Trapped lovers only have one day together
We stand together
Rowan and Ash
Forever pining for each other
Always close but so very far

My skin dark
His skin fair
We were never meant to be

And yet still we wait
Forever it seems
For a union that can never be
Silent and longing


Until the day
Only once a year
When the nymphs dance
And the sprites play

Our stiff limbs stretch
Our bodies move
We reach for each other
We cling to each other

My lips red
His hair white
Our bodies one
Supple and strong

Rubbing together
Exquisite friction


Until again we stand together
Together yet all alone
Our day has passed
Only memories linger

But maybe...
Something else?

A simple fluttering
A change in my unchanging form
A life anew
A seed to grow

My lover and I
Sway happily in the warm breeze
Perhaps we are not alone after all?

But my skin is dark
His skin is fair
My lips are red
His hair is white
And we were never meant to be

They steal my love from me
They tear him from my side
They cut him down in his prime
They haul his body away

Once we stood together
Now I truly stand alone

I weep for him my Ash
My tears thick and sticky
I groan his name in the chilling wind
From lips that have lost their red

With the warmth comes our youngling
In the Spring's loving embrace
With her growth returns my happiness
In the Summer returns my grace

Fair skin
With red lips
Our union created she
Surely she was meant to be

We stand together my Ash and me
Our leaves ruffling in the wind

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2014-02-27 05:06:58
that was a really sad poem, but it was wonderful...

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-07 21:35:57
wow alexander i can totally rlate im brown skined and my secret crush is fair skinned and im a girl and im taller than him by just a little soooooooo yeah you kno plus we are friends and there was a point when he wasnt talking to me and i realized that though i would like for him to love back and us be an item i cant function without his friendship and steelkat alex has inspired me to the point were maybe i can write a poem to you two that is if you and alex would provide me a little in fo on your current love life(or i could just make it up your choice but i would prefer the first option)

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-10 13:17:53
You are an amazing writer

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-09 00:36:19
Hello Kat,
Thanks you *getting red* and im really glad that you love it so much.
I had really feared that i overstept a border and that you maybe mad at me.

And damn i have forget to add in my last comment the n't at could it should said: "Ok im hoping your are not mad, but i couldn't really resist."

To Asmodeus: Yeah totaly forget that it had made the suggestion to give here a maid, jes where is my head :D and im really glad that you like the idea so much that you build it in.
Thats honor me :). *bow low* Thank you.

Greetings for all heart and take care



2013-07-07 04:41:04
Alexander, that was lovely! Thank you so much for not only taking the time to read my poem and comment but also for the honour you grant me by posting your own poetry about me and my writing! I feel truly humbled. And I hope you feel pride in knowing that your ideas from the previous Asmodeus chapter inspired the newest one :) thank you so much!!

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