The old house had been in a bad neighborhood until things changed. My name is Adam Peters and I’m nineteen. I have been doing odd jobs most of my life and bought the old rundown house for ten thousand dollars. Actually what I bought was a small block but there was only one house left standing on it.

I planned to remodel it and sell it to help pay for building another house and so on. The first thing I had to do was tear down a couple of walls and then redo the wiring. Supposedly this house had been a very busy crack house for almost twenty years. From a lot of stuff I had cleaned up I believed it.

I was tearing down a wall to enlarge the master bedroom when I found it. The whole area between the wall studs was filled with stacks of money. Each of the packets held a hundred twenties. At first I just stared and then I looked around. I went out to my truck and brought in a large plastic container.

I stacked the packets before ripping the drywall off the next space between the studs. I looked at more packets stacked from the floor to the ceiling. I put the packets in the container before opening the next area. I ended up getting large trash bags because I ran out of room in the container.

When I was done in the room I had over three thousand packets of twenties. I almost had a heart attack when Jesse and Kyra walked in calling my name. They were both sixteen and sisters of a couple of friends. I had completely forgotten they had promised to help me.

I carried the bags out and pointed to the attic, “get my ladder and masks and start filling trash bags with the insulation from up there.”

I put the bags of money in the back of my truck with the plastic container. I was really tempted to head straight for the bank but changed my mind. I went back into the house and started putting the broken drywall in trash bags. The yell from the attic had me going to see what was wrong.

They looked at me when I stuck my head through the attic hatch and held up handfuls of money in packets. The whole area under the insulation had rows of packets like in the walls. I shook my head, “put it in separate bags.”

They looked at me and I smiled, “your pay just went up a notch.”

They grinned and then laughed and I started helping them. When we were finished I had them put the trash in the trailer hooked to my truck and the bags of money in the back of my truck. They were nervous about that but started helping me clean up the drywall. When I almost fell through the floor in the other small bedroom the girls came to help me free my foot.

That was when we found the packets of money under the floor. Jesse and Kyra were almost bouncing around as we tore up the rotten floor and removed money. Luckily the false floor in that room was the only one or I would have just torn the house down. The girls took the money out in more bags and then started helping me tear the rest of the drywall out.

I left them to make a run and stopped to rent a storage unit where I put the bags of money. I kept the container and went to the dump before stopping to get a late lunch for the girls. They stripped out of their coverall and sat on the back porch topless which had my cock hard and drooling.

They glanced at the large empty space where thirty small houses had been. There were still a lot of large trees but the grass was all overgrown and dead. Jesse grinned and looked at Kyra, “picture high walls and green grass with a few shallow wading pools.”

Kyra looked at her and out at the lots before grinning, “a private nudist resort?”

Jesse giggled and looked at me, “electric plugins around the edge with water and sewage. You could build small bathrooms and...”

I shook my head, “it would cost...”

I stopped and thought of the packets of money. The girls grinned and Kyra reached over to stroke my cock through my pants, “tempting thought?”

I shuddered, “do that again and I will bend you over and fuck you.”

She grinned at Jesse and then handed her the rest of her sandwich before rubbing my cock again. I grinned as I stood and pulled her up before pulling her panties down and off. I opened my pants and pulled them off and looked around. Kyra laughed as she moved to the side and leaned on the porch rail and spread her legs.

I followed her and moved behind her before spreading my legs and bending my cock. I rubbed the head of my drooling cock through her shaven pussy before slowly entering her. Her pussy was warm and tight and slippery. I started to fuck her nice and slow, pushing deeper with each thrust.

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and pushed back. She moaned louder and her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. I shuddered at the feel and started to fuck her with long strokes. Kyra wailed and jerked as she thrust back harder. I was fucking into her as she howled and a couple of minutes later buried my cock.

I held her tight as I began to pump strong spurts of cum. She jerked and pushed back as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted almost a dozen jets of cum before stopping and slowly pulling out. Kyra stood and turned with a grin as she wiped cum leaking out of her. I rubbed a nipple, “thanks.”

She shuddered and then laughed as she went to sit beside Jesse who smiled. I looked out at the vacant lots as I thought about the girls idea. We ripped out the rest of the drywall, flooring and ceilings during the afternoon until the house was just a shell. I was surprised when the girls climbed into my truck after I had returned from the dump.

Jesse scooted over next to me, “we’re sleeping at your place tonight.”

I looked at her and then at Kyra, “going to keep tempting me to make a private nudist resort?”

They grinned and Jesse rubbed my cock, “sure and get a little relief.”

I shuddered and then grinned, “just for that I’m taking you both home and fucking you.”

They laughed and Jesse leaned against me, “we hoped you would see it that way.”

I drove home to my studio apartment and carried the plastic container of money in with the girls following. Kyra had already called to have Chinese delivered and pushed Jesse towards me, “wash him and get fucked. I’ll wait for the delivery guy.”

I set the container down and opened it to pull out a packet of cash and slipped a couple of twenties out before handing them to her. Jesse grinned and pulled me after her and into the bathroom before turning to strip me. I waited and then began undressing her before turning to start the shower.

She pulled me in and turned me to let the water hit me before starting to wash me, “you have to fuck me before you wash me.”

I grinned, “so I can clean your pussy after and then get it dirty later?”

She laughed and stroked my cock, “exactly.”

I laughed and reached out to pull her close before lifting her and turned to put her against the wall. I lowered her towards my hard cock as she wrapped her legs around me. I slowly impaled her tight pussy and then began to fuck her with grinding humps and jabs. It was a few minutes before Jesse shuddered and hugged me as her pussy squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and kept kissing her as my cock pressed against the back of her pussy. A couple of minutes and she was spasming and wailing. I held her up slightly and fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum. A few minutes later Jesse screamed and jerked as she squirted and kept shaking.

I lowered her as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. She gasped as I began pumping a geyser of cum through her cervix. I kissed her and held her as we both shook while I spurted sperm into her. When I stopped she shuddered one last time and then grinned, “now you can wash me so we can do that again with a clean pussy.”

I grinned and kissed her before lifting her up and off my cock. I set her down and turned her before pushing to spread her legs. I began to finger her pussy and she groaned as she leaned against me. I reached out to pull the shower head off and lowered it to spray up into her. She shuddered and spasmed until finally closing her legs.

I replaced the shower head and finished washing her and myself before shutting the water off. I fucked the two girls off and on until almost midnight when we fell asleep. I woke to Jesse on me and caressed and felt her body before shifting and slipping out of bed. I showered and went to sit on the couch to think.

When the girls woke they stretched and kissed each other before looking at me and grinning. I shook my head, “we have work to do, go shower.”

I thought about the block and the girls idea and my cock got hard thinking about it. The block had thirty small plots, I pulled out a piece of paper and started sketching. If I put a bathroom with a large open shower at each site and a winding wading pool around all the properties where the backyards used to be...

Jesse bent over my shoulder and touched a couple of plots beside the house, “make these two the parking area.”

I grinned and stood, folding the paper and looking at Kyra as I opened the container to grab a couple of packets of money. First it was a stop at the store for supplies and then we went to the house. I called a few friends as we carried everything into the house. While we worked on new wiring I paid my friends to start building a high wall completely around the block.

The wall started at the house driveway and ended on the other side of it. I knew it would take several days to a week at least but I had to finish the house first. We put the conduit for the wiring in each room and then started running wires. With the two girls helping things went quickly.

We hooked everything into the new fuze box but left everything off since we still had to put fixtures in. Next was laying new sewer lines and then water pipes. While we sat on the back porch eating I unfolded the sketch and added a small wind generator on top of each bathroom as well as solar shingles.

I also added a solar shade covered area to one side and drew a table. Jesse reached out to fold it up and pull me back into the building. In a back bedroom she turned to pull my pants down before opening her pants and pushing them down. She turned to lean on the empty windowsill and I moved up behind her.

I felt and rubbed her pussy before pushing into her. I held her waist as she shivered and sighed and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her tight pussy was grabbing and clenching my cock almost from the first stroke. She slipped a hand between her legs to finger her clit as I continued to fuck her.

I started to go faster with harder thrusts and kept planting my cock and shoving into her deeper. She was shaking and jerking as she thrust back and moaned louder. Her slippery pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as I continued to fuck her hard. It wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking as I thrust all the way into her and held her.

She looked back when she felt my cock throb and I grunted as I started pumping cum against and through her cervix. She jerked and pushed back as warm cum kept pumping into her, “ooohhhh!”

When I stopped cumming and pulled out she stood and turned to press against me as we kissed. I caressed her hips and she grinned and turned her head, “Kyra!”

A moment later Kyra strutted in, “My turn?”

Jesse kissed me and pushed me back, “yeah.”

I grinned as Kyra pushed her pants down while she walked closer and pressed against me, “nice and deep.”

I caressed her bare hips before turning her and bending her over. I felt her warm pussy and then bent my cock and pushed into her slowly as she moaned and shivered. I continued to hold her hips as I started to fuck her with deep thrusts. Jesse hugged me from behind as I fucked Kyra and reached down to rub her friends asshole.

Kyra shoved back, “fuck!”

I grinned as Jesse giggled and started to use long thrusts while Kyra’s pussy tried to grasp my cock. She started to jerk harder and shove back for my cock to impale her pussy. I kept going and fucked her with long hard strokes as I planted my cock and tried to push deeper. She howled a few minutes later and Jesse bent to kiss her to cover her screams.

I didn’t try to hold back and just fucked her firmly with deep thrusts. I was holding her up as she sagged and clutched the windowsill, “mmmm!”

She spasmed and convulsed while her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock constantly. I finally buried my cock and held her while I grunted and began pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and pushed back suddenly, YES!”

Jesse laughed as she stood and rubbed her butt, “nothing like getting cum stuffed.”

When I pulled out Jesse helped her stand and rubbed her pelvis before pulling her pants up, “now we both have cummy panties.”

I grinned as I pulled up my pants, “I’ll help you wash your pussies later.”

They looked at each other and grinned before speaking together, “a bidet fountain!”

I shook my head as I headed for the door, “lets get the outer walls built first.”

A month later I was looking off the covered back porch at the green grass and wading pools, it almost looked like a park. The inner walls around the parking area was the last thing to be built. The bathrooms and open showers had actually only taken a week and had been simple log buildings.

I glanced at Jesse and Kyra as they slipped up and put their arms around my waist, “now we just need a few willing nudists.”

Kyra grinned, “we called a few friends and they should be here soon.”

We were naked and they pulled me off the porch and we took a walk to look at the wading pool and the few bidet fountains I had added. We were coming back along the other side when we saw the dozen girls and women walking out of the parking area. Jesse waved as they pulled on my hands but she didn’t stop.

They pulled me onto the porch and to the french door leading into the master bedroom which we had moved into. None of the windows facing inside the walls had curtains. The doors had been left open so when the girls laid me back on the bed I could see out. The women and girls stripped and they could see Kyra straddling me.

I cupped her breasts as Jesse went around and climbed onto the bed. Kyra lifted and positioned her pussy before sitting back and pushing my cock up into her. She sighed and wiggled before putting her hands on my chest and looking out as she starting to rock. I followed her look to see another large group but this time there were a few guys.

She smiled and looked into my eyes as her pussy tightened and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

Jesse laughed and reached up to tug on a nipple, “show off.”

Kyra shuddered and giggled as she began to twist and roll her hips while rubbing her pussy on me. I groaned at the feel and reached between her legs to finger her pussy and rub her clit. She jerked and bounced as her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed before shuddering and dropping onto my chest. Jesse rubbed her butt, “roll over and fuck her.”

I grinned as I shifted and rolled and Kyra lifted and spread her legs. I pulled back and began to fuck her long hard and deep. She clutched me a moment later and wailed as her pussy grasped and squeezed and gripped my cock, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I kept fucking her long and deep and several minutes later pushed into her while pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and sighed as she tilted her hips, “mmmm!”

Jesse laughed as I came in Kyra and when I was done she pulled on me, “lets go walk around and say hi.”

I pulled out of Kyra and she looked at Jesse, “you just want everyone to see his cummy cock and the cum leaking out of me.”

I grinned as I pulled them out of bed. The park has a much larger population now, especially during the summer. Of course we have children now and the girls are my partners in buying, fixing and flipping houses.
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