Megans mother get's involved in the 3rd part of Megan Mathews Teen Slut.
Linda Mathews was troubled. Her life should have been perfect and from the outside probably looked like it was. She was married to Frank, a successful, good looking man and her own position as PA to the CEO of a large firm was very satisfying as well as well paid. They lived in a large house in a good neighbourhood, they had a daughter Megan who was nearly 14. She was a bit precocious and spoilt, but that was their fault. Frank and Linda were college sweethearts and were married at a young 21 after she fell pregnant with Megan.
Just lately she’d been very confused about everything. Sex with Frank had become, there’s no other way to say it, boring. They’d tried various things to spice up their sex life over the years, toys, costumes and pornography but lately Frank just didn’t seem interested. The most enthusiasm she’d gotten out of him was a couple of months ago when she’d decided to shave her pubic hair completely off. It was a spur of the moment thing, Frank always liked her sexy schoolgirl outfit and so she thought she’d go all the way. It certainly worked for a while, he went wild for hairless cunny but then his interest tapered off and she couldn’t really be bothered to work at it anymore. She did like being shaved smooth though, it made her feel really naughty.
Her job didn’t help either. She was away a lot with her boss Steve. He was a very successful man of nearly 50. He was married to Beth but screwed around constantly. When they were away, as soon as the business was over he’d hook up with one of his girls that he had dotted around the country. If he couldn’t, then he’d try and pick up girls at the hotel bar, if that didn’t work he’d get a hooker. He liked young girls, the younger the better as far as she could tell. All the girls she’d seen him with were in their late teens or early twenties. It wasn’t hard for him, he was good looking, fit, dressed well and he oozed money. At first she was disgusted by Steve’s behaviour, but he has a way about him that made her forgive him and then actually start agreeing with him. She was attracted to him but she was probably too old for him, not that she’d do anything, she was married and he was her boss. The thing was, when she was alone in her hotel room at night, she couldn’t help wondering what was going on in Steve’s room, what he was doing to the young beautiful girl, more than once she’d found herself idly playing with herself as she fell to sleep and had occasionally masturbated, cumming hard as she imagined herself in with the two of them, exploring both their bodies and fucking like animals.
Was her marriage too boring, had she become unattractive? Did she still love Frank? Why were these young girls so attractive to her? It was all very troubling indeed.

Several weeks had passed since her weekend at her sisters, she was kinda glad when Frank had said he couldn’t go, she could now spend some girl time with her sister. When she’d returned she thought she’d have another at getting her husband excited, she waited until Megan had gone to bed and then poured him a large scotch, she cuddled up to him on the couch and rubbed his crotch through his shorts. He pushed her hand away though.

“Not tonight darling, I’m really worn out, sorry.

She’d been pretty upset, angry even, she wondered if he was having an affair but dismissed it, and Megan had been with him pretty much all weekend so how would he have had time? Now several weeks later and they still hadn’t had sex and she’d given up now, let him make the first move.

It was mid-week and Frank was at work, Megan at school, she had the day off because Steve was unwell and she’d deserved a day off. It was a beautiful day and she planned to do a bit of cleaning around the place and then lay out by the pool, swim a bit and read her book in peace. She had her bikini on over which she’d pulled on a tiny pair of denim shorts. She admired herself in the mirror, not bad for 35 she thought. Her tit’s we a full 37/38 C, something that their daughter had inherited and may even have exceeded. They’d sagged a little, but not too much considering she’d given birth. Her legs and ass were still in great shape, probably due to the hours she spent at the gym each week, torturing herself so she wouldn’t feel terrible when they spent their summers at the beach. She was 5ft6” and had short hair, blonde from a bottle. Yep, today she felt good about herself; screw Frank, if she felt like it she might even masturbate later, she hadn’t cum in weeks.

She put on some music and sang loudly as she vacuumed and then did some laundry. The clean dry clothes she put away, first hers and Franks and then she headed to Megan’s room. As she put clothes away in Megan’s drawers she moved the computer mouse when she bumped into her desk. The monitor sprang into life as did the last programme that was running. It was some video editing software and there was a video clip ready to be played. She recognised the still as being taken from their last vacation. Using the mouse she hit the play button, scenes from their holiday played, a happy time, lots of laughing and playing all very neatly edited and put together she’d even got titles and background music. Megan definitely had a talent for this type of thing Linda thought as she watched the clip. When it had finished Linda couldn’t resist but look to see what else she’d filmed, she knew she shouldn’t really look but it never occurred to her that there would be anything she shouldn’t see, she was expecting some goofy kids’ stuff but hoped there would more family gems. She hit open file and a list of Megan’s work appeared. She scanned the list:
Claire 1
Claire 2
Clip 1
Clip 2
Dad & Claire
Florida Vac
Jenny and me
Sexy weekend

Linda frowned ‘Sexy weekend’ she thought, what the hell is that? She selected the clip and hit play. The film was a little shaky, obviously taken on a phone, there was Claire in their front room, and some guy was pulling her top off. Oh my god Megan, she thought, where the hell did you get this? Then she froze. Was that Frank? Jesus! She watched the grainy film, unable to avert her eyes, she wondered who was holding the phone that was filming and preyed it wasn’t Megan. She could hear their moans and cries and the disgusting things they were saying and doing to each other until eventually Frank whipped out his cock and spurted over her back and ass. She was about to stop the clip when another scene jumped onto the screen what she saw this time shocked her to her core.

She managed to sit through the entire video, she’d watched her young daughter fucked by her own father and clearly enjoying it then another film of Claire and Frank, shot from 3 view-points, cut together incredibly well, this time Frank took her up the bum and Megan appeared in shot at one point, massaging little Claire’s butt and grinning as Frank pushed a finger in and out of her friends asshole. It was obvious that Megan was the phone holder in the clips and that Claire and she were very willing accomplices.
The film stopped and Linda sat on Megan’s bed crying for what seemed like hours. She went through every emotion imaginable, fury, disappointment, sorrow, pain, disgust and then back to fury. That fucking Frank! How had he managed to get those girls to behave that way, mind you, she’d seen Claire and Megan teasing young Tom next door, and flashing there bits to Frank and Jack too. Claire certainly didn’t need persuading from what she could see, mind you, neither did Megan. Jesus, what the hell was she going to do, she didn’t want to break up their family, she couldn’t go to the police, and there was no way that film was ever going to be made public. She decided to do what anyone else would have done, she was going to get blind drunk.

She put everything back the way she found it and then mixed herself a jug of margaritas. A million thoughts went through her mind as she proceeded to get drunk until she couldn’t think about it anymore. She wobbled outside and collapsed into a sun lounger by the pool.

Jack Warren had been divorced for 18 months now and worked from home so he could look after his 13 year old daughter Claire and his 16 year old son Tom. Their whore of a mother had run off with some guy and abandoned all of them, they hadn’t heard from her since. He’d dated a couple of times and got laid once in that time but was pretty happy being single. He was in his garden reading the newspaper when his neighbour’s wife Linda careered out of her house clutching a jug of margaritas and a glass and collapsed into a sun lounger by their pool. She was wearing a bikini top and a tiny pair of denim shorts. She was one sexy fucking bitch, her and her prick tease daughter he thought. He’d watched them cavorting around in their pool before and had even wanked himself off on occasion, staring at Linda and Megan’s bodies from an upstairs window, both of them nearly spilling out their bikini tops. She was clearly worse for wear now, it was completely out of character for her and so Jack called out.

“Hey Linda, are you okay?”

Linda looked up, surprised to see him standing there.

“Oh Hi Jack, yeah I’m okay, bit of a rough morning I’m afraid.”

She paused and then added.

“Fancy a drink? I could sure use some company.”

It was a little early to start drinking he thought, but she was clearly in need of something, and he didn’t want to be un-neighbourly now did he?

“Sure, I’ll come round.”

Jack made his way round to her and sat down next to Linda; he wore shorts and t-shirt with flip flops.

“Margarita Jack?” Linda offered.

“Sure, why not, what’s the occasion?” He asked.

Linda frowned and looked as if she might burst into tears but then recovered.

“Oh, nothing really, I’m just having a hard time of it at the moment and don’t know what to do.”

She poured him a drink and took a big gulp of her own.

“Problems with Frank, Megan?” Jack enquired.

“Yes and yes.” Linda laughed. “Screw ‘em both, let’s get drunk.”

Jack found it hard not to stare her tit’s and legs, she was looking fine and her bikini top was barely holding her shapely bust in, and those tiny shorts, well, Daisy Duke eat your heart out!
They finished off the margarita’s and then opened a bottle of wine, they were both drunk by the time Linda decided it was time for a swim. She was feeling much better now and was admiring Jack’s muscular physique through his shirt.

“Let’s swim Jack.”

She unsteadily got to her feet and unbuttoned her shorts, she turned away from him as wiggled them down and bent over to pull pick them up, giving him an excellent view of ass. The bikini she had on was the type that was tied at the sides, and had only the tiniest piece of material front and back. She could almost feel him staring and she liked it.
What a fucking flirt thought Jack, like mother like daughter. Her bum looked delicious and he had to stop himself from reaching out and giving it a playful slap. Linda straightened up and smiled to herself. She dove into the pool and swum to the other end. Turning she called back to him

“Come on; get your ass in here chicken shit!”

Fuck it, he thought he stood up and removed his shirt. He dove in and swam up to Linda. He grabbed her and threw her backwards into the water.

“Who are you calling chicken shit?”

Linda surfaced, spluttering.

“Okay, okay, you win.

She followed him as he swam up to the deep end. She had not been disappointed when he’d removed his shirt; he was muscular and kept his chest smooth and hair free. She formulated a plan in her mind. Swimming to the ladder she climbed out making sure she gave Jack the best view possible of her butt again.

“Let’s go inside Jack, I’ll get you a dry pair of shorts.”

“I can go back and get some of my own you know.” Jack laughed.

“I know but we’re they’re right here, it’s no problem.”

He followed Linda into the pool house and she grabbed a couple of towels

“No peeking.” She giggled as she turned away from him and removed her bikini top, she then wriggled out of her bottoms and wrapped a towel around herself.

“Your turn.”

Jack was in no doubt that he was being seduced, she’d been naked in front of him, facing away sure, but this was NOT normal behaviour, the question was, what the hell was he going to do. He knew it was the worst idea to have an affair with your next door neighbour but he was a man who hadn’t had sex in a long time and she was offering it to him on a plate!
He turned away from her and removed his shorts before wrapping his towel around his waist.

“Follow me.” She said.

As they climbed the stairs Linda’s stomach was churning, she’d decided that she was going to try and fuck Jack and when she caught a glimpse of his cock swinging in the pool house before he covered himself she felt her pussy moisten. She was sure he wanted to screw her too but she needed to show him something first. She prayed it wouldn’t backfire on her.
Jack followed Linda dutifully up the stairs, he wanted to rip her towel off and take her right there and then on the stairs, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to resist her. She led him into a bedroom, Megan’s he guessed, he wondered why this room, there was plenty of others to choose from in a house of this size.
“Sit here Jack, there’s something I have to show you.”
Jack hoped she meant her tits but she went and fiddled with the computer and then sat next to him. The monitor sprang into life and what he saw made him go cold. That mother fucker Frank Mathews was sucking his beautiful little daughter’s tits.

“WHAT THE F…….” He started, jumping up.

His voice trailed off as he watched more and quietly he sat down again and carried on watching. Linda stopped the film after the downstairs scene; he didn’t want Megan involved in this and thought watching his daughter taking it anally and shouting encouragement might be too much.

“I’m gonna kill him.” Frank said quietly, standing again.

Linda could see that although Jack was clearly and rightly extremely angry he was also turned on. His cock was pressing against his towel making a small tent.

“Yes, you could kill him; I’d completely understand. You could also go to the police and ruin all our lives, or…. “Linda looked into his eyes. “You could fuck his wife right here and now and get back at him that way.”

She stood and dropped her towel to the floor, revealing herself to him, then, reaching out, she pulled his towel away to reveal a semi flaccid cock of impressive size. It was probably a good inch longer than her husbands but the girth was much bigger. He also kept himself very neatly trimmed around his groin and was smooth except for a tuft above his stiffening dick.
Yeah thought Jack, that would definitely do for starters, but that’s just for starters, he’d get his own back on that bastard Frank alright.

“On your knees, suck my cock.” He commanded.

Linda immediately sank to her knees in front of Jack and took his circumcised cock in one hand, she tugged him gently and stretched her mouth open wide. She moved her head back and forth along his length and then held it up flat against his stomach and licked up and down the underside, sucking his balls into her mouth before taking it back into her mouth.

“Suck my dick you dirty bitch. Suck it.”

Linda sucked him harder, this was just what she wanted and needed, to be treated like a whore, nothing more, just fucked. Stretching her head back she treated him to her speciality, slowly she inched his cock into her throat, resisting the urge to gag she continued until her lips touched the very base of his dick, breathing hard through her nose. When she pulled it out saliva spilled from her mouth and dripped from his cock. Panting she regained her breath and then repeated the process, this time Jack held her head in his hands and pulled him into his groin.

“Oh yeah, take it baby.”

After several more minutes of this treatment Jack pulled her head away.

“On the bed.”

Linda climbed onto the bed and lay on her back.

“Play with yourself for me, I want see what I’m gonna be fucking and talk to me like the dirty cunt you are, tell me what you want from me.”

Linda’s heart fluttered in her chest as Jack dominated her. Doing as he asked she propped herself up on Megan’s pillows and ran her hands over her body as seductively as she could. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them together, rolling her erect nipples between her fingers.

“I want your cock Jack; I want you to fuck me with your big hard dick. I want to feel you inside me, stretching my cunt.”

Her hands moved down her body slowly, over her stomach, over her smooth pussy and over her thighs. Placing them on the inside of her thighs she spread her legs and ran a finger up and down her glistening slit. Jack was breathing hard; he climbed onto the bed and knelt at her feet watching intently. Her boobs were as nice as he’d thought they’d be and she had a completely bald pussy which he found a big turn on even though he could see the irony of it. Her pussy was glistening wet as she spread her lips open and rubbed her exposed clit.

“Oh god I’m sooooooooo horny honey. Come and fuck me.” She purred.

“You’re gonna have to beg me.”

Linda’s eyes half closed in lust as she pushed a finger into her cunt.

“Please Jack, please fuck me, I need your dick in me now.”

“Okay, turn over, get on your knees.”

Linda rolled over and got on all fours, she moved her knees apart pushed her chest into the bed and her butt up and into the air, exposing herself completely. Licking his lips Jack knelt behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed the tip in, opening her up and she groaned in appreciation and then he pulled it back out rubbing it up and down her slit. The groan from her lips was one of disappointment this time and she pushed her hips back trying to force herself onto him. He poked in just the tip again, feeling her squirm as she tried to get more in.

“Please fuck me, give me your cock.” She wailed.

Jack held her by the hips and pulled her back onto him slowly and didn’t stop until he bottomed out
“Ooooooooh baby, yes, fuck me!” Linda shouted.

Jack pulled back until he came right out and then plunged forward impaling on his length. He kept it slow, pulling back and then pausing before dipping back in. He stared at Linda’s pussy lips gripping his cock and he suddenly found himself thinking of Claire.

“Oh yes, you feel so big, give it to me.”

“Call me daddy.”

He didn’t know why he asked her to call him that, it just came out.

“Oh daddy, your cock feels so good inside my cunt. Please don’t stop.”

He started to pump harder and faster and reached underneath to rub her clit; she bucked beneath him and then squealed.

“Oh daddy I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cuuuuuuuumming.”

He felt her pussy contracting around his shaft but he didn’t let up, he sucked his index finger and then pushed at her asshole, he didn’t wait for her to get used to it and pushed it in hard. Linda had only had anal sex a couple of times with Frank when they were younger and drunk. When Jack forced his finger into her it hurt like hell but intensified her orgasm and when she relaxed she enjoyed feeling it there and wiggled her bum. Jack felt he was getting close to cumming, he’d have to take her ass another day and there was going to be another day he’d decided. He pulled out of her and lay on his back. Linda straddled him and lowered herself onto him, he reached up and squeezed her tits roughly as she reached back grabbing his ankles and rose and lowered herself on his dick.
Man this was a hot piece of ass thought Jack, look at her riding me, she loves it, I’m gonna enjoy fucking her and that prick teasing daughter of hers. Soon enough he felt his orgasm building and he rolled her off. He laid her on her back and knelt near her head.

“Open wide for daddy.”

Linda opened her mouth as Jack tugged on his cock positioning it over her face.

“I want to taste your cum daddy, cum in my mouth.”

With a loud grunt Jack sprayed cum over her face and tits. He hadn’t cum in weeks and his balls were full. Linda swallowed what she could and Jack pushed his twitching prick into her mouth for a clean. When she’d drained his balls he withdrew and looked at her covered ion cum.

“I’ll be in touch soon and when I do you’ll do exactly what I say, okay?”

“Yes daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you.”

Linda looked at herself in the mirror, cum was in her hair and dripped off her chin, she was a filthy dirty slut like her daughter and she loved it.

Something occurred to Jack when he got home. Who had been filming his daughter? The clip was on Megan’s computer, Jesus I hope no-one else has got a copy, why hadn’t he deleted it straight away? The first thing he had to do was get that off her computer before anyone else got to see it, he’d get a copy first though, just in case. Grabbing a flash drive he made his way back to Linda’s. He could hear her in the shower.

“Linda, I forgot something in Megan’s room okay, just gonna grab it and head off. I’ll call you okay?”

“Sure thing babe.” Linda called back.

Jack inserted his drive into the computer and copied the file; he then hit the delete button and cleared the re-cycle bin. Once back in his house he copied the file from the flash to his own computer and sat and stared at the screen for ages trying to decide what to do. What a fucked up situation. How the hell would he handle Claire, he couldn’t believe that was his little girl in the film, begging to be fucked and sucking cock like a fucking porn star. The internet had a lot to answer for. He hit play and watched the clip again, knowing it was wrong but unable to help himself. He felt his erection start to grow and he fought the feeling but found himself unable NOT to get turned on. By the climax he had pulled his cock from the confines of his shorts and was slowly stroking it. He was about to stop when he noticed the bar indicating how much was played was not even halfway and so he left it. The next film started, Megan’s head filled the screen she looked flushed and was nibbling her bottom lip. Her head disappeared and he could see she was naked and on all fours the curve of her luscious buttocks could clearly be seen and the V of her spread cheeks. Someone was behind her and pushing their cock into her pussy. Jack watched enthralled as his next door neighbour Frank fucked his daughter from behind, cumming all over her ass. He was pretty sure it was Frank because of the audio; there was also a clear picture of his wedding ring. Jack hadn’t noticed Frank’s ring before, but he was sure going to check it out now.
There was still more and the next clip started, it was Claire again. Jack watched it all in stunned amazement and then watched it again and reached 4 conclusions:

Firstly there was no additional camera persons involved. Although this clip had been shot from 3 different angles and edited together (very well he thought), he could tell that one camera had been hand held by Megan (probably her phone), one was her web-cam and the other was a device on top of her drawers.

Secondly, Claire didn’t know she was being filmed and was unaware of Megan’s presence.

Thirdly, Claire was a cock hungry teen slut who unashamedly begged her best friend’s father to fuck her in the ass.

Finally, he realised he was as sick as Frank, he kept replaying the bit when Megan appeared behind Claire and started touching her, it was the girls lustful expressions that mesmerised Jack and by the time he’d finished watching it for the second time he’d cum over his hand and made a mess of his shorts.

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