Megan and her mother share a man
Megan Mathews was troubled, someone had deleted her fuck film from her computer, it was backed up so there was no real problem but she didn’t know who’d done it. She’d asked her dad when they’d been alone if he’d been on her computer and whether he’d deleted anything. He’d assured he hadn’t. She believed him because she’d told him that she’d backed up her films and so it would be a waste of time him deleting them. She knew it was there a couple of days ago because she’d watched it in bed, masturbating, cumming as she rubbed her big black dong on her clit. She hadn’t inserted the monster yet but she loved playing with it and rubbing it up and down her slit, pushing the tip at herself, spreading her lips and then stretching her mouth wide to suck it.

Her mom had been acting kinda weird for the past couple of days, she kept giving her funny looks, almost sad, but then she’d be singing and dancing around the house. Claire had been in her room but she was sure she hadn’t been left alone, and if she had seen the film, Megan would have known.
Mom, it must have been her Megan thought, but what was going on, why hadn’t she gone mad? Why were her dad and her still together? Why hadn’t she killed one or both of them?

Since ‘that’ weekend Megan had continued on with life as if nothing had happened. She saw Claire the next day at school and remarked that she was ‘walking funny’.

“You look like you’ve just been fucked in the ass.” She’d joked.

Claire laughed it off nervously. Claire had told her that she’d seen her ‘boyfriend’ and that they’d had ‘amazing’ sex again. It annoyed her that she called her father her boyfriend and she was just dying to tell her that she knew and that she’d seen her being fucked in the ass and that he’d fucked her too. She’d lost her virginity and hadn’t told a soul and it was driving her mad. Dad and Claire had hooked up twice since ‘that weekend’ and both times she’d watched from a vantage point, playing with herself and drawing out a long and explosive orgasm. Dad and Megan had slept together a few times too, mom had been away on business and they made the most of their time alone. She couldn’t work out what she liked more, being fucked or hiding and watching whilst masturbating.

When Claire and Tom got back from school, Jack packed them into the car and left them at their grandparents, he had a business meeting at the house he explained. He then called Linda and told her come straight to his house after work.

“What am I going to tell Frank?” She’d asked.

“I don’t give a fuck; just get your ass round here for 6pm.” He’d told her.

Next he called Megan on her cell; he knew she was home alone. He asked if her parents were home because she was invited for dinner. She said no but they wouldn’t mind, she’d call her mom at work.

“Don’t worry Megan, I’ve got her work number right here, I’ll call.” He’d said. “Come on over.”

Megan bounced in a few moments later.

“Hi Mr Warren, where’s Claire?”

“She’ll be down in a few minutes Megan, wait here; I’ll put the TV on for you.”

Megan had a long summer dress on that came down to her ankles, it was simple but jack could easily make out her curves and she looked so pretty. Jack turned the TV on as Megan sat in an armchair. Jack had loaded Megan’s film and paused it at his favourite part, Claire on all fours; butt pushed up with a finger in her ass and Megan’s hand out of shot but clearly on her friends genitals. Both girls have looks of complete lust on their faces, plus it was the only part of her films that you could clearly see Megan’s gorgeous tits.
Megan shrieked and jumped up, wide eyed, her fight or flight response telling her to run.

“Freeze missy. Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

Jacks bad language jolted her to reality and she stopped in her tracks.

“That’s better sweetheart, you and I need to talk don’t you think?”

Jack poured himself a whiskey and poured one for Megan too. He mixed hers with a little water and handed her the glass.

“Drink it.”

Megan sipped at and pulled a face that any 13 year old would.

“Come now, you think your all grown up don’t you, now down it.”

Megan chugged back the whiskey and Jack poured her another one and made her drink that too. She fought the urge to be sick and once she’d got over it she started to feel its affects and seeing that Claire’s dad wasn’t about to murder her she started to relax.

“So you like to watch huh Megan?”

Megan looked around expecting Claire to walk in any moment.

“Don’t worry, Claire doesn’t know and she’s not here. I’m not going to tell anyone either, so long as you’re a good girl.”

Fuck, thought Megan, her brain working overtime to find a way out of this situation.

“I don’t think you’ve got much choice Megan, I could ruin your life, sure Claire would look bad but we’d move home and schools and no-one would be the wiser. Your dad would end up in jail, and you might too, you don’t want that now do you?”

Megan shook her head, she was fucked and she knew it.

“Okay Mr Warren, I’ll be good, what do you want me to do?”

“Do what you like to do darling….Watch.”

Megan was surprised; she was expecting to have to blow him at the very least and probably much, much worse.

“Follow me.”

Jack had a room downstairs which he’d turned into a gym. It had an en-suite bathroom and he led Megan there. There was a stool on the floor.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing your dress, take it off.”

Megan nervously pulled her dress up and over her head and stood in bra and white cotton panties.

“And the rest.” He commanded.

“Mr Warren, please.”

“It’s too late for that Megan now get naked.”

Megan reached behind and unclasped her bra; letting it fall to the floor she tried her best to cover herself with her hands.

“Panties too sweetheart.”

As Megan lowered her hands and tugged down her panties Jack gawked at her boobs. They really were amazing, really big and firm and round and just perfect. She stood with her hands covering her pussy, blushing furiously.

“That’s good Megan. It’s a bit late for embarrassment isn’t it? Don’t forget what I’ve seen.”

He sat her on the stool.

“Now I’ve got a guest coming over in a minute, I’m gonna leave the door a tiny bit open so you can watch, okay? That is what you like now isn’t it?”

Megan nodded; she felt the familiar feeling inside her grow.

Jack gathered up her clothes.

“I’m putting these somewhere safe, in case you felt like running.” He explained. “Wait here quietly, we shouldn’t be long.”

Megan nodded as Jack disappeared with her clothes. She sat still on the stool, the whiskey and situation exciting her, she waited.
Jack only had to wait ten minutes until Linda arrived, luckily Frank was called to a late meeting in another city and wasn’t due home until after midnight, she hadn’t a clue where Megan was. She was excited at the prospect of seeing Jack again and was looking forward to some more sex.
Jack poured her drink which she quickly drank, she wore a business suit and glasses which made her look like a horny secretary.

“Get undressed.”

Linda shuddered at his command, she’d never considered being subservient before, but she loved it. She removed her jacket and undid her blouse revealing a lacy black bra. Kicking off her high heels she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.
Jeez this just keeps getting better Jack thought to himself. Under Linda’s work clothes she had the full kit on, black lacy panties that matched her bra and black stockings with suspender belt.

“Do you always dress like that for work you naughty girl?” He asked.

“Not always, but I’ve been feeling sexier than usual lately.” She grinned at him, really pleased she’d chosen this outfit today.

She peeled off her blouse and started toward him.

“Put your heels back on.”

Once she had her heels back on he removed his own clothes. His cock was semi erect and she looked at it and licked her lips.

“Do you want daddy’s cock again?” He asked, stroking his dick.

Linda nodded furiously.

“Yes please daddy, I need fucking hard.”

“Come with me.”

Jack led her to the gym and stood her in the middle of the room.

“Take off your bra and panties.”

Linda did as she was told, she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her again. He stood back admiring her.

“What do you want to do to my cock you dirty bitch?”

“I want to suck it daddy.”

“Yeees.” Jack said, enticing more from her.

“I want your big hard dick in my throat, I want to lick up your shaft and suck your balls.”

“That’s a good girl, on your knees.”

Linda sank to her knees. Jack went to a cupboard and pulled out several Velcro ties.

“Hands behind your back.”

“Ooh daddy, have I been bad.” Linda giggled putting her hands behind her back.

Jack put her wrists one over the other and used one of the Velcro strips to tie them behind her back.

“You’re a naughty, dirty, slutty girl Linda, and you’re going to be taught a lesson.”

Standing in front her, Jack held her head in his hands and guided his dick into her waiting mouth, her lips clamped around his shaft as he pushed it in and out slowly. After a while he kept pushing on his forward stroke, he knew she could take it and he eased it into her throat. She breathed heavily through her nose and after what seemed like an eternity to Linda he withdrew his cock. Saliva spilled out, ran off her chin and dripped onto her tits, she gasped regaining her breath. Again he filled her throat, grinding her face into his groin. When he withdrew this time he pulled her to her feet.
He’d pulled out a four legged padded bench that was part of his exercise equipment and he instructed her to kneel behind it and bend over, laying her stomach on the top. Once she’d done so he used two more straps, just above her knees to fasten her to the legs of the bench. Kneeling behind her he spread her ass cheeks and licked up her slit and around her ass. Reaching between her thighs he stroked her pussy whilst using his tongue. He found her clit and rubbed it with his forefinger before sliding it into her hole.

“Oh yes daddy, that feels soooo good.”

Jack kept it up sliding in another finger and forcing the tip of his tongue into her ass until Linda was moaning and bucking on the bench. Abruptly, Jack stood and moved to the bathroom.

“Please don’t stop daddy.” Linda wailed.

Jack went to the bathroom door and swung it fully open.

Megan Mathews was one horny young girl when Jack swung the door open. She’d watched through the door which had been left ajar as he led a woman into the gym. She was dressed in really sexy lingerie, stockings, suspenders and tiny lace panties with matching bra. Jack stood her in the middle of the room and then was when she saw her face. MOM! Suddenly all kinds of disgusting things were coming out her mouth and she called him daddy! Gradually, after her initial shock she watched in amazement as her mom sucked Mr Warrens cock like a practised whore! With her head stretched back Megan could actually see it moving down her throat. Megan’s nipples hardened and she absently reached up and squeezed her boobs. When her mother was bent over the bench, her ass pointed at the bathroom where Megan was hiding, Mr Warren made sure she could see as he tongued and fingered her. Megan’s hands had drifted to her own pussy and she’d rubbed her clitty until it was swollen and hard and her juices had made the stool seat sticky and wet.
Jack put his finger to his lips indicating that Megan should be quiet and follow him. She did as requested and ended up behind her mother. Jack pushed on her shoulders and Megan sank to her knees.

“Come on daddy, please.” Linda begged. Moving her ass in little circles.

Jack pushed Megan’s head toward Linda’s exposed rear, she resisted but it was only half hearted and when Jack pushed again she let him guide her. She placed her hands on her mother’s butt cheeks. She could smell her mom’s musky scent as she hovered her mouth over her cunt.

“Yes daddy, lick me some more.” Linda said.

Megan decided to just do it, she wanted to, she’d wanted to do the same to Claire and wished she had. Sticking out her tongue she lapped greedily at the pussy spread invitingly in front of her. Linda groaned in pleasure. She used her hands rubbing and probing, following Jacks lead she tongued Linda’s asshole, forcing it in, making Linda squeal. Jack positioned himself behind Megan and placing his hands on her hips pulled her up so she was on her knees with ass in the air. Jack wasted no time in tasting her sweet young pussy and he knew then what Frank had been experiencing.
The attention that Mr Warren was giving Megan made her go at her mother’s cunt and ass even harder; she was really struggling to keep quiet though. She was pushing two fingers in and out of mom’s cunt hard and fast and the same thing was happening to her. Her mom was moaning and talking dirty, telling her daddy to keep going, harder, faster, slower or quicker. Megan had to be quiet though except for her hard breathing.

“Oh baby, that’s it, I’m gonna cum.”

Jack immediately stopped what he was doing and rose. Megan glanced up and he encouraged her to go harder which she did.

“Yes, yes daddy!”

Jack walked into Linda’s view but she was too close to an orgasm to do anything.

“Wha…Fuck….who.” Her eyes widened, who was that behind her? Whoever it was they were about to make her……


Megan felt her mother’s cunt flood with juices and contract she orgasmed. At exactly that moment Jack took down a towel that was hanging in front of the bench and revealed a wall mirror. Megan and her mother’s eyes locked together.

“MEGAN!” Screamed Linda.

She tried to steady her body which was still convulsing as her orgasm tapered off and Megan still pumped her fingers in and out her gently.

“Megan stop!”

She struggled to get up but couldn’t free herself; with her hands fastened behind her back she was completely helpless. She couldn’t believe her own daughter had done that to her.

“Okay Linda, relax.” Jack said. “Calm down.”

“You fucking bastard Jack Warren.” Linda started.

“Now hold the fuck on Linda, I’ve seen ALL the film now. You kept that from me didn’t you? Let’s not pretend Megan is the innocent party, I’d think it’s fair to say we’re all deviant’s here. Now Megan could be out fucking with kids and catching god knows what and doing all sorts of drugs. She’s here with you, you’re both cut from the same cloth so relax and have fun.”

Linda stopped struggling and Megan pulled her slippery fingers out of her.

“He’s right mom, I’m sorry so for what I’ve done but we can’t help who we are. I want this and so do you.”

“Oh, Megan it’s not that simple darling.”

Linda didn’t know what to think. She knew Megan was up tall sorts and she would rather she could know what exactly. Megan interrupted her thoughts.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that ‘cos I’ve got your cum all over my fingers.”

Linda burst out laughing and they all joined in.

Jack untied Linda and she rose unsteadily to her feet. Megan put her arms around her and they embraced.

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too sweetheart. No matter what.”

Turning to Jack Linda asked,

“So what next daddy?”

“Let’s take this to the bedroom shall we?”

In his bedroom Jack positioned Linda on her back on the bed and instructed Megan to arrange herself in the 69 position. He watched the mother and daughter eat each other out as he stroked his rock hard cock.

“That’s good girls, do you like eating pussy?”

Linda nodded and grunted a ‘yes’, her mouth full of 13 year old pussy as Megan whimpered the affirmative.
Jeez he thought, I need to fuck these sluts before I cum right now. He positioned himself between Linda’s legs. Megan looked up from what she was doing, licking her lips.

“Oh mom.” She purred, clearly enjoying what was happening to her.

Kneeling, Jack held Linda’s ankles and pulled her legs up and back and Megan held her thighs. Placing his cock at the entrance to her soaking cunt he eased it forwards, sliding in effortlessly. He looked at Megan who was chewing her bottom lip and had the same look on her face that she did in the film. Linda let out a long moan as Jacks cock slid all the way in, he withdrew it and offered it to Megan’s mouth which she accepted, sucking it clean before it was pushed back into Linda as he slowly fucked her.

“Your turn next baby, do you want my cock in you?”

“Oh yes Sir, I want your big hard cock in my tight little pussy.” She panted.

Jack moved round and admired the view, Megan on all fours with her beautiful young ass in the air, her mother tonguing her cunny. Linda stopped when she saw the big dick heading in the direction of her little girl’s cunt.

“Be gentle daddy.” She whispered.

Holding Megan by the hips he pushed his tip at the little pink opening. He pushed gently, prising her open. Gradually after rocking backwards and forwards he opened her up and his cock head squeezed in. Both girls gasped as her pussy lips grasped his shaft as he slowly eased it forward.

“Okay honey?” Linda called out.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Cried Megan.

Jack pulled back and then eased another inch or two in. She was incredibly tight and he felt huge inside her. Gradually he pushed his entire dick into her and started to fuck her in long deep strokes.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me good.” Moaned Megan, copying her mother.

Linda used her tongue to massage Megan’s clit as Jack picked up speed and plunged in out, fucking her hard. He could feel Linda’s tongue and was trying really hard not to cum. Luckily Megan was close and started bucking, Linda’s muffled moans were testament to the good work being done by Megan at the other end and then Megan’s tiny frame stiffened and she squealed. Jack felt her pussy grip his cock and his own orgasm began. Quickly he withdrew just as his cock erupted. Linda opened her mouth wide and he stuffed his spurting knob inside and she swallowed wad after wad of semen.

“I’m on the pill you know.” Said Megan once her orgasm had subsided.

“Since when young lady?” Replied Linda indignantly.

Seeing the ridiculousness of that statement they all laughed. Linda stripped off her stockings and with Jack in the middle with his arms round his two girls they cuddled.

“Mom, you look so hot in the stockings and that, can I have some too?”

“Well, you’ve a birthday coming up, let’s see shall we. Maybe daddy will buy you some.”

“I presume you mean me.” Laughed Jack.

As they talked Megan told them everything, it felt so good to finally be able to tell someone about what had been going on and who better that her mom. She explained that hiding and watching got her so hot and horny, she told them about finding out about Claire and her dad and watching them, about how she filmed them and was jealous and how she blackmailed her father. Obviously Jack wanted to stop Claire from seeing Frank again until Linda pointed out that ‘Claire wasn’t an innocent party and that she could be out fucking with kids, catching god knows what etc. etc.’ Frank was clearly a considerate lover she explained. Reluctantly he relented. They agreed that Megan would stop all sexual liaisons with her father immediately and they’d ‘monitor’ the Claire situation.
The next few weeks were spent in sexual bliss, every spare moment they had, Megan and her mother made excuses to go out together, parking down a side street and sneaking back to Jack’s. Frank was more than happy with the arrangement as he would then sneak Claire over. It was farcical really. The only problem was Jack’s son Tom, he was nearly 17 though and was rarely home. He was very athletic, on the football and basketball teams and had an active social life. Frank was initially concerned that Megan abruptly stopped everything but it saved him from some the intense feelings of guilt he experienced so he was happy. Linda taught Megan some of the finer points of love making. She showed her how to take Jack’s cock into her throat, fighting the gag reflex and taking him all the way into her.
Summer vacation was nearing and so was Megan’s 14th birthday that was when things would take another unexpected turn.
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