Paula had never considered herself to be a paedophile until the day little Amy knocked on her front door.
Six-year-old Amy Banks was playing happily in her bedroom, dressing up some of her dolls. Although it was a beautiful summer’s day outside, Amy was playing indoors because all of her friends seemed to have chores to do or were out with their parents. She was dressed in a pale lemon summer dress and had white socks and sneakers on her feet. The sneakers were untied of course, because she wasn’t a geek!

She hummed a little tune to herself as she played and her head snapped up when she heard her mother call on her from downstairs. Jumping to her feet, she pointed at her dolls that were all lying in a straight line on the floor, and after admonishing them to be good while she was away, the little girl skipped out of her room and went downstairs.

She found her mother in the kitchen spoon-feeding Amy’s young brother who was only eighteen months old. When she entered the room her mother smiled at her and asked, “Would you be a good girl and do something for me Amy?”

“Sure Mommy,” the preteen replied. “What do you need me to do?”

The woman pointed to a large brown envelope on the table and said, “I need you to take that to Paula Wild. It’s some papers for the Gym membership and she has to sign some things and initial others so she can sponsor me for membership, and then you can bring the papers back to me.”

Seeing that some of what she had just said had gone completely over her daughter’s head, she smiled again as she said, “Don’t worry Amy. Paula will know what to do, okay?”

The child nodded her head and she picked up the envelope and skipped happily out of the house.


Paula Wild was thirty-one years old and lived alone a few houses down the street from where Amy lived. She regularly used a very popular gym in town, which had a lot to do with her firm and toned body, and she had agreed to sponsor Amy’s mother’s application for membership. She wasn’t quite a recluse, but she didn’t take much to do with her neighbours and for such a strikingly beautiful woman with an amazing body, there was a distinct lack of any male visitors to the house.

It only took Amy a few minutes to reach her front door and ring the bell. A few moments later, it was opened and Paula smiled when she saw the little girl and said, “Hello Amy. What a nice surprise.”

“Hello Mrs. Wild,” Amy replied, kind of shyly because she was talking to a grown-up, and she pranced from one foot to the other as she held out the envelope and continued, “My Mom wanted me to give you this.”

“Thank you,” Paula said, taking it out of her hand, and she then stood to the side and said, “Why don’t you come on in. I know what this is and it will take me a few minutes to sort it out.”

The preteen happily followed Paula into a living room and the woman pointed to a large leather seat and said, “Make yourself comfortable Amy. I’m just going to sit at the table and read this.”

While Paula sat down and pulled the papers out of the envelope, Amy looked around the room and then her eyes fell on a magazine lying on the small table that was beside her chair. She picked it up and flicked through the pages, but it seemed to be all about fashion and make-up, so it didn’t really interest her. She was about to put it back down, when she noticed that it had been covering a smaller glossy type magazine.

Picking it up, Amy leafed through the pages and her brow wrinkled in confusion. This wasn’t like any magazine she had ever seen before because every page was covered with pictures of naked and semi-naked women. Sometimes they were pictured alone and sometimes there were two women together, but the one thing that the pictures all had in common were that none of the women were wearing panties and she could the slits between their legs. They looked just like the little hole between her own legs, except a bit bigger, and she almost giggled when she saw that one woman had hair all around her slit.

Turning another page, Amy became motionless and she stared and stared at the image. This woman had her finger in her slit, just like Amy sometimes did. The little girl had thought that she was the only person who did this and she always did it in secret because it was wrong and dirty!

Just at that moment, Paula Wild lifted her head from the papers she was reading and glanced over at the preteen. She did the classic double take when she suddenly recognised the magazine the child was reading and she groaned silently at her stupidity at leaving it lying around.

She stared at Amy, but the little girl was much too engrossed in the pages of the publication to even notice. Chewing on her bottom lip, Paula tried to work out some way to get the magazine away from the preteen, but she didn’t want to alarm her or to embarrass her. Paula Wild was a practising lesbian, but she was careful to keep that fact hidden from her neighbours and the last thing she wanted was for Amy to run back to her mother with graphic descriptions of the magazines that Mrs Wild had lying about her house!

Quietly putting down the papers, Paula stood up and crossed over to Amy who was still looking at the publication. Sneaking a look at what she was staring at, she saw that it was a close up of a teenage girl sliding a finger into her cunt. It suddenly struck her that Amy hadn’t turned a page for a long time and that she seemed fixated on that one picture.

Maybe Amy heard a noise, or maybe Paula’s shadow fell across her, but something made the child look up and she stared straight into the woman’s face. While Paula desperately tried to think of something to say to explain the pornographic images, Amy seemed unconcerned as she held up the magazine and said, “I’ve never seen a picture like that before.”

Paula was now standing in front of the child, and she detected a strange inflection in what Amy had said that hinted a relief. Dropping onto her knees on the floor, Paula smiled reassuringly at the little girl as she responded, “Really? It’s just a picture of a girl putting her finger in her cunt. All girls do that you know. I’ll bet you’ve done it as well.”

Once more the child’s forehead wrinkled in confusion and Paula didn’t get the answer she was fishing for and instead Amy asked, “What’s a cunt?”

Again Paula groaned silently as she realised what she had said, it would have been a lot better to call it a slit or maybe even a pussy, even although she hated that particular word. There was little else she could do but reply, “That’s what the hole between your legs is called. What do you call it?”

Amy considered the question and then answered, “My Mommy calls it my trickle.”

When Paula nodded her head Amy lowered her voice and whispered, “My friends and I call it our pee hole.”

Paula laughed softly as she said, “Pee hole is better Amy, but even that is a little girl word, and you’re all grown up, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Amy replied proudly as she sat up straighter in the seat and pushed back her shoulders, “I’m six now.”

“I thought so,” Paula said. “So tell me Amy, what do you have between your legs?”

“A cunt,” the preteen replied with a triumphant grin, pleased that the woman hadn’t been able to trick her into using baby words again. “I have a cunt!”

“Good girl,” Paula enthused and she felt a tingle flow through her body and go straight to her sex.

This conversation was clearly wrong and she should stop it now and take the glossy publication away from the six year old, but she didn’t want to. Trying to convince herself that it was okay because they were just talking, she wanted to steer the conversation back to where it had been heading and she pointed down at the picture and asked, “Do you like that picture Amy?”

When the preteen nodded her head Paula could feel her heart rate increase as she said, “I think that girl in the picture must like having her finger in her cunt because she’s smiling. I know that I like it when I put my finger in my hole.”

Amy didn’t say anything in response, but she nibbled on her bottom lip with her teeth as if working out if she should speak or not. After a few seconds of silence, Paula asked softly, “Do you put your finger in your cunt Amy?”

That was the question she had wanted to ask for the last five minutes and it was also the question the young girl had been both anticipating and expecting.

The indecision was written all over Amy’s face as she struggled to answer. She had previously thought that what she did was wrong and dirty and that she would have to keep it a secret. She knew that she wouldn’t stop doing it because it made her feel good, but now this woman was trying to tell her that what she did was normal and that every girl did it!

She glanced up at Paula’s face and then back down at the photograph before she made a decision and nodded her head.

It both surprised and pleased her when Paula clapped her hands together and said, “Clever girl Amy. You are very grown-up, aren’t you?”

The preteen nodded her head, and then she thought hard when Paula asked, “How does it make you feel when you have your finger in your cunt Amy?”

“Nice,” the child replied, but then shook her head and whispered to herself, “No, that’s not right!”

Paula waited patiently for Amy to be able to express herself, and eventually the little girl said, “I makes me feel all tingly and fuzzy most of the time, but sometimes it makes me feel really tingly and I cant stop twitching and shivering. Those are the best times, but they don’t happen that often.

As she spoke those words, Paula didn’t even realise that her hand was resting on the child’s bare knee and that her fingers were just under the hem of her dress.

“Wow,” the woman gasped as she realised the implications of what the child was telling her.

It would seem that not only did Amy play with herself, but she was also able to make herself cum. That was a startling realisation for Paula, who didn’t think that a six year old would be able to do that!

Staring into the preteens face, Paula said, “You are an amazing little girl Amy.”

The pleasure was shown on Amy’s face by a wide grin and she was very pleased to be praised this way. Feeling a lot more relaxed now that she had confessed, and that Paula understood and accepted what the preteen was doing, Amy lost all of her embarrassment and she listened as Paula said, “After I have put my finger in my cunt, I normally pull it back out and smell it.”

To illustrate what she was saying, she raised the middle finger of the hand that wasn’t on Amy’s knee and brought it to her nose, before she continued, “Do you do that to.”

“Yes,” the six year old admitted without hesitation. “I like the smell of my fingers after they’ve been in my cunt.”

The preteen was really enjoying using this new found word for her pee hole, and every time she did so, the woman would shiver very slightly and she could feel that her sex was getting wet.

This would be the perfect time to finish signing the papers, get rid of Amy and masturbate, but the idea was quickly rejected and she now became aware of where her hand was and she couldn’t resist sliding it up Amy’s inner thigh, just about half an inch more.

She could feel the warmth of the little girl’s skin on the palm of her hand, and it might just have been her imagination, but Paula thought that Amy had opened her legs a little bit. She smiled at the preteen and whispered, “I bet I know what you do with your fingers after you’ve sniffed them!”

Amy bit her bottom lip again, suddenly uncomfortable, because she would bet anything that Paula couldn’t guess that. What Amy did was disgusting and one of her darkest secrets that she wouldn’t ever tell anybody.

Paula hardly noticed the child’s discomfort because her eyes were on the tips of her fingers that had disappeared under the hem of Amy’s dress, and she continued, “I’ll bet that you lick your fingers, just like I do!”

The six year old was dumbstruck! Not only had the woman guessed her secret, but also she had admitted doing it herself. Amy couldn’t help gasping, “You do? You lick your fingers?”

“Of coarse I do silly, Paula said, sliding her hand another half an inch up Amy’s thigh. “I love the taste of cunt. Don’t you?”

Without thinking about her reply, the six year old nodded her head vigorously and then brought her head close to Paula’s to whisper something secret. She wasn’t sure that she should reveal this to the woman, but they both seemed to like the same things, so she said, very quietly, “You remember I told you that sometimes I twitch and shake?”

Paula nodded and the preteen continued, “Well, when that happens, my fingers get all sticky and wet and they’re the best to put in my mouth.”

A sudden thought raced into Amy’s brain and she suddenly hissed, “I don’t mean that its pee. It’s not pee, honest!”

“I know it’s not pee Amy,” Paula said, now moving her hand to rub up and down the inside of the child’s inner thigh. “Its called cunt juice and I know that it tastes wonderful.”

The six year old automatically opened her legs because the woman’s hand felt nice rubbing her like that and she smiled happily as she absorbed the information about the cunt juice. She knew that she had been right in believing that it wasn’t pee on her fingers and she was very pleased that Paula liked the taste of it as well.

The woman was encouraged when Amy had opened her legs and she kept on rubbing her slowly and gently, but was careful not to touch her panties. Not wanting the conversation to stall, Paula asked, “Is there anything else that you put in your cunt Amy?”

The girl thought for a moment before she answered, “Sometimes I put my school pencil up there. It doesn’t feel as good as my finger, but I can push it in really deep!”

“Ooooohhh, that sounds like fun,” Paula said, carefully filing away the “really deep” part of that revelation because it meant that Amy’s hymen must have already be broken, “I’ll have to try that Amy.”

The child nodded her head and Paula struggled not to laugh when the preteen said, “You can borrow my pencil if you want.”

“Thank you baby,” the woman replied, “But I think I’ve got one around here somewhere.”

Paula’s fingers were sliding slightly higher up Amy’s thigh and her wrist had scrunched up the hem of the dress until she could get a glimpse of the little girl’s panties. They were green cotton briefs with some form of motif on the front that she couldn’t quite make out. Sitting back onto her heels, Paula was finally able to see that the front of Amy’s underwear had a teddy bear on the front, and she said, “I love that little teddy-bear on your panties Amy.”

Without any embarrassment, the little girl grabbed the bottom of her dress and jerked it up to her waist as she looked down between her legs. The bear was holding a pink cushion in the shape of a heart and the preteen smiled as she said, “Yeah, its neat1 I’ve got other panties with teddies on them, but I like these best because they feel nice and tight over my cunt.”

The answer surprised Paula, but she could see that the panties were slightly too small for the child and although the teddy was perfectly visible, it was faded from repeated washing and the woman figured that Amy had owned the panties for some time. The material was tight enough to show the crease of her sex slit that was positioned exactly between the teddy-bear’s legs and Paula moistened her dry lips with her tongue before she said, “Is it alright if I touch the teddy-bear Amy.”

When the child nodded her head, Paula’s fingers pushed another inch up the little girl’s thighs until she was finally at the top. She lightly drew the back of her middle finger over the motif of the teddy, and when she slid it back down, she maintained the slight pressure until she was rubbing up and down the outline of Amy’s sex.

This really was as far as Paula wanted to go and very much further than she should have gone. She had just reluctantly decided that she had to pull her hand back when Amy did something unexpected. The preteen opened her legs wider and the most delicious moan of pleasure growled out of her throat.

“Do you like me touching you there Amy?” Paula asked in a quiet voice.

“Mmmmm, it’s nice,” the little girl breathed softly. “It feels good.”

Paula’s heart was beating wildly in her chest as she kept the gently pressure on the preteen’s cunt, and she turned over a page in the forgotten magazine that was still in Amy’s hands. Paula knew the glossy lesbian publication off by heart and she quickly flipped over a couple of pages to find the image she was looking for. Now the image was of two girls kissing each other and their fingers were between each other’s legs. One girl was naked and whilst the other one still had her panties on, they were pulled to the side to reveal her fuck hole to the camera.

Paula’s fingers gradually increased the pressure on Amy’s panty clad cunt as she whispered, “These two girls like touching each other too Amy. It’s nice to play with your cunt, but so much nicer when somebody plays with it for you.”

The little girl’s eyes were open wide as she stared at the picture and her mind was filled with new things. She had never considered that other girls would touch themselves between their legs, and certainly never thought and she would let somebody else touch her there. Paula’s fingers felt wonderful however and if other girls did it, Amy reasoned that she should be able to do it too!

As she stared at the magazine, her little butt was slowly grinding backwards and forwards on the seat, which was pressing her slit harder against Paula’s fingers, but also pulling the material of her panties tighter and making the material move over her cunt. The woman was certain that the preteen was in heat and she flicked over another few pages until Amy’s mouth dropped open in surprise at the photograph that was now in front of her.

One of the girls was lying on her back with her knees in the air and her feet flat on the floor. She had arched her back until just her shoulders and her feet were on the floor and opened her knees wide. The other girl’s face was between her friend’s legs and her mouth was firmly glued over her cunt.

“Fingers are great Amy, “Paula said as she watched the child stare at the photograph, “But mouths are even better!”

With her free hand, she pointed at the image and continued, “That girl will have her tongue up the other girl’s cunt and will be licking out all of her juices.”

Amy was dumbstruck at what she was seeing! She had never even considered this possibility and she automatically nodded her head when Paula said, “Of course, you can’t suck your own cunt, so you need a friend to do it for you.”

The little girl understood this very well and her stomach lurched when Paula added, “I’ve got lots of friends who lick my cunt for me, and I lick theirs as well.”

The woman knew the response she was hoping for, but she almost came in her panties when Amy looked up into her face and asked, “Will you lick my cunt for me?”

There it was! The question she prayed that the preteen would ask, and she had done exactly that. Paula found it hard to breathe as she contemplated the enormity of what was being asked of her, but her brain refused to focus on that fact for long. All she could think of was what Amy’s cunt would look, smell and taste like, and her own fuck hole continued to droll into the already wet crotch of her underwear.

“Are you sure you want me to do that Amy?” she asked huskily. “You know that you’ll have to take off your panties to let me lick you?”

The preteen gave her a look that clearly indicated that she thought that was a stupid remark, but rather than say anything cheeky, the child threw down the porn magazine and reached under her dress to pull off her underwear. Guessing her intentions, Paula stopped her by saying, “If we’re going to do this Amy, I think we should be comfortable. I always finger my cunt when I’m in bed, so come with me and we’ll go to my bedroom.”

That made complete sense to the little girl because she was always in her own bed when she touched herself, so she eagerly jumped to her feet and followed Paula to the living room door. The woman stopped when a thought suddenly struck her and she looked down at Amy and asked, “What about your Mom Amy? Will she wonder where you are and come looking for you?”

Amy chewed on her bottom lip because she realised that was indeed a possibility, and she slowly nodded her head and said, “Yeah, she might.”

“Okay,” Paula replied, “I think I’ll give her a phone call and tell her that you’re spending some time here.”

If that was meant to reassure the preteen, it had exactly the opposite effect and she gripped Paula’s arm in alarm as she hissed, “You’re not going to tell her what we are going to do are you?”

Paula tried not to smile at the absurdity of the question, but she gazed down at the little girl, as she replied, “Of course not Amy. This will be our secret and we won’t tell anybody about it. Right?”

“Right,” Amy agreed, with obvious relief, and she stood quietly while Paula called her mother and said something about giving Amy some milk and cookies for being such a good girl. As Paula listened, she could hear Amy’s little brother bawling the house down in the background and Amy’s mother seemed only too pleased to have someone else look after one of her children for a while.

Happy that everything was organised, Paula lead Amy into her bedroom, pausing only for a few seconds to make sure that the front door of the house was securely locked!

There were a few moments of embarrassed silence when they reached the bedroom, and Paula was unsure how to proceed. She didn’t just want to tell Amy to get her panties off and get onto the bed, even although she was desperate for that to happen, and the preteen was also looking slightly apprehensive and she swayed gently from one foot to the other.

Deciding to lead by example, Paula smiled down at the child and said, “Would you like to see my cunt first Amy?”

When the preteen nodded her head, Paula unzipped the back of the skirt she was wearing and let it fall to her ankles. Stepping out of it, Amy could see the blue panties Paula was wearing and the woman didn’t have to look down between her legs to know that her underwear would have a wet stain on the front.

She rubbed her fingers gently over her sex mound and said, “Can you see that my panties are wet Amy? Reading that magazine with you has made my panties all wet and sticky.”

The preteen was secretly relieved at that revelation because she could feel that her own underwear was wet and she answered, “That’s alright Paula. I’ve made my panties wet as well!”

That was music to Paula’s ears, and she wasted no more time as she slid her panties down to her ankles and Amy laughed as she kicked them into the air with one foot and caught them in her hand. The little girl only had a few seconds to look at Paula’s shaven cunt, before she turned her panties inside out and sniffed the crotch.

“Ooooohhhh, I love the smell of my wet panties. Would you like to smell them Amy?”

Without waiting for a reply, she held them out and the preteen stepped closer and buried her head into the wet fabric. The scent of aroused cunt was very strong and she grinned as she lifted her head and said, “Your cunt smells just like mine!”

The woman smiled and she opened her legs and rubbed her fingers over her cunt. This was both to satisfy her burning hole’s demand for some stimulation and because she wanted to get some of her juices onto her finger. Holding up her hand so that Amy could see the slime glisten on her fingers, the preteen watched as Paula pushed them into her mouth and noisily sucked them clean. Even before she was finished licking her fingers, her heart skipped a beat when Amy asked softly, “Can I taste your cunt too?”

“Of course you can baby,” Paula replied as she squatted down slightly and slid two fingers knuckle deep into her fuck tube.

She wriggled them around to make sure that as much slime as possible was clinging to them before she pulled them out and held out her hand to the child. Without hesitation, Amy opened her mouth and her little tongue caressed the woman’s fingers and licked off every last drop of her juices.

When she pulled her head back, Amy licked her lips and said, “I like the taste of your cunt Paula. It’s kind of like mine but different.”

Paula shook her head slightly, completely stunned that s six year old girl would be standing in her bedroom and calmly talking about how she liked the taste of her cunt. It felt surreal and bizarre, but that didn’t stop her mouth opening and she said, “Can I see your cunt now Amy?”

The little girl nodded her head and she pirouetted around until her back was to the woman before she looked over her shoulder and said, “Can you help me with the buttons?”

It was the first time that Paula noticed that the preteen dress buttoned up the back, and her fingers trembled as she opened them from the neckline, down to her tiny waist. When she was finished, Amy turned back to face her and shrugged out of the dress allowing it to fall to the floor. As Paula’s eyes were dropping to Amy’s panties, she stared in shock at the child’s nipples and muttered, “Fuck!”

Although Amy was completely flat chested, her pink nipples were almost half an inch long and rock hard. The bagginess of the dress had hidden them before, but now that her nipples were exposed, Paula couldn’t resist dropping to her knees and staring at them.

“Oh God, I love your nipples Amy,” she said. “Can I touch them?”

The little girl was surprised that Paula would want to touch her there, because Amy had never bothered about her nipples before. Looking down at her flat chest, she could see that they were longer than they normally were, and she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay, I guess.”

The tone of her voice made it clear that she would rather Paula concentrated on getting to her cunt, but the child stood patiently as the woman rolled the hard buds between her fingers. It made the preteen jump slightly, but when Paula bent her head forward and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth, the little girl couldn’t stop the soft moan that escaped her lips.

Sometimes, when she played with her cunt, it just didn’t seem to work for her. She would get the tingly feeling, but it would be at a very low intensity that just made her feel nice, but didn’t give her the awesome feeling she craved. She hated when that happened, and although she would finger her cunt for ages, nothing much would happen and she would normally have a restless night. She had no idea what being sexually frustrated meant, but she knew only too well what it felt like.

The reason that this flashed through her mind was that Paula’s sucking and licking of her nipple was giving her that tingly feeling in her cunt, even although no one was touching her between the legs. That was a revelation to the girl and she closed her eyes and focused on the fuzzy sensation in her slit, wondering how far it would go.

Paula was actually sucking quite gently on Amy’s erect nipples, uncertain how much pressure the little girl would like. She had been encouraged by the moan that she had heard and she moved her teeth onto the teat and lightly pulled them over the sensitive flesh.

The child’s response was immediate and she gasped a soft, “Oooohhhh,” and her body stiffened momentarily.

Paula was thrilled by her reaction, and so was Amy. Whatever the woman had just done to her made the tingly feeling inside her hole get better, and she pushed her chest harder against Paula’s face.

Although Paula’s mouth kept on licking and sucking, inside she was grinning at Amy’s reaction to her stimulation of her nipples and the woman’s nose could smell the clean scent from the preteen’s body, but that was almost completely overwhelmed by the smell of aroused cunt. Knowing that Amy was still wearing her panties and she wasn’t, Paula thought that it was her own fuck hole she was smelling because she was dripping wet. She had never considered herself to be a paedophile before, but there was something incredibly hot about what she was doing to this little girl and she had never been so horny in her life before.

Without actually thinking about what she was doing, it seemed natural for Paula to slide her fingers between Amy’s legs as she suckled on the nipple. Feeling the touch, the preteen immediately opened her knees wide and moaned loudly. The heat of the little girl’s sex radiated out onto Paula’s hand and she could easily feel the outline of the slit beneath the panties. It wasn’t Amy’s cunt she wanted however but her clit! The pleasure bud was tiny and almost impossible to feel through the material of her underwear, but years of lesbian loving had taught Paula exactly where it would be located. Pressing hard with the fingertip of her first finger and moving it around in small circles had the desired effect’ and although Paula couldn’t see what was happening, Amy’s eyes grew large in her head and her mouth fell open.

“It’s going to happen,” the preteen thought, both in wonder and delight. “It’s actually going to happen!”

That wonderful feeling that she could sometimes get was about to happen to her and the tingly and fuzzy feeling felt like it was spreading through her entire body. It made her somehow feel numb and also alive to every sensation but she had no time to think about anything else because her world exploded into colourful lights and sounds like rushing waterfalls. She had no idea that she was shuddering and shaking and Paula pulled her mouth back to watch her first six-year-old orgasm, but she kept her fingertip right on top of Amy’s pleasure bud. After a few seconds, and when the child began to convulse violently, the woman scooped her up into her arms and laid her thrashing body onto the bed.

Amy looked so gorgeous as she shuddered on the bed, dressed in nothing but her panties and a pair of untied sneakers. As she waited for the child to recover, Paula took off the rest of her clothes and stared at the growing stain that was spreading between Amy’s legs. The woman had no idea how wet such a young girl could get, but from the state of the preteen’s underwear, it was becoming obvious that Amy’s cunt was running with juices and girl cum.

Licking her lips in anticipation of what the panties were hiding, Paula waited until the little girl had recovered enough to let her eyes flutter open before she said, “That was a great cum Amy. You’re a very clever girl to be able to cum like that.”

The little girl loved the praise, but her brow wrinkled in confusion as she asked, “What’s a cum?”

“That’s what grow-ups call it when you get that lovely feeling in your cunt that makes you shudder and shake,” Paula informed her.

As she stored away that new word, she nodded her head and said, “It was a great cum. It made me feel awesome!”

The woman smiled as she said, “Are you going to take your panties off now Amy? I can’t wait to see your cunt!”

She had actually forgotten that she was still wearing them and she arched her back to lift her butt up from the bed and skimmed them down to her ankles. As she kicked them off, Paula could see that they were covered with her thick slime and she waited for a moment until Amy had relaxed back on the bed and opened her legs wide.

It was the first real look at the little girl’s slit and the sight almost took her breath away. Paula had seen many cunts before, but nothing came close to the image before her eyes. Although Amy was only six years old and still completely hairless, her fuck hole was a deep slit that was partially open. Her sex mound was swollen with her arousal and while the skin that covered the mound was flushed pink, it was nothing compared to the pinkness of the inside of her hole. Her panties had spread her slime all over her crotch and her juices were still trickling out of her cunt and filling up the room with her delicious scent.

The preteen held her breath as she watched Paula drop to her knees and crawl to the edge of the bed before the woman’s trembling fingers touched the inside of her thighs and pushed her legs further apart. With the suppleness that comes with youth, Amy was able to almost have her legs in the position of doing the splits without any pain or discomfort. The action pulled her little slit further apart and Paula could see the juices bubble inside the immature fuck tube.

Glancing up the child’s flat stomach and chest, she clearly saw the long, hard nipples pointing straight up at the ceiling before she locked her eyes onto the preteen face and said huskily, “God Amy, you have the most beautiful cunt in the world!”

The little girl grinned at what Paula had said, and although she was very pleased that the woman liked her cunt, Amy was much more interested in being touched, either by fingers or a mouth, but preferably both. She had cum once and Amy wondered if it would be possible for to do it again. She had never been able to bring herself off twice before and had started to think that it might not be possible.

Being a rather impatient little girl, Amy asked, “Are you going to suck my cunt now?”

“In a minute baby,” Paula replied hoarsely. “I still want to smell you properly.”

As she spoke she raised both hands up to the child’s cunt and gently pulled it further open. There was absolutely no sign that it was causing the preteen and discomfort or pain, so Paula pulled Amy’s cunt wide open and stared at the pink tube that was sticky bubbling with juice. Bending her head forward until her nose was almost inside the little girl’s slit, the woman inhaled noisily and savoured the delicious aroma

Paul’s nose was full of the smell of Amy’s aroused cunt and she kept her eyes wide open as she lowered her head and pushed her tongue out of her mouth. The woman was no stranger to eating cunt and knowing what they tasted like. Although every cunt tasted different, the differences were minor and subtle. At least they had been up to now!

Paula was completely unprepared for the flavour of Amy’s fuck hole and it exploded over her taste buds and made her senses reel. She actually felt dizzy with desire and lust as the sweetest juices she had ever experienced before trickled down her throat and her orgasm came from nowhere. One second and her cunt was tingling nicely, and the next, it intensified with the speed of a rocket and she shuddered and shook with her face still buried between the six year old girl’s legs.

She groaned loudly into the little girls slit as she felt her cum run down the inside of her thighs but Amy wasn’t even aware of what had happened. She was more concerned with her own pleasure and she humped her butt up at Paula’s face.

Once she was able to stop shuddering and to recover slightly, the woman pushed her tongue back into Amy’s cunt and wormed it as deep as she could get it. Sighing softly in satisfaction, the preteen loved the feeling of a tongue flicking about inside her hole and she could feel the now familiar fuzzy feelings start all over again.

She was thrilled to think that she might be able to cum again and she cried, “That feels so nice Paula. Please keep doing it to me!”

In actual fact, Paula had ignored the opportunity of pleasuring the little girl and her tongue was solely concentrating on pulling as much of her sweet nectar into her mouth as she could get. When she heard that the preteen was about to cum again, she reached up with her fingers to rub at her hard little clit, and a few moments later, Amy wailed loudly as she began to buck and writhe on the bed. Her succulent juices became thicker and even sweeter and Paula eagerly drank down all of her girl cum.

Paula’s fingers and tongue kept the child in climax for as long as she was able, but eventually the child’s cunt had taken enough stimulation and she squirmed back on the bed and cried, “No more now!”

Her chest was heaving and she found it hard to pull enough air into her lungs, but the ripples of ecstasy that were still coursing through her flesh were awesome. As the child surrendered completely to the sensations, Paula wiped her chin with the back of her hand and masturbated with the fingers of her other hand. Her juices were running down the inside of her thighs and although she had already orgasmed once, it did nothing to satisfy her. She knew that she had a thick green dildo in the nightstand next to the bed, but that wasn’t what she wanted either. As she watched the child twitch and shake as the final waves of pleasure shot through her body, Paula decided that what she actually needed was Amy’s hot little mouth sucking on her clit!

She lay down on the bed beside the recovering child and gently played with herself until Amy opened her eyes and smiled up at her. Paula’s cunt was demanding some serious action and her rock hard clit was throbbing with her desire, but she carefully controlled her voice as she smiled back at the child and asked, “Would you like to lick my cunt now Amy?

The six year old chewed slowly on her bottom lip as she considered her answer and for a few horrible moments, Paula thought she was going to refuse. That wasn’t what the little girl was thinking about however, and she eventually said softly, “I don’t know how to do that.”

Paula’s spirits soared when she realised that was the sole reason for Amy’s hesitation and she snuggled close to the little girl as she whispered, “Don’t worry baby. I’ll tell you what to do and you’ll soon be a great cunt lapper!”

The child was thrilled at the thought, and she eagerly scampered down the bed when Paula said, “You can start by kneeling between my legs. That way your mouth will be able to reach my cunt properly.

At the bottom of the bed, there was a wall of mirrored wardrobes and Paula stared at the sight of the little girl’s naked body on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Amy’s aroused cunt and tightly closed little asshole were beautifully framed in the mirror and Paula’s heart was pounding in her chest as she drank in the erotic image. She could have stared at the reflection for hours, but her attention suddenly changed when she felt Amy’s hot breath on her cunt.

Amy had spent countless hours studying and playing with the slit between her legs. She knew every contour of her hole and was therefore very aware of the differences between her cunt and Paula’s. The woman’s was bigger, but that was only to be expected because she was older, but Paula seemed to have much thicker outer lips and there was a lot more creases at the top of her slit and a little pink bud at the top that looked smooth and hard.

The preteen moved her head even closer and the smell of Paula’s arousal filled her nostrils as her little tongue licked from the base of the woman’s hole, all the way up to her burning clit.

She jumped slightly and hissed, “God yes Amy! Just like that baby. Your tongue feels so great on my cunt.”

The six year old was very pleased that she seemed to be doing it right and Paula was moaning softly as her butt lifted off the bed slightly and pushed against the child’s face. Paula’s eyes were continually moving as she looked down over her flat stomach at the top of Amy’s head, and then swivelled to look into the large mirror where her little cunt and asshole were wantonly displayed.

Paula could feel the beginnings of the familiar rush build up between her legs and she gasped, “Push your tongue into my cunt Amy. Push it in as deep as you can baby.”

As she spoke, she dropped her hands so she could pull her hole open and she held it like that and shivered as she felt Amy’s tongue slide into her body. It may have been a pure accident, but as she twisted her head from side to side to try and get her tongue deeper, Amy’s nose was rubbing across the woman’s throbbing clit and the intensity of the sensations deep inside her cunt increased rapidly. She knew that she was very close and she would loved to make this situation last longer, but her body was demanding release.

“I’m going to cum,” she hissed. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face!”

Amy concentrated on licking Paula’s cunt as deep as she could. She could feel the woman’s flesh shudder and shiver, but the six year old tongue continued to lap at the cunt slime and girl cum that was flowing out of Paula’s hole.

As she climaxed, Paula’s back arched up from the bed and Amy’s head came up as well so she could keep her face buried between Paul’s legs. The woman’s nerveless fingers had fallen away from her cunt when she climaxed, but little Amy eagerly pulled the hole open again and sucked out as much of the sticky juices as she could get.

Paula lost all track of time and she had no idea how long her orgasm lasted. All she knew was that when the final ripples of her cum went through her body, Amy was still lapping at her hole. Reaching down to gently lift the child’s head up from her cunt, Paula muttered, “Come here you gorgeous little cunt eater,” and she pulled Amy up to her chest. The action left a slime trail of cunt sauce over Amy’s chest and stomach and as she cuddled the six year old in her arms, Paula was rubbing her fuck hole up and down her thigh.

Amy and Paula lay on the bed, both with satisfied smiles on their faces. It would have been lovely to hold each others naked bodies and drift into a refreshing sleep, but the woman’s eyes suddenly snapped open and she turned her head to look at the clock on the nightstand.

Even considering the telephone call she had made earlier, Amy’s mother must be wondering where her daughter was by now, and Paula sprang to her feet as she said, “It’s time for you to go home baby. Your Mommy will be wondering where you are and what’s keeping you. We don’t want her knocking on my door and finding out what we were doing, do we?”

A look of alarm passed over Amy’s face at the very thought, and she shook her head emphatically as she scrambled off the bed and started picking up her clothes. As she bent down, she wantonly displayed her fuck holes to Paula, making the woman groan loudly. The groan didn’t just indicate lust however, but also the realisation that Amy’s body was covered with drying slime trails of cunt juice. The little girl would also stink of girl cum and Paula knew that her mother would recognise the smell instantly.

Reaching out to take Amy’s arm, Paula said, “We can’t send you home like that Amy. Your gorgeous little body stinks of cunt!”

The preteen giggled, but happily allowed herself to be steered into the bathroom and Paula switched on the shower. They didn’t have time to wash and dry Amy’s hair, so Paula found an old shower cap and then stood the child under the warm water. Her hands washed all of the slime trails away and she couldn’t resist sliding her finger deep inside Amy’s cunt as she washed her sex mound.

A soft “Mmmmmmmmm,” escaped the little girl’s throat, and she lewdly squatted down slightly, pushing Paula’s finger deeper into her fuck tube. Although the woman had washed all of the cunt juice from Amy’s body, she could feel that the preteen was soaking wet inside her hole and it took every ounce of willpower she had not to scoop the child up into her arms, take her back to the bed, and to begin abusing her all over again.

Very reluctantly, she pulled her finger out, and sucked it into her mouth as she switched off the shower. Five minutes later, Amy was dried and dressed and following Paula to the front door.

When the woman opened the door, Amy nervously shuffled from one foot to the other and she obviously had something on her mind. Paula gave her some time, and eventually the preteen said, “You’re not going to tell my Mommy what we did, are you?”

The woman dropped to her knees so that they were nearly the same height and she placed her hands on the little girl’s shoulders as she replied, “No I’m not Amy. I promise you that I won’t tell your Mommy.”

That was a relief to Amy and she smiled happily and was about to skip out of the door, when she stopped and chewed on her bottom lip. There was something else on her mind, and again, Paula gave her the time to think things through. Finally, the child came to a decision, and she looked into Paula’s face as she began, “Remember when I told you that I put a pencil in my cunt and you said that you put things in you as well?”

After everything that had happened in the bedroom, Paula couldn’t think where this was leading, but she nodded her head and replied, “Yes Amy, I remember.”

“Well,” the preteen continued slowly as her cheeks coloured, “When you put things in your cunt, do you ever put things in your poop hole?”

The woman actually felt her heart lurch inside her chest as the implications of what Amy was asking penetrated her brain, and she answered, “I always put things in my asshole baby. I especially love the feeling of having my finger in there.”

When she heard that, Amy’s face broke into a wide grin, and she nodded her head vigorously when Paula added, “Do you put your finger in your asshole Amy?”

Before she could say anything else, the child blurted out, “When I come here the next time, can we play with our assholes as well as our cunts?”

Paula could only reach out and pull the preteen close as she hugged her tightly. As she did so, she whispered into her ear, “We can definitely do that Amy and I promise that I’ll suck on your little asshole just like I sucked on your cunt.”

As the young girl skipped happily back to her own house, Paula raced back to her bedroom to ram a thick dildo up her cunt and she masturbated until the sheets below her butt were soaked with her thick girl cum.

o0o The End o0o

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