The huge planet was open and with most of my family wealth I bought a huge piece of land. It was away from the port city several hours by flyer and a couple of days by hover truck. I also bought ten thousand beefalants, a new engineered animal from the genetic corporation on Thantos. I just had to go get them and that was when I had over two hundred men come to me.

So far none of the men had wives or women willing to come here. I was going to use a hover truck and a type of travel camping rig for my herd but the men wanted to be cowboys and use hover cycles which could be dangerous. Anyway, since I had to go to Thantos they ask me to purchase girls or women to be wives as well as their own herd animals of beefalants.

My name is Roger Allen Delecourt and I am twenty. I walked off the freighter and looked around before heading towards the port transport waiting. Thantos was a grey planet according to the federation as well as several other races, mostly because of the genetic work they did. I got out of the transport at the port gate and slipped my bag over my shoulder as I walked out.

I flagged a public taxi and had it take me to Genetic Inc. It was a long ride and I had time to think, the women I was bringing back would travel in stasis. The beefalants would be in embryo straws, also in stasis. I looked around at the busy streets and relaxed. When the taxi slowed I looked at the meter before pulling a credit chit.

I slipped it through the armored shield, “keep the change.”

The young man driving smiled as he looked back, “thank you sir.”

I nodded before getting out and walking towards the front door. In the bright lobby, holo images of girls and all different types of animals floated and flashed. A young woman cleared her throat and I turned to see a counter that blended into the wall. I smiled as I walked towards her, “My name is Roger Delecourt and I made an appointment to see a salesperson.”

She smiled at me, “I was expecting you Mr Delecourt. My name is Saline and I will be assisting you.”

I looked her over before nodding, she was young, maybe sixteen or a little older. She turned to wave her hand and a doorway opened in the wall, “beside your order of beefalants you said you wished to purchase human females for a group of men on your planet?”

I walked through the door and into a warm comfortable room, “yes, as well as several separate orders for more beefalants and what you listed as ostrkens.”

She gestured to a chair and sat in another beside it, “yes, we are working on those orders now and they should be ready to transport tomorrow.”

I sat and put my bag beside the chair as I pulled a comp screen and opened it to the preference list the men had made. I held it out and she took it and pulled at tiny device from the chair arm and touched it to the screen. A huge holo of the list appeared and began scrolling as I watched.

Saline turned to another door when it opened and a large man walked in. She stood and I saw her face pale slightly, “Master?”

The man ignored her and gestured to the door and she quickly left. He cleared his throat, “You have a very large list Mr. Delecourt, over two hundred in fact.”

I stood, “yes.”

He smiled as he looked at the list, “it looks specific but we have what you need I think.”

I waited and he looked at me, “you wanted them aged or grown?”

I shrugged, “grown I think.”

He sighed and sat in the other chair, “we actually have an overage in grown so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

He leaned back, “mostly we get single or double orders. The manager has instructed me to offer you a deal if you took grown. For every quad dozen, that would be forty eight, we will give you one more. So if the numbers are right you would receive another five women.”

He cleared his throat, “girls really, we try to keep the grown ones in stasis at around sixteen to eighteen so they are fresh.”

I nodded, “Will they be ready to ship with the other orders?”

He nodded and I stood before looking at the door Saline went through, “what about that girl Saline, can you add her as one of the gifts?”

He frowned, “she is trained...”

I waited and he turned to look at the door, “perhaps we could add her to replace two others.”

I nodded and started for the door out, “the other order will be ready to ship tomorrow?”

We were in the lobby when he cleared his throat which I realized was a sign of nervousness. I turned to look at him, “the women are secondary, the animals are what I came for, if they aren’t going to be ready I will go to another company.”

He turned as the door opened again and Saline walked out looking frightened. He gestured to her, “perhaps you could come back tomorrow and...”

I waved and cut him off, “if you can’t assure me now that the animals will be ready I will go elsewhere.”

He looked around before clearing his throat again, “we are working but the order will take an extra couple of days.”

I turned and thought about the freighter schedule before turned back to him, “you have until the morning three days from now and not a moment past the ninth hour.”

He looked relieved, “it will be ready.”

He looked at Saline and reached for her arm, “Take her with you until then as our guarantee.”

I turned for the door and a moment later Saline was walking beside me. The taxi was waiting and I smiled as I opened the door to let Saline climb in, “Hoping for another tip young driver?”

He grinned back at me as I sat, “every little bits helps to buy my freedom.”

I grinned and told him to take me to the port hostel. I glanced at Saline who was quiet and sat back. When we arrived I tipped the driver, “you have a contact chit?”

He grinned and slipped a small chit through the armored shield. I got out and shouldered my bag before glancing at Saline, “come along.”

I signed into a room before going to eat. Saline stayed quiet while we ate and I finally finished and sat back, “you were afraid of him.”

She looked at me quickly before nodding slightly, “the masters have a temper.”

I smiled, “well, you are coming with me.”

I looked around and yawned before standing, “do you know anything about cooking or raising animals?”

She stood slowly, “I can learn.”

I nodded and headed towards the lifts, “come.”

In the room I tossed the bag onto a dresser and stripped. I headed towards the fresher as Saline sat on the bed. I showered and dried off before heading out to bed. Saline stood when I came in and I smiled as I climbed into bed, “I have been up a long time. Turn the light out when you come to bed.”

I turned away and sighed as I closed my eyes. I woke to her warm body snuggling close to me and relaxed before closing my eyes, “night Saline.”

I woke to the soft beeping of my timekeeper and shifted to look at Saline. I nudged her, “hey.”

Her eyes snapped open and I moved towards the side of the bed, “I didn’t see a bag, do you have clothes?”

She sat up and looked at me, “no.”

I looked at her pretty pink nipples and then up into her face. She looked up from her breasts and looked at me before smiling, “you like them?”

I laughed as I sat back on the bed and reached out to cup a breast and rub the nipple, “they are perfect.”

She shivered before holding my hand, “you did not want to use me?”

I grinned and moved closer to give her a soft kiss, “did you want me too?”

She looked into my eyes before grinning, “well I was expecting it and I am horny now.”

I laughed and pushed her down before pulling the covers off. I slid down her body and between her legs before licking through her pussy. I opened her slit and started nibbling on her inner lips and pushing my tongue into her. I covered her clit when she began to shudder and started sucking and using my tongue.

Saline arched her back a couple of minutes later, “ooohhhh!”

I kept teasing her clit and licking her pussy until she pushed my face away. I slid up her body and pushed into her slowly. She put her arms around me and groaned as I began to fuck deeper. I finally buried my cock and began to hump and grind as her warm pussy rippled and milked my cock.

She put her feet over my thighs as I went back to fucking her with long strokes. It was only a minute before she jerked and spasmed as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

She was twisting and thrashing around as I started fucking her with firm thrusts before shoving into her a couple of minutes later. I kissed her as I began to pump huge gushes of cum. She lifted her hips and gasped when she felt the warm surging flood pouring into her and I held her until I was done.

She sighed and hugged me, “that was much better than I thought it would be.”

I pulled out and laid beside her, “you haven’t done it before?”

She turned to caress my chest, “No.”

I bent to lick and then suck on a pretty nipple before looking into her face as she shivered, “do you have an implant?”

She nodded and I kissed her before moving off the bed, “come, we have to go shopping and you need to pick out clothing for when we get home.”

Saline slid to the side of the bed and wiped cum leaking from her pussy, “I need to pick?”

I reached for her hand, “if you keep fingering your pussy I will fuck you all day.”

She grinned as I pulled her off the bed and towards the fresher, “The slaves are for men that need wives. That’s what you are, my mate and wife.”

She was quiet as I washed her and then myself. I dried her off when we were done and she turned my head to look into my face, “like a real wife?”

I pulled her close, “like a real wife.”

She sighed and turned to reach for my comp, “I need to look at the purchase contract.”

I looked at her startled and watched as she expertly flipped through the pages. She looked at me and smiled, “this is why Mr Adams was...”

I turned to use the comp and look at what she had seen. I grinned and used the room comm and it went into Genetic Inc message dump. I looked at Saline and left a message before taking her hand after she was dressed and called the contact number for Allen the taxi driver. I hired him for the whole day and we went shopping.

We had large bags when we returned to the hostel and walked into the lobby. Mr Adams stood from a chair, “Mr Delecourt we need to talk.”

I glanced at him as I directed Allen with the bags he was carrying. Saline looked at me with a little fear and I smiled and pushed her towards the lift, “give me a minute to put this in our room.”

I tipped Allen after we set everything in the room and he grinned, “Thanks Roger.”

I went down while Saline waited in the room and sat in a chair beside Mr Adams, “I looked at the contract you accepted and if your company does not meet the time commitment you promised the fee is cut by half.”

He licked his lips and cleared his throat, “Mr Delecourt...”

I held up my hand, “your company occasionally disposes of embryos or other genetic material. Now I will accept the Five girls free but I want to look at your disposal list. If I see anything I want, you add it to the stasis containers at no cost.”

He looked at me and sat back, “I’m sure we can come to a mutual agreement on the fee...”

I stood, “if that is how you want it. You have until the midday hour to fill my order or forfeit the credit.”

I turned as he stood quickly, “Wait!”

I looked at him and he cleared his throat, “I agree to your terms.”

I nodded, “send the list to me and I will get back to you within a couple of hours.”

I went up to the room and found Saline sitting in a corner shivering. I went to pull her up and to the bed as I stripped her and felt her body. I laid her down before going to bring the comp and room comm to the bed. I set them down before stripping and moving around and turning her so I was behind her, “now my lovely girl we have business.”

She looked back at me as I pulled a pillow under both our heads and reached down to position my cock between her legs. She lifted her upper leg and wiggled until my cock was below and against her pussy, “business?”

I kissed her bare shoulder, “you didn’t think I would give you back? Mr Adams is going to send the disposal list over and we need to pick animals we can use on the ranch. You also need to review the list of slave girls going into stasis and choose the other four that are supposed to be given to me.”

She wiggled before I cupped a breast, “start with what we have, the list of slave girls.”

She leaned back against me and began shifting through the comp very fast. I watched and kissed her shoulder again, “you can see and read that fast?”

She stopped to look at me, “that was what I was trained to do.”

I caressed her hip, “well it impresses me.”

She smiled and went back to skimming through the list. When she was done she highlighted four girls marked as available and held the comp up for me, “smart, with a sense humor and lovely bodies.”

I looked at girls and checked the status, “you like them?”

She shifted and reached between her legs before wiggling down as my cock pushed into her. I slowly thrust up until I was buried in her and she shuddered, “I think we can get along.”

She turned her head, “the taxi driver Allen, you could buy him.”

I looked at her and she smiled and took the comp before touching two girls listed, “they would be perfect for him and if you are just building a steading he would be perfect to help.”

I began moving slowly, fucking her, “you like him?”

She looked back and wiggled, “not that way but he was sweet and seemed very capable.”

The comm beeped and she picked it up and pushed back before answering. A minute later she synced the comp with the comm and accepted a packet. She ended the call and moved forward off my cock and turned. She threw a leg over me and straddled me as she pushed me onto my back before wiggling and pushing down my cock.

She sighed and sat up before lifting the comp and starting to look through what she had downloaded. I groaned as my cock was squeezed and kept pushing against her cervix. She looked around the comp before grinning and going back to work. I reached up to cup, knead and feel her breast as I slowly began to thrust up.

She shivered and a couple of minutes later she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She set the comp on my chest and thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me, “YES!”

I thrust up and pulled her hips down as I began to spew cum. Saline jerked erratically as her pussy milked the cum into her. When I finished she shuddered and fell off me and kept twitching and shuddering. I grinned and lifted the comp before turning to feel and caress her tummy and pelvis.

She took a deep breath before grinning at me, “mmmm!”

I laughed and rubbed a pink nipple, “I agree.”

She shivered and turned to kiss me before taking the comp and snuggling under my arm, “this is a complete disposable list. Look at this, one hundred third generation uterine replicators with multiple umbilical connections...”

I walked off the freight shuttle and glanced back as Saline ran to catch me, “Allen said the stasis containers are still green.”

I grinned and reached for her large bag and added it to the one on my shoulder, “how long before they begin off loading?”

Saline was looking around with wide eyes and I bumped her, “How long?”

She grinned, “a few minutes.”

I nodded and started walking towards the starport tower complex, “Allen staying with the containers?”

She giggled, “and his girls.”

I smiled and glanced towards the few large hover trucks parked by the complex. We walked to the side towards the wide building to one side and I set our bags down inside the door. I nodded to the group of men and turned as the line of stasis containers left the ship. Allen trotted ahead of them and slowed to a walk when he got closer, “they are doing twenty at a time Roger.”

I nodded and waited until the small hover tug settled the containers on the floor before walking towards them. Saline walked beside me and pulled out her new comp and began scanning her list. She would touch a crate and tell Allen how to label it since we couldn’t do it on the ship.

One cargo tug followed another and Allen began shifting and helping me move them. A moment later all the men were helping. Finally Saline nodded in satisfaction, “this is the last one.”

I looked at the men, “Okay, who is first?”

It was a long day as we helped load crates and more men arrived to pick theirs up. It was long after the local midnight that the last man left. Allen leaned against my large hover truck and sighed, “finally.”

I grinned and reached into the bed to shake Saline, “time to go.”

I don’t think they realized how far we had to go. I let them sleep while I drove and woke them nine hours later. After a bathroom break I showed Allen how to drive the large hover truck and watched as Saline warmed rations. I laid back in the third row of seats after I ate and closed my eyes.

I woke to Saline rubbing my chest and she smiled, “If we had a bed...”

I grinned and glanced past her at Allen, “time to switch.”

Two days later we finally drove onto my ranch. It was midday when we stopped to look at the huge one story house. A neighbor was on the front porch and walked out grinning, “welcome home.”

I climbed out and shook his hand before gesturing. He grinned, “we thought since you did us a favor we would help you out. It’s all from local seasoned wood, “ten bedrooms, each with a bath. A nursery and ranch office and well... the rest you can find out yourself.”

He glanced at Saline and grinned, “time for me to go meet my wife.”

She smiled, “I picked her out.”

He grinned, “If she looks like you I will thank you forever.”

Saline leaned down and whispered a little loud, “she is always horny and likes it from behind.”

He looked startled and then grinned, “now I really will thank you forever.”

After he left I looked at Saline, “was that last part true?”

She grinned, “your comp had client info I accessed to make the selection. Yes the girl I picked for him is like that.”

I grinned at Allen as he laughed and turned to climb up, “lets get the girls out.”

The crates of uterine replicators would be delivered by a cargo flyer in a couple of days so we just needed to open the crates with the four girls. Saline pushed Allen toward the two she had selected for him and turned to hug my arm as I pressed the release on the first crate. The girl was a honey blonde with tanned skin and looked younger than Saline.

I looked at Saline as the girl’s eyes opened, “how old is she?”

Saline held out her hand to the girl, “Amber is fourteen almost fifteen.”

I looked at the girl as she slowly stepped out of the crate, “welcome Amber.”

She smiled almost shyly, “master.”

I looked at Saline and she grinned, “I’ll tell them later.”

I nodded and moved to the side as she reached out to pull Amber with us. I opened the second crate and looked at an oriental girl maybe Saline’s age. She had long black hair, a bald pussy with a gap between her legs and firm looking breasts. Her eyes opened and she looked at me and then Saline. She stepped out, “master.”

Saline hugged my arm, “Gem is sixteen.”

I nodded and took a breath, “time to see what the house looks like.”

Allen was with the two other girls and grinned at me when I told him we were exploring the house. It was huge, not only was there ten bedroom suites there was a huge kitchen and a dinning hall. There was also a cooling or heating spa in a central courtyard. My neighbors had even made furniture and bought mattresses.

That was what got Saline going and she closed the suite door before turning as she undressed. She pulled my clothes off and pushed me towards the bed, “Amber, Gem? Go ahead and feel him.”

I laid back as the two crawled onto the bed and began feeling and caressing me. Saline sat on the edge of the bed and began to talk to the girls. Amber bent and licked the pre cum leaking from my cock and then grinned, “can I fuck you now?”

Salina laughed as Gem giggled and I reached for Amber and pushed her back and kissed her before sliding down, “not until I taste you.”

They giggled as I opened her pretty pussy and started licking and nibbling. It was a minute before she shuddered as she lifted her hips and spread her legs wider. She continued to shake as I covered her clit and began to lick, tease and suck. A few minutes later she was spasming and thrashing around before twisting and covering her pussy.

I grinned as I moved up her body while pushing her onto her back. I pushed and forced her pussy open as my cock sank into her. I started to fuck her slowly but with deep thrusts and it was only a moment before her pussy was squeezing my cock. She shuddered and moaned as her hips lifted and Saline pressed against me, “now hard.”

I kissed Amber and began to fuck her hard and deep with a hump and grind after each thrust. She stiffened before thrashing around as she wailed and struggled, “aaaaahhhhh!”

Her pussy rippled and tightened as I slowed and just used deep grinding thrusts. She kept shaking as I continued to fuck her and her wails changed to howls. Her slippery pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as I went back to fucking her hard and finally buried my throbbing cock.

She shuddered hard and looked at me before wrapping her legs around me as I began spurting and spewing. Saline kept rubbing my back as I pumped cum deep inside Amber while she spasmed. When I stopped she shuddered again and sighed before smiling. I kissed her and pulled out and Salina pushed me onto my back, “I get to lick them after you get them cummy.”

I looked at Gem who straddled my waist and lifted up before pushing back and down to get my cock into her. Her pussy was tight and she had to wiggle and push to sink it into her deeper. She sighed and then smiled as she looked at me proudly. She began to rock and rolled her hips at the same time.

I shuddered as my cock slipped through her warm pussy and Saline sat up to suck on a pretty nipple. Gem jerked and shuddered as Amber giggled and I smiled before reaching up to knead Gem’s lovely breasts. She jerked as her pussy gripped my cock and she sat, “OH!”

She squirted as she began shaking and jerking and Saline giggled, “I think you better roll her over and do her.”

I pulled Gem down and shifted and rolled until she was under me before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She clutched me and wrapped her arms and legs around me, “aaaahhhh!”

It wasn’t long before she was writhing around and bucking as her pussy squeezed and clenched around my cock almost constantly. She wailed and howled as I continued to fuck her and she lifted her legs into the air, “yyyeeessss!”

I continued to fuck her with long, hard and deep thrusts. She wiggled and struggled while her pussy tightened and kept grasping my cock. It was several minutes before I shoved all the way into her and pushed before I began to spew and spurt cum. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm erupting deep inside her and clutched me, “ooohhh... yyyeeeessssss!”

I held her as I flooded her and when I was done I pulled out and moved. Saline was licking Amber’s leaking pussy and moved over and between Gem’s legs to lick her. I looked at Saline’s butt in the air and grinned as I moved down and behind her. I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts.

She pushed back as she kept licking and her pussy started rippling and grasping my cock. I loved to bury my cock and feel her pussy squeezing and trying to milk it. She shuddered and groaned as she kept pushing back. I continued to fuck her and reached under to finger and rub her clit. She jerked and shook harder as she started shoving back hard.

She was laying her head on Gem’s mound and it wasn’t long before she wailed and jerked. Her pussy clenched my cock as she squirted and screamed. I fucked her hard with long thrusts and she began to wiggle and struggle. I continued to fuck her firmly for several minutes and was hitting and pushing on her cervix.

She twisted and howled and bucked and yelled and squirted and screamed and finally sagged as I held her hips to fuck her. A few more minutes and I shoved into her open cervix to pump thick spurts of cum. She jerked and pushed back when she felt that and her pussy clenched and tightened, “mmmm!”

I spewed every spurt through and into her womb while she shuddered and moaned. When I was done I pulled out and rolled her onto her back, “we need to dress and move the stasis crates off the vehicle.”

She grinned and nodded before turning to pull the two girls with her. That was the start of our ranch and it grew quickly with Saline as the manager. I helped Allen a few years later to buy his own ranch and get started with a small herd of beefalants.
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