my cock deeper before I stopped moving. She shuddered and looked at me like she wanted to say something. I smiled before kissing her, “want to be on top?”

She bit her lip and nodded and I reached down to straightened her legs before rolling over, “good because this way I get to feel your body better.”

She grinned as the other girls giggled and came to sit on the bed. Mom sat and reached out to take my hand and squeezed it, “slowly baby.”

I smiled as I helped Demi move her legs and sit up, “tell Demi, I’m just going to look and feel her wonderful body.”

Demi grinned as she slowly thrust back and forth, “my turn to make you yell.”

I laughed as the girls snickered and Demi looked at them, “this is his first time.”

They looked at me as I blushed and Jane reached out to rub my chest, “and you let Demi be on top?”

I grinned as I reached up to rub her pretty nipples, “why not, this way I get to watch her.”

Nina laughed and turned to push mom down beside me and lay between her legs, “will you do us like that?”

She humped and mom shuddered before putting her arms around her. I shuddered as Demi began to get erratic and held her hips, “why not, if you are going to let me love you.”

Demi jerked and twisted and wiggled as her pussy spasmed, “ooohhh!”

I groaned as her warm pussy rippled around my cock. She was thrusting back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me as she began to wail, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

My back arched as I thrust up while she pushed down and looked at me. My cock throbbed and jerked before I peed a geyser of cum against and through her cervix. She jerked and shook as her pussy tightened and she wailed, “YES!”

I held her waist as I pumped and spewed and spurted and then lay panting as Demi fell on me with a sigh. She kissed me and wiggled, “we are doing that again.”

The other girls laughed and she looked around and grinned, “well it felt amazing.”

Saka pulled her off me and Jane slipped onto the bed and laid on me, “you are a strange boy.”

I caressed her hips, “why because my dad got your parents to agree to this?”

She smiled and shook her head, “you think we didn’t notice you? When we talked you listened and never said anything about us.”

She sat up and lifted to let Amanda position my cock and slowly pushed until my cock was sliding into her warm, tight pussy. She looked at me and a moment later frowned, “well?”

It was like the girls were holding their breath. I reached up to caress her firm breasts, “you are in charge.”

She blushed and then grinned and started rocking, “I’ve never been on top.”

I moved my hands to her hips and pulled them back and forth, “rub your pussy on me too.”

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then laughed with the other girls. Mom giggled as she held Nina, “I never did that either.”

Jane grinned as her pussy grasped at my cock and began thrusting back and forth faster. Amanda and Saka moved and started sucking on her nipples. The feel of her tight pussy squeezing and milking my cock as it rubbed against her cervix was wonderful. She was grunting and shuddering harder as her pussy became slipperier.

Several minutes later she began to wail and howled as Amanda kissed her. She was jerking erratically as her pussy spasmed and she wet me. I reached up to pull her down and hold her as she kept shuddering. I rubbed her back until she took a deep breath and grinned, “wow!”

I helped her sit up again and she rolled her hips and shoved down onto my cock, “this is nice. No slam bam thank you ma’am.”

The other girls laughed and mom giggled, “James has lasted a lot longer than his father.”

They looked at her but I reached up to feel Jane’s breasts and rub her nipples. She shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

It was a few minutes before she became erratic again and started to spasm as her pussy squeezed my cock. Each time she came I pulled her down to hold her and it was almost twenty minutes before I needed to cum. She was shuddering and jerking as I thrust up and grunted, “Jane!”

She shoved down as I began to gush and spew. She wiggled and spasmed as warm cum pumped up into her in strong spurts, “OH!”

I shuddered as I stopped and she fell onto me and giggled, “someone has way to much cum saved up.”

The other girls laughed and Jane kissed me before lifting her hips and rolling off me. Saka rubbed my chest, “lunch and a talk to agree on terms.”

I smiled, “the terms are whatever you girls decide they are.”

Nina laughed as she pulled mom off the bed, “I think this has become a lot more interesting.”

The girls pulled my clothes away before pulling me after them and into the kitchen. They took turns caressing mom and kissing her until I caught her and pulled her onto my lap. I cupped a breast and kissed her before looking at the girls, “what terms would you like?”

Saka pushed a plate with a sandwich across to me, “no demanding sex.”

The others nodded as they sat with a sandwich and Nina took a breath, “no talking about having sex with us or us with each other.”

They nodded again and Demi held a sandwich for mom to take a bite, “no rough sex.”

Amanda blushed, “no touching us in public unless we tell you.”

After lunch Saka pulled mom up and let Demi pull her towards the hall. She took my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom, “you want to add anything?”

I grinned as I turned Saka, “yes.”

The other girls following me stopped and looked and I caressed her hips, “I would like to be allowed to have oral sex.”

Nina frowned, “you want us to suck your cock?”

I laughed as I pulled Saka to the bed, “no, I want to lick your pussy.”

The girls laughed and jumped onto the bed as I sat Saka down and knelt between her legs, “and you are not allowed to tell my father when or if you get pregnant. He can find out when you have the baby.”

Saka pulled my face to her pussy, “shut up and lick.”

I grinned and licked through her slit before nibbling on her inner lips and then pushing my tongue into her. I captured her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue and then nibbling with my lips. She jerked and shuddered as her hips lifted and she opened her legs more while starting to pant.

I went back and forth licking and tongue fucking her and then sucking and teasing her clit. It was several minutes before she spasmed and covered her pussy, “no more!”

The other girls laughed as I stood and bent to help her further onto the bed and turned her. I moved over her and laid beside her to cup a breast and suck on a nipple. She groaned and shuddered before pushing me back and twisting to straddle me. I grinned as she lifted and Amanda rubbed my cock back and forth through her slit before positioning it.

Saka pushed down and wiggled as my cock was forced into her. She looked at me a minute later and I reached up to feel her breasts, “these feel very nice.”

The girls laughed and Saka grinned before starting to rock, “and this is my fuck.”

I rubbed a nipple, “until you trust me.”

Her warm pussy squeezed and she shivered before smiling. Her rocking changed a minute later to rubbing her pussy back and forth with my cock buried. It was another couple of minutes before she became totally incoherent. I pulled her down as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed and rubbed her back as she shuddered.

She finally sighed and I pushed her up and she grinned before shifting and then rocking and finally bouncing. The other girls giggled as she was back to spasming and shaking while her pussy clenched each time my cock was buried. It was ten minutes before she was jerking and thrashing as she wailed.

I grunted and held her hips while I began to pump a geyser of cum. She screamed at the feel and jerked back and forth until I was done and then fell on me panting. I hugged her and rubbed her back as she tried to catch her breath and finally she giggled, “that was a good fuck.”

The other girls laughed and she grinned before lifting her hips and moving off me. Nina scooted over and pulled on my arm as she laid back, “lick me.”

I grinned as I turned and sucked on a pretty nipple before moving down. I moved over her leg and opened her pussy before licking and nibbling. It was a few minutes before I captured her clit and sucked while using my tongue. Nina arched her back as she stiffened and then shuddered hard, “aaaahhhhh!”

The other girls laughed as I held on and kept licking and teasing her clit. She jerked and twisted and bucked and thrashed, all while wailing and howling. She tried to push me away and I held on until she screamed and squirted, “ssstttooopppp!”

I moved up as she continued to shake and held her before giving her a kiss, “your pussy was yummy.”

She was panting and hugged me as the girls snickered. I checked and then rolled until she was on top. She grinned as she lifted and move my cock before pushing back and down. Her pussy was very tight but my cock pushed up into her. It stretched her until I was all the way in and pushing against the back of her pussy.

She shuddered and her pussy squeezed before she began to thrust and rub her pussy on me. It took her maybe a couple of minutes before she became erratic and started jerking as her pussy spasmed around my cock and wet me. She twisted and rolled her hips while wailing as she squirted and almost fell.

Mom slipped onto the bed and moved to hold her as Nina writhed around and her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock repeatedly. She finally shuddered and grinned at her friends who were laughing and bounced, “we have a new toy.”

Mom bent to suck on her nipple and looked at me, “rolled her over and fuck her.”

Nina looked at her and I reached up to pull her down and look into her eyes, “can I?”

She searched my eyes before grinning, “yeah.”

I shifted and rolled with her before I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It took a minute before she was howling and asking for more while her pussy grasped my cock. A few more minutes and I pushed into her and kissed her as I pumped and spurted. She clutched me and jerked her hips up when she felt the warm sperm, “ooohhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, “that wasn’t bad.”

I grinned as I kissed her and pulled out and laid beside her, “that was wonderful and extremely fun.”

The other girls laughed as Nina blushed and then looked down as mom moved between her legs to lick the cum leaking out of her. I watched and then put my head back, “anyone want to go see a movie?”

The next three hours were fun as the girls pulled mom around with them as if she were one of them and I got to pay for everything. We stopped at a restaurant to have dinner before going home. The girls stripped as soon as the door closed and pulled mom’s clothes off too. I headed into the kitchen to make hot coco.

I brought it back on a tray to find everyone in my bed. I handed out the coco and Amanda slipped off the bed and rubbed my chest as she undressed me, “after I fuck you, we want you to make love to your mother.”

I looked at her on the bed and absently cupped one of Amanda’s breasts to rub the nipple, “can I lick her first?”

She laughed with the other girls and my mother smiled, “yes.”

I bent to suck on one of Amanda’s nipples and she shuddered and held my head. I let her go and moved her to the bed to sit as we sipped the hot coco. Mom hesitated and then began telling the girls about herself and her life, including me. I held Amanda and listened with the girls until mom stopped talking.

I took a breath before I began speaking and I was honest, even about things that embarrassed me. Each of the girls took a turn and we all lay back and held each other on the bed. I don’t remember falling asleep and woke when I was rolled onto my back. I opened my eyes as Amanda straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy.

She sat and shivered and then looked into my face as if waiting. I reached up to rub her nipples before dropping my hands to her waist. I pulled her back and forth and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She grinned and twisted her hips and while rubbing her pussy on me, “this is going to be fun.”

Demi chuckled beside us, “sperm her good.”

Saka giggled as I turned my head to see all of them watching. Mom grinned and waved, “morning baby.”

The other girls grinned and looked at each other before looking at me, “morning baby!”

I laughed as I humped up and Amanda shuddered hard while her pussy grasped my cock, “fuck!”

She rubbed her pussy back and forth on me as it kept grasping and squeezing. I started humping up and into her and she began to breath harder. She started to roll her hips while turning and twisting. Her pussy was hot and slick as it surrounded my cock and kept squeezing. She bounced and rocked and rubbed her pussy on me as she wailed and jerked.

It wasn’t that long before I pulled her down and held her as my cock erupted and I pumped a geyser of warm sperm up and through her cervix. She screamed and spasmed at the feel of the warm cum fountain flooding her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and fell onto me, “what a morning ride.”

The other girls laughed and she grinned and gave me a kiss, “thanks James.”

She lifted her hips and rolled off before Saka pulled on me, “go lick your mother and then fuck her.”

The girls were quiet as I moved around and mom laid back. I moved over her and between her legs before I gave her a kiss, “are you sure?”

She smiled and hugged me, “yes.”

I kissed her before starting to kiss down her body. Of course I had to stop and suck on her nipples until she shuddered hard. I grinned as the girls laughed and said I wasn’t weaned yet. I moved down and opened her pussy before licking through it. Mom humped and tilted her hips as I pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit to suck and nibble.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shaking. Her humps turned into thrusts and after several minutes she wailed and began to buck and writhe around. Saka moved to pull me up, “okay fuck her.”

I gave her a kiss before I kissed mom and pushed into her warm slippery pussy. She put her arms around me and I grinned as I shifted and rolled before helping her sit up. She grinned and wiggled before starting to thrust and rub her pussy back and forth. It barely took her a couple of minutes before she became erratic.

She jerked and rocked and twisted as she wailed. The girls didn’t say anything and I thought this was the first time mom had ever cum like this. She thrashed as her pussy clenched and kept squeezing my cock constantly. She wet me several times as she spasmed and howled while I held her up.

I finally pulled her down after several more minutes and rolled over. I kissed her as I fucked her with deep thrusts. It only took a couple of minutes before I pushed all the way into her and started pumping cum. Mom lifted and spread her legs wide, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I spewed and spurted a half dozen times before I stopped and just held her. She slowly stopped shuddering and jerking and hugged me. I gave her a kiss, “I love you mom.”

She smiled and rubbed my back before Demi pulled on me, “shower time.”

My life has changed a lot since then. Mom stopped seeing my father after that morning. Unfortunately I had to still spend a weekend with him each month, at least I did until I turned eighteen. I disappointed him by refusing to help him with stocks or work with him.

As for the girls, they did get pregnant with mom and then again a couple of years later since as they said, I have the breeding rights. We live with mom now and she loves to take care of the children. She also loves the attention the girls give her and the sex with all of us.
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