Part 12
“Kakashi Reveals his Face”

"Thanks for the food and the sex Shizune" Guy gives out a loud burp after finishing his meal. Gets out of his chair and sways a little before finding his balance.

"Thanks for the wonderful day Shizune" Kakashi stands as well "do you need help with the dishes?"
Shizune grabs their plates "best day ever, and your always welcome into my bed Kakashi and Guy." She heads to the kitchen.

"Do you mean it?" Guy asks.

"Yes whenever" Shizune says to Guy as she is cleaning the dishes.

"We best be going Guy. Isn't tonight your night with your team?" Kakashi asks.

"Tuesday with Lee's illness. That is the night the bar doesn't sell or even have a drop of sake" Guy replies to Kakashi's question.

"Say would one of you mind assisting me to the shops tonight. I need to pick up some supplies and I am going to need some support lifting everything" Shizune pops her head out of the kitchen.

"Can't I have to head to talk to Tsunade about Naruto's training regime" Kakashi states.

"Gladly my lovely Shizune" Guy with one motion is on hi was knees kissing Shizune's hands.

"Good night Kakashi " Shizune bows her head as he leaves. Soon after Guy and Shizune leave.


"Oh yeah Naruto that's the spot lick my big fatty juicy cock...yeah...ah... yes...fuck suck it down your throat!!!" Tsunade stroked her cock alone in her room fantasizing about Naruto in his female form. She hears a knock on the window sees Kakashi waving at her. She shoots her load of hot juicy white cum on the window at Kakashi. She knew she was busted. "Kakashi!" She screamed in anger and frustration.

Kakashi opens the window "what a pleasant surprise lady Tsunade." Walks around to the other side of the desk as Tsunade cleans up. Tsunade turns to him to see in a different form from before he entered and startled her. He was in a sexy no jutsu form. Similar to what Naruto would do, but his own way as the copy shinobi.

"ANBU! Guard the door!" Tsunade orders as they all leave the ceiling and exit the door.

"Sex is it. We haven't done that since Jiraya's passing" Kakashi dully states in a feminine sexy voice.

"The last time you promised to take off the mask if you recall" Tsunade stands up lifting her shirt off showing her massive bare breasts. She stood now with her pants down to her knees and the rest of her body as nude as Kakashi's.

"As my lady commands." Kakashi takes his mask off showing his full face. Tsunade removes the pants now with both stark naked.

"I've been longing to do this for a very, very long time" Tsunade gets on top of her desk. Lays out her body squeezing one of her luscious breasts. The other hand she rubbed her cock in front of Kakashi. "Let's get started than, shall we" Kakashi walks seductively moving his hips as his breasts swayed in front of Tsunade.

Tsunade lays flat on the desk as Kakashi gets on top and moves Tsunade's cock in his pussy. "Ooh it has been some time."

"Get ready to be drilled Kakashi!" Tsunade shoves her cock in to him sending Kakashi up in the air with each thrusts. Tsunade's balls slapped, breasts were flying, and the two were moaning loud enough for the ANBU to place a silencing shield over the room (of course that didn't mean they weren't listening in on the action) Kakashi moved his body down with their breasts pressed together and began kissing her. Tongues lashed against each other before they French kissed each other. Tsunade pounded her cock in to Kakashi hard enough the desk as hard and heavy as it was began to jumps up and down with each thrusts. The wood was too solid to break or crack without some serious chakra. It is resilient to physical activity.

Tsunade pulled Kakashi away as she screamed ready to come "oh... yes... fuck...Kakashi... I... to come!!!" She shot her thick white juicy cum deep into Kakashi.

"Ready for round two" Kakashi smirked. He quickly made a second clone who sat right on top of Tsunade's face.

"You remember how I like it I see" Tsunade replies before diving her tongue into Kakashi's pussy. Real female Kakashi continued to be fucked by Tsunade's rather large cock. Midway through round two there was a large commotion behind the doors. Neither Kakashi nor Tsunade heard much less cared they continued their private session. Minutes pass the noise is heard by the two, but neither was concerned.

"Tsunade... ah... I am going to come at last" Kakashi who had doubled his chances of coming could hold no longer.

"Kakashi...umph" Tsunade says before a load of it falls into her mouth. Where she swallows and sucks on it.

Real Kakashi pussy juices created a puddle on her desk. "We should change roles now" Kakashi says waiting for Tsunade to clean up his clone.

She stopped as the clone vanished "agreed, but first I want..."

The door burst opened with several ANBU holding on to Naruto who walked straight in with a bump on his head. "Mind if I join in?"

"No you may not!" Tsunade screamed as Kakashi returns to normal self full clothed.

"What is it Naruto?" Kakashi asks.

"May I have a blow job from Tsunade at least. Please" Naruto begs. Kakashi turns to Tsunade.

"Read my lips you N..." Tsunade was too late. Naruto had his cock in her mouth before she could object any further.

"Anything else Naruto?" Kakashi asks.

"Yamato and Sai are on missions, and I was talking to Sakura and Karin earlier. We all decided to have supper together and we as in it was Sakura's idea to invite you" Naruto tells Kakashi then turns to Tsunade
"you can come too Tsunade." Tsunade pulled his cock out of his mouth "I have more pressing orders tonight." Once she said her words she went back to sucking.

Kakashi walks toward the two "I'll pay my own only, but will be glad too after we finish here okay Naruto"

Kakashi openly replies by shoving his cock into Tsunade's face. Tsunade took the hint and began sucking on both of them. Doing so she also rubbed her own cock. She was losing her mind sure She has taken on two guys, she even got a cock daily now with Shizune, but try this was different in some way. Never has she sucked off two guys, while she had her own cock out. Realizing for the first time in her life she was addicted to cock and sex. She sucked harder now because of this. Her pussy was wet and pre cum was already dripping from her own cock from the simulation going on.

"Oh...thank you Tsunade...ah it feels so good!" Naruto moaned as he is fully relaxed from the work Tsunade is giving him.

"Perhaps I should come in more often" Kakashi states in a state of bliss. Tsunade stopped rubbing her cock, and decided to move her hands so they were holding both of their ball sacs. Her cock ached as well as her pussy, but at this time she needed cock.

"I'm going to come!" Naruto screamed.

"Me too!" Kakashi screams as well.
Tsunade pulls both of their cocks out and screamed "do it!" Both knew what to do and began furiously rubbing their cocks with Tsunade's mouth wide open.

"Coming!" Both screamed in unison as they shot their load all over her face and mouth. Tsunade used her finger and sucked on some of the cum that got on her face. She than licked both of the cum that remained on their cock's.

"My turn" Tsunade got up onto the desk with her legs spread wide open.

"I call dibs on the pussy!" Naruto calls and quickly dives right in.

"Naruto we should be going you don't want Sakura nailing you" Kakashi hesitant to give a blow job.

"Ka... " Tsunade about to say something before she feels an orgasm approach "Uh...uh...Oh...fuck!" Naruto licked and sucked at Tsunade's g-spot. Enough time with female peers and turning to his female was self he all but knew where it was. Tsunade had no chance as she came gushing pussy juices into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto cleaned up turned to Kakashi "ready to go." Tsunade fell back knowing she lost the battle to Naruto.

"See you later Tsunade" Kakashi waved knowing what Naruto did to her sent her to a whole another world.

"Bye, Tsunade" Naruto walking with Kakashi leaves the room fully satisfied that he now has Tsunade around his fingers.


Once they get to Ramen Ichiraku's Sakura and Karin haven't arrived. They decided to get something before, since they wouldn't be eating once the girls arrived. "Our two favorite customers are here. Ayame!" Teuchi shouts while he stirs the ramen.

"What is now T..." Standard gasps at the sight of Kakashi her favorite shinobi in the village "Kakashi what can I get you now" she cheerfully asks.

"I'll take the usual Naruto Choji special" Naruto loudly announces.

Ayame tilts her head toward him displeased. "Coming right up Naruto!" Teuchi says dropping some ingredients into the ramen as well as grabbing a bowl.

"I'll take the mild pork" Kakashi says with Ayame switching from irritated to pleased.

"You want that with the garden surprise" Ayame takes his order scribbling on a note pad.

"Uh...with we are expecting Sakura and her friend Karin" Kakashi states "I don't need to hear a health rant from Sakura tonight."

"Good choice" Ayame turns and begins the order.

"So Kakashi I want to ask you a question?" Naruto asks Kakashi hoping to see under the mask tonight.

"What is it Naruto?" Kakashi replies curious.

"Here you two are, enjoy" Ayame winks at Kakashi handing the two bowls to them.

"The thing is I was wondering if I could see what you look like behind the mask." Naruto asks quickly and gleefully. Kakashi stares at his bowl of ramen silently. Naruto and Sakura asked once before this question, however they got distracted at least that's what their response was. He looked up to see Ayame daydreaming, Teuchi busy stirring ramen, and then there was Naruto looking at him impatiently.

He responded to Naruto "one more try, huh." Naruto grin got even larger by his response. Ayame moved in closer. Kakashi moved his hand over his face. Time slowed down it seemed. Teuchi stopped what he was doing to see a couple of new customers. Kakashi pulled it down to reveal his face just as Sakura and Karin step between Naruto and Kakashi.

"What!" Naruto screamed in shock and disappointment. Kakashi ate up slurped it down during this interruption. Naruto sat up to see Kakashi's bare chin and cheek. Unfortunately for Naruto he blinked and missed the full face.

"That was delicious. Thank you Ayame and Teuchi" Kakashi finished his meal most pleased.

"Naruto how can you eat so much!" Sakura shouts at him. Naruto had great amount of hope before the girls showed up. Now he was depressed. Staring at his bowl he shrugged and gulped it down quickly. Looked back at the girls to see they were eating ignoring him. He looked at Kakashi who now was talking with Ayame. Leaving Naruto alone. Naruto turns to the girls walks over to Karin, and begins fondling her thigh gently. Sakura notices and is upset. Instead of punching him she does the same with Karin's other thigh.
As for Karin she sat there enjoying the feeling so much it was beginning to turn her on. "Mmm...I'm up for another round" Karin moaned softly.

Sakura whispers in her ear "let's try to get Kakashi in." Both girls turn to see Ayame inches from Kakashi ready to make the kill. Naruto made his move he slipped his into Karin's pants rubbing her clit. Karin shivered and looked at him with a face that screamed fuck me now. This only turned Naruto on more. He digged his fingers deeper into her wet pussy.

Sakura noticed what Naruto was doing she couldn't handle it any longer. She had to speak up "Kakashi!"
Kakashi shaked out of it turned to Sakura "yes, Sakura?"

Sakura moved toward him noticing the hard on she speaks up "Perhaps you and Ayame should you know, and we will go ours."

Kakashi took the hint and focused on Ayame. Sakura went back to Karin kissed her on the lips finishing it up with their tongues flicking as they stop. Karin pulls Naruto away so she can get up. The three look to see Ayame and Kakashi flirting some more before they leave for a night of sex. As for Kakashi and Ayame they flirted for some time. For Teuchi he didn't mind the fact that his waitress was interested in anyone was a good thing. He had tried several strong shinobi to perhaps fall in love for her, but have been unsuccessful.

He had no issue with Kakashi whatsoever. "I'm closing up you two get a room "Teuchi says cleaning up.
The two leave quickly giggling. They arrive at Kakashi's apartment with Ayame heading to the bed stripping her clothes as she walked over. Kakashi slowly walked over letting her get comfortable. He has already had a busy day today, and frankly if he had the option sleep would be the answer, but with Ayame naked spread out on his bed how could he not resist. Kakashi lays down beside her. He strokes her hair staring at her. Ayame gives him a quick kiss. He returns the kiss followed by rubbing her breasts gently. She cooed softly by the touch. He sucks on one breasts feeling her tit get hard in his mouth. She grabs the back of his head and moves him up kissing him, and not just a quick one either. Tongues move between both of their mouths.

"Take me Kakashi" Ayame softly speaks to him. Kakashi nods moving his hand onto his cock. He is fully erect and feels it pulse. Moves it slowly into her. Feeling her pussy tighten and contract as he goes deeper into her. Both moaned slightly once it is in.

"Ready?" Kakashi whispers to her. She nods in agreement. Slowing moving out of her pussy he sees her ache pleasurably. He moves in and out slowly before picking up the pace. She moans more. He kisses her as he fucks her. Night would be long as the two lovers made out. Kakashi no longer exhausted, but full of fire in his heart and desire for the young Ayame.


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