Ive been a member of this site of a while and never actually wrote anything, so I thought id give it a shot. Constructive Criticism welcomed.
“Hi Daddy,” My daughter Kayla greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. School had just ended about a week ago, and Kayla had been stuck in the house nonstop. I slaved away sixty hours a week at my dead end job, but I made sure there was a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

“Good morning, Princess,” I replied to her. “Got any plans for today?” I knew she didn’t, but I wanted to ask anyway to make her feel special.

“No!” She scoffed at me. “I am so bored in this house all day with nothing to do! Can’t we do something this weekend?” I felt bad about not spending enough time with her. Truly I did.

“Well, I’ve got to work this weekend Pumpkin. I can try to ask Joe for maybe one day off, but I can’t guarantee anything.” She gave me a sad look. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, and told her I loved her as I walked out the door and walked down the street to my truck. There was never enough parking on my block, so I always had to hike to my car.

My name is Calvin Higgins. I am a 32 years old Carpenter. My ex-wife and I had Kayla when we were only 16 years old. We were both lucky to have our parents support us and our daughter until we graduated. Upon graduation I went straight to work for my dad’s friend Joe. He owned a large construction firm, and he offered me an entry level job. After 14 years, I'm making a pretty decent paycheck as a master carpenter.

About 10 years ago, Trixie had left me because I worked too much, and she didn’t get to have the fun life she had always dreamed of. I came home one day when Kayla was about 6 to half of my house gone. There was a letter on my bed telling me that she had left and wanted nothing to do with me or our child. And I have been raising Kayla all by myself ever since. I’ve had a little bit of help from my parents as well, but I’ve been mostly on my own.

I arrived at work a little after 9AM. I got out of my truck and was approached by my boss. He had always been a prick, but for some reason today, he seemed almost human. He had a look on his face like he had been thinking far too much.

Then, he opened his mouth to speak. “Cal, I’ve got some news and it’s not good. You remember the Flannigan Contract?” I nodded yes to him. “Well, we have lost it. I don’t know how to tell you this, but were going to declare bankruptcy.” I didn’t know what to think at that point. So many thoughts were racing at that point. He handed me my final paycheck, and gave me a slap on the back. It was barely 9:30 when I began my trip home.

My daughter was shocked to see me home so quickly. I didn’t want to concern her, so when she asked what was up, I replied, “Guess what!” And she quietly responded with a soft “what?”

“You and me, we are going camping this weekend!” I answered her. She started jumping up and down with joy. We had gone camping several times throughout her childhood. She then asked, “When are we going?”

I told her “Go pack and we will leave within the hour.”

It took about 20 minutes to load up my truck with all the gear. We each packed up our bag of clothes. When she came out of her room, she had taken me by surprise.

She was wearing a pink spaghetti top, with no bra underneath. Her perky nipples were standing proudly at attention. She had on a pair of very short denim shorts that showed off her sexy thighs. It was the first time I had ever looked at my daughter in a sexual way.

She threw her bag of clothes in the tailgate, and we were off. We drove to a nice secluded spot I had discovered when I was still a young boy. We set up camp quickly, made lunch, and began to hike to our favorite swimming place, a quaint pond where the water falls.

It is about an hour hike. When we got there, Kayla forgot to bring her bathing suit. So I told her to just get in with what she was wearing. We swam for what felt like ages before we headed back to camp. By the time we got back to our tent it was about 5’oclock.

Kayla had been complaining that she was beginning to chafe from being wet, and she told me she didn’t bring enough clothes to last the entire trip at this rate. I told her best bet was to just strip and air out. We had never been shy to be seen naked around each other. She went into the tent for a little bit, and I began to make dinner. I made hamburgers over the fire. I opened the tent to give her dinner; I was amazed at what I saw.

I saw my daughter lying on top of her sleeping bag, nude as the day she was born. I felt myself getting a little excited to see her this way. Her C Cup breasts were in plain sight, and I just wanted to suck on her tender nipples so bad. I looked down to my crotch and saw my old friend standing at full attention. I handed Kayla her burger, and we began to eat.

After we ate, I washed up using a bucket of water I brought back from the pond, and we then lay down in our tent for a little bit. She was still naked playing with her iPod and I read my book about different ways of cooking over a camp fire. I was reading a nice chapter on cooking fish when I heard Kayla whisper, “Daddy?”

I said to her, “Yes Pumpkin?” She was probably bored and would rather be bored at home. But I had to at least hear her out.

“Do you remember when you came in the tent after you made dinner” She asked me.

“Yes?” I replied, curious. Where was she going with this?

“Why was your dick hard when you saw me naked?” I almost died when she asked me that. Slowly, my cock started to stir. I was so busted. I may as well tell her the truth I thought.

“Sometimes, when a man gets excited, it gets real hard,”

“So you’re saying I made you excited Daddy?”

“Yes Baby”

“Daddy can I see it?”

I was in shock. “No way baby! Daddy can get into so much shit if anyone finds out.”

“Who’s going to find out? It’s only fair. You’re looking at me naked!”

She did have a point. I figured at this point, I may as well. Looking at it couldn’t hurt, right? I slowly let the waistband down to allow my 6inch dick to spring into life. Kayla gasped at it as it wiggled around.

Without warning my daughter reached out her hand to touch it. Her hands felt so soft and so good I just could bring myself to make her stop. She started jerking my off. She was having fun with it. I figured we were already here; we can keep going with the process.

I asked her if she had ever given a blowjob before. She had told me yes. Her boyfriends at school got them all the time. I was mad for hearing that. But before I could react, she started to take my shaft into her mouth, and was instantly forgiven for anything she may have done. She had definatly done this before.

“Baby, you’re doing such a good job, I may never go back to work!” I had let slip from my mouth. She instantly released my cock from her lips.

“What do you mean?”

“Honey, Joe filed bankruptcy this afternoon. I am out of a job” I told her, hoping she wouldn’t be to hurt. What happened instead took me by surprise.

“Daddy that’s the best news ever!” She cheered. That means I’ll never have to be alone again! And we will have plenty of time to do things like this.” And she then took my entire dick and shoved it deep into her throat. I could have come right then and there. After years of no attention, my cock was ready to shoot. She must have sensed the same thing, and stopped to ask me a question.

“Daddy, when is the last time you were with a woman?”

“A long time ago sweetie”

“Then I want you to take my pussy and make it yours daddy”

And is if some sort of lust controlled spell took over me, I quickly climbed on top of my daughter and lined my prick up to her pussy. I slowly started pushing in. until I got to her hymen

“Are you ready Baby?” I asked her

“Yes daddy. Just do it fast so it doesn’t hurt so much” And before she could finish, I harpooned my cock through her hymen. I thrusted hard and deep in her and she started moaning and groaning loudly. Her tits started bouncing from all the movement. I soon began to feel a familiar churning in my balls. I told Kayla, “This is it!” Before I went balls deep in her and unloaded rope after rope after sticky rope of cum into her willing pussy.

I pulled out of her and laid back to catch my breath. Then I heard her begin to speak.

“D…daddy?” Was all she said.

“How did you like that Pumpkin?” I asked her

She replied. “It was amazing! But…”

“But what honey?” I asked her now concerned.

She replied, “Daddy, I..I’m not on the Pill.” Oh Fuck! What have I just done!

I had to remain calm. “It’ll be ok baby. We will figure it out” Although there wasn’t much else to figure out. It was too late to do anything now. “Honey, it’s too late to fix anything now. We still have the whole weekend ahead of us, why don’t we just have fun and party this weekend up, and when we go home on Sunday, we will call the doctor and see what options there are for us ok?

A little smile formed in the corners of her mouth. “Ok Daddy”

And that’s what we did. Kayla didn’t need to worry about extra clothes for the weekend because she didn’t wear any after that point. We only left the tent to pee and to eat the rest of the weekend. We fucked and came and just got juicy the remainder of the weekend. It was surely a time to remember.

EPILOGUE- 1 year later we went back to the same place and had fun to remember our year prior. We have decided to make this our new yearly tradition. Every year to spend one weekend and fuck our brains out. This year there was a twist though. Our 3 month old baby girl was there to join us this year. And next year who knows, maybe she will have a little brother to take care of her as we follow in our now incest vacation tradition.

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