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Sammie Broad spent most of Sunday in her room; normally she’d have been out doing something, but today she had a lot to think about.

How many times had she been fucked, the previous evening?

She counted: one…two…three times by a man, and once by a woman. Well…by both of them together really.

It had been sudden, in a way, and altogether a bit huge for a fifteen-year-old’s first time. Huge in her life, but at least not too huge for her body, which had loved it and now was feeling great the day after too, not sore or anything or even tired. Sammie supposed that would be because she played with herself so much, and had tried all kinds of things in her pussy including some quite big stuff like her dad’s torch; that had all helped her pussy to be ready. It had certainly felt ready! Danny’s dad’s thick cock had slid in easily and the orgasms from him and his wife Louisa had been truly amazing.

It was a bit freaky that her first sex had been with Danny’s mum and dad, and not someone her of own generation, but Alan and Louisa had made it feel so right, even though they’d started off angry after coming home to Danny’s party…

Sammie carried on digesting it, listening to music and having several frigs remembering the way it had all happened. It seemed weird in some ways but overall she felt good about it. She liked them and they liked her. She’d waited to do sex until she was ready; waited until it felt right; and she HAD been ready and it HAD felt right. It was just unusual that was all. Her mum and dad didn’t need to know, and they wouldn’t. God, if they found out…! Well they’d go mad if they knew half of what she did…

The Taylors had been so nice to her. Accepted her and liked her being sex-mad and cheeky. She relaxed and started another play…

The next day Sammie was back at school, where in the corridor on the way to her last class before lunch she ran into Jen, Danny’s current girlfriend. Jen who, along with Danny, had walked in on her being fucked in the dining room, in her little skirt and top but with Danny’s father’s thick cock obviously buried in her pussy and his stepmum’s deft fingers on her clit.

“Hi Jen,” Sammie grinned. They knew each other but Jen was in the year above and they hadn’t talked an awful lot. Sammie was feeling cocky though, pretty sure her standing in Danny’s gang would be going up now, as long as she could carry it off and didn’t act guilty.

“Hi,” Jen smiled back, her eyes widening in mock horror, “you bad girl! I can’t believe you did his dad and even his mum too! I thought you were Miss Sexy Virgin 2013!”

“Yeah I know!” Sammie laughed, “it just happened! It was amazing! Louisa kissed me for the phones and then I just went with it…”

“Yeah thanks for the phone, that was cool. Shit I never knew you were a lezzie,” said Jen, still grinning.

“I know, I didn’t either,” said Sammie, “but it was beautiful. Well, bi really, I suppose.”

She was thinking Jen was beautiful too. The best-looking girl in her year, easily, which was how she’d got to be with Danny who was Mr Popular in the year above. Brunette like herself, with an amazing mouth, perfect teeth, striking blue eyes and a ring through one nostril. A bit shorter at maybe five foot four, with a neat, strong-looking body and medium-sized perky tits. Fantastic skin. Jen looked at her for a second, looked away, then back.

“Smoke?” she asked Sammie.

“K, where?” asked Sammie. Great! It had started already, being invited to do something with Jen, who being Danny’s girl was really mainstream in the gang. It had been a while since Sammie had skived off school, so that wasn’t a problem. ‘Where’ was a problem though, in April when it was too cold to be sitting outside somewhere.

“The band?”

“Which band?”

A band? Sammie was excited already.

“Apistle. You know, we saw them a couple of months ago, at The Basement? Tony and Osin, the cute little singer and the big black guy on keyboards, always grinning?”

“Oh yeah,” Sammie remembered the sort of techno rock gig, “so do you know them? Can we just drop in?”

“Yeah they have a place where they keep their kit and practice and Osin pretty much lives, he doesn’t have a job so he’ll be there I bet. We’ve been for a drink with them a couple of times, I’ll inbox them.”

As Jen was talking they were walking out of the school, Sammie thinking that Jen at sixteen looked just old enough to get away with sitting in a pub while someone older bought the drinks. Sammie looked too young still, The Basement was almost the only place that didn’t kick her out; it was frustrating.

The two truant teens walked across town towards the industrial estate where Apistle had some space in the top of a unit, because the drummer’s aunt worked there. After business hours they could make noise and nobody complained. During the walk Osin rang: he was up and it would be cool to see them.

When they arrived they climbed up the fire escape and he duly opened the door to them. Sammie remembered the big, white smile that beamed out of his dark brown face. Early twenties by the look of it, with frizzy hair that wasn’t quite an afro.

“Hey Jen, hey Sammie,” his voice was suitably deep, matching his physique which was about six feet tall and hefty. “Good to see you, how’re you?” He was immediately the most friendly, laid-back guy Sammie had ever met.

Osin led them up to the storage area in the roofspace and flopped onto an ancient sofa which had a keyboard lying on it and a laptop sitting on one arm. He didn’t offer them a seat or a drink or anything, and after a second the girls realised he expected them to just help themselves to everything; they sat on the other sofa which was facing and like the other one looked as though it had been rescued from a skip. There was reggae playing quietly though a battered practice amp. Sammie loved it, and she could see Jen did too. This was way cool.

“Are you writing a song?” Sammie asked.

“Yeah, wanna hear?” Osin said, and the girls nodded.

He selected something on the laptop and the music changed to an instrumental. Sammie smiled and nodded her appreciation, then kept nodding in time to the music, letting her hair move around.

“You’re really good,” she said, and was rewarded with a smile.

Next to Sammie Jen was fishing in her bag; she pulled out some things and started mixing tobacco and grass; with practiced fingers she rolled, lit up, and a few seconds later she was offering the joint across to Osin.

Osin kept his hands on the keyboard, grinned and pursed his lips, and Jen reached across and put the joint to his mouth so he could draw. When she brought it back she passed it to Sammie, and Sammie took a long toke, looking forward to the buzz.

It hit straight away. By the time she’d held it down for a few seconds she was starting to float a bit, and perhaps Jen was too because Jen’s fingers fumbled the pass and she used her other hand to hold Sammie’s steady while she took it. The contact made Sammie tingle.

Osin was looking, a grin on his face. For him, everything was cool. Sammie had an idea he was quite stoned already.

The next time round Sammie, after taking her draw, dodged Jen’s reaching fingers and offered the joint towards Jen’s mouth. Jen got the idea and let Sammie put it to her lips. The girls looked at each other as Jen sucked, and the eye contact stuck. Sammie knew why Jen had brought her here.

Sammie took the joint over to Osin, gave him a drag, and took a puff herself. In a minute the cycle repeated, with Jen again holding Sammie’s hand for a moment. Sammie’s pussy was tingling as she took it to Osin. It was nearly finished, and this time he took it from her and after taking a draw stubbed it out in an ashtray.

“I’ve got some E?” he said. He picked up a small bag of blue pills from the table.

“Ooh thanks,” said Sammie and took one from his bag, then another. She popped one and turned to Jen, who was looking at her expectantly with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out a little. Sammie gently placed the second pill on the tongue and Jen swallowed it.

Osin was still holding out his bag with the xtc pills in it, grinning at the girls.

“Oh just one for me thanks,” said Sammie, “I don’t like to get too blasted.”

Osin just kept grinning at her, put his tongue out, and Sammie got the hint: she picked one out and popped it in his mouth. It was a friendly, just slightly intimate thing to do.

Now Osin started rolling a joint, and turned up the music a bit. It was hypnotic. Sammie leaned back, in her skirt that wasn’t too long, her mind starting to think about Jen being in a skirt as well, right next to her. The joint came round, and was a lot stronger than Jen’s had been.

Over the next half an hour or so the three of them got steadily wasted, the girls especially. They talked about the band and gigs and music, Nigeria where Osin had come from fifteen years before, Tony and his singing, and other casual stuff. Sammie felt Jen’s arm against hers more and more often. Eventually Sammie pushed her knee sideways against Jen’s and held it there. Jen didn’t move hers.

Sammie saw Osin’s gaze being drawn up her skirt, to her white panties that were now revealed between her open legs, and he caught her eye and looked away apologetically. Sammie liked that.

She let her right hand stray onto Jen’s thigh, and gave it a tiny stroke. Then when Jen pressed back a little, she gave it a bit more of a stroke. Sammie looked at Osin with a smile, indicating to him that it was OK for him to look; she didn’t want him to feel excluded or anything. In fact, she loved him. She loved Jen. And everyone. A huge joy was building in her: ecstasy.

Sammie felt amazing, as she always did on E; she turned to Jen, knowing she’d be feeling the same. They kissed, so naturally you couldn’t say either one of them started it. Jen was gorgeous, and so ready!

Sammie knew what she wanted: Jen on her pussy. This time she knew what to expect, and she really wanted it, Needed it. She slid her hand onto Jen’s bare knee, then slowly up her thigh, scrunching her skirt up to reveal her leg as she went. Jen opened her legs, smiling up as Sammie boldly carried on, right up to Jen’s black cotton panties!

Sammie stroked her fingers over the front of the panties, then down over Jen’s pussy. She pressed and heard Jen give a little groan.

Sammie glanced across at Osin, who was smiling amiably across at them. “Hey, er, I’ll go for a walk,” he said.

“Oh no,” Sammie didn’t want that; that wouldn’t be fair at all, and anyway she loved him. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“I’m not embarrassed,” he said, “it’s cool if you’re cool. Beautiful. Two beautiful girls.” He relaxed back on his sofa, smiling contentedly at them.

Sammie wondered if he had a big cock; she almost asked, but then she realised that if it was just normal size, or even small, she didn’t want to make him feel bad about it - like it was expected to be big, just because he was black, or she wouldn’t fancy him if it wasn’t.

The bedroom scene from Saturday played in Sammie’s mind as she ran her fingers through Jen’s thick, shoulder-length hair. Clothes, that was the thing. She stood up, staggered, regained her balance, and started taking her clothes off. God! Her pussy was tingling like mad.

Samantha had always been confident. She stripped slowly, grinning at Jen and at Osin. In a minute she was standing there naked, happy with her slender young body with its delicate feminine shape, her trim little bush, well-shaped legs, pronounced waist and high B-cup tits with their huge dark-pink nippples. She shook her head to move her long, glossy brown hair around.

Jen was grinning up at her, and so was Osin.

“So, anyone feel like sex?” Sammie asked both of them.

“I do,” said Jen, and stood up next to her.

“Me?” said Osin. He hadn’t given them drugs so that he could fuck them, and they were so young. Still, Sammie certainly seemed to know what she wanted. Jen was Danny’s girl, he knew, but it was up to her; Danny wasn’t a close mate for Osin to be questioning Jen’s loyalty. And the girls were lovely. More than lovely. It looked like they’d come to be with each other mainly, or originally, but he wasn’t going to fight them off.

“Well…” through her high Sammie was vaguely aware that she’d only just met this guy really; perhaps she was being a bit fast: “I’d love to see you naked, at least”.

She had no idea what was normal around here or what he might expect. She thought guys who were in bands fucked strange girls all the time. Right now she loved him and she really, really wanted to fuck, but naked would be a good start.

Next to her Jen was naked already. Sammie reached and pulled Jen’s warm, firm body to her. Oooh, the feel of her skin, her hair; Jen’s hands on her; her fragrance. Incredible. Amazing.

Sammie ran her fingers over Jen’s gorgeous body, feeling her tits squash onto her. She moved sideways and pulled Jen’s hand to her pussy. At the same time she started on Jen’s pussy with her own other hand, stroking through her neat, quite sparse bush and down over her clit, squeezing and squashing her labia and feeling her react beautifully. Like her own, Jen’s labia really plumped up and her clit was big enough to get hold of too. Sammie gave Jen’s clit a squeeze, dipped her fingers into Jen’s wet pussy and used the juice to lubricate a little rub between finger and thumb.

Jen groaned in delight, pressed against her, then a second later returned the favour. Sammie gasped and bucked her pelvis as the sex seared through her being. Ecstasy piled on ecstasy.

Osin watched the teens collapse onto the sofa working each other’s pussies, kissing, groaning and gasping. He’d seen a lot of good-looking girls, but never two like this, together. Quite a few girls played around, to tease the guys, but these two were seriously into it.

He stood up and took off his clothes, as he’d been invited. He had to get hold of his cock, anyway; he had to get into it even though he knew that on E it was unlikely he’d cum.

Sammie, who’d done ecstasy but not with sex before, was finding that out for herself. She was in heaven with Jen, who was unbelievably beautiful, gorgeous, lovable and the sexiest person EVER, but Sammie wasn’t cumming as she normally would have by now, surely. As intense as this was, a minute would be the max, normally. It didn’t actually matter, because the sex was beyond fabulous and could just go on and on, but it was a bit of a surprise.

Jen’s magic fingers kept working gently over and inside her pussy, and Sammie worked gently on Jen’s pussy and lived in the amazing, ecstatic moment that was almost like an orgasm that didn’t end.

She saw Osin out of the corner of her eye, naked, brown and beautiful, watching them languidly and stroking his thick fingers along his cock that was even darker than the rest of him. It WAS big! About as thick as Alan’s but longer by at least an inch. Two perhaps. She had to have it.

Luckily the sofa was nice and deep. She nudged and manoeuvred Jen so their feet were on the floor, Jen on her back under Sammie, who straightened her legs to raise her ass which she waved at Osin. She looked through her legs at him, grinning, while Jen gently stroked her zinging labia.

Osin stood up and went over. Sammie was sensational, not just in her greenish-brown-eyed face but her stunning slender body, her delectable ass, and her irresistible attitude.

He could see his cock was a bit too high, though. He pulled a cushion off the other sofa, put it on the floor and nudged it forwards with his foot. Sammie felt it, realised, and stood first one and then the other foot on it, stepping back so she could start eating Jen.

Osin’s presented his big, black cock to the fifteen-year-old’s raised pussy and watched and felt it slide easily into the creamy, elastic interior. Sammie was so relaxed, she simply loved it. He heard the hot, gorgeous teen groan in pleasure, and added his own groan as the tightness flooded him with sensation. Everyone took drugs differently, in their own way, but Osin reckoned Sammie just loved sex anyway.

He stroked over her lean, slim back with his big hands, noticing the all-over tan and savouring her perfect young skin with his fingertips, following her shape as her slim but feminine pelvis flowed into her waist and then out again up to her lovely straight shoulders.

Sammie managed to keep going on Jen as Osin started to fuck her, filling her so full and so deep with his big black cock. Why it made a difference being black she didn’t know, it was just part of a fantasy sort of thing. She supposed, dreamily, that there was a tiny taboo about it, even these days, that added a bit of naughtiness to it; and Sammie liked naughtiness on principle. She had all kinds of fantasies while she was playing with herself, and being fucked by a big gorgeous cool black keyboard player while she ate out a fellow schoolgirl teen fitted in perfectly!

Sammie carried on working Jen’s pussy for a while, enjoying the fragrant juiciness and the way Jen’s pelvis jerked around in response to the licks and nibbles, then switched to her tits for a few minutes, then back again. Osin fucked Sammie on and on, slowly and sensually, in no hurry. Sammie realised it could go on for a long time.

Jen lay on her back on the big old sofa, having her pussy eaten and her tits fondled. She stroked over Sammie’s head, shoulders, through her hair, whatever she could reach. When Sammie came up closer she fondled her amazing pert tits with their monster nipples, and heard the extra response. It sounded like Sammie was going to cum, even being on xtc.

Jen had done sex on ecstasy before, and knew that mostly you didn’t cum, it was just sex ecstasy that went on and on, to the point you had to watch out you didn’t eventually dry up without noticing and end up sore as hell the next day. She smiled up at Osin, seeing his relaxed, easy fucking and reckoning he’d know that too. Osin probably didn’t know what sex was like without drugs! Jen could feel, when Sammie came up to kiss her, that Sammie’s pussy was still nice and wet, anyway.

This was Jen’s first time with a girl. She’d thought about it, like pretty much everyone, but Sammie was the first girl she’d really felt like doing it with. She’d looked at Sammie, often – also like everyone – but it was seeing her with Danny’s gorgeous stepmum that had made her suddenly feel like trying it. Sammie and Louisa! Shit!! She’d been thinking about that all Sunday.

Then bumping into Sammie in the corridor she’d just felt like it, a smoke with her or whatever…she’d known Sammie would be up for anything, as she always was. No worrying and fretting and excuses, Sammie would just go for stuff. Now here she was, nude and lovely, sexy as fuck, and giving Jen fabulous sex. Ooooh! Jen had to jerk her pussy up to meet Sammie’s thrusting tongue…

Sammie was surprised not to be orgasming after even a minute of this incredible sex, never mind all this time. She felt close, but not quite there, her pussy pulsating and her tits tingling but not near the cliff. Her mind wandered as Osin’s big black cock pistoned gently but sort of thoroughly in and out and her clit and tits were fondled by the gorgeous Jen. She could hear them both breathing in such a sexy way…she moved a bit sideways so she could start using a finger on Jen’s pussy as well…it slid in and Jen gasped and thrust beautifully. Sammie wondered if she ought to try and get her to cum? How long had they been going? It could be an hour. Or perhaps only half an hour.

Osin obligingly moved sideways a little with Sammie’s delicious pert ass, watching and listening as Sammie upped the ante on Jen’s pussy that was gradually moving around more and more. It looked like Jen might be on her way to a cum after all, the way Sammie was working her over. Osin exchanged a smile with Jen, and increased his pace; perhaps Sammie could cum as well, that would be cool.

They carried on for some more minutes, lost in sex and E and the remains of the dope. Sammie was thinking how amazing it was that bodies had these parts that were just there to make you feel ecstatic, to fill you with joy and give yourself and other people you liked a great time. OK they were for making babies really – oh and she’d have to see about some contraception tomorrow because she for sure was going to be fucking a LOT from now on – but clits and labia and vulvas and cocks and tits were so fantastic, you had to think people were made to have a lot of sex. Well she was, anyway! Oooohh! Jen was rubbing her clit HARD!

Sammie gasped and thrust her pelvis to and fro, and Osin picked up the message and started fucking her harder and faster. Sammie tried to work Jen’s pussy harder too. Jen sounded like she was close!

Ohhh!! Sammie was THERE! Bright lights filled her brain and the most intense joy ever ripped through her - feelings right off the normal scales of elation, bliss … it went on and on, for ages, like an other-world experience not like normal life at all…

Jen bucked and writhed, feeling Sammie clinging onto her thrashing pelvis so she could keep in contact and drive her up, up and up into heaven with her tongue, mouth and fingers in her manic pussy. She loved it! Loved Sammie! Loved Osin! Ooooohhh!! Her senses soared far, far away.

Osin felt Sammie’s tight, wet young pussy start. It became a bit creamier, more pulsating, sucking and clenching. He watched Jen’s lovely face stiffen as she started, and felt Sammie’s delectable slender body begin to shudder. He had to cum, and he was going to. He pressed in with each fast, solid stroke, as the sex ecstasy overwhelmed him, piled on top of everything he’d dropped and smoked that day. It was fantastic, with these two beautiful young girls who were at the same time naughty, a bit wild, and yet pure. His sperm wanted to be in Sammie. Deep inside. Aaaahhh! He pumped and spurted, pumped and spurted, slowing down so he could press his cock in, really deep, each time. Three, four, five, six…seven huge spurts, then he held it pressed in while a few more smaller ones drained his balls completely into her. He felt her spasms slowing, then stop. Jen’s gorgeous strong little body’s writhings had come to a halt too, and she smiled up at him with a glazed expression on her stunning face.

Sammie stood still for a minute while her senses came back to her, then she eased herself forward off Osin’s cock and lay down next to Jen, with her arm round her. She patted the sofa on her other side and Osin duly lowered his big, strong black body down next to her. She put her other arm round him, and kissed him for the first time. She took in his scent, which was a bit different and would always be sexy now. She loved him. Loved Jen too, and they loved her.

The trio lay there for a few minutes, with the drugs weaker but still in them.

“Do you have any water?” asked Sammie.

“Sure, there’s a bottle through there…” said Osin.

Sammie went where he was indicating, into an area cordoned off by boxes and speakers, where there was a bed. In a couple of minutes she found the water in a cupboard and took it back, to find Osin and Jen kissing, then embracing. Sammie sat down on the other sofa, took a swig of the water, and lay back to watch. It was very sexy.

Knock! Knock! It was the door, Sammie realised as she woke up with a start. She’d dozed off. Osin and Jen were fucking gently; she didn’t like to disturb them. But if the knocking kept going that would disturb them too. She slipped on her top and skirt and went to answer it.

It was Danny!: “Oh hi Sammie, Jen with you?”

Sammie realised Danny and Jen probably shared their location on their phones, as she smiled into his handsome face. Danny had his usual carefree grin on, but was noticing her bare feet. God knew what she looked like in any case. But before Sammie could decide anything at all Danny had stepped right up to the doorway, so Sammie had to step back and let him in.


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