Claire finds out her friend Megan has some secrets of her own.
Megan skipped happily up the drive to her house, schoolbag swinging from her hand. It was the last day of school and a long sunny summer stretched ahead of her invitingly. Not only that but her birthday was only two weeks away and she’d be fourteen. She threw her bag to one side and peeled off her blazer as she ran up the stairs. She jumped onto her bed and bounced excitedly. She looked at herself in the mirror, white socks, blue and white chequered pleated skirt and white shirt. She took her shirt off and then her bra before replacing her shirt but leaving the two top buttons undone to reveal the tops of her pert boobs. She also turned over the waistband of her skirt a couple of times to shorten it considerably. There, much better she thought. I’ll go and see Claire she thought, maybe tease that brother of hers a bit.

Jack Warren heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. He saw the familiar sight of his daughter’s best friend Megan through the glass. Opening the door he noticed straight away how short her skirt was.

“Hi Mr Warren, is Claire home?” Chirped Megan, grinning mischievously.

“Hi Megan, yes she’s out back, go on through.”

Megan bounded past and Jack watched her tit’s jiggling as she passed him. Closing the door he followed her as she headed to the kitchen. She could see Claire through the window in shorts and bikini top by the pool talking to her brother who was stood in the shallow end. She stopped in her tracks and looked back over her shoulder coyly. Bending over she wiggled her butt, her skirt rose up and she helped it with her hand. Pulling her cotton panties to one side she slapped her buttock before re-arranging herself.

“I’ll see YOU soon Mr Warren.” Said Megan, laughing as she skipped out into the garden.

Jack watched Megan join Claire, laughing and hugging as they larked about. He noticed them bending over, flashing their young bodies and flirting outrageously in front of poor Tom who was pretending not to look as he swam lengths in the pool. Jack rubbed his crotch feeling his erection growing as he watched the young girls, particularly Megan.

Like his father Tom’s penis was growing harder by the minute. He’d had enough of swimming really but there was no way he could get out of the pool at the moment with his prick making a tent in his shorts! He knew full well they were doing it deliberately; they’d been doing this sort of thing ever since their puberty started. Fucking bitches, he’d get his own back though, one day. He watched Megan’s skirt ride up displaying her little white panties. Then she collapsed into a lounger, lying on her stomach she propped herself up chin in her hands. Tom stared as he swam, he could see right down her shirt which was just what she intended. Fuck she looked good thought Tom; her tits were massive for her age. Looking up he caught Claire’s eyes.

“Stop looking down Megan’s top you perv!” Squealed his sister.

“Fuck off Claire.” He replied.

She was just as bad he thought, flaunting herself at him, she too had a sexy little body, not as developed as her friends, but very cute. Eventually they got bored and went into the house, allowing Tom to climb out and dry himself off. Yeah, he’d get his own back one day, he knew things.
Claire and Megan were busy making plans for Megan’s birthday in 2 weeks. Claire had turned 14 a few weeks ago and they’d decided to see if they could have a joint party at Megan’s house and were excitedly discussing who they could invite.

“What about this mysterious guy you’re fucking?” Asked Megan.

“Megan,” Claire whined, “you know he can’t come, he’s a grown up.”

“Okay then, what about your brother and some of his friends? All the boys we know are so young and nerdy.”

“Really, you wanna ask Tom.”

“Sure, why not, he’s cute and I’m sure he’s got some good looking friends.”

“Okay I’ll ask him but they’re probably not going to want to hang out with us.” Claire agreed reluctantly.

“Ooh!” Megan exclaimed. “I’ve just had the best idea. I can ask my parents to go out for the night with Tom watching out for us. I reckon they’d agree ‘cos he’s so responsible.”

“Great idea Megan, I’ll ask Tom, you go ask your folks.”

The girls went their separate ways and during their dinners made their requests. Frank and Linda Mathews couldn’t see any reason why their daughter couldn’t have a party and yes, providing Tom was going to watch out for them and the house, then they’d go out for the evening.
Claire’s task was a little harder, Tom refused.

“I’m not going to a fourteen year olds birthday party, and especially not that spoilt bitches next door!”

“Dad, Tom’s being a jerk.” Whined Claire.

“Tom, why can’t you do this for your sister? Come on sport be nice.”

Eventually Tom reluctantly agreed, he said he’d ask a couple of his friends too but he doubted they’d want to go.

Megan was thrilled when Claire told her and they set about making a list of invitees and things they had to prepare. At the same time Megan’s mother and Jack warren were making their own plans. The following weekend they were going to give Megan a birthday treat of their own, a shopping trip plus an evening out and a night in a hotel. Linda had told her husband that Megan and she were going to have a girlie day and night together and Frank had eagerly agreed. He’d get Claire round and maybe she could stay over, pretending Megan was home and having a sleepover. He’d only ever had stolen moments with the girl, it would be nice to spend some ‘quality’ time with her. Of course Claire’s father wouldn’t be there anyway, he was going ‘drinking with some buddies’ and wouldn’t be home until morning he was leaving Tom in charge. Everyone was happy.

The following weekend Linda and Megan packed their bags and headed out early, they drove for a couple of hours until arriving at a plush hotel.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Megan, “Is this where we’re staying?”

“Sure is darling, you have Mr Warren to thank.”

“I’ll thank him alright.” Giggled Megan.

Jack Warren was waiting in the foyer for them.

“Hi girls, I’ve got the keys to our suite already.”

“Suite!” Megan and Linda exclaimed.

Showing them up Jack watched as they marvelled at the suite. It had 2 bedrooms with en-suites, a lounge, a dining area and a huge bathroom with whirlpool bath tub. There was a huge flat screen TV, DVD and sound system, both bedrooms had huge beds, one of which Megan threw herself onto squealing with delight.

“Right girls, freshen up, then we’re going shopping.” Jack said making both Megan and Linda shriek.

They hit the shops and found Victoria’s Secret. Linda cuddled into Jack and whispered in his ear.

“Leave me your credit card and meet us in the restaurant daddy, we’re going to buy things that will make you happy.”

Jack complied and left them to it. Megan and Linda had fun choosing Lingerie together. The shop assistants gave them some very strange looks as mother and daughter examined the sexiest outfits that the shop possessed. Megan chose a black with white polka dots bustier set with matching panties and a lace and mesh teddy .She also got a couple of pairs of stockings. Linda got herself a red lacy bra and thong with matching garters and stockings.
They left the shop giggling like a pair of naughty children.

“Right Megan, let’s go get our outfits now.”

The girls spent a delightful couple of hours shopping for dresses and shoes and eventually met with Jack for lunch.

“Did you have fun?” He asked.

“Oh yes, thank you.”

They planted big kisses on his lips.

“I think you’re gonna like what we’ve got.” Linda informed him.

After lunch they headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours, Megan lounged in front of the TV and Linda and Jack had cocktails on their balcony.

“Tonight I want you to get ready first please Jack, go down to the bar and wait for us, we’ll meet you there.”

“Oh okay babe, no problem.”

Three hours before their dinner reservation, Linda took Megan by the hand.

“Come on, Jacks going to get ready and go and have a few drinks at the bar, let’s go try out that tub.”

The tub was easily big enough for the two girls and they set the whirlpool on and sat in the bubbles, each with a glass of wine. Megan was feeling very grown up indeed.

“We’re going to have to treat daddy very well later to thank him for all this.” Said Linda, using their pet name for Jack.

“I know mom, he’ll want to treat us like this every week when he sees what we’ve bought.”

Linda examined her vagina.

“I’m shaving my pussy Megan, does yours need doing?”

“I dunno mom, maybe.”

Megan had shaved what little hair she had off several weeks earlier and now she a few tiny stubbly bits. With Linda sat in the tub with her legs stretched in front of her, Megan sat on her lap and lay back on her mom’s legs. She spread her legs as her mom squirted shaving foam onto her hands and spread it over her daughter’s privates. Megan shivered at her mother’s touch and felt her nipples harden as her the razor carefully removed all traces of hair.

“You’re making me horny.” She gasped, squeezing a boob.

Linda finished and put the razor down, she ran her finger up and down her daughters slit and watched Megan close her eyes. Quickly coming to her senses she rinsed the foam off her daughter.

“Later darling, we haven’t got time for that now. It’s my turn for a shave.”

They swapped places and Megan shaved her mother completely smooth before they soaped each other up and washed each other. Linda admired her daughter’s tits and she massaged soap into them.

“You’ve got amazing tits sweetie and they’re only going to get better for the next few years. You’re a lucky girl.”

“Thanks mom, I get ‘em from you. Now stop making me hot, let’s get ready.”

Linda and Megan spent the next 2 hours getting ready; Linda helped Megan with her makeup and hair and by the time they were finished Megan looked 4 years older and Linda looked 10 years younger.

When they entered the bar, every set of eyes in the place were on them, when Jack saw them he almost fell off his bar stool. Linda wore a knee length dress that was split right up her thigh. Megan’s dress was shorter and left her shoulders bare, the dress supported by her ample bosom. They were both displaying plenty of cleavage and looked a million dollars. Jack, dressed in a nice suit, stood and greeted each of them with a full long kiss and a squeeze of their bum.

“You both look incredible.”

Every guy in the room went green with envy, how could this guy have two beautiful women. Were they hookers? Was he rich? Draining his glass he put an arm around each of them and they headed out to the restaurant. They enjoyed a meal in a very swanky restaurant, and using a very large tip managed to get Megan a cocktail. By the time they’d finished their drinks Megan was giggling and feeling tipsy.

“Time to get her back to the hotel I think.” Whispered Linda.

When they got back to the suite, Linda helped Jack off with his jacket. She guided him to a lounge chair and he sank into it. She poured him a whiskey as Megan put some music on. Curling into his lap she kissed him deeply nibbling his lips as she broke away.

“You sit here and relax daddy, enjoy the show.”

The girls danced seductively to the music, holding each other, gyrating and thrusting, jiggling and wiggling themselves at Jack. Linda unzipped her daughters dress and let it fall to the fall. Jack caught his breath; she was wearing her new bustier set which held up her stockings. Linda pulled her close and the kissed, exploring each other’s mouths as their hands ran over each bodies. Stepping back she slid out her own dress and the stood in their new lingerie and high heels.

“Well, you like?” Megan asked.

“Fuck yeah, I like very much.” He replied.

Linda led Megan to the couch in front of Jack and sat her on the edge before pushing her back. She first removed Megan’s panties and then her own and starting kissing Megan’s neck and shoulders. Her hands groped at her daughters tits and she pulled down the bustier, freeing them. Kissing her way down she sucked them, nibbling her nipples and making Megan whimper. Jack shifted in his chair, re-arranging his trousers to give his growing erection some room. Linda’s stockings and garter belt framed her ass beautifully and it was Jack could do not to go and fuck her from behind.

“Lick me, lick my pussy.” Panted Megan.

Megan spread her legs wide as her mother moved down and placed her hands on the underneath of her thighs and licked up her slit. Megan shuddered.

“Oh my god.”

Megan squeezed her tits hard as Linda went to work on her cunt, licking, sucking and nibbling. She flicked her tongue on Megan’s clit and then worked a finger inside and slowly fucked her. Megan’s moans were getting her mother hot and her own tingling pussy needed some attention. She stood and got Megan to lie on the couch and then straddled her in the 69 position. Megan got busy straight away, licking Linda’s cunt and sliding a finger into her.

“Oh baby, that’s good, lick momma right there, finger my cunt.” Panted Linda.

Jack couldn’t stand much more of this, as much as he was loving the show, his cock was so hard he could punch a hole in concrete with it. He unzipped his fly and released it, slowly stroking and pulling on it.

At that exact moment back at Megan’s house, her father was fucking the hell out of Claire, it was the third time today he’d had his cock in this fine young piece of ass and he was hoping to do it at least once more before his wife returned the following day. He was knelt behind her fucking her doggy style, slapping her butt as he fucked her hard. Claire was groaning beneath him.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck me Mr Mathews, harder, harder, make me cum.”

God she was a dirty bitch thought Frank, but truly the best fuck he’d ever had, well alongside Megan that is. He thought about all the fucking they’d done today, he’d had her in every conceivable position and she’d loved it, but this was her favourite, she loved to take it from behind. He was brought back to his senses as she spoke again.

“Stick your finger in my ass.”

He thought he’d misheard her.


“I’m gonna cum, now stick your =finger in my fucking ass will you. QUICK.”

Frank sucked his index finger and pushed it into her tight asshole. Her sphincter muscle resisted but she relaxed and he managed to push in. As he pulled it out and pushed it back for the second time he felt Claire tremble and then her pussy grabbed his cock.

“Cuuuuuuuummmmmming!” Claire yelled as she bucked beneath him.

As her orgasm subsided his own arrived and he quickly pulled his cock out and ejaculated over her ass, she collapsed onto her stomach and he lay on top of her, his slimy cock nestled between her pert buttocks. They lay like that for several minutes sweaty and panting.

“Oh Mr Mathews, that was so good, I came so hard again.”

“Your amazing Claire, I love making love to you.”

They eventually dragged themselves to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

“Can I borrow some of Megan’s nightclothes?” She asked.

“Sure you know where to look.”

Claire went into Megan’s closet and started poking about. She spotted a little nightie on a high shelf and jumped up and grabbed the corner pulling it down. Something heavy came down with it and bounced on the floor. She looked down and was shocked to see a big black dildo on the floor. It had fallen out of a bag; she looked inside and saw a very familiar looking bottle of lube and a writable DVD. She picked up the dildo, it was fucking huge, where the hell did Megan get it? What was on the DVD? Creeping back to Frank’s bedroom she looked in and saw that he was snoring soundly. She went back to Megan’s room and switched on the PC.

Megan pushed another finger into her Linda’s cunt and felt her grind backwards onto it.

“Oh yes baby, give it to momma.” Linda sighed.

Jack stood and removed his clothes, unable to take his eyes off this amazing mother and daughter eating each other out. Moving to the couch he offered his cock to Linda who opened her mouth to accept it. He rocked his hips as he held her head, sliding his cock in and out fucking her mouth. A few minutes later and he wanted pussy.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom ladies.”

He stood back and watched the girls untangle themselves and stand. Megan’s lipstick was smeared and her mother’s juices were slick on her chin but she still looked amazing, stood in her new lingerie. He picked her up effortlessly into his arms and carried her to the bedroom, Linda following. He laid Megan on the bed and he and Linda climbed on to join her.

“Lay back daddy let us suck your big hard dick.” Said Linda.

Megan crawled over to where Jack had propped himself up and grasped the base of his cock guiding him into her mouth. She sucked him in as her mother joined her.

“Oh Megan, you look so hot sucking his big fat dick.”

Megan groaned. She loved it when her mom talked dirty about her, she felt so naughty.
She stopped sucking and Linda took over. Megan watched Jacks dick disappear into Linda’s mouth and into her throat. She buried her face into his groin and held herself there before withdrawing it, saliva spilling out of her mouth. She repeated the process before handing over to her daughter who followed suit, taking his dick into her small throat. Worried that he might cum Jack pulled the girls off and indicated that he wanted Megan. She moved up the bed and held his cock, hovering her pussy above it as she straddled him. Jack reached round and grabbed her lovely round; firm buttocks as his cock prised her open and entered her cunt. Slowly she sank down, inching him into her tight warm hole. Linda knelt behind her kissing her neck and playing with her tits.

“Oh god Mr Warren, you’re so big.” Exclaimed Megan.

Raising herself up again and then lowering herself Megan gradually eased herself onto Jack’s dick until she was sliding up and down the entire length of his shaft.

“Ooooh.” She sighed each time she sank down.

“Yeah baby, ride that cock.” Her mom said.

Jack couldn’t believe how lucky he was, sure his credit cards had taken a battering this weekend but he two beautiful and incredibly horny girls worshipping his cock and they were mother and daughter! He watched as Linda squeezed her daughter’s tits as she encouraged her to fuck him. Linda had removed her own bra revealing her own big titties, not as firm a Megan’s but what could you expect? He could see her nipples standing stiff and erect like bullets.
Megan started to grind herself backwards and forwards on his dick rubbing her clit and Jack knew this signified her approaching orgasm. Sure enough a moment later, Megan stiffened and threw her head back closing her eyes.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming mummy!”

Linda hugged her daughter tightly as she convulsed and then, as her orgasm subsided let her flop to the side, Jack’s cock sliding out. Linda then straddled him in reverse cowgirl position and took over, bouncing on the lucky man’s prick. Megan rolled onto her side, resting and watching. She hadn’t tried that position before and she made a mental note to give it a go.

In Megan’s bedroom, Claire switched the PC off and sat on the edge of the bed with tears rolling down her cheeks. She’d watched the full edited film and all the individual clips that were on the disc and had pieced together the chain of events. Megan had obviously found out about her and her dad and filmed them downstairs, she’d then fucked her own father and either blackmailed him or with his agreement filmed Claire and him in her bedroom. She’d watched in amazement when Megan crept from her hiding place and started touching her! She didn’t know what to think now, she was so angry with Megan on one hand but fully understood how she must have been pretty mad herself, and to find her friend was fucking her own father! She’d felt so guilty too, keeping secrets from her friend! She stormed into Frank’s room to confront him.

It took Frank about 2 hours to calm the young girl down. He told her everything, how Megan had discovered them in the pool house, filmed them in the lounge and then blackmailed him. She’d made him make love to her and secretly filmed that and then made him screw Claire in front of him forcing him to take her anally. He told it was over with Megan and that they hadn’t fucked for a long time and that he loved Claire, eventually Claire calmed down enough for them to have angry make-up sex which was great, and as they fell asleep it was Claire who was plotting revenge on her friend.

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware of the trouble brewing for her, Megan was in sexual ecstasy as Jack fucked her again. She was on her side with Jack behind her, he had her leg pulled up and was pumping his dick in and out of her. That was nice enough, but her mom was licking her clit and her pussy and Jack’s shaft and it felt amazing.

“Oh mom, that feels so good. You’re gonna make me cum again.”

Sure enough and a several minutes later Megan did indeed cum again as Linda lapped at her pussy whilst she was fucked.

“Okay daddy, mummy’s turn now.” Cooed Linda.

She got onto all fours and wiggled her ass at Jack.

“Come and stick your cock in me now you horny fucker.”

Jack climbed behind her and pushed his cock roughly into her cunt and then started to fuck her hard. Linda buried her head in the bed moaning. Jack felt that he wasn’t far away from cumming and reached underneath to rub her clit which made Linda thrash even more. Abruptly she stopped.

“In my ass daddy, I want you in my ass.”

Linda watched her daughters eyes widen.

“Megan, there’s some lube in my wash bag, get it for us pleases darling."

When Megan returned Jack had his tongue in her mom’s ass, rimming her all he was worth. Her mom had her eyes closed and was chewing her bottom lip. Jack took the lube from Megan and applied it Linda’s ass his finger slipping inside her easily.

“This is a special treat for daddy and it’s not for you, okay sweetie.” Linda warned Megan. “Your time will come soon enough.”

Jack slowly eased his cock into Linda’s lubricated asshole. Megan stared, remembering when she was last in this position watching Claire receive her dad’s dick. Gradually Jack pushed his cock end in.

“Ow, slowly, slowly.” Linda instructed.

Jack’s girth prised open her ass lips and he pushed gently, suddenly it was past the sphincter and sliding forward with ease.

“Oh my god!” Cried Linda.

“Wow mom, that looks amazing.”

Jack fucked her ass, first in short strokes as she got used to it and then long and deep and again Linda buried her head in the bed moaning in pleasure. She reached back underneath and rubbed her swollen clit hard.
Eventually Jack quickened his pace and couldn’t hold his orgasm off anymore he pulled back on her hips and jerked uncontrollably as he filled her ass with his seed. Feeling cum filling her ass made Linda cum and she wailed and bucked as Jack jerked behind her until they collapsed onto the bed.

Megan had woken first the following morning, and as she recalled the previous night she began to get horny. They’d allowed Jack time to recover before fucking him again, this time in the tub, making the most of the facilities before they all fell asleep together.
Jack had woken up with a rock hard dick and when he’d come round he’d realised Megan was sucking him off. Now he was on top of her pumping his cock in and out of sweet pussy. Megan’s noises woke her mother who groaned.

“Jeez you two, give it a rest, I wanna sleep.”

She got up and headed for the other bedroom as Jack and Megan giggled.

“Sorry mom.”

Claire left Megan’s house straight after she’d showered, she had a framework of what she wanted to do to Megan but needed some help, she thought about asking Mr Mathews but figured he wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt his daughter. She decided to turn to her brother Tom. It was a hard decision to make, she’d have to reveal what she’d been doing and with whom but she wanted Tom to know anyway. He was a jerk sometimes but he was her brother and she loved him, he’d always looked out for her as she was growing up.
Tom was having his breakfast of cereals when his sister came in.

“Hi shit head.” He said.

“Hi butt head.”

Claire sat down with Tom.

“Tom, I’ve got something to tell you, it’s pretty bad and you can’t tell anyone. I really need your help.”

Tom was immediately concerned and put down his spoon and pushed his bowl away.

“What is it sis’? Are you okay?”

Claire told him everything and found herself sobbing by the time she’d finished. Tom was silent throughout but his face had reddened with anger. He put his arm around his sister to comfort her.

“Please don’t tell Tom.”

“I won’t, but I’m going to kill that son-of-a-bitch next door.”

“No Tom, I love him and he loves me, it’s not his fault. Promise you won’t.”

“Okay, okay. I promise.”

Tom sat quietly for a while considering whether or not to tell his sister what he knew. In the end he decided she deserved to know, she’d been brave enough to tell him what she’d been doing.

“Claire, Megan’s fucking dad.”


“So is Mrs Mathews. They’re doing him together; I’ve seen ‘em.”

Claire’s jaw hung slack as Tom told her he’d come home from early from a football game when he got injured. He’d seen the three of them going at it and after watching for a while had crept back out and gone to a friend’s house. He’d seen them again a few times since then. If Claire was out and not due home he’d tell his father he was going out and then creep back after an hour or so. Each time Megan and her mother would be there, screwing the shit out of their dad.
Claire now realised why Megan had lost interest in her dad and also why Mrs Mathews wasn’t fucking her husband. Well, fairs fair she guessed, lucky dad. She still had to get Megan back though. She outlined her plan to Tom who nodded.

“Sure, I can help with that.” He smiled.

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