They want people to think talents like teleportation or telekinesis isn’t real. That telepathy is a myth or seeing the future is for suckers to believe. What they don’t want people to know is that they hunt us or that after they finish studying our drug fogged brain we are killed and dissected like some insect or frog.

How do I know? I know because they have hunted me all my life. They killed my mother when she was trying to protect me as a baby. They killed my father six months ago when he led them away from me. But how do I know about talents you ask?

If you want I could reach into the skies and teleport skylab into your pool. How about if I lift a passing freight train and set it down on your front lawn? Want to know what someone thinks on the other side of the world? That is simple, how about fire? People saw the movie Firestarter. Want the earth to burn or the very air you breath to ignite?

Piss me off and see what happens. My name is Roger Christian Saint, I just turned sixteen and I am a talent. All my life my father has protected me; stay away from cameras, never talk on the phone, stay out of cities. I had a few changes of clothes, an old White motorcycle and a hundred dollars. I was in the small town after quitting the job on the isolated ranch.

I had known the old man that owned it was going to fire me anyway because dad had seemed to just run off. I stopped several blocks from the only restaurant in the small town and parked my bike. The pack I sent up into a tree and then I took a breath and began walking down the main street.

I went past several security cameras including the ones at the bank as I cashed my last check. I knew what was happening and could see several paths for my future when my name went into the bank’s system. I went to the only clothing store for new underwear and socks. When I left I sent them to my pack as I headed towards the restaurant.

I had a big lunch as I let my mind reach out around me and read what everyone was thinking. Mostly it is just surface thoughts and gibberish unless I want to dig. The gas station attendant was the first to see the black SUVs. The minds in it were blank but I had been warned and expected it.

There was ten SUVs and they spread out to cover every way in or out of town while snipers climbed onto roofs to cover the restaurant. I had come to deliver a message and stood to go into the bathroom after dropping the money and tip for the meal. I went into a stall and sat as I used other eyes to look.

When the middle aged guys walked into the restaurant I reached out and they screamed as the thin wire head set covering their heads began to melt. Once I had the feel I reached out around town and the others started to scream. I extended my reach and felt men and women around the world as they screamed and yanked the head sets off.

I smiled as I sent them my thoughts, “My name is Roger Christian Saint. I am not afraid of you but you damn well better learn to fear me. This is your warning, leave me alone!”

I read each of those hunting me before reaching for those that had sent them. I reached into the skies and the satellites watching this area vanished and appeared in the road outside the restaurant. I back tracked to the banks of computers that had controlled them and fried them. I exploded the SUVs and blinded my hunters before reaching out again.

This time I brought the two armed drones down into the clothing store parking lot. I reached into the air again and removed the engines on the spy plane and the four fast moving helicopters. I reached across the country to the center of my hunters lair and entered their data banks. I removed any and all information about me before frying the systems.

I stood as I sent my thoughts into their heads again, “piss me off again and this country will experience what it is like in the stone age.”

I walked out of the bathroom to see everyone either at the windows looking at a burning SUV or the satellites. I ignored the two men people were trying to help and walked out calmly. I walked the few blocks to my bike before leaving. I brought my pack to me and slipped it on. I had given my notice now it was time to see if they paid attention.

I didn’t bother starting the bike, I just put it in neutral and pushed with my mind. I went west and stayed to smaller roads. I stopped off the roads by streams to camp along the way. I spent the time reaching out to the minds ahead in Seattle. I was looking for a girl but there were millions. I found her the night before I reached the city.

She lived to the north and east in a small town. She wanted to have sex bad, she wanted something inside her so bad she almost ached. I went to an Indian casino and hesitated before reaching in. I looked through the surveillance using the mind of a man. What I was looking for was on a shelf in what he thought of as soft count room.

It was a large block of cash wrapped in plastic. I pulled and caught the money before separating it and stuffing it into my pack. I rented a room in a hotel and left my pack before going to find the girl. It was summer and school was out, not that I had ever gone to school. That didn’t mean I didn’t learn things.

I knew math from two plus two all the way through physics. I also could have had a master’s degree in chemistry, (that was my favorite subject). I knew history, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and a couple of less known languages.

I looked at the small house surrounded by a lot of others. I put the stand down and walked around and looked at the back of the house where a deck was. Katie was a long haired strawberry blonde with a stunning body. I know because she was laid out naked. I climbed the stairs and knelt beside her, “hello Katie.”

She jerked and twisted to grab a towel, “WHO ARE YOU?”

I smiled, “you want to have sex. You want it very bad. I want to have sex too.”

Her eyes widened before she looked around, “how did you know?”

I reached into her mind, “because I can see what you think and feel.”

She opened her mouth as she looked at me and then licked her lips, “you can read my mind?”

I stood, “yes and much more. Do you really want sex?”

She slowly dropped the towel, “yes, dad is always checking and catching me or chasing any boy away.”

I looked at her body, “that’s because he is a slave master and your mother is his slave. He wants to give you to his sex club when you turn sixteen.”

Katie looked at me, “you know about mom and dad?”

I raised an eyebrow and she grinned, “sorry, I totally forgot.”

I reached out to feel her breasts and she shivered, “want to go to my room?”

I shook my head, “go pack a bag. I have a hotel room and want to fuck you all night.”

She laughed as she turned to run into the house. She was back in a couple of minutes wearing a skirt and white blouse. I knew she didn’t have panties or bra and took the bag she held. I started around the house and tossed the bag and sent it to the room and onto the bed. She grinned when she saw the old motorcycle and waited before climbing on behind me.

I only had one helmet and gave it to her and waited before actually starting the bike and driving away. I knew and felt Katie’s eagerness and drove straight to the hotel. When I closed the door to the room she was stripping. I started undressing but reached out around us to listen, look and read.

I moved towards Katie and the bed and absently moved her bag off. I laid her back and felt her body before she lifted and spread her legs, “fuck me.”

She was almost desperate in her need and I leaned over her and slowly pushed into her. She groaned as her tight pussy was spread and stretched by a cock for the first time. I leaned down to kiss her as I started fucking her with deep thrusts. Her pussy felt amazing, warm, slippery and almost velvety as it grasped and squeezed my cock.

Each time I buried my cock in her I humped, pressed or ground. It was only a minute before she was jerking and spasmed as she wailed and howled. I fucked her harder and she thrashed around as her slippery pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I groaned as I shoved into her and pressed hard.

My cock throbbed and jerked before suddenly peeing a thick stream of sperm. She jerked and clutched me as she held her hips up, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until her pussy was slimy. I kissed her as she panted and pulled out and used some of the leaking cum. I knew she used an anal plug and pushed and pressed against her ass. She looked at me as she lifted and spread her legs. Her ass relaxing and I started slowly fucking into her.

She groaned and shuddered as I leaned over to kiss her and pushed deeper. I kept fucking her but used one hand to start rubbing and fingering her clit and pussy. Katie jerked and spasmed as her ass squeezed my cock and then she howled and started thrashing around, “yyyeeessss!”

I fucked her with long strokes that kept burying my cock in her. It was several more minutes before I shoved into her and held her as I gushed more cum. She jerked and arched her back when she felt warm sperm pumping into her bowels, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and shivering. I pulled out of her and pulled her up and off the bed, “come wash cumslut.”

She grinned as I pulled her into the bathroom and the shower. I washed her pussy and ass before getting out and drying her off. I pushed her towards her clothes, “do you want me to keep fucking you?”

She nodded and laughed, “I want to do everything.”

I brought my pack to me and removed some of the money I had taken. I sent it back to her house and onto her bed, “now I have bought you.”

She laughed as she finished dressing and I started. I held her hand when we left and we rode to a local movie theater. We watched a movie and then I took her to a restaurant before returning to the hotel. I kept reaching out to check around us and even further away to those that hunted me. Of course they were still trying to decide on what to do now.

I fucked Katie until three in the morning before letting her sleep. I knew she was sore as soon as I opened my eyes. I leaned over and sucked on her nipple, “take your birth control.”

I rolled out of bed and reached out again as I walked into the bathroom. I pulled and she appeared as I was stepping into the shower, “we can fuck when you are not sore. Today we shop and I take us to Japan to buy a girl.”

I kissed her softly, “I can see what you are thinking remember?”

She grinned and then laughed, “can I lick her pussy?”

I fingered her pussy and she shuddered as her legs bowed. After our shower I watched her dress and she wasn’t wearing panties or bra again. This time I called a taxi to take us to a mall where we had breakfast before Katie started shopping. I grinned when she pulled me into the lingerie store.

She bought a cat suit and a couple of sheer night gowns as well as crotchless panties. She stayed away from pants and bought skirts and thin almost see through blouses. She did buy a long fur coat and I laughed when I saw the image of her naked in it. After we got back to the hotel she put everything in the large suitcase I had bought for her.

While she was packing I reached out and began searching. I found the girl I wanted in northern Japan. Her name was Arashihana or Ari as she like her friends to call her. She wanted sex almost as much as Katie but family honor and tradition got in her way. I had Katie wait and took half the money I had left before vanishing.

I went to a dozen international airports to exchange US dollars for Japan yen. I returned and Katie jumped as I went to pack, “ready to go?”

She grinned, “yeah.”

I nodded to her suitcase and shouldered my pack. I reached out and found the large comfortable hotel I wanted and pulled. We appeared outside the front doors and Katie gasped, “wow!”

I grinned as I took her hand and pulled her after me, “first we get a room for a couple of days. Then I go visit Arashihana’s father and buy her. After I return we go out for dinner and then we ask Arashihana if she wants to fuck.”

Katie laughed and squeezed my hand, “sounds like a good plan.”

Normally I would have needed a passport but the clerk ignored that as he checked us in. The room was actually a small suite. I left Katie in the room after the bellman led us to it. The house I went to was nice but I could hear a what Arashihana’s father was thinking. It didn’t even take manipulation to get him to accept the money I offered.

I waited as a frightened Arashihana packed and came out. I took her suitcase and then her hand as we walked away. As soon as we were out of sight I jumped us to the hotel room. Katie turned from putting clothes in the dresser, “just in time, I left her room in the dresser.”

Arashihana looked a little wide eyed as I set her suitcase down and turned her so she was looking at me, “you wanted to have sex didn’t you?”

She looked at Katie and then at me before nodding. I smiled, “I want sex too.”

She smiled and glanced at my crotch before looking into my face as she became horny. I caressed a cheek, “I can see what you are thinking but I was thinking about having dinner and then we can spend the night fucking.”

Arashihana looked at Katie and I grinned, “last night was her first time and we fucked a lot so she is sore today, she wants to lick your pussy though.”

Arashihana grinned and looked at a blushing Katie, “okay.”

Her English wasn’t that bad and I smiled before floating her suitcase towards the dresser. I pulled out some money and took their hands as I led them out and down to a nice restaurant. Dinner was different but Ari as she said to call her talked a little and explained. After dinner we held hands and went for a walk outside.

When we returned to the suite I could feel how excited she was. Katie pulled her into the bathroom as I undressed and turned the sheets back on the wide bed. When they came out they were naked. I turned onto my side as Ari laid down blushing and Katie moved down between her legs. When she began to lick through her pussy Ari shivered and started lifting her hips.

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and jerked as her hips thrust up harder. Katie finally lifted her wet face and grinned at me as she moved. I moved over Ari as I positioned my cock and pushed into her. I held still as Ari gasped and hugged me, she didn’t have her cherry because she broke it masturbating.

She needed time to adjust to my thick cock so I started kissing her. It was a couple of minutes before I began humping and pushing my cock deeper. Ari shuddered as I began to fuck her and finally my cock was hitting and pressing against her cervix. I continued to fuck her slowly but used long, deep strokes.

She was lifting her hips to meet me and clutched me as her tight pussy rippled around my cock. Katie pressed against me, “harder.”

I smiled because Ari agreed in her mind and I began to fuck her hard and deep. Her pussy grasped and started squeezing as she jerked and wailed. I kept fucking her and kissing her as she clung to me. She jerked and thrashed a few minutes later as she wet me and I buried my cock. I kissed her passionately as my cock erupted and I began to gush cum.

She screamed as warm sperm was suddenly pumping through her cervix, “YES!”

She spasmed and jerked as I spewed and spurted until I was done. I held her with my cock still throbbing as she slowly calmed down. I pulled out and kissed Katie before turning Ari onto her stomach, “lick her leaking pussy.”

Katie grinned as she moved between her legs and pushed them open before she went back to licking her. Ari shuddered and tilted her hips as Katie licked through her cummy slit and pushed her tongue into her. She curled it to bring the cum out before going back to licking and sucked.

Ari jerked and shuddered hard as she pushed back and Katie grinned at me as she moved, “fuck her again.”

I moved up and pushed into her slick pussy and started to fuck her. She thrust and shoved back as her tight pussy grasped my cock, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she began to spasm and kick the bed. It was several minutes before I slowed and buried my cock. Ari was shaking and jerking as her pussy clenched and grasped. I humped and jabbed as I tried to cum, knowing she was incoherent. A couple of minutes later I shoved into her as far as I could before pumping large spurts of cum.

She jerked and spasmed with each jet I put in her and a moan escaped. When I was done I pulled out and moved aside before rolling her over. Katie giggled as she looked into Ari’s glazed eyes. I fucked her for a couple of hours before she was ready to stop. I pulled up the blankets as they snuggled up against each side of me.

I reached out and around to check everything before closing my eyes. My eyes snapped open to darkness and I reached for the thought that had awakened me. I sat up as I read his thoughts and pulled everything we had together and disappeared with the two sleeping girls. I glanced at the bunkhouse before reached halfway around the world.

The four teams screamed as the headsets melted along with all their equipment. I reached past them to the ones that had sent them and the room they were in was ripped apart as they screamed and dropped to their knees blind. I searched and found everything related to me and destroyed it before looking in the computers.

They sparked and smoked before melting and I pulled back. I looked back at the hotel and searched for another. I reached out to fill out and register before taking a room key. I pulled everything together again and vanished with the girls and appeared to gently lower them onto the bed. I gestured and sent everything into the dresser before crawling in beside Katie.

I closed my eyes and woke to Katie pushing me onto my back and throwing a leg over my waist. I smiled and reached up to cup a breast, “need something?”

She grinned, “Yeah.”

I pulled her down and rolled away from Ari as I thrust into Katie and began to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and she started grunting as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. She humped up each time I thrust into her and a minute later she shuddered hard and wet me as she wailed, “aaaahhhhh!”

Ali giggled and moved to rub against us as I continue to fuck Katie. She clutched me and spasmed as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. I moved at Ari’s thought and she kissed Katie passionately. I lifted up but fucked her hard and deep and she started thrashing around as she clung to her new friend.

It was a few minutes before I buried my cock and pushed as I pumped and spewed. Katie jerked as her tight pussy grasped my cock and screamed while holding Ari, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming she groaned and relaxed. I pulled out and turned to kiss Ari before moving off the bed. I knew she was sore and Katie was satisfied for now. I heard Ari thinking they needed another girl and grinned at her, “know of a horny girl that would like to love us?”

Katie looked at me and then at Ari before grinning, “after breakfast you can look for a horny girl that likes other girls too.”

I told Ari what she said and she grinned and nodded. I pulled them into the bathroom and showered before we got dressed. I led them out and read everyone around us as we went down to eat. While they giggled together I reached out around us and then went farther. I stopped when I found Silvia and grinned.

I took the girls out for a walk in a park and stopped when we had bushes around us. They looked at me and I squeezed their hands before pushing. We appeared outside an apartment complex and I led the way in and up. I unlocked a door and led the two girls into a bare apartment and down a hall.

I opened the door and we looked in at a white haired girl fucking her pussy with a brush as she looked at naked pictures of other girls. I left Katie and Ari and crossed to the bed before reaching out. I turned her as she jerked and tried to cover up. I opened my pants as she looked around with wide eyes and bent to spread her legs again.

I pushed and sank my cock all the way into her, “we are looking for a girl we can fuck.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed and licked her lips, “we?”

I looked at the door and she turned to look around me. Katie waved and Ari smiled before pulling her blouse off and walking in. Silvia shuddered as she humped up and looked at me, “all of you are going to fuck me?”

I started fucking her with long thrusts, “isn’t that what you want?”

She groaned and shook as she humped and her pussy tightened, “da.”

I continued to fuck her as Ari sat and reached out to caress Silvia hip, “she’s pretty.”

A minute later Katie was sitting on the other side and rubbing her butt as he held her legs up and shook. I buried my cock to hump and jab as her tight pussy gripped my cock and she wailed. She started thrashing and bucking as her pussy milked my cock and I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep.

Several minutes later she was clutching me as I shoved into her and kissed her while pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked as warm sperm gushed into her and then sighed, “I like fucking very much.”

I grinned as I stopped and pulled out before standing. Katie and Ari turned her and they both started taking turns licking her leaking pussy. She moaned and shuddered as I moved around and sat before taking her hand, “want to come with us?”

She spasmed and jerked as Ari and Katie giggled and sat up. I waited and Silvia took a deep breath before nodding. I stood and went to put my pants on as the girls helped her dress and then pack. I brought us back to the hotel and caught Katie. I touched her mind as I taught her how to understand both Ari and Silvia.

I kissed her and let her go before pulling Ari to me as Silvia looked around. I taught them each how to understand English, Russian and Japanese before they helped Silvia put her clothes away. We walked and enjoyed the day but I always reached out to read those around us. After dinner and a movie we went back to the room.

We undressed and Ari pressed against me, “fuck me?”

I smiled as the other girls moved to the other side of the bed and kissed Ari. I laid her down and kissed down her body before licking through her pussy and nibbling on her clit. She arched her back and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit and sucking while I teased it. She jerked and humped as I kept licking her and wiggling my tongue on her clit. Katie was laid back with Silvia down between her legs licking her pussy. She was moaning and shuddering as she humping up.

I kept teasing Ari before she finally covered her pussy and I moved up. I checked around me as I pushed into her and kissed her while I began to fuck her. I used long deep thrusts as her almost hot pussy gripped my cock and tightened. She shuddered and humped while clinging to me. I continued to fuck her as Katie and Silvia switched places and Ari began to wail.

She writhed around while her slippery pussy squeezed and milked my cock. Soon she was bucking and thrashing as she raised her legs into the air. I planted my cock and pushed while grinding. She howled and squirted as I fucked her hard and deep. A few more minutes and I was shoving into her as I pumped spurts of cum.

I held her while she spasmed and jerked and her pussy milked the sperm into her. When I was finished she sighed in regret and I kiss her and grinned at Katie, “Cream?”

She laughed as I pulled out and moved down with Silvia to lick Ari’s leaking pussy. We live on a small island in the south china sea now. The girls have had children and we do tend to travel when the mood hits. So far no other government or agency has tried anything which is good because all my children have talent and I am teaching them how to use it.
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