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Claw was a Khagiit who lived in Elsweyr. He was a merchant, and was planning to travel all over Tamriel to sell his goods. Before he left his homeland, he met a female Khagiit named Pussy. Claw was very lonely. They fucked. She lay back on the bed spreading her kegs, while Claw pounded his hard furry cock into Pussy's tight pussy. He then moaned "I'm cuuuuming!" He shot his seed deep within her vagina, up into her womb. Claw then traveled to to Valenwood. In Valenwood Claw fucked a Bosmer. She lay on her back, and tucked her legs in. Claw then fucked her fast and hard in the ass with his nice feline dick. He then had an orgasm, and jizzed deep into her bowels. Next claw went to the Summerset Isles. There he met an Altmer. She sucked his hard furry cock until he shot his semen down her throat. Claw next traveled to Hammerfell. In Hammerfell he eat out a red guard. She was moaning in pleasure as he licked and sucked on her vagina. Then claw went to High Rock. In High Rock a Breton girl gave Claw a hand job. He was softly moaning and purring in pleasure as she stroked his hard cock. Then he cummed all over her when he had an orgasm. Claw then went to Skyrim. In Skyrim he fingered a Nord. He fingered her vagina. She was moaning in pleasure. Then as he was softly scraping her clitoris with his claw she had an orgasm. Then Claw journeyed to Cyrodiil. In Cyrodiil, he fucked an Imperial in the vagina. She was leaning against the side of a building while Claw was fucking her tight wet slit. He then jizzed deep into her vagina. Still in Cyrodiil, Claw found a homeless Imperial girl. She was thirteen years old. Claw said "I'll give you fifty septims if you suck on my penis until I jizz." She said "Okay sir." She then knelt down and started to suck on Claw's hard cock. He moaned out "I'm cuuuuuming!" as he shot his warm juice down her throat. He then gave her the gold, and left. Claw then went to Morrowind. In Morrowind he fucked a dunmer. Claw was laying on a bed, as the dunmer girl was riding his hard furry erection. He yelled "Ohhh yes!" and he jizzed deep within her vagina. Next Claw went to Black Marsh. In Black Marsh he met a female argonian. He fucked her in the anus. Both of them were moaning and groaning. Then Claw moaned "ahhhhh" and he cummed in her ass. Then, a male argonian sucked Claw's dick. Claw cummed down his throat. Next Claw went back to Morrowind. In Morrowind he sucked a dunmer's hard dick. The elf was moaning and shot his cum into Claw's mouth. Claw loved the taste and swallowed it all. The Claw went to Cyrodiil. He met an imperial guy. The man gave Claw a hand job. Claw said "cuuuuming!" as he jizzed. Claw went to Skyrim. He met a Nord. The Nord lay down on a bed naked, as Claw stroked the Nord's hard and large erection. When the man cummed, his semen got all over his lower torso. Claw lapped it all up and swallowed. This Khagiit really liked cum! Then Claw went to High Rock. He met a Breton. The Breton guy leaned up against a tree in the woods, as he slammed his hard dick into the boy's ass. Claw moaned "I'm cuuuuming!" Claw shot his semen deep into the guy's rectum. Claw went to Hammerfell. Claw lay on the bed, on his back, spreading his legs apart. The red guard fucked him in the ass with his big black cock. The pressure on his prostate was causing Claw to moan. Claw then had an orgasm and cummed. The red guard then sent his hot seed deep into Claw's anus. Next Claw went to the Summerset Isles. He and an Altmer were fucking dogging style. Claw was pounding the male elf's anus. Claw then moaned "oh yeah." He sent his cum into the Altmer's asshole. Then Claw went to Valenwood. A male Bosmer sucked on Claw's sexy feline wood. Claw then yelled "ahhhh yeeeeeaaas!" Claw cummed down the bosmer's throat. Finally, Claw returned to Elsweyr. Claw met another Khagiit. His name was Buoy. Claw then sucked Buoy's hard dick. Buoy moaned "Oh yes I'm cumming!" Claw loved the taste of Buoy's semen. He swallowed all of the cum. They then decided to be lovers. They were afraid people would try to hurt them. They decided to live in the mountains of Skyrim where no one would find them. They then traveled together to Skyrim. Whenever they would stop at an inn for the night on the way, they would do all sorts of hot sexual things with eachother. Then they got to their cabin in the mountains of Skyrim.

Hoan Vegars just got put of the shower, so he was naked. Hoan then found a gold ring with a sapphire on it on the floor. He picked it up. Carved on the surface of the gem was the Skyrim dragon logo thing. Hoan had never seen this ring before so he put it on. Joan got teleported, and was right outside of Windhelm. He found a long bow, a quiver full of fifty iron arrows, and a bag full of septims. Hoan went into the city. Since he was naked, he ran very quickly to the city market. Hoan used all of his gold to buy under garments, an iron helmet, a stormcloak cuirass, steel cuffed boots, and steel Nordic gauntlets. Hoan put his clothes and armor on, and walked around  Windhelm. Hoan put the ring in his pocket. While walking around Hoan met an man with brown hair and beard who had the same armor he had, besides this man's armor was upgraded and enchanted. The man said "Who are you?" Hoan replied with "My name is Hoan Vegars." The man said "I am Robert E. Lee, the Dovahkiin." They then went into Robert's house, Hjerim. In his house Hoan met three peoe. He met Robert's wife Uthgerd. She was wearing steel plate armor and had a steel great sword. Hoan then met Lydia who had steel armor and the Axe of Whiterun. Hoan also met a man named Calder. He has steel armor and a steel war axe. Robert then showed Hoan his weapons collection. Robert told Hoan of Claw, and where he was. Hoan then told Robert his story, and showed him the ring. Robert read engravings in the middle of the ring. It said that if you put it on one way you go to Tamriel, and you go to America if you where it the other way. Hoan now knew how to go back, but he knew he had to take down claw first. Robert gave Hoan the ring, which Hoan put back in his pocket. He then told Robert of his plan to kill the two Khagiits. Robert liked his plan. They then talked about how Jesus and Talos were the same person. Robert then gave Hoan a gift. It was an ancient Nord sword of flames called The Blade of the South. Although is didn't have one when he found it, Robert had made a scabbard for the sword. They said goodbye, and Hoan left. Hoan was now outside of Claw's house with his bow and an arrow ready. He opened the door and found Claw and Buoy on a bed. Claw was fucking his lover in the ass. Claw saw the man, pulled out, and ran out the back door naked with his dick flopping around. Hoan then shot Bouy. The arrow went through the Khagiit's eye and into his head. Buoy fell off the bed and onto the floor, dead. Hoan then followed Claw into the night. Claw was trying to scale down some cliffs, and Hoan ran after him. Hoan dropped and dropped his bow and quiver off a big cliff. He watched as the arrows fell out of the quiver was plummeting towards the ground. Hoan stood up, and drew his sword. He ran after Claw. Hoan then slashed Claw in the right shoulder, leaving a deep cut. Due to the sword's enchantment, Claw burst into flames. Claw was flailing around, and by the time the fire went out he had fallen to the ground. Hoan then plunged his blade down into Claw's chest. As he pulled his sword out the blood started to gush out of Claw's wound. Claw was dead. Hoan then cleaned his blade off with a rag, and resheathed his sword. He then teleported back into his house. Hoan took off the ring, and hid it somewhere in his house where no one could steal it.
The End

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What the heck?! Is this about where he went, who he fucked and what he said while cuming?? WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF???!!!
You are a total mad man.. Or woman.. Or whatever! I will give you 1 credit, it made me double over with laughter.

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2013-08-15 05:37:03
btw, the "skyrim dragon logo thing" is called the sign of the dragonborn, and a suggestion for you is to make the story go WAY slower, and add more details. Also, WHY DID THE GAY DUDES HAVE TO DIE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I mean, I'm not gay, but why should people have to die so unfairly?

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Ummm, dude how old are you.. 9? And this story just got weirder and wierder until it got gay! Nothin against gays, just not my cup of tea

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What the fuck ..... :/

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Stop writing dirty stories or I'll tell your parents!

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