The second part of the of the tale of Megan Mathews. Teen slut.
Megan Mathews Part 2

Looking at my dad sitting on the couch, slimy cock softening and looking really guilty made me feel almost bad. Until I remembered him with Claire that is. His hands were in his lap, trying to cover his diminishing erection, almost as if forgetting that he’d just taken his daughters virginity with it. He shot a guilty glance in my direction.

“Meg…I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry.

I hugged my legs up to chest and grinned at him.

“You’re forgetting that you really had no choice Dad. I wanted it, we both loved it and we’re going to keep doing it for as long as I want…okay?”

He looked down and mumbled the affirmative.

“Well you’d better not keep acting like a wimp or the deals off and I’ll show mum the film, I want the man that fucked my best friend, not the faggot in front of me now!”

He looked shocked as I chastised him but he regained his composure quickly and rose from the couch not bothering to hide his dick, hanging limply between his legs. Stopping beside me he bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth. After we French kissed he pulled away and looked straight into my eyes.

“Okay then sweetie, if you’re sure it’s what you really want, I guess I have no choice. I’m going to take a shower and recover; I suggest you do the same ‘cos I’m gonna fuck you all night you naughty little girl.”

“That’s better; my lucky daddy gets to fuck his horny little girl.”

I squeezed my titty and bit my bottom lip as seductively as I could. Shaking his in disbelief he sighed and left for the shower.

After I had showered I pulled on my cutest panties and a cropped t-shirt and hearing him clattering around in the kitchen made my way downstairs to join him. He groaned jokingly when I walked into the kitchen.

“Jeez Megan, how can I think of anything but fucking you when you dress like that?”

“That’s the idea Daddy, but you’re going to have to wait now.”

I was going to make him wait for rest of the evening until he’d get to touch me again. I planned to tease him mercilessly for a few hours, and so I did. As he prepared dinner I pretended to help but I used it as an excuse to flaunt myself. When I bent down I made sure I didn’t bend my knees, displaying my cute butt. If I reached up to a cupboard my little top would ride up and I’d stretch further making my sure my tits poked out from underneath. When he was chopping salad I reached around him to get into a drawer by is crotch. I didn’t even need to get in there, and after I’d opened the drawer I closed it again and brushed against his groin rubbing his swollen dick.

“Silly me I giggled, I don’t even need anything in there.”

We ate dinner together and he opened a bottle of wine. He poured two glasses and handed one to me.

“Just one okay? I’ve seen what alcohol does to young girls and it ‘aint pretty.”

I nodded and sipped the white fruity wine.

“We need a toast, any ideas?” He asked.

“Sex.” I said, raising my glass.

“Sex.” He replied, clinking our glasses together.

We ate our salad in almost silence and were halfway through our pasta when I spoke up.

“So Dad, when do you plan on seeing Claire again?”

He looked at me as though I was mad, wine stopped midway to his mouth.

“I’m not seeing Claire again honey, you’re the one I want.”

“Nonsense Dad, you can keep fucking her, in fact I want you to. Watching you fuck her was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, and I’ve watched quite a bit of online porn. I’d like to watch again.”

What, you’re joking. Are you serious?”

I put my fork down and reached under the table and grabbed his dick. He was rock hard through his shorts and he sucked his breath in sharply."

“I’m very serious daddy. You’ll do exactly what I say or you know what will happen? You should be happy, you get to fuck two young girls you filthy bastard.”

He gulped as I squeezed his prick hard and then let go and resumed eating my pasta.

“I want you to call her and make arrangements for tomorrow afternoon before Mom gets home. You can say I’m going swimming with Jenna.”

I had plans for my lying friend and it involved making my dad get ‘nasty’ with her ass.

After we’d done the dishes, me putting away the dishes and flirting outrageously, we retired to the lounge and he flicked on the TV. We sat together on the couch, me with my legs curled under me.

“Let’s watch a film dad.”

“Sure babe, which one?”

“The one I shot earlier today.”

I passed him a flash drive. He looked at me and took the drive, pushing it into the side of our flat screen TV and turning it on. I pushed the relevant buttons on the remote and suddenly the jerky images from earlier filled the screen. Snuggling up to him I watched eagerly as the film of my dad fucking my best friend played on the TV. I noticed the tent in his shorts immediately appear and he shifted in the chair to make himself comfortable. My pussy moistened and my nipples hardened, I wanted his cock right now but I was determined to tease him. I put my hand between my legs and squeezed my thighs together, he put his arm around me and gently ran his fingers up and down my bare thigh and that is how we spent the next half an hour. By the time film reached its climax I was squirming on the couch squeezing my thighs onto my hand which in turn pressed against my clitty, my juices soaking my panties. I could see my Dads cock twitching in his shorts pressing painfully against the fabric which he kept having to adjust.
We watched as my Dad came over Claire’s ass and back, I was breathing hard now and feeling extremely horny. I reached over and unzipped my dad’s shorts, unbuttoning the waist. I found the gap in his boxers and pulled out his dick, releasing it from its confines. He closed his eyes and moaned softly as I pulled back hard on the skin feeling his rock hard prick throb in my hand and pre-cum oozed out and onto his already glistening tip. Letting it go I quickly knelt in front of him and yanked down his shorts and underwear and then stood. Our eyes were locked together as I wiggled out of my little panties and then pulled my top over my head. As horny as I was I wasn’t going to let him have it just yet, I wanted him begging before he could have me again. I squeezed my boobs together and ran my hands down my body slowly until they found my wet cunt. Dad watched me, completely mesmerised, his hand grasped his cock and he wanked himself slowly.

“Oh Megan, you’re so fucking sexy, I want you now.”

“Let’s go to my room.” I said, taking his hand.

I led him to my room and motioned for him to get into bed. I’d had a double bed for some years, not because I needed one but because when my parents changed theirs I had their old one as my bedroom was big enough and I was a spoilt bitch.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head and lay on my bed, propped up on his elbows, completely naked, cock erect and pointing up and to his chin. I turned my computer monitor to face the bed and logged onto the net, finding my favourite free porn site (XNXX) I found a long film clip of an interracial scene, a pretty college cheerleader was being fucked by two big black dudes, supposedly from the football team.

“You shouldn’t be watching this Mega…..”

He must have realised how ridiculous he sounded, laying on my bed naked, massaging his rock hard cock as he waited to fuck me. He blushed furiously and stopped his sentence mid scold.
Bouncing onto the bed I sat beside him, between him and the desk sitting with my back against the wall. I spread my legs and again I worked my hands from kneading my breasts to playing with my pussy. My Dad tried to touch me but I brushed his hand away

“Watch the film.” I instructed. “No touching. Stop playing with yourself.”

I pushed a finger into my pussy and rubbed my clit, a small groan escaping my lips. I glanced at my Dad and saw he didn’t where to look, he wanted to watch me but the film was interesting him too. I knew I had him right where I wanted him.

“My god, look at those massive cocks, are they real Daddy?”

“Yes Megan.”

“Hmn, I bet it feels good to be fucked by a big black cock.” I purred.

“I bet you’d like to watch that too wouldn’t you Daddy? Watch your slutty daughter getting fucked by 2 huge black cocks?”

Dad gulped hard, I’m sure he’d hate to think of me that way normally, but I’d got him so worked up he was having to think about it.

“Answer me Daddy, come on, admit it,” I panted pushing with two fingers into my twat. “You’d love to watch as I suck on a big black cock while another is pushed into my tight little cunt.”

“No Megan, No” he groaned, “Don’t.”

The film clip finished and I couldn’t wait anymore, getting onto all fours on the bed I leant over to my desk and with a few clicks of the mouse made the necessary selections. I knew my father would be staring at my wiggling butt and dripping cunny and wouldn’t notice the little blue light indicating my webcam was on.

“Okay Daddy, do me.” I breathed.

I felt him behind me and his hands grasped my hips. I moved my knees apart and pushed my butt up, leaning onto my elbows. I felt him nudge at my pussy lips and then the tip of his dick was inside me. He paused for a second and then with one swift hard push, he shoved his cock into me. I yelped in pain and buried my head in the bed as he slammed into me again and again.

“Oh god yeah, fuck me daddy!” I cried.

“You….are…. a….very….. Naughty…… girl.” He said, punctuating each word with a forward thrust.

He spanked me and I groaned and whimpered as he fucked me hard and fast, I’d worked him up into a sexual frenzy and there was no stopping him now. Suddenly he grunted and thrust into me hard and I felt his cock throb within me. Quickly he pulled it out and I felt him cum hard over my ass and the small of my back. He collapsed back onto the bed and pulled me down next to him. He kissed me tenderly and cuddled me, my head resting on his chest.

“Megan, that was great, you really know how to turn me on, I’m sorry I came so quickly, you had me so horny I couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t worry Dad, it’s my fault. You can make it up to me when you’ve had a rest.”

After I ‘d wiped up his mess with a tissue I placed my hand on his softening penis and gently stroked it.

“Did you learn all that stuff from the internet honey?

“Yeah, I’ve watched a LOT of porn.”

“I should be mad Meg, but after what you’ve shown me, how can I be? You certainly know how to please a man.”

We lay together and after a little while I felt his cock twitch beneath my hand. I slid down and sucked him gently until he stiffened again. I loved having his dick in my mouth, I felt so dirty and sexy. He rolled me over and kissed and nibbled my tits and nipples and then lowered himself to my pussy which he tongued and fingered to a blissful orgasm. We fucked gently this time, he penetrated me lovingly and after a spell of missionary position he lay on his back and I got to ride him. I felt really full of cock in this position and rocked back and forth as he thrust from beneath making me cum again. I wanted his cum in my mouth again and so I finished him off in my mouth, I almost choked when he exploded in my mouth, cum splashing the back of my throat making me gag. I swallowed hard and milked him of every drop. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and stayed like that until morning.
I awoke before him and was showering, happily singing when he opened the shower screen and stepped in beside me.

“Good morning sweetie.”

“Good morning Dad.”

I was covered in suds and he pulled me close to him and his hands cupped my ass cheeks.

“Last night was so wrong but so wonderful Megan. I feel so guilty and confused.”

“Stop worrying Dad, I’ve told you, you had no choice. Stop worrying and let’s enjoy the rest of our weekend.”

He squeezed my ass and then my soapy tits, straight away I felt horny and tilted my head back and closed my eyes as his tongue entered my mouth. Breaking away I poured some shower cream onto the sponge and started to wash him, his cock was already hardening and when I started to soap him up it visibly stiffened some more.
He picked me up and I put my arms around his neck and legs around his waist, he put his arms under my thighs and lifted me until the end of his soapy cock was positioned at the entrance to my pussy. As he lowered me onto his throbbing cock I kissed him hard, he felt really big but with the help of the soap eventually his cock end pushed past my protesting pussy muscles and I started to slide down his shaft.

“Ooooh Daddy.” I gasped.

Pushing me up against the tiles of the shower wall he held me as he pulled back and then let me sink down again until I was fully engorged on his phallus. He fucked me slowly, the water of the shower cascading off our bodies until he lowered me down, withdrew his dick and wanked himself hard until he came, legs trembling, shooting ropes of cum that were quickly taken down the plug hole by the shower water.
After we’d cleaned ourselves up and got dressed we met at the breakfast table. I had dressed normally in a short yellow cotton skirt and halter top.

“Okay you little minx, I’m going out to get a few things, I need a break from you before I hurt myself.” He laughed. “Help yourself to breakfast; I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

With that he kissed me lightly on the top of my head and began to leave. I stopped him in his tracks.

“Don’t forget to make a date with Claire, this afternoon should be fine.”

“Megan, I don’t want…”

“It’s not up to you. Let’s not forget how all this started father. I’m really happy with our arrangement and hope you are too, but you WILL do what I say in this matter or you know what I’ll do. Stop worrying about it; you know you’ll enjoy it.”

Shaking his head he continued on his way leaving me alone to contemplate how things were progressing. I was very happy so far and as I ate my breakfast i made a mental list of things I needed to do.
After my breakfast I head back to my room to check the cam recording from my computer. When I played the clip my face filled the screen, I could see how flushed I was at this point. I watched mesmerised as it reached the point in the clip when Dad entered me. I felt the now familiar feeling of lust wash over me, my nipples hardened and my tummy felt all fluttery.

“Oh god yeah, fuck me daddy!” Could clearly be heard.

I couldn’t help pulling my skirt up and dipping a hand into my knickers as my head disappeared from shot and was replaced by the small of back and my ass cheeks. Dad’s hairy thrusting stomach was visible and so were his hands that gripped my hips, and there was his wedding ring, clearly visible, undeniable evidence if his voice wasn’t enough. I gently rubbed my little nub as I watched Dad’s hand spank me and by the time I watched him pull out his slimy cock and spurt cum over my ass and back I was ready to bring myself to an orgasm. I pulled off my knickers and lay back on my bed with my legs spread. With one hand I rubbed my clitty and with the other I two fingers in and out of my cunt and it didn’t take long before I shuddered and shook as my orgasm burst through me.
I re-arranged my clothing and watched the rest of the recording; there were some reasonable bits but most of the time we were out of shot. There was a good bit when I was on top, my titties jiggling as I bounced up and down on his cock. It would need some editing but with the recording of Claire, this, and the others that I had in mind, I’d soon have an excellent fuck film.
It wasn’t long before Dad returned and called me downstairs.

“Hi babe, I’ve got some things for you.”

“Ooh, goody, let me see."

I grabbed the bags from him and looked inside the first one. It was a Victoria’s Secret bag and I pulled out a bra and pantie set. I squealed with delight.

“I wanted to be the first to buy you some women’s underwear now you’re a young woman and this suit your new vixen status.”

“They’re soooo cute, thank you Daddy.”

He’d chosen well, he could have gone for the full lacy number but he’d bought something that I could wear any day, even to school, the bikini briefs didn’t leave much to the imagination and the matching pale pink bra was a push up that would make my tits look huge.
I reached for the next bag and pulled out a small pharmaceutical box.

“The pill honey.” He explained. “We can’t risk an accident now can we?”

I put them to one side as I went for the next bag. When I peered inside I got the shock of my life. I pulled out a large black rubber dildo. Dad flushed with embarrassment.

“You said how it would be great to be fucked by a big black cock. Well now you’ve got one, I’m not always going to be able to give you what you want, like when your mom’s home, this should keep you busy until we can get together."

“Hmnnnn, thanks Daddy.”

I examined my new toy. It must have been about 10inches long with a pussy stretching girth that I couldn’t get my little hand around. It was heavy and flexible and wobbled back and forth as I looked at it. I giggled.

“Holy cow dad it’s enormous.”

“I know baby, but you did say…."

“I know but I was only teasing you.”

“Well, this is what happens when you tease a man with sex. I can take it back if you want?”

He reached out for it and I quickly snatched it away from him.

“No, no, I love it, thank you.”

“That’s what I thought.” Dad laughed. “There’s something else in the bag.”

I looked in and saw a small bottle of something at the bottom of the bag.

“Lube Megan.” He explained when he saw my puzzled expression.

“Lubricant to help with your new toy.”

“Ohhh, I see.” I laughed.

“What about that other thing that you had to do?” I asked him.

Dad frowned at me.

“Yeah, I’ve done it. Claire will be here in about an hour, okay?”
“Perfect, come with me and we’ll get ready.”

I led him upstairs and into my bedroom.

“You’re going to bring her here, say you’ll feel kinky fucking in your daughter’s bedroom.”

“Okay.” Dad agreed.

“I’m going to be hiding in the closet watching, just fuck her like normal Daddy, we both know you how much you like it.”

Dad gave me a sideways look.

“Just one thing I want you to do Dad.”

“What’s that darling?”

“Fuck her up the ass!”

“What? Honey she’s only 13, she won’t want to. I can’t.”

“You can and you will. She’ll do anything you want, trust me. You can persuade her.”

“Okay I’ll try honey.”

“Good, now go and get ready for the little slut while I get ready here. Oh and make sure the curtains stay open, I want to be able to see. I’ll leave the ‘lube’ on the side.”

Once he’d left I got the room ready and positioned my webcam so it would have a view of the whole bed, I then got Dad’s small digital camcorder that I’d got from his office earlier and set that on top of my chest of drawers. Hidden from view, I set that zoomed in on the middle of the bed where I thought it might get some good close up shots. I had my phone too which I’d have with me in the closet, I hoped I’d have some great multi angle shots of the events.
It wasn’t long until I heard Claire’s voice downstairs and when I heard her giggling on the stairs I quickly set the webcam and camcorder to record and crept into the closet pulling the door behind me.
I peeped out of the gap in the door and saw them enter the room. Claire was giggling and I pushed the door open slightly as I started filming with my phone. Dad kissed her and I could see their tongues intertwined as they kissed passionately. The closet is on the wall at the foot of the bed and Dad led Claire to just outside my position. He knew exactly what to do. Claire was wearing a summer dress which Dad pulled up, she stretched up her arms willingly allowing him to pull it over her head and toss to one side. She stood right in front of me in her tiny panties and bra. Of course I’d seen her naked a hundred times before but there was something about being a voyeur, watching without being seen that really turned me on.
Dad reached around and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. He bent down and cupping her pert boob licked and sucked it.

“Oh Mr Mathews, I’ve been desperate to see you again.” She sighed.

Dad sank to his knees and kissed her tummy, he yanked down her panties which she stepped out of and his hands appeared on her ass cheeks, groping. Claire shifted her feet apart, I couldn’t see what Dad was doing but Claire rested her hands on top of his head as buried it in her mound.

“Ooooh yes, that feels really nice.” She purred.

I was so close I could have reached out and touched her, she panted and my hand entered my panties.
Abruptly, Dad stopped and rose. He unbuckled his shorts and pulled them and his underwear down and kicked them away, pulling his t-shirt over his head he stood naked in front of us. His cock was fully erect, the skin pulled back from the tip which glistened with pre-cum. Cleverly he moved so I could see the next bit up close and personal. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed; she knew what to do and sank to her knees in front of him. Gripping the base of his dick with her tiny hand she positioned her mouth at the end and sucked the tip into her mouth. I watched intently as my 13 year best friend and next door neighbour started to pump my father’s cock with her fist and suck him hard.

“Oh Jesus Claire, that’s amazing, suck my cock baby.”

Claire needed no encouragement she took him right into her mouth; I was amazed she didn’t gag on it. She pulled back panting for breath and licked up and down the shaft before resuming her first class blow job. I was rubbing my now swollen clit and could feel my juices drip into my panties.
Dad pulled her up and off his dripping cock and I watched her cute little butt wiggle as he led her to the bed. He lay her down on the bed and climbed between her legs and again went down on her again. He pushed her thighs up and apart and I could see his hands working between her legs.

“Ooh, ooh, Oh my goodness.” Claire gasped.

After about 5 minutes of this attention, Claire’s moans got louder and louder and I could see her little body buck and then go rigid as she came.


As her orgasm subsided I couldn’t help myself and put down my phone and wriggled out of my panties, they were soaking and I could smell the scent of my pussy as I kicked them away. I squeezed my breasts with one hand, pinching a nipple and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. With my other hand I rubbed my clitty, occasionally dipping a finger into my pussy. I watched Dad lift his head and look towards where I was hiding, he wiped Claire’s juices from around his mouth and chin with the back of his hand and smiled in my direction. I picked up my phone and started recording again as he lay beside Claire; he had his back propped up with pillows.

“That was amazing Mr Mathews, thank you. You made me cum so hard.” Claire cooed at him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it darling, I love making you cum. Let’s try with you on top okay?

“’Kay.” Claire replied.

Dad held his cock with one hand and Claire straddled his waist, her back to me. I could see her arms were supporting herself on his chest as Dad helped guide her into position. I had a great view from my hiding place as Dad’s cock prised opened Claire’s wet pussy lips and she slowly began to lower herself down. Gradually they worked the tip of his cock into her pussy and then suddenly all the resistance seemed to disappear and she sank down his shaft, engorging herself on several inches of hard dick.

“Oh Jesus!” She cried.

I couldn’t stop myself, I crept from my hiding place and stood at the foot of the bed as Claire lifted herself back up and then sank back down, taking about the same amount again. I held the phone at arm’s length, getting a real close up of Claire’s pussy lips gripping my Dad’s cock as she slid up and down. Gradually she worked all of his cock into her and was soon bouncing up and down and grinding back and forth as Dad thrust from underneath. Each downward motion was punctuated by a little. “Ooh”. I looked up and Dad was watching me over Claire’s shoulder, our lust filled eyes locked.

“Oh my God you feel so big.” Claire groaned in pleasure.

I crouched at the end of the bed, ready to duck out of site if needed and watched in awe as my Dad’s prick slid in and out of my best friend’s cunt. I had both hands on my pussy now, one hand rubbing my clit and one hand finger fucking myself. Soon Claire’s moans got louder and more frequent and Dad held her hips and pulled her back and forth on his member. Her little body went rigid and then spasmed as her orgasm hit her.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” She wailed.

Claire collapsed forward and Dad gently continued thrusting gently into her. He still hadn’t cum and I was impressed with his self-control. I ducked out of site as they rolled onto their sides.

“That was like, amazing, thank you soooooo much. I had the best orgasm ever.”

“That’s okay darling. You know I love making you cum. Maybe you’d do something for me now?”

My stomach did a little summersault. Was he going to do what I’d asked?

“Sure, what is it Mr Mathews?”

Dad jumped off the bed and stood, right next to where I was crouched.

“Get on all fours and move down to the end of the bed baby.”


Claire did as asked and shuffled down the bed until her feet were just hanging off the end. Dad grabbed the lube from my dresser and unscrewed the cap. He looked down at me; I must have looked a site. Crouched on the floor with both hands working my pussy, chewing my bottom lip, flushed and my eyes full of lust. He motioned for me to get up and I stood next to him. I could get a real close up view of proceedings from here.

“This may be cold for a second.”


He dripped the lube onto he buttocks and asshole. Claire shivered as the lube dripped down her crack and onto her pussy. It must have felt nice because she moved her ass in a small circle and moved her knees a little further apart. Dad started to massage the lube into her ass and then rubbed around her little pucker. He dipped the end of his little finger into her ass and she went rigid.

“It’s okay sweetheart, just relax, don’t worry. I promise you’ll like it. Do you trust me?”

“I…I guess so.”

“You must relax though.”

I could see her body relax again and Dad’s pinkie pushed further in. He left it where it was so she got used to it and took my hand and placed it on her butt cheek. It felt smooth and oily. I gradually started to move it around, caressing her butt, Dad grinned at me and dropped his hand to my ass and squeezed. He pulled his pinkie out before pushing it back in and then wriggling it around. Next he pulled out his pinkie and dripped more lube right on her asshole which forced a squeal of delight from Claire. He pushed his index finger in past her sphincter muscle and slowly slid it forwards, I took this opportunity to stroke her pussy and rub her clit with the palm of my hand. Claire buried her head in the bed, pushing her butt into the air and backwards, forcing more of Dad’s finger into her ass. Her small moans of pleasure letting us know she was okay with what was happening. I watched as Dad proceeded to finger fuck my friend’s ass and it wasn’t long before he was using long hard strokes, burying his finger up to the knuckle. He added another finger and I heard a muffled whimper from Claire but she still pushed back and gyrated her small hips I couldn’t help but remove my hand from her pussy and place it on my own as I watched Dad bury 2 fingers up to the knuckle before withdrawing and then plunging them back in making Claire grunt enthusiastically and it wasn’t long before Dad needed release.

“Move back to the middle of babe.” He whispered to Claire.

He pulled out his fingers and as Claire shuffled up the bed again he poured into the palm of his hand and massaged it into his cock. Climbing onto the bed he crouched over Claire and guided his cock toward her lubricated pucker. When he started to push the tip in I didn’t think he’d ever get it her but somehow he managed it. Her ass lips were prised apart and he stopped when the sphincter muscle prevented him going any further.

“Owwwww. It hurts.” Cried Claire.

“Try and relax sweetie.”

I could see him gently probing, gradually forcing more of the tip inside her, it looked painful and from Claire’s cries I guessed it probably was. Finally, just when I thought he might actually split her ring, his cock end suddenly disappeared and he eased a couple of inches of dick into her ass.

“Oh baby.” He moaned.

“OH FUCK YES!” Yelled Claire.

Dad pulled back and just before the tip popped out he pushed forwards, sliding a little more dick into her, forcing another whimper from my pal.
I cannot describe to you how amazing it was to watch my father’s dick plunging in and out of my friend’s ass. I became heavy lidded with lust and my hand became a blur as I frigged myself off watching Claire’s ass lips grip his cock shaft as she took his entire length.

“Oh yes Mr Mathews. Fuck my little white ass.” Purred Claire, pushing backwards to fully engorge herself.

“You love it in the ass don’t you, you dirty little girl?”

“Yes.” She panted. “I love being fucked in the ass.”

The dirty talk was too much for me and Dad; I lay down on my back and came hard. I don’t know how Claire didn’t hear my moans. Luckily Dad shot his cum into her ass at that moment.

“Oh yeah, cummmmming.” He shouted.

Claire squealed as she had her first experience of cum filling her and by the time I’d recovered from my own orgasm they were laying on the bed cuddling. I crawled back to the closet and watched them as I recovered my wet knickers and top.

“Thank you Claire, not everyone is grown up enough to do what you did. Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes Mr Mathews, it really hurt at first, but after a bit it felt as good as you fucking me the normal way.”

“That’s good to hear honey. Hopefully we can get you to cum that way too, maybe next time.”

“I can’t wait. When do you think that might be Mr Mathews?”

“I’m not sure Claire but I’ll be sure to let you know. We have to be careful.”

Claire kissed Dad hard before he broke away.

“Come on, we’d better get cleaned up before Megan gets home.”

“She’d sure freak if she knew what just happened here.” Claire giggled.

I sat down in the closet and must have drifted off because I woke when Dad opened the closet. He picked me up and carried me to my bed which stank of sex. He obviously realised because he quickly picked me up again and we ended up napping together in his bed.
Dad shook me awake.

“Megan, your Mom will be home soon.

That woke I can tell you, Dad and I showered in record time and I changed my bedding, getting the laundry on too. I quickly downloaded the video, phone and webcam content and made sure everything was just so. There was no drama when Mom got home that evening and I went to sleep very easily that night, as did my Dad apparently. I couldn’t wait to look at the camera and web cam footage tomorrow after school tomorrow and it would be interesting seeing Claire, with her clothes on for a change!


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