Getting help escaping from who???
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Chapter 05
Why Couldn’t They Have Been Trolls?

“Yum, I can’t wait to crack open their bones, and suck out their marrow. That’s my favorite part, Lorrey.”

For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, that really isn’t the best sentence to hear when waking up. To make matters worse, my feet are dead, and three large green creatures are dancing around a small fire. Nauseously, they’re doing that on the ceiling.

Or I’m hanging upside down by my feet. Yeah, probably the later one.

My head feels like Zeus tried to play roller derby in it, and my eyes are bulging from having been down-side-up for too long. The ropes around my ankles and wrists have caused them to go numb.

“Angela,” I whisper, hoping the ugly things won’t be able to hear me while they talk about how they’re going to cook us.

“I’m here,” she says loudly enough to make me flinch. “Don’t worry, they have terrible hearing.”

I look at the creatures again, and a thought hits me. “Shouldn’t they have turned to stone in the sunlight?”

“That’s trolls that suffer from that curse. These are orcs. Somewhat smarter and not quite as ugly,” she replies calmly, and I realize she must have a plan for getting us out of here.

“Naw, I prefer to suck out their marrow before cracking their bones,” a different orc states. Smarter than Trolls? How dumb can trolls be?

“How are we going to get out of here?” I ask, hoping to be let in on it.

“They’ll cook and eat you first,” she tells me evenly, and I feel my stomach drop. “While their cooking you, I’ll break free.”

“What!?” I shout, before thinking better of it. She’s going to abandon me? I know she’s technically a demonic creature, but the pain she displayed over having killed someone in the past was real. How can she do this to me?

“Hey now,” a gravelly voice shouts at us, grating on my ears, “What’s with this chattah? We likes our food quiet.”

“And delicious,” another one pipes up jovially.

“Well, do you really know how to cook us?” I ask, stealing an idea from Tolkien.

“Tha’ lil trick of delayin’ us won’ work, succubus,” their apparent leader responds.

“Ha, Lorrey. You made a rhyme!” says the third Orc.

Okay, so apparently ‘smarter’ is a relative term for these creatures.

“Shaddup. Lanny, Is the fire ready yet?”

“I’m not a succubus!” I shout at the monster.

He spins back around and walks right up to me. I can smell his fetid breath, and have to fight to keep my gorge in.

“Ya smell like a succubus, you a succubus.” He snorts, and his snot plasters my still naked body.

“Oi, what was dat?” Lanny asks. “Lumpy, go check It out.”

Lumpy grumbles as he gets up, and starts heading out of the cave. Lorrey goes back to the fire, and backhands Lanny for no apparent reason.

“You were going to abandon me,” I accuse Angela, this time quieter, as I try to turn and face her.

“Nonsense,” she says, and I can tell her hands are free now, “I just needed you to distract them long enough for me to break free.” She swings her slender torso up to start working on the knots around her ankles.

“What was it, Lumpy?” Lanny calls out in time to muffle Angela’s drop to the ground. She waits in silence for a moment, then, “Lumpy?”

“Go check it out,” Lorrey commands Lanny, and takes the poking-stick from the slightly smaller orc.

I watch in dreadful silence, as Angela creeps up behind the lead orc certain that at any moment the beast is going to turn and club her. She makes it to just behind the monster, when he starts sniffing the air, and then suddenly turns, swinging at the succubus. She blurs, and somehow gets out of the way of the glowing poker, before jumping onto Lorrey’s back, and wrapping both arms around the creature’s neck.

“Gerr off me!” the thing yells while trying to get Angela off it’s back. Her arms barely make it around the monster’s neck, and I wonder if she’s even doing any good. With the noise the two are making, I’m afraid that the other two orcs are going to return at any moment.

I wish I could help, instead of hanging here useless. Wait, maybe I can. In my mind’s eye, I conjure the image of an Amazon goddess. Very tall, bronze colored skin, golden hair flowing, a leopard’s pelt her only clothing, and large arms, big enough to crush an orc’s neck. Now this would be a wild fantasy, I think.

Opening my eyes and looking back to the two struggling supernatural creatures, I see a different woman now, finishing off the large orc. It only takes a couple more seconds, before I hear a very audible ‘POP’, and the thing’s head rolls into the fire.

Maybe I made her arms too strong.

Angela, still in Amazon form, easily strolls over to me, and smiles at me through the gore covering her body. “This a fantasy of yours, huh?” she asks. She is easily tall enough to reach the bindings at my hands now.

“It is now,” I tell her, glad to be safe. “Wait, what about the other two?”

Just then we can hear footsteps approaching the entrance to the cave.

Angela crouches, ready to defend us, and with my hands now free, I lift my torso enough to start working on the ties around my feet.

I land with a whump, forcing all the air from my lungs. I’m not as nimble as Angela is. I turn just in time to see a new creature enter the fray.

It’s not who I expect to see.

“Brooke?” I yell out and am surprised to see her in pale-blue scale mail armor, and a wicked looking wavy sword covered in ichor in her hands. An odd long skirt, made of the same material as her torso armor, shimmers blue in the firelight, but seems to flow around her legs like water, widening towards the bottom.

“Stay back, Lyden,” Angela shouts, pulling me up and behind her with ease, before crouching down, ready to attack. “She’s here to kill you.”

If ever I’ve heard anything more absurd, I don’t remember it. Brooke has always looked after me. Honestly, I don’t know if the gentle woman could even hurt a fly. . . . Of course, she is carrying a dangerous looking sword covered in blood.

“Brooke won’t hurt me,” I try to say a lot more confidently than I feel. Why are my friend’s eyes sparkling with anger?

“She’s an assassin, Lyden. I don’t know what your relationship is with her, but I promise you, she’s not what you think she is.” The succubus sounds so confident that I really begin to doubt. It doesn’t help that Brooke is still coming towards us, sword at the ready.

“Brooke, tell her you’re no assassin,” I call to the curly redhead.

“She’s right, Lyden,” Brooke’s voice is filled with iron, and I feel my heart sink. “I am an assassin. Now step away from her.”

“What?” I demand. “No!”

“Lyden, don’t!” the Amazonian women screams, sensing what I’m about to do.

I super speed around Angela, planting myself between the two women, holding my hands out, a palm facing each of them. “I really don’t understand what’s happening, but Angela, if she’d wanted us dead, why did she kill the other two orcs?”

I see confusion blossom in the succubus’s eyes at my words, but it’s Brooke that speaks.

“Lyden, how did you move so fast?” I can tell that the question itself scares her.

“I don’t know,” I reply. “Something has changed in me, and we’re going to ask someone if they know what it might be.”

“You don’t. . . . Wait! The only one in this direction that might have that kind of information would be TanaVesta, the Pillar of Fire. You can’t seriously be taking him to her, succubus.” The way she pronounces succubus is like an insult. “She’ll kill him for sure!”

My mind is reeling right now. Brooke is an assassin? Why is she in that weird armor? She knows that Angela is a succubus? How did she even get here?

“I’ve already talked to her, and she’s agreed to see him first,” Angela shoots back.

“Figures one of your ilk would be on speaking terms with that monster. Did she promise you safe passage out afterwards?” Brooke seems to realize how dirty her blade is, as she takes a couple steps over to the headless corpse of the orc Angela had killed, and wipes her blade clean. Her eyes never leave the succubus.

Angela doesn’t speak, but she does relax her stance.

“Lyden,” Brooke continues, her sea-green eyes now resting on me, “did she tell you about who she’s taking you to? Did she explain what kind of creature TanaVesta is?”

“Angela told me she’s a dragon,” I reply cautiously.

“Ha,” Brooke laughs. “Did she also tell you that she is one of the pillars of this world? Or that her slightest whim is law here?”

“I didn’t want to scare him any more than needs be,” Angela pipes up defensively. I stare at the succubus, unsure of what Brooke is talking about, but not liking the sound of things.

“You mean you didn’t want him to be prepared for what you have in store for him,” the armored woman shouts back.

“I don’t mean him any harm,” Angela screams, and I can see tears of frustration in her eyes.

“Stop it, both of you!” I yell, trying to get their attention. I turn to the redhead first, “Brooke, I don’t know what your beef is with Angela, but she’s done nothing but help me heal and recover since she met me.” Not entirely true, but close enough for now. “And Angela, Brooke has been my friend since she saved my life when my parents died. If she’d wanted me dead, there‘ve been plenty of opportunities to do so.”

Something lands at my feet, and I look down to see my clothes.

“Well, you might as well cover up that bat between your legs, then,” Brooke says to me, not quite smiling.

In all of the commotion, I had completely forgotten that I’m still naked. I feel my cheeks burning, as I rush to put on my clothes, but I warily watch both women as I do so. This is the first time I’ve ever been naked in front of Brooke.

The armored woman sheaths her sword, but still looks like she’s ready to do battle at any moment. “So, you think he’s becoming an incubus?” she asks Angela.

“No. Something’s not right about that,” the succubus replies, and I realize that an incubus must be a male version of a succubus. Apparently the orcs didn’t know that either. “So you were there when his parents died, huh?”

I immediately know what she’s getting at, and feel my anger rising again. “Stop it,” I repeat myself. “Brooke had nothing to do with my parent’s death. She found me two days afterwards.”

Angela nods, but whether in acceptance or something else, I’m not sure. “Are you going to stop us from going?” she asks instead.

“Is this what you want, Lyden?” the redhead turns to ask me. “There must be other ways to find the answers you want.” For some reason I can see worry, hurt, and pain in her green eyes, and I want to comfort her, but the blue armor and the knowledge that she’s some kind of supernatural assassin stops me.

“I need to know, and I trust Angela,” I tell her.

“But she’s a succubus,” Brooke shoots back. When I don’t comment, she says, “I’ll escort you to the dragon’s borders, but I can’t go beyond that.”

“You’re not invited,” Angela states, and I turn to give her a look. “She’s an assassin,” she says in her defense. I’m no more moved by her argument than I had been about Brooke’s, and she drops her head in submission. “Fine, but I’m keeping an eye on her.”

“Good,” I say, as I finally finish getting dressed. “Both of you can keep an eye on the other, and I’ll feel that much safer.” I meant it as a joke, but as the words leave my mouth I realize it was a very poor one, by the pain I see in both sets of eyes.

Angela finds a large stick that’ll work as a club and somehow finds a leather thong to tie it to her skimpy leopard skin outfit.

I try to find something I can use as a weapon too, but other than a half gnawed bone, I see nothing.

Silence is our only other companion as we exit the cave, and see the peak where TanaVesta resides off in the distance.

After a while I get sick of the thick silence, and decide to break it with a few questions.

“Brooke, what did you mean by saying that TanaVesta was one of the pillars of this world?”

My long-time friend glances at me, then to Angela, before reluctantly saying, “I’m not surprised she hasn’t told you more of this place.” I shoot her a warning glance, surprised at my own behavior. Not that long ago, I was quiet and meek around her, despite having been friends for years. Her beauty was always intimidating to me, but after almost getting eaten by those orcs, I feel different inside. Stronger. Brooke sighs, and continues speaking, “Did she tell you that this world was created? Good. There were six creatures that banded together in ancient times, to create a world that we could live in relative peace; in other words, a world without violent humans.

“The most powerful creatures were of each element: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Light and Dark. They became the six pillars of this world, and set forth the laws that govern this place, as well as all of us that choose to live here.

“TanaVesta is the Fire pillar. All creatures that belong to, or are tied to, that element serve her. Like your succubus.”

“Succubae are from fire?” I ask, confused.

“The fire of your loins, burning desire or lust. Sound familiar?” Angela pipes in, and I can see her point.

“Just so,” Brooke agrees.

“They’re also a bit demonic, remember?” Brooke adds, and I just shrug.

“You said that you can’t go beyond her borders. Does that mean you serve a different element?” I ask, trying to wrap my head around the idea of six creatures powerful enough to create a whole world. And of course, I’m going to go talk with one of them.


“That’s one reason. I’m under the Pillar of Water, Varun.” The way she pronounces the name, I can tell she has a lot of respect for him or her.

“Is he. . .she. . .they, I mean, is the Pillar of Water a dragon also?” I finally sputter out.

“Ha!” Angela laughs. “Not hardly, he’s nothing more than a—“

“Enough!” Brooke says quietly, as she draws her blade, cutting off Angela’s speach. “Do not speak ill of my master, and I’ll show yours the same respect.” The silence is once again thick, and I wonder what Varun is, and if these two are going to come to blows before we reach the border.

If so, which side will I choose?

After about another half hour of silent walking, the air suddenly feels a lot dryer and warmer.

“I can go no further,” Brooke says officiously, before turning to me, and I can see pleading in her eyes. “Lyden, it’s not too late to turn back. We can find the answers another way.”

“Will Varun know?” I ask her, and see tears begin to fall from her eyes.

“I can’t. . . . I’m not. . . . We can’t ask him,” she finally finishes.

I look at Angela, and see calculating confusion on her face. At least she isn’t taking this moment of weakness to poke at the redhead.

Walking up to my friend, I take her hands in mine, and look deep into her green eyes. “I need to know. Something has changed in me, something big. Is there a reason for it, or am I just a mistake?”

“You’re not a mistake, Lyden,” she tells me, hugging me close to her. With her chest pressed against mine, I’m surprised at how supple her armor is. I’m also shocked by her behavior, as this is the most touching we’ve ever done. “Never believe that you are a mistake.”

I hug her back to me for a moment, before she pulls away. “I’ll wait here for you. If you’re not back within a day, I’ll know you’re dead.” She takes another step away from me, before turning her back, and I know there is nothing more I can say or do for her.

Angela takes my hand, murmuring, “Come on,” as we turn and face the peak.

Besides the air, the ground is noticeably different here. Before, it had been rich soil with lots of growth, now it’s barren and rocky.

We walk in silence for a bit, which is disconcerting, as I’m getting sick of silence. I’d thought Angela’s silence earlier had been because Brooke was there, but now that Brooke is behind us, the usually jovial succubus seems depressed. In her Amazon guise, it’s actually kind of scary.

I open my mouth a few times to try to start a conversation, but I can never seem to form any words, and just end up shutting my mouth again.

The ground is rough and rocky, and very little grows on the side of this lone mountain. Thankfully I’m still juiced after my session with Angela before the orcs, or I’d have long since been winded. My throat is dry from breathing in the arid atmosphere, and trepidation about what is ahead really begins to sink in.

“You know she loves you, right?” Angela finally asks when we’re halfway up the side of the peak. The question sucks the air from my lungs.

“What?” I ask, flabbergasted. “No, she’s never. . . . I mean, we’ve always been friends, so I just thought. . .” Thought what? I wonder, unable to finish the sentence. Truth is, I’ve always wanted there to be more between us, but was always afraid I’d ruin our friendship if I tried.

“It can never be, though.” The succubus’s voice is quiet and somber. “One of the laws of this world is that there can be no permanent relationships crossing the boundaries of our two worlds. It’s not the most powerful law, but when it’s broken, an assassin like your friend there, is sent out to deal with it.”

I suddenly fully comprehend her statement to Brooke earlier. “You think she killed my parents, because one of them was from this world?” Shock registers in my voice, but this time I can’t shake the thought.

“It can’t be, though,” she continues. “The offspring of such a liaison is supposed to be put down as well. You can’t be a cambion. That’s one of an assassin’s main jobs: to kill and destroy any such offspring.”

“So, because I’m still alive, she couldn’t have been sent to kill my parents,” I conclude.

“But then why was she even there? Did she just happen to be in the lake you were boating in?” Angela asks, and then shakes her head. “There are too many questions, and not enough answers. Hopefully TanaVesta will be able to shed some light on what’s going on.”

“What’s a cambi-whatsit?” I ask, confused by her term.

“Cambion,” she clarifies, “the offspring of an incubus and a woman or a succubus and a man. Merlin was one, you know. It took decades to finally get rid of him. They’re very dangerous.”

And we’re going to see one of the pillars that decried cambions were unlawful? Great. . . .

I spend the rest of the climb trying to cheer Angela up by picturing all sorts of sexual acts and mentally sending them to her. It seems to have little effect, until we reach the summit. I’m not entirely prepared for what I see, as I look out across a massive plateau. Four giant pillars, carved with intricate runes and various images representing fire, support a triangular roof, which is completely engulfed in flame. The flame doesn’t appear to be consuming the structure, but I can easily feel the heat from at least a hundred feet below it. Tiered seating rises up on either side of the columns, filled with creatures from fairy-tales and horror stories. Most I don’t even recognize, like the one with two heads, but one eye each, or the one that seems to be made entirely of hairy arms and sharp claws.

My attention is drawn, however, to the massive creature at the far end of the pavilion. Its scales glimmer red, refracting the light of the flames above, and smoke curls lazily from its nostrils. Its long sinewy neck seems to go all the way to its tail. Six large legs, each with six toes tipped with six deadly looking talons, protrude from its body.

A true embodiment of the Chinese dragon: TanaVesta.

I have no idea how long I stand there, frozen in fear, sweat trickling down my back and my whole body shaking.

“Look at the human quiver,” a creature made entirely of blue flame shouts from the bleachers to a round of applause and jeers from its fellows.

SILENCE. The word seems to come from everywhere and yet nowhere. I don’t hear it with my ears, but feel it in my bones. HE HAS COME A LONG WAY TO SPEAK WITH ME, AND I WOULD HEAR HIM.

Angela’s hand on my back propels me forward. As if on their own, my legs seem to remember how to walk. I step forward towards the center of the pavilion and then stop, my mouth going dry. I try to work moisture into my mouth, but the golden eyes, easily as large as I am, terrify me, and I can’t speak.

Without warning the dragon vanishes, only to be replaced by a woman in a long flowing red cloth wrapped tightly around her body. Golden red tresses float around her shoulders, and if there was any doubt that this was still TanaVesta, her golden eyes vanquish it.

“Is this form better?” she asks me, her voice soft, yet commanding.

I nod, still not completely able to speak.

“And you are the one that Angela spoke to me about?” I nod again. The woman looks behind me at Angela. “This is not an aspect I’ve seen you in before, succubus.”

“We ran into some trouble with orcs on the way here, my queen,” Angela says, stepping up beside me and bowing her head.

“That’s what you get for making your home in the Earth demesne,” TanaVesta states bluntly. “If you’d move your home into my demesne, you’d be better protected.” She doesn’t wait for a response, before turning her considerable attention back to me. “She has told me that you seek to understand what is happening to you. That she has tried to feed on you while in our world, and you both grew stronger.”

“Y-yes,” my voice is barely above a squeak, “my queen.”

The woman laughs, and there is neither mirth nor malice in it, but rather a very deep hollowness.

“I am not your queen, little thing. I am merely a power beyond your reckoning.” Again, there is no malice in this statement, but simple fact. “I confess that I too am curious about the nature of whom or what you are. For as I’m sure even your diminutive race knows, nature abhors a vacuum. Yet, energy was not simply transferred from one to another, as is the usual succubus way, but rather duplicated.”

She takes a few steps towards me, and my knees lock in place. Her movement is gentle and smooth.

Like a snake approaching a mouse.

“In order to learn from you, I must taste of you,” she whispers, and I swear you can set a techno drum beat from the sound of my knees knocking together. She turns to Angela, and says, “You may watch from over there.”

Angela bows, and goes to stand by one of the pillars, leaving me alone with the dragon in human form.

She’s going to eat me, the terrified thought courses through my brain like lightning, but it’s still not enough to get me moving.

She takes the last remaining steps towards me and leans in. Closing my eyes, I prepare myself for the pain I expect to feel.

Her kiss on my lips is gentle and soft, and completely unexpected.

“Yum, you taste divine,” she purrs, and for the first time I hear actual pleasure in her tone. “I must have more.”

Opening my eyes in surprise, I watch as the red clothe covering her is pulled away by invisible hands, leaving her naked before me. Her body is devoid of any hair, except for the light red tresses on her head. Her breasts are easily a D-cup if not greater, yet despite their size, they sit round and perky on her chest.

With a wave of her hand, my mentally conjured clothes vanish, and I’m standing nude before a creature that is likely on par with the gods.

“Mmm, Angela chose well in you,” she says, reaching out, and cupping my flaccid cock. I’ve been too terrified to even think about being horny, but at her touch, a fire rips through my loins demanding attention, and I’m instantly hard. “Very well, indeed.”

I’m overcome with lust and desire, my fear and trepidation vanishing in the flame of my desire for this naked woman before me. I no longer notice all the beings in the bleachers, nor do I care. I must have this woman, and I must have her now! Why won’t my limb move? I wonder in frustration.

“Now then, let me get a taste of this first.” The dragon drops to her knees, and kisses the tip of my swollen penis, sending new waves of lust through me and making my cock almost hurt, it’s so hard. When she swallows the head between her ruby red lips, and I feel her tongue slide around my shaft, I moan in frustrated bliss at how good it feels. I want to place my hands on the back of her head. I want to bend her over and take her right there. I want to fuck her for hours, and never quit. That’s right, I want to FUCK this creature!

Her left hand continues to fondle my scrotum, while her mouth does wonders, swallowing me deeper and deeper into her orifice. It feels so great that it doesn’t take long before I’m firing deep inter her throat. Sticky jets of sperm fly from my cock, and are immediately swallowed by the powerful being.

As soon as I finish pumping what feels like gallons of cum into her mouth, this magnificent creature pulls back, and I can see some of my seed dribbling down her chin. She quickly scoops it up, and licks it off her finger.

I barely even notice the slight drain on my system from the powerful orgasm.

“Yes. . . . There is definitely something about you. I can taste the power you hold. But I understand the true power of an incubus is in the actual act of mating,” she stands up, then says, “You can move now, my pet.”

My arms and legs are finally free, and I don’t even wonder that I’m still extremely hard as I pull her to me and into my arms. Her legs wrap around my torso, and my cock unerringly finds her hole, as I shove her down hard on it.

Her pussy slides around my shaft, and I feel complete, like I’ve never felt before. Her lips are on mine, as I move my hips in a frantic rhythm, driving into this goddess, and making her moan into our shared kiss. I can tell that her tongue is still forked, but I don’t care, as for some reason I find myself being turned on even more. Her tongue wraps around mine at least twice, and she slides back and forth in time with our hips. My hands are on her small ass, and I allow my right pointer finger to delve into her crevice, until I find her puckered little hole. Without any warning, I shove my finger in to the second knuckle, and groan as her cunt clamps down on my prick.

“Oh, you humans sure are wicked,” she moans, breaking the kiss, and I see her eyes roll back as she cums.

Pure life-sustaining energy floods into me. The torrent of life is so strong it tries to wash away everything that I am or ever was, and it takes all of my effort to hold on to who I am.

It also washes away whatever spell she’d put on me. I still find her attractive, and there is no denying that her pussy feels great around my cock, but I no longer see her as the greatest creature in the world.

She’d been manipulating me, and I feel my anger rise at the humiliation of it. All those creatures in the risers must be laughing at the easily manipulated human. Well, if they want a show, I’ll give them one!

“You have no idea, sister,” I say in answer to her statement, and see shock register in TanaVesta’s large golden eyes.

Before she has a chance to do anything else, I use my new energy to quickly pull her off me, flip her around, and then impale her ass on my cock, before her feet even touch the ground. She howls in either pain or delight, I can’t quite tell, and I don’t care.

With my hands on her hips, I pull mine back, only to drive forward again and again, making her grunt with the force of each impact.

“Oh, yes,” she screams, and I realize she’s enjoying the rough treatment, but then again, so am I. “My last thirty mates weren’t nearly this good. I think I’m going to keep you.”

I feel her spell try to take a hold of me again, but this time I’m somehow able to block it. I act as if it works though, just to see how things go. I will never be her pet.

“Yes, mistress,” I say, trying to sound full of lust and obedience.

She shoves her ass back hard against me, and I lose my balance, landing on the smooth rock floor. It stings a little, but her colon stays connected to me the whole time, and as she leans back, I lie down completely. She places her hands on either side of my chest, and her feet about my knees, and starts lifting her hips up and down, sliding her tight sphincter up and down my penis.

Reaching around her torso, I grab a breast in each hand, and twist her nipples hard, making her cum again. As her pleasurable energy fills me once more, I let loose with my own orgasm, stuffing her colon with my seed as we shake and shudder together in utter bliss.

We lay like that for a bit, trying to catch our collective breathes. She’s the first to recover, and I can’t stop the moan that escapes me as I feel her colon slide up and away from my cock, leaving it naked and bare for the court to see.

Bending over, she smiles at me, cupping my cheek in her hand. “You, my dear sweet pet, are an abomination that never should have been.” Her voice is barely above a whisper, and I have to strain to hear her. “You’re a Generator. I should by all of our laws kill you on the spot, but I won’t. I can use you instead.”

Once again, I feel her willpower lock my body into place, as she stands up, and faces Angela. “I’m afraid, my dear succubus, that you will have to be detained. You know it is against our laws to bring a human here, into our world, and this man is nothing more than that.”

I watch in futile horror as a couple of large hairy black creatures grab hold of Angela, and drag her away. She screams that I’m more than a human, and didn’t break any laws, but the crowd in the bleachers ignores her as they cheer their queen.

TanaVesta turns to another of the large creatures, similar to the ones that’d taken Angela away, and says, “Take him to my chambers. Tonight I’ll snack on human.”

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Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits. Without his help, this story would have been a lot more lackluster.

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