This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years. I have used some story embellishment to hopefully make it more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which part is fact and which is fiction.


One evening Lucy had a call from her father. My aunt was ill. The doctor had said that she should stay in bed for 2 days. He asked if Lucy could manage to come for 3 days as he would not be able to get away from work at this time.
Naturally, she said she would. She told her father she would leave early the next morning, Thursday. He had arranged to wait until she arrived.

Lucy and Sarah had only 4 classes over the next 2 days. In any case, Sarah could provide an update of anything missed. Also, Sarah could contact the fashion shop and re-arrange Lucy’s shifts.

Sarah told Lucy that she would look after me while she was away and not to worry about anything.

As Lucy planned to leave early it was decided that it was best for us to have an early night.

Before going to sleep Lucy reminded me that her ‘recess’ would be over by her return.
She would be looking forward to something special!! She suggested I keep that in mind, if I was missing her.

Also, I was to take care of Sarah. If possible, I should meet her after her classes and make sure everything was OK. When I was going to my work shift I was to impress upon Sarah that she was not to open the door to anybody until my return.
Sarah had never been left by herself at the apartment since she had come to live with us.

Lucy told me she had spoken to Sarah about sleeping in with me for the time she would be away, probably 3 nights. Sarah had agreed she would do so if I wanted her to.


With an early start the next morning Lucy was ready to leave.

There were plenty of last minute cuddles and kisses. Finally, Sarah and I stood on the sidewalk and waved goodbye as Lucy drove off.

On returning to the apartment we sat down at the table to discuss arrangements for the day. Suddenly, I was overcome by a sense of loss!

I was getting flashbacks to the time Lucy left with her parents for their overseas stay. The disappointment I experienced at that time had imbedded in my memory, even though I was quite young. When Lucy finally returned she had said that she would never ever leave me again.

And now she had!!

I told myself I was being dumb……...she was only 2 hour’s drive anyway. But that did not relieve the depressed feeling. I could feel tears come to my eyes.
Lucy and I had not been apart one day since we moved to the apartment. Now she was gone!

Sarah could see tears and knew that I was not my usual self. She came over and put her arms around me and cuddled close. “Lucy is coming back…….. she will be away only 3 days………… I think the best thing for you right now is a refreshing shower. Come on……. I will keep you company!”

Sarah was aware of my relationship with Lucy from an early age. Bit by bit, over the period Sarah had been with us, Lucy had confided in her. She knew that Lucy and I had been inseparable since her return from overseas. On a visit to my parents she had learnt from my mother of the trauma I experienced when Lucy kept coming back and leaving again.


Sarah hopped in the shower……. “Come in Jimmy.” I hesitated – I did not normally have a shower with Sarah. But Sarah beckoned “Come on ……’s quite ok for you shower with me!”
She reached out, took my hand and gave a little pull. I acquiesced ………..after all, Lucy wasn’t here anyway ………..she would not know.

I was in the shower with the water running when suddenly it hit me………hell, Lucy would know! Sarah would tell her any way. They told each other everything………and I mean everything! Well, too late now.

Sarah told me to turn around. She poured on some soap and proceeded to create some lather, lightly rubbing her hands all over my back. It was very soothing – reminiscent of my massage. I turned around and she did the same on my chest. Noticing my dick was hanging down lifeless, she applied extra soap to it, then let it slide through her hand and just flop down. She repeated the exercise a few more times. But, each time it just flopped. My usual responsiveness to Sarah holding my dick just did not happen. “mmm ……… hop out now and I will finish off” Sarah said.

She took me a bit by surprise.
I was expecting to reciprocate and give her back and breasts a rub all over. But, I realized that, in these circumstances, doing just that would be ‘out of bounds’.
At least I had some pleasure just sitting and watching Sarah in the shower, then dry off.

On finishing Sarah said “let’s go on the bed, have a bit of quiet time and then a chat.”

After we lay quietly for about 10 minutes I did feel a lot more relaxed. I loved the feel of her warm body next to me. Then Sarah rolled onto her side next to me and moved closer.

“Jimmy… know…..I will miss Lucy too! ………………… But, we are both going to be busy, and, before you realize, Lucy will be walking back in the door.”

Then it hit me. I had completely ignored Sarah’s feelings. Since Sarah had come to live with us my 2 girls had become inseparable. They had not been parted for a single day over the last 8 months or so. I should be giving her support.


Next I felt Sarah’s hand lightly circling on my chest. She whispered to me “I’m feeling wet………would you put your dick me?………pleaaaase!

I was taken a little by surprise at Sarah’s request. She had had morning sessions before, but only rarely. Somehow, I always had the feeling that these extra sessions with Sarah were pre-arranged with Lucy, but I never asked. Was this session pre-arranged?
Next, her hand moved lower onto my stomach, still circling. I felt my dick start to fatten and then Sarah’s hand was around it. Even so, it was very slow to respond. But, eventually it became just hard enough. “Good……..come over now.” Sarah said.

She rolled to her back, propped and opened her legs wide. I was kneeling in front of Sarah, moving forward with my dick sticking straight, when, suddenly I realized that I had never put my dick in Sarah, without Lucy’s support. With that thought in my head my dick started to bend down. Sarah noticed immediately what was happening…………

“Oh no!…..quick……it’s becoming soft ……..put it in.” She took hold of the head, rubbed it up and down her opening a couple of times and pushed it in. The feel of it sliding in to Sarah stopped it from softening any further. Sarah guided a little more than usual-

“Good! .……..come right in…….more……still a lot left yet, you’ve got 8 inches you know…………that’s better……… just a little higher………..perfect…………I can feel it hard on my spot…………beautiful …………. for a moment I thought I was going to miss out!............ I’m ready…..go……

Sarah had managed to ‘talk it up’ to its regular hardness. Sarah was very slippery as usual. I held off as long as possible before I could not resist squirting any longer….. I think I even gave her extra squirts this time. What started out with some uncertainty, finished perfectly.
Then I heard Sarah’s hushed voice……….. “Beautiful…..fabulous……..pity you can’t leave it in for longer.”

However, it was obvious that there was something wrong with me. Seeing Sarah naked on the bed, waiting for me, had never failed to excite me before.

I collapsed back on the bed. Usually, I was ready to go again – not needing to rest.
Sarah wriggled so that her body was firmly up against mine again. I had a feeling that she was also missing Lucy’s usual presence. We gained mutual comfort from the close contact.

About ½ an hour passed with few words spoken. Sarah mentioned that we had plenty of time as our classes were later in the day. I replied we would discuss our movements while having coffee. And that was about it.


Then Sarah moved her hand across and held mine. She gave several little squeezes. “Are you feeling better?” she asked. I nodded “I think so.”
She followed up………. “Would you like to put you dick in again before we get going for the day…….I’m ready right now?”
Still on my back, I looked sideways to Sarah. Her body was silhouetted by the early morning sun. The shape of her firm breasts and hard nipples were perfectly outlined. Moving my gaze lower I could see the beautiful curve of her mound, topped by that blonde triangle glistening in the sunlight.

My dick responded immediately. In moments it was in the more usual upright position.

Sarah was watching for my reaction……… “I can see that your answer is….yes!”

This time, my dick did not flop before I was about to enter Sarah. As she took hold of the head to guide it Sarah looked at me……… “Goodie…….. it’s as hard as rock this time!” I told her I did not know if I had much squirt left. She told me to give her whatever I had!
When Sarah’s hips stopped moving up and down I knew she was ready for me to take my dick out.

As I withdrew, our eyes momentarily locked.
I was sure I her eyes said to me………… ‘kiss me if you want’.

Sarah just looked so seductive. My dick was saying……”yes!.....go for it.”

But, even if she had said out aloud, what I thought she said, I could not kiss her.
Kissing Sarah was completely ‘off limits’.
Putting my dick in Sarah was quite ok, but kissing and cuddling was not.

We then settled back on the bed to recover our energy before organizing something to eat.

At this point, I felt Sarah had shaken me out of my negativity and made me see reality.

She had realized that trying to talk me out of my depressed was not going to work. She had to distract me by changing my emotional state! In other words – physical distraction.


Just as we were about to get off the bed Sarah’s phone rang. It was Lucy.
I asked Sarah to turn on the loudspeaker so I could hear Lucy.

The essence of the conversation was as follows-

Lucy: Was Jimmy very upset when I left?
Sarah: Yes….more than expected.

Lucy: Did you get him to shower?
Sarah: Yes.

Lucy: Did he want to get in the shower with you?
Sarah: No. I had to drag him in.

Lucy: Was he better after the shower?
Sarah: Not much.

Lucy: Was he happy to get on the bed with you?
Sarah: Yes…… but we did not talk much.

Lucy: Were you able to get him to put his dick?
Sarah: Yes…….but with some difficulty… wasn’t as hard as usual.

Lucy: Was he better after that?
Sarah: Yes, somewhat…….but I thought he needed some reinforcement.

Lucy: So, what did you have to do?
Sarah: I asked if he could put his dick in me again and it worked perfectly. He is real good now.
We will be going to classes soon.

Lucy: I knew you could look after him for me. If you had not been there he would have had to
come with me.
Sarah: Pleased I was able to help out.

Lucy|: You can give Jimmy my note now.
Sarah: Ok, will do. I will put Jimmy on first.

Sarah switched off the loudspeaker and passed the phone to me.

Lucy told me that she had arrived at her mother’s house 10 minutes earlier. After checking in with my Aunt she decided it was a good time to call. I said that I would call her between classes to find out how things were going. After that short contact with Lucy I felt even better.

Her last words to me were- “be good for me………..and…… look after Sarah!”

Sarah explained that she and Lucy had talked the previous night. Lucy had suspected that I might go to pieces when she left. In which case, probably, I would not want to do anything – not got to class or work. Just stay in the apartment until she arrived back.

Sarah had agreed to help out and they discussed what action might be necessary. Lucy had told Sarah that nothing was ‘off limits’.


Sarah said that Lucy had left an envelope for me in the top drawer of her bedside table.

I took out a pink envelope with ‘Jimmy’ written on the front. Inside was 1 sheet of paper.
The first part was typewritten. I recognised it as a verse taken from Lucy’s current favorite song. Often, she liked to listen to it before going to sleep at night.

The version she loved was sung by Katherine Jenkins, in Italian. However, Lucy had obtained an English translation. The song was titled-

Everything I Do….. (Quello Che Faro)…………. and the verse was-

There is no love like your love
And no other could give me more love
There's nowhere unless you're there
All the time, all the way
You know it’s true
Everything I do, I do it for you

And handwritten below was:

I am your best friend.
I am your soul mate.
I am your lover.
I am your wife, your partner for life.

I love you with all my heart…..

On reading it through twice, I could feel tears coming to my eyes. Sarah immediately came over and put her arm around my waist. I passed the note to her to read as I was sure Lucy would be happy for Sarah to read it.
Sarah looked at me and I could see some tears in her eyes…………. “Jimmy, that is so beautiful………..she loves you madly………..and I am sure she did not want to be apart from you either.”

Sarah looked at the note again……….. “That’s Lucy……….an Angel for sure…………..I can understand that you feel sad at being parted, especially knowing how close you two have always been.”

However, there was no doubt I had been selfish, thinking only of myself. I did not even stop to consider the effect of my behavior on Lucy –possibly making her feel guilty about leaving me.
Then there was Sarah. In fact, Lucy’s last words to me as she left, were…”Look after Sarah!”
This selfishness was definitely a bad trait in me. I would like to get rid of it – except where Sarah was concerned!


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