She nodded and I let her go and looked at Trinity and the others. He smiled and shook his head, “you have never done spells that easily before.”

I smiled, “do you need a wagon or are you riding with Dark?”

He smiled, “we’ll ride together.”

I nodded before putting out the fire platform and walking towards the wagon. I dismissed the ward shield as Amanda and Cara ran towards the back of the wagon. I lifted the four remaining blocks of wood as I climbed up into the seat. I glanced back to see all three council mages climbing into the carriage before gesturing to Edward.

He led the way towards the road as Grif walked beside the wagon. I glanced at him and pulled Storm onto my lap, “what do you think old bird?”

He grinned at me, “I think you are collecting your own pride.”

I caressed Storm as she wiggled on my lap and Brandy leaned against us, “but was I right in what I told the council?”

He tilted his head as Simon spoke up from the other side of the wagon, “if you feel the control doing things your way, doubt it not.”

I smiled, “thanks Simon.”

He snorted and trotted ahead and Brandon the bull took his place, “Doing it your way seems to be working Amerlyn.”

I nodded and Storm wiggled again. I looked at her and Brandy giggled, “I think she wants something.”

I looked at Storm and cupped one of her breasts. I felt inside her womb before smiling and rubbing her nipple to make her shiver, “I was right my siren, you carry young.”

Brandy shifted as I caressed Storm’s body, “only two, so you see, your song starts anew.”

She looked at me before wiggling, “can we still mate?”

Brandy suddenly laughed, “lift up Storm.”

Storm looked at her and lifted up and Brandy reached under her and opened my robed to hold my cock up. I positioned Storm and she wiggled and pushed. Slowly my cock forced its way into her and she sighed as she settled and leaned against me. Brandy caressed her hip before reaching between her legs to finger her clit.

Storm looked surprised as she shuddered and opened her legs more. I smiled and caressed her hips and then turned her away and spread her legs outside mine. I cupped her breasts and leaned her back as Brandy went back to fingering her pussy. I glanced up as the rain stopped and kissed the back of Storm’s neck.

Her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock as she shuddered and sighed. She was rolling her hips and thrusting back and forth as she began to keen. I smiled and kissed her bare shoulder as she kept shuddering and her pussy continued to contract and squeeze my cock. Every couple of minutes she would falter and jerk as her pussy spasmed.

It was awhile before she began to wail as her body convulsed. I held her down on my throbbing cock as her pussy rippled and squeezed. A moment later I shivered and groaned as I began to gush strong spurts of cum into her. Storm gasped and shuddered hard at the feel of warm sperm pumping into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed and Brandy grinned, “Good?”

Storm smiled peacefully, “yes.”

I lifted her and my cock came out causing her to shiver. I gestured and she floated around the side of the wagon and back to the door. Brandy straddled me as I sent Storm into the wagon and to the bed. She pushed and wiggled down my cock before leaning against me. I caressed her sides and hips as I held her and looked around, “the clouds are breaking up.”

She began rocking and thrusting back and forth, “so?”

I caressed her hips as her warm pussy milked and squeezed my cock, “so the sun will come out and it will get hot.”

She shuddered and kissed me as she began to breath harder. She was shuddering more and her rocking and thrusting became more erratic. She started to roll her hips and twist and it was only moments before she began to howl and squirm as she wet me and her pussy contracted. I reached between us and touched her clit while whispering.

Brandy jerked and wailed as her body was racked with violent shudders. Her pussy rippled and spasmed as she bucked and twisted while screaming, “aaaahhhh!”

Tiny lightning danced around her clit and sparks spread down and into her pussy. She kept squirting as her spasms became harder and I finally pulled her down just as my cock erupted. Warm cum fountained up into her and Brandy jerked and sighed as the spell stopped. She fell against me while she panted and tried to catch her breath.

When I was done spurting and pumping cum into her, I hugged her. She grinned and gave me a kiss before lifting up so my cock would come out. She sat back on my lap, “the leopards want to ride again.”

I looked around and smiled when I saw the four leopards walking in the wet grass. I gestured and brought them up onto the roof. I looked around before pushing the awning back and folding it down onto the roof. I grinned as I had an idea and hugged Brandy while I brought one of the blocks of wood up beside us.

I let the wild magic fill me and started summoning crystal and merging it. Brandy wiggled on my lap when I finished the spell and I glanced at her and then down to see Nature. I gestured and he climbed up and sat beside us. I turned back to the huge block of crystal that was still merging and gestured to the block of wood.

It split and slowly a tall shape emerged. It was a man shape but stood ten feet tall. The head looked like a large fancy lantern. It started walking as a small flame looking piece of crystal broke off and went into the lantern. It walked ahead and Nature laughed, “Nicely done, every spell merged together seamlessly.”

I smiled, “thank you.”

He looked at Brandy, “can you do it without the catalyst?”

I looked at him and then at Brandy, “go ask Cara to come out?”

She glared at Nature before slipping off my lap and climbing down. I let the wild magic surge into me as I turned to repeat what I had just done. It was just as easy but somehow it felt better when I held Brandy. I glanced at Nature when I finished and the lantern man strode away. He shrugged, “nice.”

He climbed down and I glanced down at Cara and Brandy and gestured. They climbed up and I pulled Brandy down beside me and Cara onto my lap, “The storm is past cub.”

She stuck her tongue out and snuggled against me. I caressed her and turned back to making lantern men. After I finished the next one I hugged her, “remember the sleigh I made when you were five?”

She grinned, “yes.”

I cupped her firm breasts, “you wanted me to making you furry so it wouldn’t be so cold.”

She laughed and wiggled as Brandy laughed and bumped me. I kissed Cara’s bare shoulder, “I was thinking of heading south into the old forest. Perhaps all the way to Clearing.”

She twisted to look at me, “really? David and your sister Megan live there now.”

I smiled, “I know.”

She turned more to look at me, “we could help them?”

I nodded, “he is a farmer and hunter and a wood cutter.”

Cara kissed me and squirmed, “wait until I tell Amanda.”

I held her tight, “we have awhile before we get there.”

She turned and straddled me, “Megan always wanted potion stones like her mother.”

I nodded, “I already made a regeneration stone. I need red crystal and I think green.”

She lifted up and opened my robed before Brandy held up my cock and Cara wiggled down it. She started to thrust and rock slowly as her warm pussy kept squeezing my cock. I caressed her sides and hips as her breathing changed and she shivered. I cupped her breasts and pulled her back against me as she continued to wiggle and squirm.

I thrust as her slippery pussy massaged and milked my cock. It was a few minutes before she shuddered as her pussy tightened and she moaned, “mmmmm!”

I smiled and kissed her bare shoulder, “you feel nice cub.”

Cara jerked and shuddered as her pussy ripped and milked my cock, “I love you da.”

I hugged her and caressed her hips, “I know.”

It wasn’t long before she was thrusting back and forth harder and panting. I groaned as she began to thrust back and down hard and push my cock against her womb. It was another couple of minutes before I held her down as she howled and convulsed. My cock erupted in a gushing fountain of cum that pumped straight into her.

Cara jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. When I stopped cumming she reached up to her collar and turned to look at me with a grin. I sighed as my cock throbbed and held all the sperm in her belly. Cara smiled as she leaned against me, “I can’t wait until I decide to get pregnant.”

I laughed as Brandy giggled. I lifted her and gestured and she floated out and around to the back of the wagon. I glanced at Brandy and pulled her onto my lap, “want me to take the stone off your collar?”

She smiled and leaned against me, “not yet.”

I held her and sighed as I went back to making lantern men, when I had a dozen I stopped. We were traveling through fields with occasional patches of woods. Grif and George were back in the air and both Max and Leo were ahead of the wagons. They stopped suddenly and Leo looked back, Edward and Brandon turned so they were in front of the horses.

Leo slipped back and talked to Edward quietly and he walked back to the wagon, “A pack of wild hogs.”

I nodded and turned to look at one of the leopards, “want to go kill a hog?”

Brandy giggled as the leopards stood and stretched before leaping down and moving ahead. I watched Edward follow with his bow ready and smiled, “he doesn’t get to use his bow as much as he likes.”

We heard the hogs screaming and Edward lifted his bow and fired an arrow. Grif and George had both circled and dropped lower and now they dove. Max and Leo ran forward and Simon and Brandon started us going again. Amanda always seemed to know when action was near and ran out the back and up beside the wagon, “What is it?”

I smiled, “hogs.”

She snorted as she walked, “I don’t like them.”

I gestured and brought her up and over beside Brandy, “they will either chase them away or bring them out to cook.”

Amanda leaned against Brandy as I turned and gestured to bring a hesitate Storm and Cara out and around. Cara pulled her onto her lap, “hey.”

Storm smiled as she looked around, “What is it?”

I smiled as Edward galloped ahead and waved back. George walked out with a hog in his mouth and Grif followed with another hanging from his beak. Max and Leo were pulling two hogs out with the leopards following looking satisfied. Amanda grinned, “smug little shits.”

I laughed and looked at her, “I think there is a village ahead. We can clean them and give the meat away so it isn’t wasted.”

When the wagon caught up I gestured and the four hogs lifted and peeled out of their skins and began to clean themselves. I caressed Brandy as we kept going and murmured a spell that caused the four hogs to chill as they began floating behind the wagon. George and Grif leaped back into the air as the leopards ranged ahead.

Cara whispered to Strom who looked at her and grinned. I shook my head and brought up the next block of wood. I was thinking ahead to traveling through the old forest which meant fewer streams or rivers. I split a quarter of the block to make a large wagon sized trough for water.

I split more wood off into six narrow columns and a hallow top with pin holes in the bottom. We were approaching a village so I sent it back to float behind us. Amanda bumped Cara who hugged Storm who looked at both of them, “what was it?”

I smiled as George and Grif dropped to the ground in front of us, “a bathing wagon.”

I shook my head before letting Brandy stand so I could climb down. I walked towards the slowly gathering villagers with the hogs coming around and floating up behind me. Trinity and the others didn’t even come out as I gave the meat to the villagers. In exchange they gave us several loaves of bread and a wheel of cheese and some grain.

As we were leaving two female mages appeared on the edge of the village. We kept going as I climbed down to meet them, “can I help you?”

They smiled and one cleared her throat, “we heard you had brought back the library of Arolus.”

I nodded and gestured for them to walk with me, “I put it in a wagon. If you like you can travel with us. The carriage has three council mages that are reading some of the scrolls.”

I glanced at the library wagon with its flaming horses behind us, “I still have plenty of wood to make you a wagon or...”

They grinned and turned to look at the wagon, “we have time to travel and can make our own wagon.”

I nodded, “we will be stopping a couple of hours before dark.”

I left them as Cara climbed onto Max and rode forward. Brandy was sitting with Storm on her lap talking. Amanda was waiting for me when I walked by and dropped down to take my hand, “we missed you.”

I smiled and squeezed her hand as I glanced at her, “I missed you girls a lot.”

Amanda grinned, “Wait until you get us pregnant and have all the babies to take care of.”

She hugged me and looked around and I laughed, “go hunting with Leo and the leopards.”

She kissed me quick and ran to leap onto Leo. I sighed as I watched her ride away like she had since she was little. I turned and climbed up beside Brandy and Storm and Henry walked up beside us, “she looks like she is having fun.”

I nodded and turned to caress Storm’s cheek, “for how long my lover?”

Storm slipped off Brandy’s lap and onto mine, “you are sad?”

I hugged her, “my girls are changing and becoming women.”

Brandy leaned against me, “They have been women for awhile.”

I sighed, “I haven’t been there.”

Storm turned and leaned back against me before beginning a soft song that seemed to pull at my heart. It drifted away with the light breeze and I realized I was beginning to feel better. Cara and Amanda both returned and slipped off Max and Leo to climb up onto the seat.

Storm turned as she stopped singing and kissed me softly, “every girl grows into a woman. Some believe it is when she begins to bleed. Some when she first lets a male take her. The true change comes as they give life to their first child.”

She slid off my lap and over to Brandy as she smiled and my girls snuggled against me. I smiled as I held them and Cara kissed my cheek before pulling on Amanda to help her straddle me. I helped her and opened my robe to let her wiggle and pushed down onto my cock.

She sighed and leaned against me to give me a soft kiss, “We are your girls and now we are your lovers. I am very happy and so is my sister. Soon we will not be able to act or do things we once enjoyed.”

Cara put her head on my shoulder, “We made sure none of the men or boys could get us with child because they were not the one we were waiting for. Since we understood about sex it has always been you we were waiting for.”

Amanda began to rock back and forth slowly, “we know it is time to finish growing up and you are here to help us.”

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she sighed and Cara caressed her bare shoulder, “you only missed the part where we asked our family to teach us about sex. I choose you long before that and so did Amanda.”

Amanda shuddered as her pussy clenched and she wet me. I smiled and held her hips before pulling her back and forth. She groaned and jerked as she clung to me, “oooohhhh!”

I groaned as my thick cock pushed open her womb. I let myself go and shuddered as my balls churned and my cock started throbbing. Amanda clutched me as she wet me and I held her down while I spewed a torrent of cum. She kissed me as I kept pumping more cum into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as her pussy milked my cock.

I reached between us to cover her pelvis and murmur a keeping spell. She smiled like the angel I remembered and kissed me, “this is what we want and need da. You will always be our da but you are now our lover and soon the father of our children.”

Cara bumped me, “how many cubs will she have?”

I smiled and felt inside Amanda, “two or three babies if I remove her stone.”

She wiggled as her pussy squeezed my cock and Brandy sighed, “you might as well remove my ruby.”

Cara and Amanda turned to grin at her, “you don’t have to, pregnant girls are going to drive da crazy.”

I shook them and looked at a grinning Brandy before reaching out and removing the ruby and handing it to her. I lifted Amanda and she shuddered before grinning and turning to climb down, “I’m going to play with the kittens.”

Cara perked up and grinned as she kissed me quick and followed Amanda. I shook my head and gestured to Storm, she lifted and floated around to follow both the girls. Brandy moved over to sit in my lap, “just enjoy them as they are.”

I hugged her and then grinned as I let the wild magic fill me and touched her breasts and reached down between her legs as sparks and tiny lightning began hitting and caressing her nipples and breasts and then her pussy. She shuddered and grinned as she leaned back and spread her legs.

I whispered and touched her temple before relaxing as she spasmed and opened her legs wide and moaned. I held her as she convulsed and wailed as the sparks spread. She felt me inside her, slowly fucking all the way into her. I sighed and gestured to bring up the block of wood I had started using.

I began making paper and sending thick reams back and into the library wagon to make new blank texts. I removed the spell on Brandy and she shuddered hard before sighing and turning her head to look at me. She grinned and kissed me before wiggling, “that made my pussy itch.”

I laughed and hugged her before standing her up and turning her. I glanced down at Brandon and gestured and Brandy floated down and onto his back where she sat stiffly. He glanced back at her, “want to go for a ride?”

She grinned and wiggled before nodding, “sure.”

He grinned and lumbered ahead into a run. I grinned and glanced down the other way at Henry, “would you let Edward know I want to stop early?”

He nodded and started walking forward faster. I glanced towards the back of the wagon, “why don’t you three go flying and catch us some dinner?”

The three eagles leaped into the air and started going higher. I glanced up at Grif and thought, “find us someplace beside a river or stream.”

He wiggled his wings and started flying faster. We were passing by a small cliff and I glanced at it to see a huge split filled with crystal. I smiled and gestured to bring some to me, forgetting to let the wild magic fill me. I shuddered as wild magic surged through me and the thick vein of crystal bulged and a giant eagle screamed as it burst free.

I slowed the wagon and waited as it walked towards us slowly. It was easily the biggest creature the magic had made, twice as large as Grif or George. I smiled, “what is your name?”

She tilted her head, “Abby.”

I looked at her critically, the crystal was all clear and seemed to have a hollow feel like a bird’s bones. I smiled, “I’m Amerlyn. Would you like to fly?”

She looked up towards George and a distant Grif, “Yes.”

She crouched, leaped into the air and flapped her wings to go higher. I grinned as I gestured to get us going again and Manty chuckled, “two more in one week.”

I frowned, “don’t remind me.”

He laughed as he walked towards the back. I let the wild magic fill me before reaching into the crack Abby had come from. Crystal floated out, there was four or five times as much as what Abby was made from and I merged it all together. It was only an hour before we caught up to Grif in a field and he led the way across to a wide stream.

The three eagles were preening in a tree with a dozen fish laying under it. I grinned as I climbed down and the girls rode into camp. Brandy grinned as she slid off Brandon, “did I see you make a giant eagle?”

I shook my head as I pulled in the wild magic and summoned river stones to make a floor and a fire platform. I gestured and all the fish rose up and cleaned themselves while they floated towards the wagon as it started opening. When it settled to its legs the door opened and they flew in. Cara and Amanda grinned as they slipped off Max and Leo.
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