My father and mother divorced a few years after I was born. Mom raised my older sister Kate and I alone. My sister has small breasts and always seemed embarrassed. To me they were great and I would have played with them all day. She was sixteen and I was fourteen and horny. It was a week before school got out for the summer.

I walked into the kitchen to Kate complaining about not having the body to wear a bikini. I was frustrated and had to open my mouth, “I was watching a show about cows.”

Kate glared at me as mom spun, “Kyle...”

I shook my head, “I think her breasts are perfect but... anyway they get the cows pregnant to make them start to produce milk. That makes their udders larger.”

I looked at mom and Kate, “I wouldn’t tell you to get pregnant but there has to be a way for a doctor to help you produce milk.”

They looked at each other and mom nodded to the bowl of cereal, “eat.”

They started whispering and then I had to leave for school. Mom took my sister to the doctor that afternoon along with her friend and her father. She had small breasts like Kate, I liked Pepper because she liked to tease me. The day after school got out mom woke me up, “go help Kate.”

I blinked as I sat up, “help her with what?”

She walked out and I sighed as I grabbed my pajama bottoms and got out of bed. When I walked into my sister’s bedroom she was in a robe and blushed as she looked at me, “mom said you have to help me.”

I walked towards her and saw the small bottle and a breast pump. I stopped, “are you serious?”

She blushed, “yeah.”

I looked at the bottle, “have you started making any milk?”

She shook her head, “the doctor said it might be a few days.”

I picked up the pump and looked at her closed robe before kneeling. I opened her robe and stared at her breasts and a minute later Kate caressed my cheek, “use the pump.”

I looked at it before nodding and following her directions. It was twenty minutes before I stopped and she sighed. My cock was hard and drooling so bad there was a large wet spot on my pajamas. I looked at Kate and then at her nipples before leaning forward and starting to suck hard on one of her nipples.

She gasped and held my head as I kept it up until she was shuddering. I pulled back at the bitter sweet taste in my mouth and stared at her nipple, “milk.”

She looked down as I used a finger to wipe a single drop off and put it in my mouth. She giggled and I leaned forward to start sucking again. She held my head as she kept shuddering and started moaning. I kept tasting milk and moved to her other nipple to suck on it. Kate was spasming when I stopped.

Mom laughed from the door, “he took forever to wean and is right back where he started.”

My sister was panting and smiled, “but he got the milk to start.”

Mom looked at my pajamas and sighed, “let him fuck you honey.”

I blushed as Kate followed her look before standing and pulling me up while letting her robe fall off. She pushed her tiny panties down and off as I pushed my pajamas off. She moved back on the bed as I followed her and lay between her legs. I hesitated before kissing her, “thank you Kate.”

She smiled as she reached between us to position my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and kept pushing as she spread her legs and tilted her hips. I knew she had let one guy have sex but she felt so good I only wanted to keep my cock as deep in her as I could. She giggled and humped as she shook me, “don’t worry little brother, you help me and I’ll help you.”

Her pussy squeezed my cock and I groaned as I pulled back before starting to fuck her. I started slowly but used long deep thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before Kate shuddered and clutched me suddenly, “ooohhh!”

She writhed around and kept thrusting up while she squirted and her pussy tightened. I fucked her a little harder and started grinding as I tried to push deeper. She lifted and spread her legs as she hugged me and wailed, “Kyle!”

I kissed her and buried my cock as I began gushing sperm deep inside her and against her cervix. She jerked and spasmed while holding me, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I held myself in her as I kept spurting and spewing. Her pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as I finished cumming. She shuddered and pulled my face down to kiss me, “damn that was good.”

I grinned and reluctantly pulled out before laying beside her and bending to suck on a nipple gently. She shuddered and laughed as she moved away, “wait for lunch and we will try the pump again.”

I grinned as I watched her move off the bed, “I would rather do it my way.”

She grinned back at me, “after we use the pump.”

I moved off the bed and caught her as she bent to pick up her robe. She looked at me and I grinned as I pulled her after me, “if you are giving milk you are going to start leaking.”

In my room I crossed to my closet and I opened the left side where all my old shirts were. I pulled out a short sleeve silk shirt and turned to put it on my sister, “your nipples will be tender and become sensitive.”

I buttoned it up as she smiled and waited until I stopped between her breasts. I caressed down to her hips and she stepped close and kissed me, “thanks Kyle.”

She walked out and I watched her before going to shower and dress. I did my chores and helped mom with her shopping. We got home at noon and Kate was waiting with Pepper. They helped us bring the groceries in before Kate pulled me after her and back to her room. She was still in the shirt I gave her and sat on her bed before holding the pump out.

I sighed and ignored it to pull the shirt up and off her. I glanced at her panties and she grinned before wiggling out of them as Pepper stripped and sat on the bed beside her. I hesitated before stripping and kneeling between Kate’s legs to take the pump. I glanced at Pepper as I tried to use the pump on Kate, “hey duck.”

She grinned, “Kate said you would rather suck the milk out than use the pump.”

I grinned at Kate, “yeah it tasted great.”

She brushed her fingers through my hair, “and felt good.”

I bent to her other nipple and sucked. She groaned and shuddered before pushing my face back, “you have to wait.”

Pepper knelt beside me and pulled my face down to one of her nipple, “you can suck on mine.”

I tried to keep using the pump as I sucked on her nipple and used my free hand to knead her breast. She groaned and shuddered, “god!”

Kate laughed, “yeah.”

Pepper pushed my face back, “I better wait.”

I groaned as I looked at Kate and she sighed and pulled the pump away, “okay.”

I grinned and bent towards her breast, “thanks Kate.”

I started sucking on her nipple and kneading her breast and she shuddered and moaned. I got the taste of milk again and kept sucking as she jerked and spasmed, “ooohhh!”

It was tiny drops of milk but I liked it. I moved to her other breast and sucked on that nipple. She was opening and closing her legs and wiggling and shuddering as she held me against her breast. When I wasn’t getting anymore milk I sat back and Kate groaned, “closed the door Pepper.”

She moved onto her bed and laid back, “fuck me Kyle.”

I glanced at Pepper as she grinned and came back to the bed. I moved over my sister and gave her a kiss before lifting and pushing into her warm cummy pussy. She groaned as my cock spread her pussy again and sank into her. I pushed until I was all the way in her before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

She groaned and humped as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I kept kissing her as we fucked and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and thrusting up harder. She hugged me as her pussy grasp and tightened. She moaned louder as I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes before slowing.

It wasn’t long before she was wailing and bucking as she thrashed and clutched me, “cccuuummmmmiiiinnnngggg!”

I fucked her hard and deep again as she continued to howl and started grinding each time I buried my cock. Kate was incoherent when I shoved into her a little later and held her as I grunted and spewed cum. She jerked and shoved her pussy up as I kept pumping thick spurts of cum into her.

When I was done she dropped to the bed panting with a big smile, “damn that is good.”

Pepper giggled, “that is your treat for after he milks you?”

I grinned as I pulled out of my sister while she giggled, “no it is my treat.”

Pepper laughed again and I sat and laid her back beside Kate. I bent over her and started kneading her breasts before bending to suck on one of the nipples. She groaned and shuddered as she held my head to her breast. I sucked hard like I had learned to do with Kate and it was several minutes before I tasted milk.

I grinned and lifted my head, “yummy.”

She lifted her head, “you got milk?”

I nodded as I captured her nipple again and Kate laughed, “believe me he will suck it out if there is any.”

Pepper groaned and shuddered as I went back to sucking and coaxing the milk out. It was fifteen minutes before I switched to the other nipple. When I finished with both she was shaking and pulled me over her and between her legs. I pushed into her and she groaned as my cock went deeper until it was buried.

Kate had gotten up and gone to shower a few minutes before. Pepper hugged me as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her pussy started grasping and squeezing and she was shuddering and humping up each time I pushed into her. She bucked and thrashed as I buried my cock to press and grind.

Her warm pussy was constantly gripping my throbbing my cock as she jerked and spasmed. She was wailing as I kept fucking her and several minutes later I pushed into her and grunted as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. Pepper lifted her hips when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her and clutched me, “YES!”

When I was done I held her and shyly kissed her, “thank you Pepper.”

She smiled as she hugged me, “three times a day stud. You milk me and I will milk you.”

I grinned and humped as her pussy squeezed, “okay.”

Within a week my sister and Pepper were a size larger. I was still helping them but had to use the pump and filled a couple of small bottles each time I milked them. They gave the milk to a girl they knew who had just had a baby. Mom had watched a few times and brought Pepper’s father over at the end of the week.

I thought he would be upset but he acted like he knew. I was very nervous when I went to help the girls. Pepper was first today and was naked when I waked in. Kate caught me and gave me a kiss before undressing me and whispering, “relax, mom will take him to bed.”

I looked at her and glanced at mom and Pepper’s dad. I took a deep breath before crossing to the bed and Pepper. She held out the bottle and pump, “I’m already leaking.”

I bent to give her nipple a suck and she shuddered as I got milk right away. I pulled away and started to use the pump and stopped when I had a half bottle. I grinned as she sighed and bent to suck on the nipple for my share. She groaned and clutched my head as I worked and drank her milk. When I was done I started on her other nipple until I had milk and used the pump.

I heard her dad laugh and ask for a bottle for his morning coffee. I ignored him as I filled the bottle and then sucked the rest of the milk. When I stopped she was panting and laid back on the bed. I set the pump aside before moving over her and kissing her. I lifted and pushed into her slowly as she hugged me and humped up.

I glanced at the door to see mom pulling her dad out and turned to kiss Pepper, “mom isn’t on birth control.”

She grinned and my sister laughed as she sat on the bed, “maybe she will have you milking her when she is pregnant.”

I grinned and kissed Pepper before I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her pussy grasped and gripped my cock each time I buried it. She humped and thrust up as she began to shake and her pussy milked my cock. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as she wailed and I heard an echo a moment later.

Kate giggled as I fucked Pepper and mom howled from her room with her. When I buried my cock and began to spew cum she spasmed and clutched me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pulled out when I was done and laid beside her to caress her pelvis, “I love being inside you.”

She grinned as my sister laughed, “we happen to like it when you are inside us too.”

Kate reached out to rub my hip, “I need your help now.”

I turned and went to get the pump and another bottle. She ran her fingers through my hair as I sat and sucked on one of her nipples to get it started. After I finished with both nipples she grinned and waited before going to her knees and putting her head and shoulders down, “want to come to the pool with us?”

I rubbed her wet pussy before pushing into her and sinking my cock all the way in. I waited until she pushed back before I began to fuck her, “actually I was thinking you could wear your bikinis and take me up to the lake.”

Kate looked back, “I...”

Pepper snuggled against her, “okay.”

I continued to fuck my sister, “I have a friend who is selling two old jet skis.”

I reached under and between her legs to finger her clit and she groaned and shuddered. Pepper reached under Kate and pushed my hand away, “going to buy them?”

I grinned as I kept fucking Kate with deep thrusts, “well if the test ride goes okay I was thinking of it.”

My sister shuddered and jerked as her pussy clenched, “finish this test ride.”

I held her waist and fucked her firmly, “I would love to bid for permanent rights.”

Pepper grinned as Kate spasmed and wet me while wailing, “aaaaahhhhh!”

She twisted and thrashed as I pushed her down on the bed and continued to fuck her. She kicked the bed and bucked as her pussy tightened and kept clenching around my cock. By the time I buried my cock and began spewing and spurting she was jerking in spasms. When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her to rub her butt, “want to take me to the lake?”

Kate shuddered and turned to look at me with a grin, “sure.”

I ended up buying the two ski jets and Pepper and Kate seemed to have a lot of fun. Mom and Pepper’s dad started spending more time together and yes she wasn’t on birth control. Two weeks later I had just finished with Kate and Pepper in the morning when mom opened the door. We were planning to go to the lake and were talking.

She smiled as she walked to the bed and sat, “Kyle?”

I looked at her as she blushed, “I’m pregnant and saw the doctor last week to get shots to start producing milk.”

Kate grinned and pushed me, “go see if mom is producing milk yet.”

I grinned as mom blushed and stood to undress. I helped before sitting her on the bed. I knelt between her legs and looked up from her trimmed pussy before leaning forward to suck on a nipple. She groaned and held my head against her as I kneaded her breast and kept sucking. When I got a drop of milk I moved to her other breast.

She was jerking and spasming long before I finished with her nipples and fell straight back on the bed. I straightened and moved up and over her before pushing into her hot slippery pussy. She shuddered and wrapped her legs around me as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. A few minutes and she was howling and convulsing.

Her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock and every other minute she wet me and spasmed while yelling. I fucked her firmly and began to hump and grind. She clung to me and jerked while panting and thrusting up. When I was ready to cum she was tossing her head and wailing once more.

I pushed all the way into her and started to spurt and pump cum and she bucked and thrashed around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped Kate and Pepper pulled me back and out of her and mom lay back shivering. She had a beautiful smile as she looked at the ceiling. Kate giggled and Pepper laughed, “like our stud service?”

Mom slowly sat, “yeah.”

I grinned and pulled her to her feet, “we are going to the lake.”

Mom and Pepper’s dad still fuck but I milk her three times a day with Kate and Pepper and get to fuck her too. The girls have never bothered to go out with other guys and go everywhere with me. Now that I am grown they are talking about babies. As for their breast size, they are larger and happy with what they have.
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