There was a low ridge we had to pass over but a wide section of trees had been blown or knocked down. I stared at all the trees as Brandy climbed up onto the seat. Cara and Amanda had both gone back into the wagon during the noon stop. Brandy slipped onto my lap, “What happened?”

I glanced at her, “sometimes there is a wind that can blow so hard it pushes trees over.”

She looked at the devastation, “it is such a waste.”

I smiled and then laughed and gestured and began summoning the trees and merging them into huge wagon sized blocks. When I finished I had almost thirty blocks and we began moving again with them floating along behind. We came to the village a couple of hours later, as we rode in the girls were quiet while they leaned against each other and me.

All the houses looked like they had been damaged and I finally smiled and hugged Amanda in my lap as I looked at Brandy. I moved Amanda and climbed down as the villagers hesitantly moved towards me. When Brandy came down I took her hand and waved the people back. I gestured to the first solid block of wood behind the library wagon.

It moved out of line and over beside a house. I began spells and it shifted and grew and stretched until a solid looking house settled to the ground. I brought sand and it melted and moved into the empty window frames. One at a time I walked through the village replacing the broken homes with new solid houses.

I still had five blocks when I finished and walked back to the wagon. The people gathered around and a small girl that George the dragon had removed from a tree hugged him. They waved as we left and Brandy, Cara and Amanda were grinning. It was another hour before we came back beside the fast moving river.

I opened the wagon fully as we made camp and set the five blocks of wood down. I even opened the library wagon before letting the wild magic surge and fill me. I gestured and my ward shield flared before settling and letting the rain start running off. I glanced around before patting Grif and pushing the girls towards the wagon.

Brandy stared when she came in and Cara grinned as she grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the front. I smiled and patted Amanda’s butt, “Show her the kitchen and start on dinner.”

She grinned as she followed Cara and Brandy and I left. I went to the library and looked around before whispering a spell of finding. A couple of dozen scrolls and a thick tomb floated to me. I gathered them up and went back to my wagon. I settled into my chair and set the tomb and scrolls to one side.

I brought a blank book down from my bookshelf and selected a scroll. I was careful as I used a copying spell which worked like it should. The wild magic still filled me as I opened the scroll and began to read. As I read each word it was copied into the waiting book. I had just finished and was fixing the tittle and seal on the new book when Cara came to get me.

She grinned and waited until I was done before pulling me up, “Brandy really likes the kitchen.”

I smiled and put my arm around her waist, “Are you sure you won’t miss all the boys fucking you in the caravan?”

She grinned, “you know we only wanted you.”

I hugged her and let her go when we walked into the kitchen. Brandy turned and grinned as the kitchen seem to move things around by itself, “This is neat.”

I laughed and pulled her to the table and onto my lap, “when you meet mother thank her, she put in all the housekeeping spells.”

Amanda snorted, “Momma Teresa told her what she needed to do.”

I grinned, “and momma Sasha and Georgia and Jeanne and...”

Brandy laughed and pushed on my chest. Dinner was nice, I always forget what a good job the kitchen did when it cooked. When it was over it began to clean up and I stood to go back to my reading. Brandy was having none of that and pulled me through the wagon and to the bed. Cara and Amanda followed and they pulled my robe off.

Brandy pushed me into bed and followed me. She straddled me and positioned her pussy and slowly impaled it on my cock. She put her hands on my chest and began to rock and thrust back and forth. Cara and Amanda laid on each side of me and I turned my head before catching a pouncing kitten.

They laughed as I handed it to Amanda and reached for Brandy. I twisted and rolled before starting to fuck her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I planted my cock each time and it wasn’t long before she began to convulse as her pussy clenched around my cock. She wailed as she began to buck and thrash around, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her nice and deep and began to grind and hump. It was a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as I gushed cum through and into her womb. Brandy jerked and clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her as I continued to flood her with warm sperm and Brandy sighed and relaxed when I stopped. I kissed her softly before pulling out and rolling and grabbing Cara. I rolled and flipped her onto her stomach and moved up between her legs. I kissed her bare shoulder as she giggled and lifted up before slowly pushing into her.

She tilted her hips as my cock spread her pussy and sank deeper. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and she groaned as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her as I started kissing the back of her neck and her bare shoulder. It wasn’t long before she started convulsing and howling.

Her tight pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. I thrust into her to hump, press and grind and she growled as she pushed her pussy back at me. It was over twenty minutes before my balls churned and my cock started throbbing. I thrust into Cara who was mostly incoherent and began to pump and gush cum.

She arched her back and howled as her body jerked and shook. When I was done I kissed her and laid down before pulling out of her grasping pussy. I rolled off and glanced at Amanda who was laying on Brandy sucking on her nipples. I shook my head and reached for her and pulled her onto her back.

I moved between her legs and forced my cock into her as I kissed her. I started to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts and Amanda lifted and thrust her hips up to meet mine. It was a minute before she stiffened as her pussy tightened and then she wailed while bucking and thrashing around under me.

I kept fucking her as she clutched me and jerked while her slippery pussy milked my cock. I started fucking her harder and Amanda began to writhe around and squirm. She was still wailing as she clung to me and thrust her hips up for my cock, “ddddaaaaddddyyyy!”

I buried my throbbing cock deep in her and pressed as I kissed her and held her. A moment later I groaned as her grasping pussy brought me to the edge and I began spewing cum. Amanda tilted her hips and thrust up as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted thick jets of cum into her womb and finally relaxed when I was done. I pulled out and the three girls grinned at each other. I shook my head as I reached for Brandy again, “silly bitches.”

I fucked them once more before letting them fall asleep. I held and caressed Cara and Amanda while Brandy snuggled against Amanda. I finally slipped out of bed and went back to reading and copying. I was finished with all the scrolls when I felt something wrong outside. I wrapped a robe around me before leaving and stepped out to see it was still stormy.

I tilted my head and George walked closer and nodded to the river. I walked towards the river and stopped at the edge to glance around. In the white foam downstream I saw a siren pinned and clinging fast to a boulder. She was singing a lament song that the wind blew away. I didn’t hesitate and let the wild magic surge into me as I stepped into the river.

The water broke around me before it even got to me as I waded in to my waist. I gestured and the siren turned as the log holding her pinned spun away. She moved towards me and her eyes widened before she began to struggle. When her struggling didn’t work she started singing. I let the wild magic block the song as she reached me and let my robe drop into the river.

I turned her onto her stomach and stepped over her tail as I reached for her hips. She wiggled and squirmed as I lifted her hips and held her against me before slowly pushing into her. Her pussy was very tight and cold as I began to fuck her slowly. The wild magic flowed through me smoothly but strangely it only seemed to caress the siren.

I kept fucking her with long, slow thrusts and she finally began to moan and push back. Her song changed as she started shivering and her pussy squeezed my cock. She became warmer as I fucked her and a few times her song faltered as she shuddered. When she began to convulse and squirt I buried my cock deep in her and held her until she calmed.

When she did I started fucking her again but with deep thrusts as I felt my balls churning. The wild magic had washed her scent away as I started to fuck her harder. Her song became a wail of pleasure as her body shuddered and vibrated. I thrust into her and held her tight as my cock erupted with gushing spurts of cum.

The siren jerked and shook as her song stopped and she looked back at me. I pulled out when I stopped cumming and knelt in the water to hold her as her body tremble and shimmered, “I’m sorry siren but I could not send you back.”

She licked her lips as her body became warmer, “Why did you kill my sisters?”

I frowned, “I just found you. I haven’t seen your sisters.”

I shook my head and stood with her in my arms, “you are changing and need warmth.”

She clung to me as I turned to the camp and walked out of the river. I looked at her as my friends stood around me and remembered aunt Sofie and how she said it had been hard learning to walk. I thought and hugged her as I murmured a simple spell that went smoothly. I carried her to the wagon and closed the door on the storm.

I looked at the bed with the three sleeping girls and sighed before carrying the siren to the bed. I whispered a spell that dried us and laid her down. I caressed her beautiful face, “What is your name?”

She looked into my face before smiling, “Storm.”

I smiled and touched her temple and she relaxed into sleep. I jerked up as a mage bolt exploded against my ward shield. The wild magic surged into me as I turned and walked towards the door. A robe flew to me and shimmered as it wrapped around me. I stepped out the door as another mage bolt exploded against my ward.

I turned towards the road to see a cloaked mage with a dozen men around him. I started towards him as my friends rushed across the camp and another mage bolt struck. I gestured and my friends hesitated as I stopped facing the mage, “that is a serious mistake.”

He snarled, “Give me my siren!”

I looked him over before smiling, “I don’t think I will.”

He threw another mage bolt, “ARROGANT PUP!”

He gestured and his glyph glowed above him, “GIVE ME THE SIREN!”

I let the wild magic flow as I gestured and murmured a spell. They jerked back as my glyph bloomed as bright as the sun with mage fire flickering through it as it engulfed and swallowed the other gyph. The mage screamed with all the men as they exploded in huge blue pillars of fire.

I gestured and murmured a spell that created another blue glass jar and set it down so the ashes from the mage could flow in. I glanced up and dismissed my glyph before looking at the full mage council as they appeared. They walked towards me as I waited and glanced at the pillars of fire.

Trinity gestured but my shield barely shimmered. He frowned as he looked at me and gestured again and murmured another spell. The shield shimmered and the council started a spell together. I waited until the shield rang as their spell struck it.

I shook my head and absently opened the ward shield, “I think I have made a point Trinity. I am no longer an apprentice journeyman for the council.”

He snorted, “We are here because the council has agreed you have broken your oath.”

I looked at the thirteen mages and smiled, “what is the law regarding an arch mage?”

They looked at each other and a middle aged woman stepped forward, “you think...”

I gestured and my glyph bloomed above and between us. They jerked back at the bright flare and flickering mage fire. I looked straight into Trinity’s eyes, “prove you are stronger.”

He shifted, “The wild magic...”

I stepped towards him, “is mine to command!”

They looked at each other and I sighed, “perhaps you think otherwise but I have passed your tests. I am a mage and I control the magic.”

Trinity tilted his head, “really? And what happens if you are wrong?”

I looked at them and turned to walk towards the center of camp, “why are there no more magi?”

I murmured the spell that brought rocks to form a platform and it burst into fire. I held out my hands to warm them and looked at Trinity when he walked up beside me, “I read some of the scrolls.”

They looked at each other and Trinity tilted his head, “did they answer your questions?”

I sighed, “many of them yes.”

I turned to look at the council, “what is the difference between a mage and an arch mage?”

One grinned, “Strength.”

I snorted, “silly, I have always had more power then even my father.”

I looked at Trinity, “could you transform a wolf cub or a leopard cub into a real person?”

He sighed, “no.”

I nodded, “and neither could my father. He didn’t even know how I did it.”

Trinity opened his mouth and I waved him silent, “so it isn’t power. What else?”

He smiled slightly, “the ability to use great power and channel it in a way your will desires.”

I nodded, “yes. An arch mage can pull forth more magic and channel it safely.”

I felt the wild magic filling me, “a Magi has an extra channel that he uses to pull what we call wild magic and use it.”

I looked at the other mages, “the scrolls told of mages that were consumed trying to use wild magic. They also spoke of magi being taught how to use the wild magic as they grew.”

I looked at the fire and absently dismissed my glyph, “I still need to practice the discipline but I know what I was doing wrong.”

I turned to Trinity, “you and my father and every other mage wanted me to suppress the wild magic when I should have let it fill me and used it like you use your magic.”

I gestured and the river roared up in a huge wall of water, “the magi were so powerful because they used wild magic.”

I let the water drop and turned to the council, “my oath has not been broken. The spell I used was within my ability and skill, with much more still available for me to use.”

Trinity looked at the others, “may we read these scrolls?”

I nodded, “anyone that wishes may use the library.”

They nodded and murmured as I waited and finally Trinity sighed as he faced me, “perhaps I was wrong.”

I nodded as several vanished leaving Trinity, an older female mage known as Dark and a middle aged mage called Nature. I looked at the blocks of wood, “need something to ride in?”

Dark smiled and I felt her magic as she began spells. Instead of a wagon the wood split and a fancy solid carriage emerged. Sand crawled along the ground and melted as it lifted to fill the windows. Grass and debris whirled around and spun into cushions and curtains. What was left of the block of wood shimmered and two huge horses emerges.

They grew long spiraling horns in their foreheads and blurred as they turned pure white and shifted around. I grinned, “nice unicorns.”

I looked at the rising sun and stretched before walking towards my wagon, “excuse me.”

I closed the door and looked at the bed to see Cara, Amanda and Brandy looking at the sleeping Storm. I smiled, “we have more company outside.”

They looked at me and Brandy whispered, “who is she?”

I looked at Storm, “A siren called Storm. She was trapped in the river and I... saved her.”

Amanda grinned and Cara laughed, “you fucked her silly you mean.”

I sighed as Storm opened her eyes, “I had little choice. The mage that brought her, sealed her away from entering any portal, he also murdered her sisters. I couldn’t leave her in the river, she could have died or ended up killing men along the river.”

I gestured, “come on. Amanda go into the kitchen and ask it to make breakfast for eight.”

She slipped off the bed as Cara and Brandy climb off and the Storm slowly stood. She was a little unsteady and looked at her legs strangely. I gestured and brought the scrolls I had read to me. I nodded to Cara, “stay with her and help her. Remember the stories aunt Sofie told?”

She smiled and moved closer to Storm as I put an arm around Brandy and turned her to the door, “we are getting crowded my tempting concubine.”

She grinned, “Cara and Amanda told me a few stories about the caravan you and they grew up in.”

I sighed, “did they tell you my mothers had me carrying them around and feeding them and changing their diapers?”

She grinned again, “how old were you?”

I held the door for Cara and Storm and sent the scrolls floating towards Trinity, “six.”

Brandy laughed, “at least you had them for company.”

Cara laughed, “yeah, dad got to feed us, change our diapers and watch us sleep.”

I gave her butt a swat, “careful you or you will be the one changing diapers.”

She grinned back at me, “remember what Eve said?”

Brandy looked at me, “Eve?”

I rubbed her butt, “the seer. She said Cara would only have litters.”

Brandy grinned, “we can have them at different times.”

I gave her butt a swat and she laughed as she pulled away. Trinity smiled, “Cara... nice to see you again.”

Cara growled and he sighed, “I apologized what else do you want me to do?”

I shook my head, “I told you not to poke at her.”

Dark grinned, “hello cub, remember me?”

Cara nodded, “you let me take my dress off.”

Brandy looked at them and at me. I smiled, “Cara and Amanda have been looked at many times over the years.”

Cara nodded, “until Amanda scratched that nasty mage Haste.”

I grinned as Trinity flinched and Dark laughed with Nature. Brandy was looking back and forth as I gestured to Storm, “this is Storm. That... mage you saw me burning when you got here brought her and her sisters.”

I looked at Trinity, “he murdered her sisters but she escaped.”

Storm looked at them and then at me, “you destroyed the other mage?”

I nodded and she straightened, “then I am yours.”

I reached out and caressed her face, “lovely siren, you belong to yourself.”

Trinity, Dark and Nature were quiet as I led her to the ward shield and pointed to the blue jar, “that is all that is left of the mage.”

Her eyes narrowed as I let the wild magic fill me and gestured. A moment later my encounter with the mage began all over again in a semi transparent illusion. Storm stepped back but I held her until the pillar of fire consumed the mage. She turned and put her head against me, “now I can rest.”

I caressed her hips before smiling and summoning a light dress. Of course she didn’t want to wear it and I ended up draping it over my arm to turn her to look at Brandy and Cara, “your sisters are gone but Brandy, Cara and Amanda can be new sisters.”

I caressed her pelvis, “you also may have children. You are not ready to end your life.”

Storm looked into my eyes before smiling, “than bind me to you.”

I sighed and caressed her beautiful face, “Your song is not finished, it has just changed.”

I stepped back and let the wild magic fill me before reaching deep into the earth. I brought up silver and removed impurities before creating the thin filigree collar. It moved to Storm and slipped around her throat like a second skin. I let the rest of the silver fall and reached to take her hand as the binding spell settled.

I led her to Cara and Brandy as Amanda came out balancing a tray. I gestured and it lifted and floated out smoothly, “eat and then we need to wash and be on our way, this rain will end soon.”

Trinity, Dark and Nature looked up and then at me. I started handing out wooden bowls of cereal and ate. I cleaned up after and led Amanda, Cara, Brandy and Storm to the edge of the river. I brought smooth stones out of the river to make a floor beside the river and stripped my robe off. I lifted water from the river and warmed it before we started to wash.

Storm kept holding her hands out to feel the warm water and lifting her face. Brandy laughed and hugged her before turning her and starting to wash her using scented soap I created. Dark stripped her robe off and walked under the warm water and sighed as she began to wash, “I missed the warm showers your father always made each day.”

Trinity chuckled as he glanced through one of the scrolls, “and the hot baths on the cold evenings.”

I grinned, “mom likes those too.”

I finally let the shower stop and dried the girls and myself before looking out at the rushing river. I felt the surge of wild magic before I reached out and summoned the gold to me. As it floated out of the river it merged together and impurities dropped away. When I had a sphere floating in front of me, I murmured and coins began splitting off.

One side had Cara’s face and the other had Amanda’s. I brought out the small chest with the other coins and dropped the new coins in. I sent the chest away when I still had a little gold left. I made four filagree necklaces and four sets of earrings. I summoned crystal and merged it together before starting a transmution spell that changed the crystal into one huge Emerald.

I split it into tear drops, one for each earring and several for each necklace. When I finished, I put a necklace on each of the girls with a set of earrings. I nodded and dusted my hands before Grif shoved me with his beak and Leo slapped my back with his paw. Cara and Amanda laughed as I staggered and turned, “not fair!”

Grif snorted and the others laughed as they headed towards the wagon. I looked after them and shook my head before glancing at Cara, “close up the wagon.”

She nodded and started walking as I caught Brandy by the waist, “close the library wagon Amanda and both of you help Edward harness the horses before you hide in the wagon again.”

I kissed Brandy, “help Storm and climb up on the wagon seat.”
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