Part 13
“Anko Spices Things Up”

"Here is your dumplings ma'am" a waitress hands Anko her order of round sweet dumplings. Anko hands her money while busy reading her notes of the week from her evaluation and Kuranai’s notes. Her pussy ached and her tits if they weren't concealed would show easily. She needed a good hard fuck from a man, but none were in sight for her.

She eats a few dumplings at her favorite dango shop enjoying the crowd around her go by. A couple ANBU appear in front of her. She puts down her book. Looks up and sees the two in front with masks covering their faces. "May I help you?" She says with a disturbing chill in her voice.

"Tsunade requests Anko" one ANBU says before they vanish from the area.

"Tsk" Anko says to herself disappointed she won't be able to finish her meal. She vanishes from the sight heading to the Hokage’s. On the way she halts noticing Sakura and Naruto holding hands as they walk the streets. She watches for a brief moment. They give a quick kiss then head into a store. She moves on seeing from the corner of her eye Naruto turning his see head to where she stood moments ago.


Tsunade fingers her pussy while she waits for Anko to show. She rubs her pussy as much as her summoned cock. The fact is half the day if she doesn't have her cock she is rubbing her pussy unless she is fucking. Door creaks open Tsunade stops looks on in hopes of the info Anko brought her this time. "Come on in Anko" she says once she sees her well enough.

"Your report Hokage" Anko hands her the information then bows head.

"Very good" Tsunade says reading it carefully "I'll read this later. Is there anything else?"

Anko walks forward coughs before speaking "I have a request."

"Go on"

"Other than you only Shizune and Kuranai know of my assignment."


Anko steps up to the desk leans forward "all should meet" Tsunade gulps at this surprising statement. She knew Anko did some radical things, but this was not what she was expecting.

She stands up to take a long hard look at Anko before saying "Shizune and Kuranai?"

"I will tell them to keep my identity secret until it is time"

"Go!" Tsunade points her finger to the door accepting the idea. Anko leaves.

Within an hour Anko delivered a note to the following people: Hinata, Hanabi, and their father, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Choji, Ino, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Kuranai, Shizune, Guy, Karin, Sakura, and Naruto. None saw her all they saw was the message. Reading the message each knew they were blackmailed.

All arrive inside the Hokage’s faces landmark. Normally used as a secret safety passage for the citizens during combat. Anko had chosen the spot also, because it is sound proof to the village below it.

"Why are we here?" Naruto rudely asks dubious to the obvious answer.

Sakura punched his head with rage "isn't obvious that we all got a message saying to be here Naruto!!!"
"I know your sexual taboo act" Shikamaru reads the note then looks up to everyone else "Who is it?"

"What is their motive?" Kakashi asks ominously.

"Is it one of us. It has to be doesn't it?" Hanabi suggests stepping out from her father's grasp.

"No, it makes sense that it would be one of us, but it can't can it?" Shikamaru thinks this over "what is every ones story? Perhaps we can make a connection. Naruto."

"I uh...well it..." Naruto cut off by Sakura.

"I received a book from Sai. There is an Uzamaki clan forbidden jutsu that allows females to grow a cock" no one talked only listened by this revelation. "I met with Tsunade and Shizune who are capable of it. Tsunade learned it from her grandfather's wife who happened to be an Uzamaki. Ino comes into the fold soon after. Some time later on we...I should mean I than seduced Naruto."
"Is that all?" Shikamaru asks intently listening and analyzing the information Sakura gave him.

"Karin, Tenten, and Hinata soon joined the party" Ino finished the rest quickly.

"Anything else that you maybe forgetting?" Kuranai places her hand on Shikamaru’s shoulder with keen interest.

"After Naruto's I seduced my younger sister" Hinata took a breath releasing tension that was going on in her.

"Her father and I joined in as well" Neji continued right off of what Hinata said.

"Shizune what do you know?" Kakashi getting in on the questioning.

Shizune had to make something up or else Tsunade might punish her "truth be told with Guy around me the ANBU know more than I do about Tsunade ideas."

"The more I think about it there is a chance one of us knows who it is or it is one of us" Shikamaru states.

"We need a clue to who it may be" Ino speaks up joining the conversation.

Guy moves away from Shizune eerily saying "Deception is the greatest tool a shinobi can have in this situation." A lot of agreements and nods followed that statement.

"Who to trust?" Tenten asks.

Shikamaru stands up, stops his mediation, and says to the group "only our self’s can we trust, however there are leads. Sakura talk to Sai and report."

"What are we waiting for!" Naruto yells at the group.

"Naruto calm down" Kakashi tells him sternly.

"Sit down!" Shikamaru orders him "All I want from you Naruto is to sit back!”


Next episode: Naruto Goes on a Rampage

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2013-05-02 22:27:56
A little more clarification in what's going on would help keep going though its good

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2013-04-26 01:05:17
uhh what??? you're as bad as half the manga writers, and they have the excuse to leave us hanging, for room or book space, or the time it takes the artists, however, this was litterally half hearted filler and for some reason it doesn't link to here from your profile

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