Part 11
“Shizune falls in love”

"What a morning, huh Sakura?" Shizune puts Tonton on the ground as she talks to Sakura.

"Huh, oh yeah some morning. Say Shizune I'm heading off to see Ino." Sakura wasn't really into conversation today. All she wanted to do was snug into bed with her friend and taste some pussy.

"Bye, Sakura" Shizune says as Sakura turns the corner. Tonton oinks sadly.

Shizune and Tonton walk thru the village enjoying the fresh air and the town buzzing. She sees stores selling assortment of products from food, medicine, clothing, and flowers. She looked toward the sky and saw the five boosted images chiseled into the rock that stands tall and proudly over the village. She shops around picks up some food and medicine.

After finishing up she looks down Tonton "I think this will go to Naruto. All that he has been through him deserves it." Tonton oinks in agreement.

She got to Naruto's apartment hears sex noises and decides to leave the basket.

"Oh Naruto, yes that's the spot!" Sakura screamed on the other side of the door.

Shizune hears a little more before leaving...

"Right you two ready for this body" Ino announces as she walks over to the two. Shizune leaves.

Walking down the alley away from Naruto she hears two shinobi going at it. Turning the corner she spots her two friends Guy and Kakashi talking about competing against each other.

"Come on Kakashi how about 70 laps around the village and..." Guy stops noticing Kakashi looking elsewhere. He sees Shizune and Tonton.

"Tsunade need something?” Kakashi asks.

"No, I'm off the rest of today" Shizune replies "I heading home to rest."

"We will walk with you" Guy announces.

"Visiting Naruto were we?" Kakashi asks.

"Dropped off some food. Figured he needs it" Shizune nervously replies hoping not to get caught up in one of their contests."

"Naruto works at perfecting his craft more than anyone in the village. With the nine tail in him I don't know how he does it?" Kakashi says while reading an adult book.

"Lee works harder than anyone!" Guy argues "with the power of youth flowing through him!"

"Every generation is better than the one before" Kakashi responds "and we are merely the teachers who make sure they do so." All three agree, with Tonton oinking, and walk in silence until they reach Shizune's apartment.

"This is the end of the line it seems" Kakashi looks at Shizune.

"Have you two hear anything abnormal about Naruto and his peers lately?" Shizune asks cautiously.

"Nope" Guy responds to Shizune's question.

"I was at Kuranai's yesterday" Kakashi pauses "a letter on her kitchen counter about some suspicious activity going on. Why?"

"Tsunade might know about that" Shizune says carefully saying her words as she opens the door “my suspicion is that they are becoming more adult than we... I mean I heard Sakura and Ino at Naruto's.
Guy and Kakashi are now intently listening as they follow her indoors. Shizune places Tonton on the floor swaying her ass to the two guys behind her as they stand there speechless.

"I believe Naruto and his peers need to understand the village laws on... “Shizune stops as Guy speaks romantically.

"Love is the language of youth" Guy kisses Shizune on the hand.

"Guy, allow me to show you how to a girl to fall for you" Kakashi strokes Shizune's hair as he stares deeply into her soul. His other hand he lightly squeezes her breasts. Sending a shiver all across Shizune's body.

Shizune knew what Naruto and his friends were doing with lady Tsunade's spy’s knowledge, and that day Naruto came in. She wasn't willing to give out that information due to the fact that if the information leaked it would question the whole structure of the village. That could not happen. Now she simply needed pleasure.

"This is another competition from Kakashi, and I shall not lose. The power of youth rages in me!" Guy says as he closes the door and strips off his green suit. He has a long fully erect cock pointing at Shizune. Shizune dropped her jaw in astonishment by the male cock.

"So this how it is going to be played out is it?" Kakashi strips his clothes off as well. His cock is slightly bulkier, yet his was the same size as Guys.

"Kakashi my long time nemesis beats me again" Guy stares at Kakashi with jealousy. Guy makes quick work though beating Kakashi by inserting his cock into Shizune's pussy. Shizune surprised by this sudden gift to her pussy.

"Ah that uh...Guy" Shizune moans with the insertion.

"You think that is something" Kakashi whispers lightly in her ear as he inserts his cock into her ass. He kisses her neck making her moan even louder.

"Kakashi" Shizune loudly moans before Guy kisses her on the lips. He strongly swirls his tongue around her mouth forcing Shizune to breathe thru her nose, and allow the pleasure of two cock's in her at the same time. The movement of two cock's beating their pulse into her flourished multiple orgasms. The movement thru the living room and into her bedroom came unnoticed to Shizune as the three remained in the same position until they reached the bed.

Guy pulled out his red raw stiff cock from her wet pussy. Kakashi pulled his cock from her ass as well.

Shizune looked confused by this motion, but soon realized as what was about to happen. They switched with Kakashi in her pussy and Guy doing her ass. She later down on her side on the bed taking in the assault to her two lower holes. Guy kissed her neck, and Kakashi made out with her. Both were incredible.
She couldn't decide which one of the two was better.

Guy felt a tightness in his groins, but knew he had to hold it he was not going to lose to his long time rival Kakashi.

Kakashi also felt a knot in his groin area. He knew his wasn't a contest, but with Guy everything was competitive, and briniest he must not lose else he would be hearing it until the next contest.
As for Shizune her orgasms kept on rolling. The stimulation was unreal. That is when it hit her she has finally reached her limit. She blacked out with one final breath of air. She was done.
Kakashi noticed it first "Guy we between stop."

"So you admit defeat do you Kakashi" Guy acting as his self extremely cocky.

"She passed out" Kakashi says. Guy hit a brick wall as he understood. Both pulled out and laid on opposite sides of Shizune. They rested without either one shooting their load of sperm.

The spy leaves silently as the wind that carries her. "Even though Naruto and his peers weren't around they still commit to the act. How odd?" She talks writing down information about the scene "of course Kakashi and Guy when they go at like this they never shot their as perm, yet separately do they ever feel good."

A few hours pass before Shizune wakes seeing the two male shinobi next to her. "So this is how it begins" she whispers to herself. She goes back to bed with one question in her mind that is what is behind Kakashi's mask. Sure he made love to her, but her eyes were closed.


Next Week: Kakashi Reveals his Face
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